Home Scandal and Gossip Alexian Lien assailant Christopher Cruz arrested. More arrests may follow.

Alexian Lien assailant Christopher Cruz arrested. More arrests may follow.

Alexian Lien
Alexian Lien

Undercover cop joined Alexian Lien beating, hit vehicle.

Reginald Chance’s lawyer insists his rage was justified.

Craig Wright arrested for punching and kicking Alexian Lien too.

Should the Alexian Lien undercover cops have intervened?

New video emerges similar to Alexian Lien video terrorizing other drivers.

Christopher Cruz reckons he has been unfairly vilified by the media.

Kevin Bresloff who shot Alexian Lien video receives death threats.

Alexian Lien case: Robert Sims and Reginald Chance are career criminals.

NSFW: Here is a new video of Alexian Lien being beaten up.

Bikers claim Alexian Lien drove erratically and bumped biker first.

Undercover cop who witnessed Alexian Lien beating suspended.

There were 5 undercover cops present at Alexian Lien’s beating. Did shit.

Gloria Allred insists Edwin Mieses is the real innocent victim.

Robert Sims who opened Alexian Lien’s SUV door in custody.

Undercover cop present at Alexian Lien beating. Did not call 911.

Eyewitness says bikers went after Alexian Lien’s wife Rosalyn Ng.

Bike gang boss: “Alexian Lien should have stopped.’

Edwin Mieses hires Gloria Allred to sue Alexian Lien.

Alexian Lien attacker Reginald Chance expected to surrender today.

Edwin Mieses biker rally a bust. Cops charge more bikers…

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Why Alexian Lien’s attacker Allen Edwards wont be charged.

Edwin Mieses is a thug. Didn’t have license to drive bike.

Alexian Lien wont be charged. Internet happy he paralyzed victim Jeremiah Mieses.

Alexian Lien victim Jeremiah Mieses in coma. Will never walk again.

Alexian Lien. Pictures of NY Range Rover Driver beaten up emerge.

New York Range Rover driver identified as Alexian Lien. Fought for his life.

New York Range Rover driver beaten up by motorcycle pack.

Alexian Lien assailant Christopher Cruz has been arrested after authorities have determined the 28 year old biker’s erratic bike riding and general antagonizement led to one young family being terrorized on NYC’s roads.

The arrest comes after an investigation by authorities who have since determined that Cruz, from Passaic, New Jersey initiated Sunday afternoon’s disturbing cat and mouse game with his erratic driving and subsequent harassment of Alexien Lien and his family.

Authorities went on to say that it was Christopher Cruz who initially set off the commotion when Alexian Lien inadvertently knocked into him on NY’s West Side highway on account of his reckless driving. Stymied, Cruz is later said to have inspired his fellow bike riders to give chase to Lien after speeding off after the initial collision.

Nevertheless despite the arrest and subsequent charges which includes reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child, commentators on the web have openly wondered out aloud why Lien didn’t simply call authorities or get out of the car to tend to the collision.

In his defense, commentators have argued that the 33 year old e-commerce executive simply panicked, believing he and his family would be at the wrath of the bikers. Others have wondered if Mr Lien’s panic was the result of race issues as Asians minorities have not always thought to easily assimilate in the wider culture. A point of view that many hold contentious.

Despite Cruz’s arrest, authorities do not believe he was one of the swarm of bikers who went on to follow the terrified father.

Cruz like Lien would go on to be briefly hospitalized and later released with minor injuries, including lower back pain.

Who though remains in critical condition is Jeremiah Mieses, 26 from Massachusetts who was one of the other bikers who ended up being hospitalized. He was said to be hit by Alexian Lien’s Range Rover and now remains in a coma and may never walk again told his family.

Authorities have since gone on to tell that Alexian Lien is not expected to be charged, that said, the investigation is continuing and authorities are now seeking information about the other two other bikers involved as seen in the very bottom photo below. One suspect has a flag sticker of “Guyana” on the rear of the motorcycle.

Authorities have urged anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577

Christopher Cruz
Christopher Cruz, center in white t shirt.
Alexian Lien
Authorities now seek these two above suspects for questioning.




  1. I’ve read probably a dozen articles on this story and a few hundred comments on facebook and several hundred more comments from the articles. The vast majority of the general public not only side with the SUV driver, more than half of them say they would have done worse that just run one of them over. I’ve seen everything from backing into all of them to straight up slaughtering them with a semi-automatic assault rifle. Not a good time to be a “stunt” biker. Keep it off public roadways. The one and only reason they do these idiotic things on public roads is for attention. They practice like a bunch of ballerinas all year and this is their big show only nobody cares except for the other bikers.

  2. your so fucking right…i would do the same….protect my family at all costs….but never drive to traffic…but park at front of a police station would be better.

  3. These bikers ride without license plates for a reason folks. They don’t want to be identified breaking the law. That says it all! Lien and his family were terrorized by these thugs. These loser bikers didn’t even care that there was a 2 year old child in the car. You can clearly see one of the bikers trying to break the glass window where the child was sitting. They are beasts!!!

  4. He DID stop, then when they started pounding on his SUV, he took off and ran them over. It’s too bad only one of them is paralyzed, and none were killed. If he’d gone Mad Max, he could have taken out a few dozen menaces to society.

  5. exactly, thank you.. act like a punk you get treatet like a punk.. but i still cant belive this shit.. son of bitches

  6. The fact that the bikers went out riding with no license plates, proves they were out to make trouble.

  7. I’m motorcycle rider, over 10k miles a year. My sympathy is with the guy in the SUV. These bikers were asking for a fight. Lien was absolutely right to get the hell out of there at all cost and if he ran that guy over, well that’s what happens when you play with fire. If the motorcycle riders would have acted civilized and waited for the cops to write up the accident no one gets hurt. Act like a punk, get treated like a punk.

  8. I don’t want to be a grammar troll, CH. I just expect that when I click on an article, that article will be coherent and understandable. I am totally forgiving of the occasional grammatical error. By the way, what was mine?

  9. the motorcycle in fron of suv wants to stop him so they can assult the family so fucking bad, shame shame on those cowards. i hope every single one gets fucked in ass in jail so it bleeds

  10. ignorant driver ??? a motocycle gang are chasing and provocing a family in a car ? a motorcycle try too stop him on the highway ant they was like 50 of them of course the family getting scared, the motorcycle in front of him are driving bad and wants to brake in front of him how is that a ingorant car driver ??? of course the family in car was scarred for there lives, dont try to gloryfi a bad criminal gang that drive bad and put others lives in danger and then scare them and assult them, i hope the motocycle man dies and go to hell, you know what you are doing out there on highway scarying regular people and assulting them. die die you stupid mc gangs and stand up for what youre doing.. bye bye from sweden and fuck youre selfs

  11. Why didn’t he stop????
    I think the ensuing footage is all the justification he will need!

    LOL – those bikers sure look like the type to peacefully settle their disputes.
    Those IMBECILES just gave the SUV driver his defence by chasing him like homicidal maniacs across the city!

  12. Most expensive cars nowadays are equipped with run-flat tires. They probably didn’t start getting really bad until he’d gone a few miles.

  13. Your words hurt Joe. But you interpreted the comment string well enough. MT would have looked like a jerk, but for the grammatical error on his original post, leaving only me… and now you, as jerks.

  14. Why is the white shirt biker passing over the range rover from the left is watching at the car . And also is like an aggressive attitude. Is very wear it just a few seconds before de collision. In conclusion the biker was looking for it for reasons not very good.

  15. Your comment was also one line long it’s not like you needed a professional editor to proof read it. Just saying – if you want to be a grammar troll, it helps to keep your comments grammatically correct so you only look like a jerk and not a moron.

  16. Dude, at least my comment is readable and follows correct syntax. My errors are small compared to this article, and the others I have read on this site. Besides, I am a dude commenting on an online article. These people are supposed “Journalists” who are expected, and should be able, to construct a coherent sentence.

  17. I definitely would have done the same as Lien, if my family was endangered. His own dumbass fault for getting in front of the SUV. I’m a biker and ride with a group and even I know better than to go in front of a car. Biker will always lose that battle.

  18. According to the police reports,  Lien stopped after the fender bender, and at that point his tires were slashed and car dented with helmets…how would you react,with your family, trapped on a Highway while surrounded by a gang of bikers with knives,  slashing your tires,  and and swinging their helmets as weapons. I would have reacted the same way as Lien. He got his ass whooped but at least it was somewhere the majority of witnesses was not part of the biker gang…

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