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Casey Anthony on the run as hideout is leaked.

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

It seems there is no rest for Casey Anthony as reports have begun surfacing that America’s most maligned woman’s whereabouts have once again been leaked, courtesy of private investigators.

Since her acquital last July in the first degree murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony, Ms Anthony has scarcely been seen in public, except for a few leaked tapes that showed a new image earlier this year(many had wondered at the time that she was behind it in an effort to secure a lucrative media dealwhich to date has failed to materialize). Since then it has been reported that Casey Anthony has become despondent and refuses to even come out in public fearing for her life, leading to her binge eating, no employment and massive weight gain.

Hoping to avoid having to face Zenaida Gonzalez  (who needed to physically serve Casey Anthony before her suit for defamation of character could proceed) in court Casey Anthony it was said kept a purposeful low public profile, only venturing out rarely in the evening.

But now that she has been served, Ms Anthony is legally required to stay in the state of Florida now until January 2013 as opposed to the August 2012 date envisaged at the end of her original probation.

In an effort to bring the suit forward against Ms Anthony, Ms Gonzalez is said to have hired private investigators (one wonders if this expense is being fronted by those who have ulterior motives to see life become increasingly difficult for Ms Anthony) which led to the eventual tracking down of her whereabouts. This after Ms Anthony was forced to move earlier this year after reports began surfacing she was a guest of local Palm city church.

That said new concerns in the Casey Anthony camp that her physical whereabouts may have been leaked have led her to seek a new place of abode. At present it is understood that Ms Anthony has vacated her residence as of last week and is now living in a new undisclosed location.

Such are the banalities of a woman who has been legally acquitted and yet lives a kind of life very much akin to that of a prison.

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