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“Salon of Cultural Affairs”

“If one were to reflect on the fluidity and apparition of culture one is obliged to comment on the fears and aspirations of a human collective.”

Scallywag and Vagabond is a forum for critical reviews, interviews, insights, interactive dialogue, continuously instigated and plundered forward with the joie de vivre once found in tea houses, sinful parlors and other magnanimous entities of boulevard yester years.

With attention and grace to charmed and perhaps outlandish individuals, institutions and icons, SCV sets forth to engender marvel, giddy delight and provocative repartee.

Aside from celebrity sightings and the occasional obscene gesture or faux pas the writer or the interviewee may provoke, the conduit of discussion may from time to time revolve around culinary delights, musical inclination, theatrical presentation, hotelier abomination, fashion fornication, painterly observation, ideological considerations, social upheaval, moral and ethical dilemmas and even social manners or rather the lack thereof.

Think of it as a ‘salon fete du jour’ where you, your host and fellow guests consort, collude and indulge each other, even kindly disagree over languorous crumpets, china tea and jasmine scents.

Consider this; asked once why the dadaist ‘Marcel Duchamp’ wore eye make up he candidly reflected “….one is obliged to either look like art or create art, in my case I prefer both.”

Indeed such proclivities.

Tea is now being served. Sip carefully.

Christopher KoulourisScallywag.

August 2008.