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Alexian Lien. Pictures of NY Range Rover Driver beaten up emerge.

Alexian Lien
Alexian Lien

Wojciech Braszczok lawyer says he will be exonerated.

Wojciech Braszczok spied on Occupy Wall st protests.

Wojciech Braszczok is into posting images of naked girls too.

Source: Wojciech Braszczok so far gone he became a rogue cop.

Should Alexian Lien be charged too? Calls for his arrest mount.

Clint Caldwell is a thug too. Alexian Lien beating.

Kevin Bresloff insists he did not tamper with Alexian Lien video. ‘I’m just a witness…’

Undercover cop, Wojciech Braszczok arrested for Alexian Lien beating

Undercover cop joined Alexian Lien beating, hit vehicle.

Reginald Chance’s lawyer insists his rage was justified.

Craig Wright arrested for punching and kicking Alexian Lien too.

Should the Alexian Lien undercover cops have intervened?

New video emerges similar to Alexian Lien video terrorizing other drivers.

Christopher Cruz reckons he has been unfairly vilified by the media.

Kevin Bresloff who shot Alexian Lien video receives death threats.

Alexian Lien case: Robert Sims and Reginald Chance are career criminals.

NSFW: Here is a new video of Alexian Lien being beaten up.

Bikers claim Alexian Lien drove erratically and bumped biker first.

Undercover cop who witnessed Alexian Lien beating suspended.

In the aftermath of one NY Range Rover driver, Alexian Lien being beaten up, new photos have emerged this afternoon showing the 33 year old  e-commerce executive being stomped on as he was dragged out of his Range Rover.

The harrowing image comes off the back off a disturbing cat and mouse high speed car chase which saw a phalanx of venomous motorcyclists give chase to one individual who they perceived had slighted them.

What is known is that according to Alexian Lien, various members of the motorcycle procession had been driving along NY’s West end highway erratically which may have led to Lien inadvertently tapping one of the cyclists.

From there afraid that he was in for a physical confrontation, Alexian Lien rather than face the potential of abuse decided to flee the scene, knocking cyclists over as he sped off. Some have since opined that what may have also motivated Lien (who has since the incident not been charged) was his fear that he might have been driving recklessly when he accidentally knocked one of the motorcyclists initially.

What followed was a dramatic car chase that has now ended up going viral on video and has since led to an avalanche of commentators reflecting on the actions of the bikers as well as that of Alexian Lien.

Whether Lien should have or could have called authorities or simply dealt with the cyclists remains a contentious point but many have gone on to wonder about the pack mentality that inevitably led to out of hand violence, physical assault and sustained damage to Mr Lien’s automobile, never mind his and his young family’s psyche.

Since been treated and released for his injuries, authorities have now gone on to tell one of the bike riders went on to suffer a broken leg after being struck by Lien.

To date no arrests have been made. That said authorities are said to be closely studying the tape and conducting an investigation of the incident.

UPDATE: According to Commissioner Ray Kelly, the NYPD was monitoring the ride, which Kelly said was organized by biker group Hollywood Stuntz.

below images found here

Alexian Lien

Alexian LienAlexian Lien

Alexian Lien

Roslyn Ng, Alexian Lien
Roslyn Ng (wife) Alexian Lien


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  2. Agree. Lien should be formally acquitted in a court of law rather than being appraised by news media as a saint protecting his family. It would be simple. Just pay the bail bond amount and show up in court on the appointed day and testify with right hand on the bible. Any half good criminal defense lawyer can argue that his client was intimidated. A jury of peers would with 96% certainty agree. If Lien is truly innocent then he has nothing to worry about in court. A single day lost in the courtroom seems like a small sacrifice compared to the paraplegication of Mieses.

  3. When people of low IQ and no guts get together in a mob, they become a gang with big ones but even lower intelligence. The SUV driver should have been packing. Then he could have come out shooting from the hip and reading the world of people whose only role in this world is to take up space!

  4. Exactly, find more evidence, I mean pictures, videos of these bikers doing stupid stunts and attacking him! LIEN is the real victim, not these thugs who got hurt in the process of attacking a family.

  5. Finally, a sensible comment. Don’t take notice of those other comments. They are coming from big**s, fasc***s, p**ks who do nothing, except troll the internet and watch p**n on their computers.

  6. I wonder if you would say the same if the driver of the SUV had been a black/Hispanic man. D**b people will believe whatever the media trash wants you to believe.

  7. indeed! great question, mad max would have ran them over, put in reverse, and then plant them deep into the pavement!

  8. you are one dumb piece of c*nt. the SUV was in imminent danger, they were setting him up, those bikes had no business surrounding him to begin with even before the bike intentionally brake-checked himself in front of the SUV. Under threat, you can flee, this is why the SUV driver is NOT charged because he does not DESERVE to be. nit fukkin wit

  9. lien should have drove just fast enough to keep them at bay and stayed on the highway the whole time until highway patrol showed up. Hard to think of what to do in the heat of the moment but getting off highway into street traffic was not a good move

  10. I have not seen this video, but i would have to agree with you. as people have said what would jesus do? but in this situation i would have to ask what would mad max do?

  11. is the NYPD afraid of the bikers? They seem to be making excuses for them, to even suggest that one they dropped charges on was going to Help the SUV driver LOL Are you kidding ME????

  12. 20/20 hindsight, Rothenberg. Your wife and 2 year old are in the car. Many people surround it and start attacking the car. You are boxed in. Wait and see what happens? Are these choir boys riding the motorcycles? Forget it. Hit the gas.

  13. FACT: The biker thugs were 100% in the wrong.
    FACT: The honorable gentleman driving the SUV was 100% in the right.

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  17. You seriously don’t need to use racist remarks! It’s not cool to be a racist anymore. In case you haven’t noticed it’s 2013, almost 2014. You only make yourself sound uneducated and more ignorant!

  18. So you’re saying that you’d let a mob of motorcyclists harm you, your spouse and your infant child? You wouldn’t flee? What exactly would you have liked him to do? Stop and get killed and/or get his family killed? By law he was not legally obligated to stop because he felt that his life and the lives of his family were in danger. Educate yourself on the laws before you start saying something so utterly stupid!

  19. Dumb ass in the state of NY you have every right to flee your attacker! He was obviously being attacked. If you fear that your life is in danger you are allowed to react by either fleeing (regardless of what you hit on your way out) or use your vehicle and ram them to get away! Do you not know the law?

  20. And by the way, 911 was called well over 200 times by numerous people, including his wife that was in the car with him! Are you seriously that uneducated that you can’t research something on the internet, before typing something so stupid?

  21. Actually in the state of NY if you feel that you are in imminent danger you can flee the scene at accelerated speed, regardless of what harm you cause on your way out. You also have the option of ramming them with your car and using it as a weapon. So therefore, if they are the perpetrators, they’d be stupid to have called 911 on Alexian Lien. That would be self-incriminating. Have you even been following this case or did you just feel like sounding like a complete dumb ass???

  22. Nope. They surrounded his car in a threatening manner, starting the whole thing. Watching the video, I was terrified for him and his family. Then the idiot biker on the left checked him, causing him to bump him. Lien knew they were dangerous as they proved in the end. Who is going to stop and let a bunch of thugs beat them? He did the smart thing: dialed 911 and took off. Sadly, they caught up to him and did what they were probably planning on doing to him after the first bump.

  23. And one of the motorcyclists who dragged him out of the car started to bash the kids’ window at first and then proceeded to the driver. Unbelievable! What losers!

  24. I would flee, too. They were surrounding him in a threatening manner and causing him to stop. He was protecting his family. And it’s obvious from the end result that they were dangerous. You don’t stop at an accident if you’re going to be attacked.

  25. My heart raced watching this. I felt terrified for Alexian Lien and his wife and kids. They were being threatened from the beginning. I would have done the same thing in that situation. After the first motorcycle bump caused by the idiot motorcyclist who stopped in front of him on purpose, I believe they would have pulled him out of his car then and beat him up. The motorcyclists were nothing but thugs with group mentality out breaking the law and looking for trouble. Alexian’s poor kids will have to deal with PTSD the rest of their lives and will probably never feel safe on the road.

  26. you must be a broke ass thug yourself. lmao. you should try that shit once yourself, i’ll be looking out for any oppertunity to run idiots like you over

  27. shut your bitch mouth, the actions of the bikers caused the accident. periode. go grow a brain you retarded fuckwit

  28. Uncivilized porch monkies on bikes..Where did they get the money to afford the bikes? Welfare probably..

  29. The only mistake the man made was not slamming that big SUV in reverse at the light, then forward, then reverse. Maybe I’m just bloodthirsty but I liked the way Zimmerman handled Obama’s son too except I would have liked to see more holes in him.

  30. Get a clue you simpleton! Mr. Lien’s life was threatened by the quickly escalating and thug actions of these bikers! He should be applauded for saving his family.

  31. These neanderthal ahole ‘bikers’ (if that’s what you want to call them) give motorcyclists a bad name! Anyone would have done what Mr. Lien did in order to get out of harm’s way from these subhumans! They should all have their licenses taken away, and pay fines. Some should do jail time. Mr. Lien and his family should get police protection and a medal from the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg!

  32. It is understandable he was afraid for his family safety. The first biker he bumped into I understand it was an accident but then running over the other bikers it was his own decision and that is called manslaughter. He should be charged just because he a wealthy person it means he has special priorities than the bikers. I believe the families of the bikers that were injured should press charges on Alexian Lien.

  33. Who care’s if he is Chinese, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Caucasion, Black or from the avatar planet…He is a father, husband, tax payer using the road he pays for and should be safe at all times not a victim to bullies

  34. After they left him no choice but flee the scene. Actions have consequences. In this case, the bikers actions forced the driver to make a decision to protect his family and flee. The bikers, who were run over, caused the situation and suffered as a result.
    The law agrees with Mr. Lien. Thus, he has not been charged and the only prosecutorial action to date is against the drivers.

  35. I heard that these wannabe hell’s angels were harassing cars all day on the West Side Highway because they were denied entry to a Times Square Stunt Event earlier in the day. I really feel for the guy who will never walk again but you have to protect your own.

  36. Lien is not a Vietnamese surname. Alexian is not a name a typical Vietnamese would choose. His name sounds more like a Hongkie or a PRC mainlander.

  37. The media is only reporting that the SUV Driver was assaulted AFTER they chased and caught him. They’re not mentioning the attack BEFORE he drove off.


  38. He probably will end up being charged since he called 911 before anything even happened and then proceeded to strike a biker before speeding away like a maniac, striking and running over more of them, speeding away again.

  39. Had it been me in the car, we would have gotten off the road if we felt there was THAT much of a threat to our safety in having to share the road with them. But then I’m not an aggressive idiot.

  40. Lien shouldn’t have driven like he owned the road and hit one of them. That’s what got it all started and led to them surrounding him, him striking and running over even more of them, and them finally hauling him out and beating him.

    Your SUV doesn’t entitle you to be aggressive. He thought it did and he was wrong, and his actions provoked the whole thing.

  41. It’s somewhat scary for me when I read comments online of people saying they would do exactly what Lien did. Lien committed a hit and run. If a biker had died then involuntary manslaughter. No, Lien does not, neither do you nor I get that kind of power over other peoples well being. We do not get the freedom to drive over people when faced with a high pressure situation. Even more, what danger was Lien really in anyway? There are dozens of bikers in that video and just about every single one of them is sitting on their bike waiting. If he felt they were out to get him then that was his own paranoia.

  42. city streets and expressways are not playgrounds…that should be a lesson to all stunterz, street racers and show offs…..
    Maximum Respect Mr.Lien….you are a true man, defend your family first and foremost

  43. With all you said, he still deserves to be charged with a hit and run. The actions of the bikers around him do not exempt him from his own actions and misjudgment.

  44. wow, what a biased article:

    “Some have since opined that what may have also motivated Lien (who has
    since the incident not been charged) was his fear that he might have
    been driving recklessly when he accidentally knocked one of the
    motorcyclists initially.”

    This is pure conjecture, did you watch the video? Cyclist cuts off range rover, range rover beeps, cyclist slams on his brakes in front of range rover, range rover can’t slow down in time causing him to tap the cyclists, the whole gang stops and many approach the range rover and begin banging on it, range rover driver, fearing his the safety of his wife and 2 year old son, decides to gun it. seems pretty cut and dried to me.

    The only thing I would have done differently is run over more of the dumbass bikers, then drive straight to the copshop with my horn blaring.

  45. If ever there looked like a scene ripped straight out of some hideous horror movie, this comes close. I shudder imagining what it would feel like had I been the people in the SUV…not so different to the zombie apocalypse! It could’ve happened to any of us!

  46. The Driver CLEARLY did not mean to do any harm to the bikers, he had all the opportunity to hit bikers, run them over and backup over them. But I believe his intentions weren’t to harm anyone. Yes he ran over a few bikers, but it was out of desperation. It’s a shame that a man was paralyzed out of this.

  47. i watched the video carefully and it appears the driver of the suv was fleeing for his life. that’s not a hit-and-run.

  48. The SUV driver did what he felt was safest for his family at that moment of sudden danger. His wife and 2 year old child were in the car and those bikers are nasty and dangerous. the biker intentionally slowed down in front of the car. I hope Alexian gets compensation for this trauma and I hope they arrest all of those bikers involved. Hideous.

  49. Not a bit. When being assaulted, you have every legal right and reason to flee your attacker. Hit-and-run statutes apply only to accidents; this was an organized assault by a gang.

    Notice how quickly the bikers brought highway traffic to a halt after the one rider braked his bike into the SUV? That’s a 65 mph highway, and they stopped traffic in less than a minute, so they could attack the driver and his family.

    Note that the guy who initiated the attack has been arrested and charged; the SUV driver was not.

  50. Matthew, you really shouldn’t comment without knowing the details. This man was gang mobbed by a group of angry thugs threatening this man, his wife and 2 year old daughter. You expect him to stop and chat with them as they are threatening and terrorizing him. These bikers ride without license plates for a reason. So they can behave criminally and not be identified. Alexian is a beloved, successful family man who was out celebrating his anniversary with his wife and child. He did nothing wrong but protect his family. These horrible bikers didn’t even care that there was a small child in the car. They are beasts!!

  51. Alexian Lien’s actions were completely justified!! Do you really expect him not to flee when his life and the lives of his wife and daughter at at stake? His family was terrorized by these thug bikers and he had to flee to escape their attacks. Who do you believe? A pillar of the community, like Alexian or these idiot bikers, who by the way, didn’t have license plates on their bikes. Why do you think they were riding without license plates? They do this so they are not identified when they break the law. We’ve all seen these biker groups riding down the streets together. They are always up to no good and always cause trouble. They are true thugs.

  52. Remember Vincent Chen? This is another hate crime. By pulling in front of the SUV and breaking, Cruz intentionally endangered himself and everyone in the vehicle including a 2 yo.

    The ensuing mayhem is all Cruz’s fault. When you all attack a vehicle with a 2 yo inside, Lien had the right to defend his family with deadly force.

  53. Jeremiah should get charged along with his paralysis for conspiring with the biker group to hurt the family.

  54. At least one of the animals that he hit won’t be able to use his legs for awhile, i.e. forever. Now just get the rest in a cage, and we’re good.

  55. He stopped, at which point the mob of bikers started attacking his car, and slashed his tires. He didn’t ram them until that happened. Also, if they are going after him, tell me why his wife’s window on the passenger side is also bashed out huh? Yea, his wife, the innocent bystander, who was not a biker, nor the driver of the SUV. EXPLAIN?

  56. then why isnt the driver being charged if he was in the wrong? maybe because he saw they were swarming his car, thus giving him every right to flee.

  57. Wrong – he CORRECTLY surmised that he would be in trouble for stopping. These bikers were obviously looking for trouble…

  58. He did, you’re a troll. Read some articles, get the story straight before you bring out your big boy opinion.

  59. If I get your logic…
    1. SUV and Bike have fender bender.
    2. Biker, who was fine mind you, and an entire entourage of bikers freak out, harass and attack SUV that was involved in fender bender.
    3. Driver of SUV calls police, fears for life and wellbeing of his wife and chile
    4. Tries to get out of situation
    5. Is now somehow at fault for causing harm to the protagonists of the situation?
    You need your head examined.

  60. Mathew Rothenberg’s a happy little Liberal who would have rather stopped and had a discussion with the thugs to see what it’s all about while they bashed his head in. Typical Liberal logic.

  61. Hey idiot, maybe he would have stopped if the little thugs on their scooters weren’t trying to attack him. He wouldn’t have hit the idiot on the bike to begin with if the idiot on the bike wasn’t break checking him.

  62. he did call 911! Matthew, you should be in the car. I am sure that you and your family would come out of the whole thing with a happy ending.

  63. Matthew do you even understand the scenario you are talking about? What was he gonna do calling 911 when 100 people surround your car and threaten you by slamming on your door because you inadvertedly bumped into one of their young bloke’s bike because he brake checked you?
    I’m assuming this is how the conversation would have gone through there:

    “yeah hello 911, there are 100 people clammering my Rover’s window while i’m asking you to reach this location in the middle of this highway and i’m hoping they do not manage to destroy my windshield and drag me out and beat the living hell out of me because i accidentally rear ended one of their riders while he brake checked me all of a sudden.
    Awaiting your reply in hopes that i will be alive before the cops reach me.
    Yours sincerely
    Alexian Lien. ”

    Does that even remotely sound sane to you?

  64. I am a bike rider and I think that idiots like those bikers give everyone else that rides a motorcycle a bad name. The idiot that got tapped by the SUV obviously slowed down and got hit on purpose. Those bikers were just looking to fight. I don’t blame the driver of the SUV at all. I even agree that he should have side swiped them. I know if i had my family with me there would have been more damage to the bikers. The riders obviously cause the accident by distracting the driver of the SUV surrounding him and revving their engines. every single one of them should be arrested for reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child note that I did not say get a ticket for it they should have real jail time. On another note I agree that the gun laws in New York are crap I have my CCW and follow the law exactly as it is stated however gun laws in this situation would not have changed the outcome of what I would have done. I would have done my best to run over every one of those motorcycles.

  65. Listen Intelligent people….I have seen this group numerous times doing wheelies, riding off-road vehicles, and quads….1-some of these motorcycles involved with this gang are not street legal…2- on Sunday I was to late with my camera where I saw this group a couple of miles prior to the incidence and I said the same thing the commissioner Ray Kelly who is going to get fired very soon and says after the fact the fact (not preventing this incident) “they didn’t have a permit”…

    For those that don’t know there are laws about a large group of people monopolizing the road(I don’t know the number but it might be different for runners, bicycles, motorcycle etc)…plain and simple you need a permit.

    The fact that this could of been prevented with all due respect Kelly find a spot in society where you are doing good for the society or the safety of others!!!!

  66. . . . and in a gun friendly state, all 50 of those guys on motorcycles would have had guns too. Now explain to me how the end result of 51 people shooting at each other on a public roadway would have been better?

  67. Yeah because I’m sure when they crowded him they were going to give each other insurance information, these bikers were animals. If someone threatened the safety of my family I’m gonna protect them at whatever cost, which means I’m mowing down anyone in my damn way. Have you even watched the video? The biker purposely stops short to cause confrontation.

  68. You don’t hit and run. The bikers were criminally wrong to attack him. He was criminally wrong to hit someone and flee the scene. Somebody should have called the cops. SUV man would have been the clear lawbreaker if the bikers had done that. Now it’s just a pile of idiots.




  70. Why are you posting pictures of the victim who was attacked by a group of 50 or more bikers? Post pictures of those biker fags who attacked him!

    Did you even watch the video? One of those bikers slowed down right in front of his SUV and therefore was tapped. Lien should have side-swiped those idiots and killed a few of them, as he was totally in the right.

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