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Alexian Lien victim Jeremiah Mieses in coma. Will never walk again.

Jeremiah Mieses
Jeremiah Mieses

Alexian Lien victim Jeremiah Mieses who was one of two bikers knocked over by the Range Rover driver is fighting for his life as it has now been reported that Mieses is now in a coma.

Initial circulating reports told that Jeremiah Mieses ( who also goes by the rap name Jay Meezee) had only suffered a broken leg injury but his family has now gone on to Facebook to assert that his injuries are now far graver.

Told a witness to the Daily News, “The rider was bleeding out of his mouth and nose even though he had a helmet on. He was conscious but couldn’t move at all.” 

Went on to post the young man’s father, the Rev. Edwin Mieses, late last night: ‘My son is out of surgery thank God,’ he wrote. ‘Now comes dealing with him not able to walk again.’

A Facebook group set up to support Mieses, has led to his family claiming that their son is paralyzed from the waist down and in a coma. They also went on to say he also suffered broken ribs and crushed lungs.

A Facebook page has now been established to support Mieses,  “Justice For Jay Meezee.”

To date the fan page has 7300 followers.

Tells a support group on the page who have since set up a donation page for the family:

We have been asked by many to start a fund for his family that has had an unsurmountable amount of debt incurred by this act of violence. He lives in Massachusetts and the family has to travel back and forth to New York to be by his side during his coma. Please donate whatever you like or can. Thank you.

Jeremiah Mieses
Jeremiah Mieses

Tell some of the followers on the page tellingly:

What is this world coming to? PEOPLE, you are ALL entitled to your VERSION of what happened and YOUR OPINIONS. That being said, it doesn’t HELP the reason why I started this page. I just want the TRUTH to be told in the news! They are saying NOBODY WAS INJURED OR SOMEONE BROKE A LEG and then they VICTIMIZE the person who PUT MY NEPHEW in the hospital with BROKEN RIBS, BROKEN SPINE, CRUSHED LUNGS, BUSTED AORTA AND TO BOOT NEVER WALKING AGAIN IF HE MAKES IT. WHICH HE WILL IN THE NAME OF JESUS  Please, don’t argue about who is right nor wrong just help us get the acknowledgement that, a FATHER, HUSBAND, SON, BROTHER, NEPHEW, GRANDSON and an ALL AROUND BIG HEARTED HUMAN BEING was run over and sustained near fatal injuries and is currently fighting for his life! It’s WRONG not to REPORT the TRUTH! Thanks again for all your LOVE AND SUPPORT  GOD BLESS

Should have kept plowing! Pay attention America ! If this happens to you forward, reverse, keep plowing till there’s none left to follow you!

Truth is bikers have the same right as regular drivers ..if there is a car infront of you, you aren’t going to run that car over ..you going to wait and drive behind it. I read all these negative comments and cant believe what im reading…is this what god has created, does anybody have a heart .. this could be your father, uncle, brother, or son …put yourself in his shoes or his family shoes and just pray for him.

This is what happens when you act like a mob and put a man and his child in fear . The suv driver was obviously doing what he had to do to get his child to safety unfortunately the bike rider was a casualty to what was provoked by the riders . If you think a bike is going to stop a truck you’re an idiot .

Despite his involvement in the incident that led to Mieses now being in a critical condition, authorities tell he Lien will not be charged.

Jeremiah Mieses
Jeremiah Mieses far right in purple. Commentators have since pointed out to this image of Alexian Lien knocking one of the bikers at the beginning of Sunday’s incident.

Jeremiah Mieses

Undercover cop joined Alexian Lien beating, hit vehicle.

Reginald Chance’s lawyer insists his rage was justified.

Craig Wright arrested for punching and kicking Alexian Lien too.

Should the Alexian Lien undercover cops have intervened?

New video emerges similar to Alexian Lien video terrorizing other drivers.

Christopher Cruz reckons he has been unfairly vilified by the media.

Kevin Bresloff who shot Alexian Lien video receives death threats

Alexian Lien case: Robert Sims and Reginald Chance are career criminals.

NSFW: Here is a new video of Alexian Lien being beaten up.

Bikers claim Alexian Lien drove erratically and bumped biker first.

Undercover cop who witnessed Alexian Lien beating suspended.

There were 5 undercover cops present at Alexian Lien’s beating. Did shit.

Gloria Allred insists Edwin Mieses is the real innocent victim.

Robert Sims who opened Alexian Lien’s SUV door in custody.

Undercover cop present at Alexian Lien beating. Did not call 911.

Eyewitness says bikers went after Alexian Lien’s wife Rosalyn Ng.

Bike gang boss: “Alexian Lien should have stopped.’

Edwin Mieses hires Gloria Allred to sue Alexian Lien.

Alexian Lien attacker Reginald Chance expected to surrender today.

Edwin Mieses biker rally a bust. Cops charge more bikers…

Did Alexian Lien go too far? Biker was trying to help him…

Why Alexian Lien’s attacker Allen Edwards wont be charged.

Edwin Mieses is a thug. Didn’t have license to drive bike.

Alexian Lien wont be charged. Internet happy he paralyzed victim Jeremiah Mieses.

Alexian Lien assailant Christopher Cruz arrested. More arrests may follow.

Alexian Lien. Pictures of NY Range Rover Driver beaten up emerge.

New York Range Rover driver identified as Alexian Lien. Fought for his life.

New York Range Rover driver beaten up by motorcycle pack.




  1. I think you’re missing the part of the story where they were trying to slash his tires, brake checked Mr. Lien and surrounded his car. It’s a shame that guy is paralyzed, but his actions precipitated his injury.

  2. Have I fallen asleep and woke up in a distant future where hit-and-run is no longer a crime? I hope mr Lien is charged with multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon and then sued until he bleeds.

  3. Come on, a guy with a long rap sheet and an unemployed “aspiring rapper?” Even if he dies it’s not like the world is going to miss him.

  4. FACT: The biker thugs were 100% in the wrong.
    FACT: The honorable gentleman driving the SUV was 100% in the right.

  5. I don’t see any 2 year old girls traveling with these biker family-guys, Jay. This Mieses-idiot traveled all the way from Lawrence, MA to terrorize a young family out on a Sunday drive with his gang of hooded coward thugs. Maybe if Mieses had stayed home to care for his family he wouldnt be laying in pieces a city hospital bed, racking up NY taxpayer dollars like some broke outlaw.

  6. I don’t think anyone deserves to be paralyzed from the waist down. We’re a civilized society, are we not? He deserves, to the extent he broke the law, to be punished in accordance with the laws he broke.

  7. When you act like trash, you deserve to be treated as such. How many times do you think they got away with such reckless behavior before this happened? The real “tragedy” is the fact that he’s still alive and that the range rover didn’t run over a few more of this fool’s friends.

  8. If you have brain cells, go watch the video. Then make correct and rational comments. Now this guy can no longer take over the whole highway and menacing an Ivy League (Columbia University) graduated family man, and more important, the citizens at large. These bikers feel like they own the world. They can stop right in front of you while you are driving on highway. If you can’t stop on time, they will chase and knife you. Even worst, they might shoot the heck of you and your family. Great lesson for these reckless people. No sympathy at all from me. The only mistake the driver (victim) made is “He was outrun by this pack of wolf”.

  9. After watching the video, the NYC police did the right and
    rational decision. There is no sympathy from my part for these tens of thugs
    taking over the whole highway and chasing, intimidating, and hurting a
    beautiful law-aiding family. They are a pack of wolf menacing New York City.
    Now, the guy can ride his 2 wheeler instead without a license, but with much
    slower speed and can no longer menacing good, law-abiding citizens. AMEN.

  10. Check out LiveLeak for videos of what Mieses’ true character.

    His videos show him on various rap videos goin on about cocaine and homos. Video compilations of his motorcycle rides show him stunting on city roads – which is illegal, and running through red lights and stop signs. If he wasn’t run over from being in a violent mob, he would have eventually died getting run over while going through a red.


  11. if you ask me he got what he deserved. Those bikers were terrorizing a family and are all pieces of shit. He should be thankful his stupid ass is alive. You reap what you sow.

  12. Are you seriously going to ask for sympathy? This would have never happened had the bikers not threatened the driver and his family. I swear people these days make my brain hurt with their reasoning.

  13. Wrong. He could not have reversed. While you only see about 10 bikes in the video, they were riding with a pack of more than a hundred. He was at the beginning of the pack. He was completely surrounded. He had no way out and he had to defend his family with the only weapon he had. His SUV.
    I don’t consider myself blood thirsty. But I have no sympathy for Miese. He ran with a bunch of thugs, trying to intimidate and harass people who had nothing to do with them. He chose to be a part of that crowd and therefore chose what happened to him. Sometimes when you are committing a crime, you might get hurt. It’s what comes with the job.

  14. “Alexian Lien victim [sic] Jeremiah Mieses…” [headline]

    In what universe is Mieses a victim of the attacked driver who was, after all, simply trying to save his wife, daughter, and himself from serious injury or death?

    Another disgusting media distortion. At best, Mieses was an unwitting accomplice, although my hunch is that he was fully aware of what he was doing.

  15. I hope your nephew dies. You are scum for trying to defend a piece of shit that hangs out with a group of people notorious for being assholes to everyone but themselves. Fuck you.

  16. Not saying he deserves it but he is not innocent. He associated himself with this GANG of bikers committing illegal acts as can be witnessed in other videos posted thus making him an accessory to a series of crimes and this one resulting in his injury, initiated by Cruz.

  17. Hope every single pos gangbanging ‘biker’ wrecks and dies a slow painful death. Cowards ought to be locked up every one.

  18. If he wasn’t in front of the SUV he would be fine. So why was he in front of the SUV? Oh trying to old it up. How did that work out for him.

  19. thats what he deserves for beeing dumb *lol*
    alexian should have run over the whole group of apes on wheels…… o.

  20. I feel real bad for this irresponsible moron’s child! It’s always the innocent children that suffer! These neanderthal thugs ALL deserve some kind of punishment! If it was me in that Range Rover, I would have done the exact same thing to save my life, and that of my family’s! Mr. Lien unquestionably did the right thing to get out of a quickly escalating ‘life and death’ situation! In fact, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly should buy him dinner!

  21. SO DID THE GUY HE WAS FUCKING WITH. Kill em all, Let god sort em out. Stupid ass bikers giving the rest of us a bad name. Fuck You

  22. That picture is not the SUV knocking one of the ikers. When seen on film, it is one of the bikers SLOWING down to play some sort of dare with the SUV.

  23. If Mieses was in fact a law abiding, innocent victim in this situation, how is it exactly that he ended up under the wheels of the Range Rover? The only biker that needed to be that close to the RR was the biker that brake checked the car, so they could exchange insurance information. However, it appears that “Jay Meezee” felt the need to get close enough to the RR to get underneath it’s tires…for what, a little vandalism and terrorism?? Yeah, real nice young man there…we need more upstanding citizens like him roaming the streets….:::eye roll:::

  24. I’d love to go to his hotel room for a visit. I’d piss in his face (it ain’t like he is going o move out of the way!) and laugh hysterically, asking if when he woke up on Sunday, did he realize that was the last time he would be getting himself out of bed without assistance for the rest of his life. I would also remind him that lots of paralyzed people commit suicide, and that in his case, it would not be a bad idea.

  25. So people are pretty angry at the bikers based on what they see in the video.
    There’s a few remaining skeptics who think this Mieses guy is a victim – perhaps caught up in the wrong crowd. I call bullshit.
    100 bikes on the road and only ONE has a video camera? No way. Look online and you can find 20 other videos of the events preceding the road rage. 100 bikes weaving through highway traffic, on the shoulder. I just saw a video on LiveLeak which CLEARLY shows a red light and about 40 bikes all running the red simultaneously as one long train. Then all going through stop signs. These idiots are posting their rides on YouTube thinking they’re cool. In 5 seconds after uploading, someone has downloaded the video and submitted it to the police. Now they’re using the videos to impound bikes and ticket tens of riders for endangering the lives of others.
    Derp!! A lot of the videos have been deleted by the uploader. But once on the net, it’s on there FOREVER. Easy to find with a click of the mouse.
    This Mieses guy was as much of that mob as the guy who flattened the tires or cracked the windows. No regard for other drivers or pedestrians on the road.
    Enjoy your life of pain, Mieses. You and your friends earned it. If I was your parent, I’d be disgusted with you.

  26. you know imho – bikes brings the faggot out in people – look at the people in this video : spics and niggas actin like assholes. now remember just a decade ago white people were all the craze : on bikes, actin like assholes. I think they should just do like minority report and send popo on these bitches once there are more than 5 riding in a group together LMAO

  27. they brought it on themselves that day by acting like HUUGE FAGGOTS – you get back what you put out – come brake check me bitch ill show u da bidness

  28. They probably would have done all that, but they had to hurry up and get the **** out of Dodge off before the cops got there.

  29. Let his fucking gang pay for his medical bills. This family should be stopped from receiving donations. Your actions caused this mess, now use your own money to save his life. Watch, these freeloading bastards are going to be asking for government handouts funded by tax payer dollars. I’m not footing this degenerates bill. GTFO here. Your dad’s a no good preacher. Let him pray his way out for his kid.

  30. I’m not about to read your entire dribble. This POS deserved it. You can clearly tell the video was edited and bits and pieces of incriminating evidence were removed. Lien did whatever he could do to survive. He wasn’t about to let his wife and child become statistics of crime by a gang of degenerates. Lawlessness has consequences and Jay, one of the degenerates who participated with his gang of degenerates will not pay for his choices. You make bad choices you pay the price. Try to use your brain for once or do us a favor and ship yourself off to Mars.

  31. this biker has no one to blame but himself and the other thugs that he rolls with. what do normal people do when they get in an accident? they assess the damage, exchange insurance info and be on their way. these fucking cunts swarmed this SUV and tried to attack the driver who was with his wife and child. any person would have reacted the same way he did when presented with a mob of people trying to harm their family.

    so fuck you and fuck every one of these biker assholes. hope he enjoys being paralyzed.

  32. Hopefully many of these animals will be able to donate their organs to the
    useful and respectable members of our society.

  33. this is a bad situation all the way around. it’s horrible that this guy got hurt but it looks like the bikers put themselves in position for the accident. the bikers spread out trying to control the road and slowdown or stop all other traffic, they don’t get to take up all the lanes and not let people pass. the video shows a bunch of guys running up the suv and start to smash the windows out with their helmets, i guarantee if it was my window someone was smashing they WOULD be shot dead on the spot!

  34. You think this fucking cunt doesn’t deserve to be in the coma/wheelchair combo he’s landed himself in? Fuck you, then, Johnson.

  35. It’s funny how simply because you ride a bike and have tattoos you’re a thug who deserves to die. The asshole who slowed down in front of the SUV was definitely in the wrong, this guy ran over to check on him and got hurt.

    They attacked and slashed at the SUV, this is all hearsay as it was not caught on video, and the only witnesses who have come forward are people who witnessed the conclusion of the chase. After the bike is hit you see the group stop, then moments later the SUV plow through them. They could’ve been stopped to check on the guy who was hit, they could’ve been terrorizing the SUV, hell they could’ve stopped to pull out their cell phones to take pictures of the guy who got hit to make fun of him later. The SUV supposedly had it’s tires slashed yet was able to speed off for several miles.

    I find it funny how many people say this guy deserved this or worse. That all the bikers should’ve been killed for being wild animals, and thugs. Yet these thugs after thinking that one of their bros was killed and another injured, when finally catching Lien all they did was beat him to the point that he required a few stitches and was able to be released the same day. If they were so called wild thugs, or hell if they were as stupid and blood thirsty as most of these posters here calling for their heads, they could’ve easily pulled Lien out of his SUV and used the knives they had to slice his throat, or stab him multiple times, stomp on his head and crush his skull with their big bad biker boots, then pulled his wife out of the SUV raped her in front of the child before ripping the head off the 2 yr old and eating the baby.

    I’m not defending the bikers, but I also don’t think Lien was in the right. He could’ve reversed his SUV, most if not all of the bikers were to the side of him and in front of him, instead he chose to plow right through them. He speed by several off ramps with his “slashed tires” when he could’ve pulled out at the nearest off ramp and tried to find police, or hell a crowded area with pedestrians who might help. All in all it was just a lot of stupid on the part of both the bikers and Lien.

  36. Should’ve been a story about an SUV plowing through a group of 100+ dumb cunts on rice rockets and dirt bikes.

  37. I can’t fucking believe this dicklips is getting this many donations. Are there really this many stupid fucking people in the world?

  38. What the fuck does this HUGE strawman argument have to do with a goddamn thing? Absolutely nothing, so don’t bring up banking again, you fucking clown.

    “a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse, and poor behavioral controls”

    You mean like some fucking retard on a motorcycle who would brake-check an SUV while staring the driver down, then flying off the handle when the SUV makes contact with his bike?

  39. Everyone involved in that whole situation who wasn’t in a vehicle with four wheels should be in fucking prison. You’re all a blight on society and you act like a mob of fucking cunts.

  40. Those POS bikers deserved what they got and then some. I would have done the same thing to protect my family. But I can tell you, the ending would have been a little different because I always carry my 45 ACP. I can assure you those scum would not have come too close to my car.

  41. Absolute justice! Hopefully he will revive just long enough to die in severe pain.

    Such a big shame the driver didn’t take put a few more.

    This scum, comatose coward and his mates have doubtless given many others bashings and other grief all their lives.

    F*kk the family as well of this scum. They know what he is. Probably just like them.

    I have seen too many people suffer from the likes of this ratbag to have even a shred of sympathy.

  42. It would appear 99.9% of the people viewing the video disagree with you Jay. Perhaps you have the doucheburger gene that these bikers have. Do you also go around kicking kittens and beating children?

  43. Psychopath? Definition – a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse, and poor behavioral controls. Your hero Lien has 50 million in assets and is a Bankster, which in turn is a psychopath. Research the financial situation over the last 10 years or watch documentary fishhead to understand Banker mentality, they don’t care about you or me or anyone. Not defending the bikers herd mentality, but lets clarify some things up here. Banksters consider themselves above all law and are in fact above all law, there is a reason why the only man in prison since 2008 is Bernie Madoff- he stole from the rich. There is a reason why the housing crash happened, derivatives, you know weapons of mass destruction according to warren buffet. Guess who used to work for Credit Swiss-Lien. Guess who profited from people loosing their houses -Lien. His team of lawyers will make sure chargers are never brought up. Feeling empathy for a psychopath (which maybe some bikers were too) is not understanding why the great recession is just getting warmed up and knowing that a second collapse, which will be much worse when sovereign nation debts are brought to fruition and the next bail out will be a bail in and they will cease you accounts in a bank holiday is just plain ignorance when it comes to financial education. Which does only exists in less than 1% of the people in the United States. There is a reason why we are not educated about the financial situation through schooling and have to do research ourselves. But for those of us that are, we know that Lien is as much a psychopath as any of the bikers and deserves the gallows along side his fellow employee cronies who also understand that his day will come soon enough, not by any god, but by account holders like you who will be more than happy to string him up when he and his fellow banksers take your life savings account. The FDIC has about .025 of all US allocated accounts in case this happens, your cash is not safe, actually if you still have cash and not money-which is Gold and silver by now, your pretty much screwed anyway. Feel sorry for the child involved, for the violence around her, but also that she will be raised by a psychopath until he is dealt with properly, I won’t hang Lien, but soon you will. Mark my words and this will be only post for me-sorry for rant. Have been studying the financial situation for 5 years and know way to much. Get prepared and good luck to all, even Lien, maybe he will wake up like some of his other co-workers and move to the countryside to get ready for the big one coming- It’s a cover up, not a recovery.
    People borrowing money they don’t have, to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t know.
    We are all going to have to pay the piper soon enough.

  44. The gang as a whole were a bunch of douchebags on the road. Mieses was part of that gang and felt protected by the sheer numbers with him.
    People say that when you’re in a mob, you do things you normally wouldn’t do. I disagree. When people are in a mob, their real personality comes through because they believe they will not get caught by authorities amongst the mob.
    In a riot, people break windows thinking the crime is minor enough that police won’t bother to find them. They stop short of killing others because that magnitude of crime will have authorities looking for them. But if a person knew there was no accountability for theft, murder, rape…etc, how many of us could truly say they would still act as the person they pretend to be?

  45. Why are you dis-associating this guy from the rest of the biker gang? He was right in the middle of it. He was not caught up in the wrong crowd. He was part of the crowd he wanted to be associated with.
    After the accident, if he had been involved in trying to calm the situation down, perhaps he would have garnered some sympathy. But he did not. In fact, NOBODY in that mob thought that breaking the windows and flattening the tires with a wife and infant inside was something that was bad.
    Or at least, if anyone in that mob THOUGHT it was a bad idea, it wasn’t enough to motivate them to do anything about it.

  46. Good riddance. As a rider myself, I’m disgusted that these people represent the riding community.
    These people are adults and responsible for their actions. The news is out to put the video in perspective. I’d have run the guy over too.
    Yes I know he was not directly involved in the initial accident, but when you hide yourself amongst a mob and intimidate a driver with a 2-year old in the car, you are contributing to the mob. Just like a riot or a fight, people on the sidelines chanting are still accountable to a degree by US law.
    Not a single person in that mob thought that they might have been acting like a bunch of douchebags. Not a single person in that mob thought to intervene the breaking of car windows or flattening the tires when they saw a baby inside. Not a single person in that mob thought to call the police and follow at a safe distance behind the rover.
    Nope, they all decided to be bullies on the road and fight a guy at a ratio of 200:1.

    You get what you deserve. I hope nobody donates to this guy. His parents should have raised him better.

  47. It’s hilarious and also a thing of sheer joy. i cannot tell you how happy it makes me feel to know that this thug will be emptying a colostomy bag for the REST OF HIS LIFE because his a$$h0l3 doesn’t work any more. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  48. NYPD knew they were coming and were blocking off other areas where they could have hurt pedestrians. They can’t be everywhere.

  49. This was a mob. They tried to control the roads, shut down access and antagonize and intimidate others. When the ‘accident-on-purpose’ happened, as the video shows they other bikers surrounded his car, slashed his tires and were rocking it. They were not waiting peacefully for NYPD to arrive. They were amped up thugs acting out. Lien was understandably scared. He ran. Sadly one of the morons with this thug mob got horribly hurt. He made the choice, though, to ride with these thugs. His actions and association brought horrible consequences.

  50. tough man not so tough anymore ??? well tough fucking shit – the entire biker gang should have been mowed down. bunch of fucking low life scumbags ! good job suv driver !

  51. Jeremiah was 10-15 feet from the biker who did stop in front of the SUV. The photo above shows him in purple. He was with the leaders of this pack. They were purposefully antagonizing other motorists.

  52. Obvious the biker was trying to start trouble, why would you stick up your bike to a car so close, purposely looking back to the car, you were aware how how close it was, esp on a highway, that’s like hitting an egg with a rock, it wasn’t worth it. Risking your own life, putting your life at risk that way, creating this misfortune? sad.. both biker and driver’s lives have changed forever. Bikers have to be more careful for themselves, it aint worth that way risking, there is a lot more in life.

  53. While the injuries to this man are horrible, he and his ‘friends’ created the situation that resulted in this. The biker deliberately slowed in front of the SUV. They gang took over the West Side highway, preventing other vehicles from entering. They were acting as a mob, using their numbers to antagonize other motorists, just because they could. Mr. Mieses was right among the leaders. He showed by his actions his disregard for society, outside his own circle of friends. He and his friends of like ilk taunted society – society bit back.

  54. No, a tragedy is when a tornado hits a pre school. What happened to this moron is no tragedy. He and his gang wannabe buds were terrorizing motorists and pedestrians all day. They knew someone was going to get hurt. They assumed it would be some random person other than themselves. They were wrong. That ain’t no tragedy. That’s hilarious

  55. $%&# that piece of shit. Karma served him right, for running with those scumbag low life, nothing but cold hearted piece of #%#^ thug…bike mob. No one told him to be out there on a SUNDAY being reckless as his helmet says.. SO $#*&% YOU for suggesting that people should pitty. If he was a true family man then he should have been out with his family doing something normal families do…not being some ghetto ass menace to society and since it seems thats all he will ever be then good riddens.
    Ignorant driver…how about ignorant THUGS that intimidate other drivers by running in a pack. OH YEAH you all so hardcore and bad ass….lets see you stop traffic on your crotch rocket by yourself….NO MOB behind you….NO YOU WOULDN’t cause alone your NOTHING. SO again eff this dude…he got what he deserves for terrorizing a driver that was just trying to enjoy the sunday afternoon out with his wife and 2yr old daughter. .Then some mob has to surround him on the highway, BRAKE CHECK on purpose looking to cause trouble and have him hit them on purpose. then surround his SUV and slash his tires and start denting up the vehicle i would have pulled off the same way…then rammed a few of them off the road while they were chasing me.

  56. So here’s the deal. I ride a bike. I also belong to a few riding groups, but I will not defend the actions I saw on this video. Those guys give us all a bad name. My groups ride responsibly and respect the road and other drivers. These guys were acting like punks and tried to own the road. If Mieses got run over, remember, he was run over by someone trying to stay clear of these bike who were chasing him, bullying him, and he had himself and his family to protect. Mieses made the huge mistake of thinking his 400 lbs bike would stop a 5000 lbs SUV. Somehow his calculations were a tad off and he paid for it. I don’t wish pain and suffering on anyone, but if you make your bed, you must lie in it.

  57. The correct response for the bikers after Cruz was “rear ended” or rather, forced the driver to rear end him would have been to call the authorities and let them deal with it. Instead they reacted like a pack of rabid dogs. Rabid dogs need to be put down.

  58. Frankly, at this point, you don’t know what role, exactly, Mieses played in this incident. So, saying that a person deserves to be paralyzed for life is pretty callous and out of line. And, I say that as someone who totally sympathizes with Mr. Lien.

  59. Just goes to show how stupid they all are. Posting video, chatting on social media, meeting up at a gas station with surveillance cameras. The entire group should be arrested and charged with reckless driving, and assault.

  60. Karma is a bitch. I think soon enough the bikers will realize they fucked with the wrong Asian guy. Dude is a very wealthy guy that will probably hire a team of lawyers. It amazes me that these morons on the bikes would film the incident and then brag about it by posting it online to leave behind evidence.

  61. 1) Bikers create unsafe environment by trying to take control of the road for stunts.

    2) Driver wants to get out of that situation and not deal with these Mad Max wannabe’s stupidity.

    3) Bikers get pissed at driver because driver has nerve to not do exactly what they want

    4) Large group of bikers encircle and start attacking the driver and his family (btw it must make them feel REALLY tough to go after a family)

    5) Driver understandably panics and drives off (in the process running over two of the morons that were attacking his car)

    6) Bikers get even more pissed that driver had the nerve to protect his family and chase him down and in a group of 50 beat him and stab him in front of his family.

    Naw, it’s pretty clear, the garbage in this case is the bikers.

  62. THe biker is the victim?! Sure he was. The entire time the idiots on the bikes were messing with the family. Thats what happens when you BRAKE CHECK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY! You go into COMA! Dumbass!

    No one deserves to be in the hospital PERIOD! But if you’re an IDIOT instigating for an accident and threatening a family with your biker crew of 20 or more, um yeah, you deserve what you got HOMIE! Let’s not forget that little baby girl in the back seat and wife who witness their husband/father getting cut up and beaten to a pulp in front of them.

    Honestly, I would’ve ran all you bikers over for acting like such fools to begin with. Idiots like these give us good riders a bad name.

  63. He wasn’t trying to murder anyone. He was running for his life. You thugs give respectful riders a bad name.

  64. I don’t get it. Explain this to me. You manage to piss of angry bikers, so what you do is you piss them off more by running them over? Use a clear head, he wouldn’t have been beaten senseless if he hadn’t attempted to fucking MURDER someone with his car… I don’t understand. I’m really upset to say i’m american right now and that has literally never happened, not through trey-von, not through any market crash. This makes me disgusted to be an american the ruthless animilistic hate towards motorcyclists it’s fucking disgusting.

  65. This incident show just how utterly useless the police are. They only show up after you’re dead. Get a concealed carry permit.

  66. It appears you’re right and that he may not have been the one that started all of this.

    Shame that he stuck around to be a part of it.

  67. People who write “Period” as a cheap attempt to drive home their point always make the worst arguments. See, e.g., nucleardeath57.

  68. Right, Jay, the ignorant driver who went to Columbia University and is out trying to have a peaceful day with his wife and kid, free from these Latin King wannabees.

  69. No way Mr. “I own the road in my range rover” moneybags douche could be a fault.
    He rear ended the bike…When you rear end someone’s vehicle, you are at fault.
    It wasn’t like the bike went in reverse and hit the front of the range rover.
    Then the little wall street pussy was so scared he ran over the other motorcyclists to get away.
    The guy he ran over and paralyzed, hadn’t done anything at all except stop because the range rover hit his friend.
    SUV jackass is lucky he just got his ass beat.
    In the state I live in, they would have been hosing his remains out of the pavement cracks.
    Most of the people posting here are idiots. Happy someone was paralyzed.
    I have seen how these SUV range rover types are….Surrounded by their 5000
    pounds of courage. Outside their vehicle, Nothing but estrogen.
    Of course, the police are going to side with the rich guy…that is who they work

  70. Every action has a reaction….stupid rider putting his life on risk. why did they stop the SUV? for no reason? why hit Lien’s car with a helmet?? nice bikers??? i doubt, everybody would do the same thing Lien did, unfortunetelly this guy was in front of the SUV. Lien had his wife and baby in his car….what would you do to protect your family?

  71. go watch the video… that photo does not represent what started this off… christopher cruz for no good reason slowed down on a HIGHWAY (which is not legal when there is no valid reason to do so) and brake checked the SUV driver… right before the SUV drives off, you can see the car rocking back n forth (suggesting people where trying to open the doors). being surrounded by 20-30 bickers, some wearing mask, with a 2 year old in the back seat… Do not tell me you would have stayed there and talked it out with a bunch of idiot thugs

  72. Victim?? More like one of the suspects

    You must be kidding – don’t start none there won’t be none.
    Try that bullcrap in Texas and you be picking tire tread and gravel out your neck for a couple years while you have nothing but free time in your wheelchair. Karma is right. The wife and kid must have been freaking out in the middle of that ordeal. 1 man (plus wife and kid) vs 33 “sport” bikers, some real bad asses there.

    Lemme post how cool we are with my $150 GoPro video, now you get your trophy picture above. Wasn’t that worth it?

    Now I’m sure the true victim will be getting sued by the family to cover medical expenses and the insurance company will settle just to make them go away. Gotta love the justice system

  73. those human mothers fuckers desreved what they was getting in too, scul bag.. i hope the leader gets raped in prision so he bleeds from ass

  74. Do some research. This guy’s license was suspended at the time of the incident. So much taking his license away helped.

  75. I think it was a different man who pulled up in front of the SUV and caused the accident. This guy was not in front of the vehicle but to the side according to the stills from the video. I believe it was later he was hit when the family was trying to get away.

  76. Yes the biker that initiated this incident is a creep and a criminal. The others who participated in this acted like a bunch of animals on the hunt, not like humans. However, I don’t know if the man who was hit was trying to help to go to attack. He did not show good judgement getting in the middle of that situation and I am praying that he recovers. I am sure the SUV driver did not and does not want anyone to be permanently injured. I don’t blame the driver for trying to run, I am sure I would have done the same. The group that chased him down and assaulted him were clearly not afraid of him. Really love how the guy with the helmet cam turned it off as they pulled the man from his car. Must have realized this would not look good on them.

  77. Sorry, but these bikers with their crouch rockets were acting like stereotypical pathetic puerto rican thugs.

  78. Sounds like you may have been one of the other retarded bikers…. you certainly qualify on the retarded part, anyhow!!

  79. Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah! Jeremiah Mieses made specifically bad life choices that lead to him being paralyzed and in a coma! Sorry, but I just can’t feel any pity for someone who was injured while victimizing an innocent family. Too bad, kid. Sucks for your family but you reap what you sow. Have a nice life.

  80. Good. Serves these idiots right. Too bad the idiot who CUT OFF and BRAKED did not get paralyzed as well. These guys are not victims as the title misleadingly states. This cripple put his bike in front of the SUV to block him from getting away so they could hurt him. Luckily, this idiot in a coma was not smart enough to realize that a Land Rover can crush him and his bike.

  81. Fuq your shit-stain punk nephew who was aspiring to be another urban rapper as if we need any more of that ignorant shit in New York. Everyone related to a sociopath wants to say: “Mah baybeh ain’t nevah hurt nohbody…” Fuck him, and fuck you, for not teaching your hellspawn how NOT to be a menace to society. Hope the cunt lives, just so he can suffer every day.

  82. Why need to walk? I thought these people’s life-long career/passion is to ride motorcycle — such profession doesn’t need legs at all. So he can continue chasing his dream after getting out of the hospital. It’s really not a loss.

  83. Hey De Las Nueces. He was Asian.You want to support your punk piece of ____ hispanic, go ahead. They were a bunch of thugs. Your a biker. do you ride those crouch rockets like all those ghetto punks?

  84. I’ll pray for him….. to suffer a lot and die a slow painful death. The world is better off without stupid thugs like him!!!!!

  85. You are an idiot to be so concerned about a bunch of sorry ass bikers who made the mistake of going out and CHOOSING to destroy another families life by cutting them off on the hwy. They made their choice to be idiots that day. So be it.

  86. VICTIM??? The family in the SUV are the victims…. This guy and all the rest made the WRONG choice that day to ride their bikes like a bunch of heathens…. This is not a Mel Gibson movie…

  87. This incident teaches us a beautiful lesson. Our diversity is our strength! Diversity means PEACE. LOL!

  88. The only normal thing that didn’t happen was that the driver didn’t start plowing backwards and forwards into bikers when he got cornered.

  89. Are these bikers supposed to bad ass Latino bikers. Well, you want to act like disrespectful thugs; you’ll pay the price. This whole situation is unfortunate.

  90. well, nobody planned it (In my opinion, if it could be planned, I am sure that he would lose more than his legs). That’s why you’d better think twice before you take action to threat other people’s life. Simple as that.

  91. if my family is threaten by those bikers like this, I will pull out a gun from my glove box and shoot them to death. The biker intentionally cut in the front of SUB and brake his bike. I will be responsible for my fault. but I will not surrender to Gang and bad guy.

  92. ignorant driver ??? a motocycle gang are chasing and provocing a family in a car ? a motorcycle try too stop him on the highway ant they was like 50 of them of course the family getting scared, the motorcycle in front of him are driving bad and wants to brake in front of him how is that a ingorant car driver ??? of course the family in car was scarred for there lives, dont try to gloryfi a bad criminal gang that drive bad and put others lives in danger and then scare them and assult them, i hope the motocycle man dies and go to hell, you know what you are doing out there on highway scarying regular people and assulting them. die die you stupid mc gangs and stand up for what youre doing.. bye bye from sweden and fuck youre selfs

  93. JeremiahMieses should thank God to spare him. I think that God saw what he had been doing and decided to teach him a lesson.If it were for me to decide, he definitely should lose more than his two legs. End of story.

  94. GLEE…. GLEE….
    Yep, when a bunch of psychopathic THUGS terrorize an INFANT BABY you better believe I’m LOVING IT when they get theirs.
    All……… day…….. long……!!!!!!

  95. hahaha why anthony are you americans so obsseds with skin colors or latino black white oriental, that shit has nothing to do with this hhe only protected his family, we are al he same race human, everyoneare humans ok same race..

  96. Aww another rapper bites the dust? His father should be ashamed. Any man would have done the same thing to protect his family. Maybe not step on the gas so hard, so as to allow the bikers a chance to get out of the way, but when your life is flashing before your eyes, can you blame him?

  97. PS – the SUV driver has his INFANT DAUGHTER in the back seat.
    The paralyzed loser got off LUCKY if that was me driving with my baby girl in the car.

  98. THEY attacked the driver!!!
    Nothing more pathetic then a gang of bullies trying to terrorize law-abiding citizens crying like a paralyzed baby after they get SMACKED DOWN.
    Looks GREAT on this psychopath!

  99. Actually, he looks a little Asian, but who cares. If he was white, he’d have backed up over the Mook. And if you ride like these idiots, don’t call yourself a biker. Roll out to Sturgis and ride like that. They’ll use you for a dartboard down at the pub and cook steaks over your ricer.

  100. He DESERVES IT!
    This gang of raging psychopaths did everything they could to terrorize not only this person but also tons of my friend in central NYC.
    This arrogant prick was trying to force the SUV to stop so he and his buddies could assault them.
    You got EXACTLY what you DESERVE my criminal friend!

  101. Mr. Lien should learn from this lesson and go get a gun, maybe two, legitimately, and next time when such things do happen, make sure whoever jeopardize the lives of his family and himself’s in this maniac way never breathes again.

  102. anthony are you stupid, they wanted him to stop not to pass but to assult him and scare them, a gang out for fighting and no respect for law, they put him in that position, realy dont be stupid see for yure self, and i am a bike too but not in a criminal gang and i don play with others lives and scare them to life.. clearly this is all wrong the motorcyclist must stad for what they are doing

  103. Jay, I’d not only have run him over, I’d reverse and make sure he’s paste. Someone threatens my family like that, I’d floor it.

  104. lol the idiot brake checked a guy doing <15mph purely to f*ck with him. I wish the driver of the Rover had taken out more of these douchebags. He's a f*cking hero.

  105. RR driver did the right thing, protect your family is first and foremost. Jeremiah your getting a nice wheel chair for Christmas bitch LOL

  106. There is a reaction to every action. Yea, it’s sad he was severely hurt. But had the bikers not have initiated the incident, then he would not have been injured in the first place. The bikers own actions, and the consequences of it, are all his own.

  107. Ya all a bunch of ignorants fucks. Im a biker and OK i admit the biker got infront of the range for no reason. and i guess being the white piece of shit driver, got scare of seeing a lil scene of mainly minorities biker that he didnt think of the consequences. if i was the one driving the range i would had stop completely and let them pass. heck i would of stop put my windows down and let my kids enjoy the show. But then again im a minority latino and as i mentioned the driver was probably white and scare shittless. Stupid drivers ( on both end, bike for getting infront and range for loosing his patience) = fatal incidents.

  108. There wasn’t an “accident.” This man, the biker in a coma now, purposefully placed his motorcycle in front of the Rover and brake-checked it, causing his bike to be hit. What was this in response to?

    Apparently the driver was calling 911 to report the bike gang, which had taken over an entire freeway. Some in the gang recognized what was going on and decided to screw with the driver to intimidate him. Then, after THEY caused the accident by brake checking his car, their response was to attack the driver and force him into a flight or flight mode.

    Did you watch the video at all? Just curious.

  109. Guess it takes a real man to mob and beat down a dude in front of his wife a kids. Just a lot of boys with toys pretending to be grown bad asses.

  110. Go to LiveLeak and watch the 4 or 5 videos these morons posted before the incident, riding all over the sidewalks, stopping traffic, riding wheelies, etc. These aren’t bikers, they’re punks.

    And this moron rolled off his throttle, causing HIMSELF to be hit by the SUV, which was already under attack from these criminals.

  111. C’mon man. The bikers are clearly in the wrong but no need to take glee in this guy’s misfortune. Lien shouldn’t be charged. But it’s a tragedy nonetheless.
    The penalty for being a thug on the roads should be having your license taken away (and possibly your ride too). Paralysis from the waist done, isn’t justice. It’s a tragedy.

  112. The bikers are really lucky that the SUV driver did not knock over a few more of them whi ethey were chasing him down o the highway. If I had a 5 month old baby in the backseat like the SUV driver did and I was in his shoes I would have taken out as many of them as possible. The bikers should be thanking him for not taking this action.

  113. I guess these men that had families should have taken their families into account when they decided to surround and attack another man and his family.

    Hope your son enjoys his coma. If it was my family in that car, he would’ve been shot in the chest the moment he approached my window.

  114. You are certainly not watching the same video…THE bikers attacked the SUV….they acted like terrorists. Any sane person would have done the same thing, driven forward to get to safety no matter whos in the way. They clearly stopped their bike in front of the SUV. What happened after that was as a result of the ignorance from the terrorists, which were the bikers.

  115. Jerimiah Mieses got exactly what he deserved for. Hope he dies in pain. For the rest of the bikers who got involved in this horrific incident should get thrown into the jail for a long time.

  116. The hilarious thing is that these bikers posted a video which pretty much incriminates them and shows that the SUV driver did what he had to do to keep his family safe. Dumb bikers. Not the very best in IQ department, are they?

  117. these guys don’t deserve the title “bikers.” they’re just a bunch of dumb thug cunts who lack the skills to handle their machines correctly. they need to be spanked and have their toys taken away.

  118. ignorant driver ??? a motocycle gang are chasing and provocing a family in a car ? a motorcycle try too stop him on the highway ant they was like 50 of them of course the family getting scared, the motorcycle in front of him are driving bad and wants to brake in front of him how is that a ingorant car driver ??? of course the family in car was scarred for there lives, dont try to gloryfi a bad criminal gang that drive bad and put others lives in danger and then scare them and assult them, i hope the motocycle man dies and go to hell, you know what you are doing out there on highway scarying regular people and assulting them. die die you stupid mc gangs and stand up for what youre doing.. bye bye from sweden and fuck youre selfs

  119. Its their own fault. If the bikers thought the SUv did something wrong, they should have called the cops and reported his license plate number. Instead they decided to take matters in their own hands. Well, there are consequences to that. The SUV driver had every right to defend his family once the crazed bikers forced him to a stop in the middle of the highway. Each of these bikers needs to be charged so as to make an example for other psuedo biker gangs out there who have similar thoughts.

  120. i need to watch the vid again. but i’m pretty sure it was cruz and not mieses who braked in front of the SUV. the only thing i think mieses was guilty of was being dumb enough to be in front of an SUV that is under attack by a bunch of thug assholes. but it’s hard to draw many conclusions from the video. the guy who posted the video didn’t include anything showing what the SUV was doing before the first confrontation (probably nothing) and then edited the end to cut off the final assault on lien.

  121. These guys where just acting tuff and hasseling people becasue they felt safe. I despise biker gangsters, they know that if they get hit in the face 8 of their shithead friends will help immediatly. So they feel invincible. And run around making noise and being all cool and smooth. Personally, I would have driven over every single one of them, twice. And I would not lose sleep over it, you get what you ask for and these guys where asking for it. So you think you`re tuff, eh? Not so tuff when your alone under a car, are you! ******* stupid dumbasses. I understand why this guys family is all “oh no, please help us” but seriously, they need to look at what caused this, dont give me any of that “we`re all victims” bullshit, your boy fucked up, now pay the piper.

  122. No kidding all those cars… all those people just sitting and watching. I can guarantee you in Texas their would be people out of the cars with their guns drawn. Gotta love a gun free society…

  123. Yes it’s possible Jeremiah was an innocent victim trying to help out an injured buddy but it’s likely he’s not a victim of Lien but of a situation created by his fellow bikers. Particularly Christopher Cruz and those who decided to take the law into their own hands. As a rider I saw numerous safety issues with how the bikers we’re riding before during and after this incident. Yes, drivers do stupid things because I’m hard to see or they just aren’t paying enough attention. Which is why it my responsibility to take extra precautions. I don’t make sudden lane changes and maneuvers at hwy speeds or even street speeds (as seen in numerous other videos of this and other Hollywood Stuntz events). I don’t surround a 6000 lb moving object and I definitely don’t break check said object! Regardless if the SUV tapped a rider previously. There is no excuse for the mob to go vigilantly. Get the license plate, dial 911, follow at a safe distance. The riders created the situation. As a Father, a driver and a rider, I would have done what I needed to do to protect my family from a mob regardless if they are riding motorcycle or little pink tricycles. If the riders followed the rules of the road, respected common safety practices, and followed the law, this never would have happened. You want respect you gotta give it.

  124. i cant belive this shit oh my god, even for criminal gangs this should be a shame, its not cool to attac a family in a suv.. they are cowards and i hope other criminal gangs fuck that gang up and teach them about the unwrithen laws

  125. All the bikers are at fault….they cleary terrorized this man with his family. The reports are stating that the man yelled obscenities which caused the bikers to begin their inital attack. Had I been with my spouse and children, I would have reversed plowed forward anything and everything to get me and my family to safety. the bikers that attacked this poor family could have avoided all of what happened. The driver of the SUV acted in self defense and any NORMAL person would have done the same thing. The idiot biker recorded everything on his helmet camera and the evidence is CRYSTAL CLEAR. At this point had my child done the same and attacked innocent people and was gravely injured as a result, I would be a grieving parent and trying to figure out where the hell i went wrong!!!! TEAM SUV!!!!

  126. ignorant driver ??? a motocycle gang are chasing and provocing a family in a car ? a motorcycle try too stop him on the highway ant they was like 50 of them of course the family getting scared, the motorcycle in front of him are driving bad and wants to brake in front of him how is that a ingorant car driver ??? of course the family in car was scarred for there lives, dont try to gloryfi a bad criminal gang that drive bad and put others lives in danger and then scare them and assult them, i hope the motocycle man dies and go to hell, you know what you are doing out there on highway scarying regular people and assulting them. die die you stupid mc gangs and stand up for what youre doing.. police officer here from sweden and fuck youre selfs

  127. Young punks on bikes, acting tuff and hasseling people for fun. Personally, I would have plowed them all down if I had to. And I would not lose any sleep over it, you get what you ask for and these guys where begging for someone to kick the shit out of them. I despise these thugs on bikes, they`re a group so then they act oh so tuff. Not so tuff when you laying under a car, eh? ******** dumbasses.

  128. He purposely forces the Range Rover to stop. The screenshot is right above this. If you want to watch the video, go find it. This Mises fucker passes the Range Rover and repeatedly turns his head at the driver; then finally goes right on front of him and slams on his breaks, causing the Range Rover to slow down and slightly hit his bike. From here on, FUCK this gang. Mises is a son of a bitch and I am glad he did not die so he can spend a lifetime in a wheelchair reflecting on his shitty actions. The driver of the Range Rover had his wive and kid in the back. Any real man (or woman) who care about the safety of their family would have reacted the way he did. Anyone who says otherwise is full of shit.

  129. ignorant driver ??? a motocycle gang are chasing and provocing a family in a car ? a motorcycle try too stop him on the highway ant they was like 50 of them of course the family getting scared, the motorcycle in front of him are driving bad and wants to brake in front of him how is that a ingorant car driver ??? of course the family in car was scarred for there lives, dont try to gloryfi a bad criminal gang that drive bad and put others lives in danger and then scare them and assult them, i hope the motocycle man dies and go to hell, you know what you are doing out there on highway scarying regular people and assulting them. die die you stupid mc gangs and stand up for what youre doing.. bye bye from sweden and fuck youre selfs

  130. I hope this piece of scum dies and all his biker friends are raped in prison. Surrounding a guy with his wife and 2 year old? This monster deserves this

  131. You cleverly forgot to mention that they smashed his windows, slashed his tires, beat him to a pulp, and slashed him with a knife – assault with a deadly weapon with intent to cause great bodily harm, or to kill. Here’s hoping the cops catch that gang member.

    Yeah, and they CAUSED the accident by swarming his vehicle AND ONE RIDER SLAMMED ON HIS BRAKES a meter in front of the SUV.

    Responsible citizens, right. Waiting for the cops to show up for an accident report, sure. You see only what you want to see, to support your bias.

  132. ignorant driver ??? a motocycle gang are chasing and provocing a family in a car ? a motorcycle try too stop him on the highway ant they was like 50 of them of course the family getting scared, the motorcycle in front of him are driving bad and wants to brake in front of him how is that a ingorant car driver ??? of course the family in car was scarred for there lives, dont try to gloryfi a bad criminal gang that drive bad and put others lives in danger and then scare them and assult them, i hope the motocycle man dies and go to hell, you know what you are doing out there on highway scarying regular people and assulting them. die die you stupid mc gangs and stand up for what youre doing.. bye bye from sweden and fuck youre selfs

  133. These bikers seem to completely instigate the entire situation by driving irradicaly. Unfortunately for the masses of bikers, there are tons of negative stereotypes. I see motorcyclists driving recklessly and endangering others all the time. They have cut people off, swerve in and out of traffic, seem to think that they are entitled and own the road. The video that has been released shows a prime example of them trying to “take over the road”. What gives them the right? What makes them any different than just another car or truck? You don’t see cars and trucks having these huge rally’s that endanger other people where numerous arrests are made. Stop crying about your delinquent nephew and face the facts. He was involved in the instigating and harassment of a man which lead to what happened. Had I been there I would have called the police and pulled out my gun to protect the family in the car.

  134. It is good to see his father was such a positive role model in his life. POS’s like this all should be in a coma.

  135. In Texas? Different story bikers in Texas are know for shootouts. Im glad this was not in Texas. Because that driver and family would have a different ending.

  136. Fuck all the bitches on bikes. He should have run more over, and more than once I might add. Fuck the thug that got hurt on his bike acting like a thug.

  137. Clearly the cyclists were all ignoring the rules of the road and meandering from lane to lane and slowing and speeding up like a swarm. Clearly trying to intimidate the driver of the SUV they forgot one thing.. they are easily squished! The “Victim” (thats a joke) carelessly turns his head and slams his brakes on and got exactly the consequence he begged for!

    I had a situation like this once. Im on a 65mph highway and 6-8 cyclist are spread across all lanes blocking traffic doing 35mph so they can practice wheelies on i95!!! I beeped at one, and they started to chase me. One guy smacked my car with his belt and buckle so to scare them off I just started steering into them all to try to freak them out. They got the point quickly that I was not looking to run away from them, I was trying to run them over (not really) so they sped off. Luckily I was 1 exit from a police station and was about to call 911 and have them chase me to the station into waiting police arms. My inherent insanity and aggressiveness out-thugged the thugs. Im a bit older now though and realizes some of these kids may have guns so now I just let them pass haha.

    I dont hope for harm but I am a firm beliver in “survival of the fittest”. Clearly if your going to do dumb stuff in front of an SUV on a bike your not quite up to the task of reproducing those genes. Have fun doing wheelies in your wheelchair tough guy! hope your 2 minutes of being a jerk were worth a lifetime of misery.

  138. All those bikers and no one has heat? This should of been a story about a that driver in a casket. Waist of time to fallow someone just to beat them.

  139. the SUV driver hit a motorcyclist and kept driving. the riders followed him with the intent to stop him for the first accident. he failed to stop and then drove through whatever vehicles were in front of him to get away. if he stopped in the first place, none of this would’ve happened. what any driver should do if being followed for whatever reason is call police with your location and/or drive to the nearest police station. driving over human beings because you’re “scared” is no excuse for taking someone’s life.

  140. An ignorant driver?? You obviously didn’t watched the same video as us. We saw hateful bikers threatening a family. As the VICTIM tried to get away, one of those hateful men got his legs cut off. When you roll with thugs shiet happens.

  141. Act like an ass and this is what happens. You cant blame Lien for panicking and getting the hell out of there. If this had been a concealed carry state this might have been much messier. Maybe Jeremiah should pick a better crowd than these hooligans. Oh and Lien being rich has nothing to do with this. Dont play the poor hispanic and yell about a f’ing asian. Idiot

  142. I think everyone who has seen the whole video can figure the truth out for themselves. Those bikers were riding recklessly and caused a really bad situation. Now the biker who got hurt wants to claim to be the victim. Too bad.

  143. Who the F-UCK! Do you think you are running anyone over? That asian piece of $hit is wealthy, figures, he thinks because he has money he can do what he wants, he’s the king of the world! He has money! No asshole, I hope he rots in jail, I hope he loses his job, I hope his wife leaves him for a black man and his daughter gets a black daddy. That poor dude, will never walk again! I am Latino too! That guy is most likely boricua. God bless him.

  144. One last thing to Jeremiah’s friend of family member who is on this thread. I know it’s you. The only ONE disliking our comments, defending this scumbag. If he took his family, education & future as seriously as his thug life bedroom hat collection he’d be at home with you right now.

  145. Victim?! This piece of shit terrorized a family. Mother, baby, father. What a fucking coward. Some people are struck by cars on a crosswalk. THAT is a tragedy. THIS is justified. He shouldn’t have blocked a family into a corner. Gang mentality cowards. Would they behave like that 1 on 1.

  146. He’s paralyzed from the waste down…he’s still in a coma…wait…how do they know that he’ll never walk again and he’s paralyzed from the waste down if he still in a coma…

  147. that’s kinda harsh. i don’t think mieses was one of the attackers. but it’s the attackers who are responsible, not lien.

  148. the first bikers who stopped and attacked lein are responsible for mieses’ injuries, not lien, you fucking idiots.

  149. Biker boy deserved what he got. Man protecting his family and child from a mob. In Texas, the guy breaking the window would have his brains blown out also. These biker boys think they own the road and can block traffic as they please, good riddance.

  150. The Suv was a threat to all those people. The number one rule is eliminate the threat. Maybe next time they will be ready. And finish the driver swift and fast.

  151. It’s unfortunate, but it’s clearly the mob mentality that’s to blame here. Lien had a fight or flight response and chose flight, unfortunately, this young man decided to put himself between a vehicle and the “flight”. This biker gang, and yes I’m going to say gang, has a reputation for causing havoc and disrupting traffic when they do these runs. He was caught up with the wrong crowd and things like this are going to happen when you involve yourself with punks such as these. I hope he recovers and I hope the other bikers who antagonized the man realize they’re just as responsible for their “friend’s” condition.

  152. They are certainly responsible for their actions. This man is not in a wheelchair if this group doesn’t act like a bunch of crazed psychopaths. Actions have consequences. His and his groups actions resulted in his paralysis. He’s responsible for it, not the driver. Thus, no charges have been filed.
    Shame for Jeremiah, but at the end of the day its his fault.

  153. It’s such a shame Jeremiah put himself in this position and ended up paralyzed. Maybe if he and his group weren’t so antagonistic the driver (who was ruthlessly beaten) would not have had to flee in fear for his life.
    Take accountability for your actions, Jeremiah. They are not without consequence. In this case, he caused his own paralysis.

  154. The bikers are wrong! The accident happened, and they ALL should have stopped and waited for police report. Instead 30 bikers took things into their own hands, chased and terrorized the SUV, slashing his tires, breaking the windows with their helmets with his wife and 2 year old still inside. And they wonder why the driver didn’t stop? Driver was trying to get away from them to protect himself and his family from the attacks, he had every right to leave the scene!

  155. I hope he lives a long miserable life in a wheelchair. Scumbag biker got what he deserved.

  156. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being these men have families and no in deserves what has been done to this man by an ignorant driver.

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