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Christopher Cruz reckons he has been unfairly vilified by the media.

Christopher Cruz
Christopher Cruz

Wojciech Braszczok lawyer says he will be exonerated.

Wojciech Braszczok spied on Occupy Wall st protests.

Wojciech Braszczok is into posting images of naked girls too.

Source: Wojciech Braszczok so far gone he became a rogue cop.

Should Alexian Lien be charged too? Calls for his arrest mount.

Clint Caldwell is a thug too. Alexian Lien beating.

Kevin Bresloff insists he did not tamper with Alexian Lien video. ‘I’m just a witness…’

Undercover cop, Wojciech Braszczok arrested for Alexian Lien beating

Undercover cop joined Alexian Lien beating, hit vehicle.

Reginald Chance’s lawyer insists his rage was justified.

Craig Wright arrested for punching and kicking Alexian Lien too.

Should the Alexian Lien undercover cops have intervened?

New video emerges similar to Alexian Lien video terrorizing other drivers.

Fuck you! Reginald Chance flips bird to media.

Kevin Bresloff who shot Alexian Lien video receives death threats.

Alexian Lien case: Robert Sims and Reginald Chance are career criminals.

NSFW: Here is a new video of Alexian Lien being beaten up.

Reginald Chance now charged, Robert Sim on $100 000 bail. Stomped on Alexian Lien’s head.

Sergio Consuegra describes how he saved Alexian Lien’s life. Wanted his wife too.

Bikers claim Alexian Lien drove erratically and bumped biker first.

Undercover cop who witnessed Alexian Lien beating suspended.

There were 5 undercover cops present at Alexian Lien’s beating. Did shit.

Gloria Allred insists Edwin Mieses is the real innocent victim.

Robert Sims who opened Alexian Lien’s SUV door in custody.

Undercover cop present at Alexian Lien beating. Did not call 911.

Christopher Cruz in an exclusive interview has come out to tell that he believes he and fellow bikers involved in last weekend’s disturbing Alexian Lien cat and mouse car chase has been unfairly portrayed by the media.

Christopher Cruz who has since gone on to be charged with reckless endangerment after being said to initiate last weekend’s hostilities went on to tell that he tries to ‘stay away from trouble as much as possible.’

In his exclusive with ABC, the biker goes on to tell that his life has since turned ‘upside down,’ and that he is grappling with the enormity of what happened last weekend. Cruz who fears he may face jail went on to say the following:

“I was trying to get his attention to make sure he sees me before I pulled in front of him,”

 “He never looked back at me.”

The video then shows Cruz crossing into the middle lane, looking back over both shoulders and then slowing down, resulting in the collision with Lien’s SUV.

“[It was] never my intention to make him stop,”

“I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong with just turning into another lane. The other bikes are going as slow as I am.”

“I was looking over my shoulder to see where my friends were,”

“I wanted them to pull in front so I could follow them. I didn’t brake but when I looked over my shoulder, my hand came off the throttle a little, but the driver didn’t slow down at all and bumped me.”

Cruz told ABC News’ Harris that both he and Lien stopped and he approached Lien for an explanation.

“He looked straight ahead and never made eye contact with me,”

 “So I just went back to my bike and when I was getting on he took off.”

Cruz’s lawyer went on to offer that his client has since been made an example of to satisfy public anger.

With public wrath high, many have gone on to condemn the bikers with many holding the view that the bikers initiated last weekend’s aggression.

Indeed many commentators have since gone on to argue that there should be more control of bikers and watchful presence when they choose to ride out in packs as they are said to often behave in predatory manner.

Nevertheless in an interview last week, with Peter Douglas, president of a group of more than a dozen bikers based in East Orang, NJ, known as the Front Line Soldiers went on to fault Alexian Lien for not having remained stationary after initially hitting Christopher Cruz.

Told Douglas: “They paint us all as bad, rogue people,”

“just because one ride goes wrong and someone gets hurt.”

Reflected a variety of commentators on the web:

The castle doctrine means you don’t have to retreat from your own home before using deadly force to stop a burglary, when if you were out in public, rather than using deadly force to stop a robbery or other serious crime, you would have to retreat w/o using deadly force if you could do so safely. How in the world is that a relevant question here? You think the driver could have retreated safely?


You are the aggressor because you were part of a pack of animals that were trying to get this man off of a public road so you and your man-children knuckle-draggers could play on a highway.


The only thing the guy in the Rover did wrong was fail to back up.


Me? I would have slowed down, or stopped if need be, and enjoyed the spectacle with my family, all those bikes buzzing around, doing tricks, being all badass. What little kid (or self-respecting grown-up) wouldn’t have thought that was cool? What I wouldn’t have done: been SO PISSED THAT I CAN’T DRIVE MY ROVER WHEN I WANT TO DRIVE MY ROVER that I paralyzed somebody for life.


I believe this began as some sort of road rage incident where Lien was mad that scores of asshole bikers were on the road and maybe honked at them or flipped someone off and it escalated from there. The bikers definitely bare the brunt of the blame but I don’t think Lien was an angel before the video began either. 

There is something about being in a car that makes people act very differently than they would if they were just on the sidewalk.

above image found here

Here is a picture of Alexian Lien’s Range Rover after the biker attacks.

Here is a picture of Alexian Lien’s Range Rover after the biker attacks.

Eyewitness says bikers went after Alexian Lien’s wife Rosalyn Ng.

Bike gang boss: “Alexian Lien should have stopped.’

Alexian Lien attacker Reginald Chance expected to surrender today.

Edwin Mieses biker rally a bust. Cops charge more bikers…

Alexian Lien wife, Rosalyn Ng: ‘Leave my husband alone now!’

Did Alexian Lien go too far? Biker was trying to help him…

Why Alexian Lien’s attacker Allen Edwards wont be charged.

Edwin Mieses is a thug. Didn’t have license to drive bike.

Alexian Lien wont be charged. Internet happy he paralyzed victim Jeremiah Mieses.

Alexian Lien victim Jeremiah Mieses in coma. Will never walk again.

Alexian Lien assailant Christopher Cruz arrested. More arrests may follow.

Alexian Lien. Pictures of NY Range Rover Driver beaten up emerge.

New York Range Rover driver identified as Alexian Lien. Fought for his life.

New York Range Rover driver beaten up by motorcycle pack




  1. The light is a dual intensity bulb. Alwys on for visibility. Higher intensity light comes on with braking. I saw video and did not see the brake light come on. Also notice how Cruz left hand is resting on his left thigh. The intention of having strong braking or acceleration would require both hands on the handle bars, for safety reasons Any motorcyclist would know this.
    Btw, it is Alexian Lien and Rosalyn Ng’s anniversary day, One year since they put a man in coma. September 29th.

  2. Lies, Lies & more lies!! I prey that Christopher Cruz and the other biker who bashed out the windows and beat the driver senseless are going to get whats coming to them and I’m glad! This is a pack of bikers terrorizing innocent people! I would have done a lot more to protect my family and myself that’s for sure 100% (13). If these bikers continue to do this it will get a lot worse next time! Also the two cops in this biker pack who were off duty for this crime and didn’t intervene or call 911 should also be fired and dumped off at the unemployment line! Loser Scumbags!

  3. Cruz now says “HE NEVER BRAKED” to cause the accident. WHAT A LYING SCUM BAG.

    Look at the video, full screen, open wide, at the 10 second mark. You can CLEARLY see a faint red light light on from his bike’s brakes!


  4. Cruz is such a scum bag loser. He now says he never applied on the brakes. Look at the video at the 10 second mark, full screen. You can CLEARLY see a FAINT RED light come on from his bike’s brakes.

    BRAKE CHECK, GUILTY AS CHARGED for causing the accident!

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