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Alexian Lien case: Robert Sims and Reginald Chance are career criminals.

Robert Sims
Robert Sims

Wojciech Braszczok lawyer says he will be exonerated.

Wojciech Braszczok spied on Occupy Wall st protests.

Wojciech Braszczok is into posting images of naked girls too.

Source: Wojciech Braszczok so far gone he became a rogue cop.

Should Alexian Lien be charged too? Calls for his arrest mount.

Clint Caldwell is a thug too. Alexian Lien beating.

Kevin Bresloff insists he did not tamper with Alexian Lien video. ‘I’m just a witness…’

Undercover cop, Wojciech Braszczok arrested for Alexian Lien beating

Undercover cop joined Alexian Lien beating, hit vehicle.

Reginald Chance’s lawyer insists his rage was justified.

Craig Wright arrested for punching and kicking Alexian Lien too.

Should the Alexian Lien undercover cops have intervened?

New video emerges similar to Alexian Lien video terrorizing other drivers.

Christopher Cruz reckons he has been unfairly vilified by the media.

Kevin Bresloff who shot Alexian Lien video receives death threats.

NSFW: Here is a new video of Alexian Lien being beaten up.

Reginald Chance now charged, Robert Sim on $100 000 bail. Stomped on Alexian Lien’s head.

Sergio Consuegra describes how he saved Alexian Lien’s life. Wanted his wife too.

Bikers claim Alexian Lien drove erratically and bumped biker first.

Undercover cop who witnessed Alexian Lien beating suspended.

There were 5 undercover cops present at Alexian Lien’s beating. Did shit.

Gloria Allred insists Edwin Mieses is the real innocent victim.

Robert Sims who opened Alexian Lien’s SUV door in custody.

Undercover cop present at Alexian Lien beating. Did not call 911.

Here is a picture of Alexian Lien’s Range Rover after the biker attacks.

Eyewitness says bikers went after Alexian Lien’s wife Rosalyn Ng.

Bike gang boss: “Alexian Lien should have stopped.’

Alexian Lien attacker Reginald Chance expected to surrender today.

Edwin Mieses biker rally a bust. Cops charge more bikers…

Alexian Lien wife, Rosalyn Ng: ‘Leave my husband alone now!’

Did Alexian Lien go too far? Biker was trying to help him…

In having gone on to charge both Robert Sims and Reginald Chance with their involvement of the brutal beating of Alexian Lien, the DA’s office has gone on to establish that both men have lengthy criminal records.

Robert Sims was charged with attempted assault, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, whilst Reginald Chance was charged with gang assault in the first degree, assault in the first degree and criminal mischief in the fourth degree.

The DA’s office has also told that both men have extensive rap sheets.

The nypost goes on to note that Reginald Chance’s rap sheet showing 21 arrests for a litany of crimes including felony drug, robbery and weapons charges. Mr Sims’ criminal past includes car theft, drug and weapons possession charges – including for a samurai sword.

When on to tell assistant district attorney Joshua Steinglass told Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Diana Boyar during Saturday’s arraignment:

‘The defendant (Sims) is clearly seen stomping on [Lien’s] head.’

Reginald Chance

Reginald Chance, has since been confirmed as the man seen in last week’s video pounding his shiny helmet against Lien’s SUV. Authorities have also now gone on to suspect that he was also physically involved in the brutal beating of Lien as well.

Nevertheless, Reginald Chance’s lawyer, Luther Williams, insists his client is innocent and that the bikers only went after Lien to prevent him from leaving the scene after striking one of the other bikers with his Rover.

The DA’s office went on to tell that as many as six bikers preyed on Alexian Lien, kicking him in the head even whilst he tried to crawl to safety.

The latest findings goes on to establish that the two bikers have a predisposition towards violence and negating claims by bikers that Alexian Lien was the individual who started last week’s hostilities.

At present authorities have gone on to disclose that they looking for up to six suspects to bring in for questioning.

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Why Alexian Lien’s attacker Allen Edwards wont be charged.

Edwin Mieses is a thug. Didn’t have license to drive bike.

Alexian Lien wont be charged. Internet happy he paralyzed victim Jeremiah Mieses.

Alexian Lien victim Jeremiah Mieses in coma. Will never walk again.

Alexian Lien assailant Christopher Cruz arrested. More arrests may follow.

Alexian Lien. Pictures of NY Range Rover Driver beaten up emerge.

New York Range Rover driver identified as Alexian Lien. Fought for his life.

New York Range Rover driver beaten up by motorcycle pack




  1. Possession of recreational marijuana is hardly something worth fuzzing about. These are the Petty things that cops are glad to arrest someone for..I am pleased to see that some states have decided to put an end to this non-sense waste of money that is called the war on drugs. If Reginald’s only involvement is to bash the side window to extract fleeing felon from the vehicle then I think that is perfectly OK in my books. Does the New York state not have a Citizens Arrest defined in the state laws?

  2. It is typical of those “people” who engage in these kinds of buffoonery like “Hollywood Stuntz” annoyances.

  3. One of these thugs is an unemployed father of six with a rap sheet a mile long, and gave the finger to the gallery at his arraignment. A real useless contributor to society, filled with anger, resentment and self-loathing. He doesn’t have a job, breeds like a cockroach, but, he has enough time to ride his motorcycle around, engage in gang assault, and generally act like a total loser. Hope he gets removed from the gene pool soon, before he has any more offspring.

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