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Casey Anthony search for ‘foolproof suffocation’ would have been explained away says Jose Baez.

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony. Evidence comes to light that may have changed her not guilty verdict.

Police now admit they missed Casey Anthony search for ‘foolproof suffocation.’

Casey Anthony‘s defense lawyer, Jose Baez, had it all covered anyway….so he reckons.

Last night, news outlet, WKMG-Channel 6 presented a damning piece of journalism which purported to present ‘missed evidence’ that had it been released during the Casey Anthony trial may have seen her being convicted of first degree murder for the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony.

According to police, on the last day Caylee Anthony was seen alive, June 16, 2008, a search was made for ‘foolproof suffocation’ on the  Anthony family home computer. The search occurred the day Casey Anthony visited her parents George and Cindy Anthony at their Orange County, Florida home with daughter Caylee in tow.

Caylee Anthony it is said then went missing the next day which led to George and Cindy Anthony repeatedly asking their daughter Casey what had happened to their granddaughter.

It wasn’t until 31 days later after that visit that Cindy Anthony called police to report that her granddaughter had gone missing.

Adding to the mystery of the case, on March 17, 2008 – months before Caylee Anthony’s disappearance – chloroform, neck-breaking, head injuries, ruptured spleen, chest trauma, inhalation and internal bleeding, were all searched in either Google on Wikipedia on the family computer.

Notes the UK’s dailymailThe search for ‘chloroform,’ typed in 84 times before Caylee’s disappearance, became a key piece of the prosecution’s case – brought up during opening statements and several times during the trial.

Cindy Anthony claimed she was the one who had searched for the word, saying that she thought her dog was being poisoned by eating bamboo leaves from the garden.

She said the initial search was for ‘chlorophyll,’ Cindy said she later found herself searching for information on the toxic chemical.

Prosecutors later proved the Cindy was at work when most of the searches took place.

Yet here’s where things become disingenuous.

Reiterates the dailymail: Authorities say the ‘foolproof suffocation’ search is not new – that authorities had already learned about it.

However, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick admitted to the Sentinel that investigators did not know about it until after Casey Anthony had been acquitted. 

It is unknown how detectives missed that key piece of evidence.

Which begs the question how then was this evidence overlooked and why didn’t investigators and prosecutors correlate the damning revelations?

Jose Baez, Casey’s defense attorney at the time of Casey Anthony’s trial has responded that the report is simply ‘standard anti-Casey’ spin, and that any revelations being brought forth by WKMG are ‘100% false.’

And then there’s this via blog radionewz, a blog that has consistently followed the Casey Anthony case:

After WKMG began promoting its report, the Sentinel began reaching out to key players in the murder case. Burdick’s fellow prosecutor Jeff Ashton said he could not comment until after the WKMG report aired, and Casey Anthony’s current attorneys, Charles Greene and Cheney Mason, said they didn’t know the subject of the report.

Mason expressed doubt that any substantive evidence would have been missed by authorities, who conducted an exhaustive investigation.

“I find it hard to imagine that there’s any evidence that they didn’t know about that would have been incriminating,” Mason said.

Pursuant to the piece airing there were the following sentiments:

nypostTrial prosecutor Jeff Ashton said proof of the macabre web search could have been a crucial weapon. The defense had claimed Caylee accidentally drowned and Casey Anthony’s dad George Anthony ditched the body.

“It’s just a shame we didn’t have it,” Ashton said. “This certainly would have put the accidental death claim in serious question.”

Baez told the TV station that his side had already set up its defense for the damning Google evidence.

Baez said he would have argued that George Anthony, so devastated by Caylee’s drowning, was looking for ways to commit suicide.

“We were waiting for the state to bring it up,” Baez said. “And when they didn’t, we were kind of shocked.”

Hmm, which is Baez’s way of telling you he’ll run anyone over with a bus to get his acquittal.

Since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the crimes alleged of her in the summer of 2011, the widely vilified Anthony has lived in perpetual hiding as the public and media have continued to follow her general moves which earlier this year led to the arrival of leaked videos with questionable content staring Casey Anthony. Anthony strenuously went on to deny ever leaking the videos  insisting that she was hacked.

Either way the release of tonight’s report is set to once again reignite one of America’s favorite debate: Did Casey Anthony murder her daughter as Casey Anthony once again resumes her metaphorical role as the bogeyman…

WKMG-Channel 6’s report is set to play at 11 tonight.

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  1. This is Karma doing its thing. This info came via her attorney. He published it in his book.However his intent was to help sell his book and further implicate her father who has been accused of unseakable acts. And this ight well stop some news network paying this tihng a bucket load of oney for an interview some day.

  2. This is not new! Baez wrote it in his fictitious book “presumed guilty” and lures one to think it was George…but George was on his way to work around the time he claims the search was done.

    All I can say is ,if this search was done as stated, Ashton’s theory of suffocation by the duct tape found on ‘s face was right on target and we all now know just how Caylee died!
    it was certainly not a drowning.

  3. Let it go people. Let it go. Whether or not Casey killed Caylee, or had a hand in it and the subsequent cover up .. its done. She will never be re-tried .. ever. Not going to happen. She could stand up in the courtyard of the Orlando Courthouse and confess and it just will not matter. Caylee is still dead and Casey is still free. For better or for worse, this is how the judicial system works, and for the most part I do believe it works. As for the few that “get away with it” as many believe Casey did, never fear, Karma is a powerful thing and eventually we all reap what we sew. Remember OJ? He may not be in prison for murder, but he is in prison and his life in general has been no picnic since his acquittal. He, like Casey will spend the rest of their days as social pariahs. It is what it is, and we can not change it, as much as some may still want to. Take it from one who spent way too much time trying to change the inevitable by boycotting everything Casey and The Anthonys in general.. the sooner you extract her from your thoughts and your actions, the better you will feel…. let it go and let Karma do its thing.

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