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Casey Anthony: “I’m really happy” in new video diary


In a new video obtained by RadarOnline this afternoon, Casey Anthony claims she is “really happy.” …Well I’d probably be really happy too if I got off Scott Free on murder charges. Just sayin’.

The new video of Casey, dated November 2011, comes on the same day as new photos of her were leaked to the web, although her revelations don’t sound that exciting. Aside from constantly changing her hair color (that’s what girls do when they get bored, right?!), it doesn’t seem like the “Tot Mom” is doing much with her life. Much like the previous two videos that hit the web, Casey does not mention her daughter Caylee in the third video installment, instead opting to keep the discussion all about her, her, her by talking about the amazing weekend she had and her newly adopted dog Smooch. YAWN!

I don’t know about you, but I for one am getting quite bored of all these videos and pictures. While they’re good fodder for the media, how many darn pictures can you take of yourself making kissy-faces to the camera and how many videos can you make talking about you, you, you?! Even if they weren’t meant for the general public to see, one has to wonder if Casey isn’t getting a bit bored herself. Sure seems that way.

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  1. She has no romance,she is dating a man named “Jason”  a figment of her imagination,he does not exist.She’s a sick gurl.

  2. Casey,U are a joke.Why not be brave and post as yourself  you piece of trash ?
    If you have nothing to hide,then do it ??

  3. Glad Brianne got fired,as she stole pics of Casey Anthony for me,dirrtrty skeeze/.But yes,Casey is still active on Twitter,and lives in a fantasy world.She is leaking pics to 3rd parties to get exposure,and a small amount of cash.She has not changed at all,not that is should be a shock as she;’s a sociopath

    But I feel happy cause she sent me a nudie pic she took of herself,and I will give it to 
    Larry Flynt for free,so he won’t want to hire her.I’f I’ve seen her goods,and others,why post for Hustler ? I’d even post it here If I did’nt think nobody would track my IP adddie.She is obssessed with me on Twitter,and admits she’s bi,no surprise.She’s a sac of shit.

  4. Lars aka Skanky, you are not finding love… Who would date a felon beside a fellow felon, a cult member, a fanatic or a perv? Is living in a smelly, musty, wood paneled trailer on a church compound romantic? Rebuild your life? There was nothing to rebuild, you don’t even have a GED and only worked fake jobs in your mind, lol. You suck at photography and don’t possess any valid skills or talent; even your lies are bad, you just got lucky with a dumb jury. The nose ring makes your nose look even more bulbous than it already is and between that and your misshapen lips, I would think you were some deranged fish that got off a fishing line in the ocean. Give it up Casey, no one things you’re hot except for weirdos. That haircut is horrendous and cheap and the black and white setting on the video doesn’t help hide all of the flaws that everyone sees. The dark circles under your eyes are impossible to cover up. Overall, you should probably stop releasing pictures and videos because no one is going to put you on television. Not even Jerry Springer wants you, ha ha ha ha. We’re all contacting your probation officer because a hacker wouldn’t censor the names of your friends, only you would, idiot. And the ISP number WILL be traced to prove it was you and you will be back in jail before you know it.

  5. The new video shows Casey with red hair, albeit the video is in black and white, but now she just looks like Cindy with red hair. Casey, you look like rickety old Cindy. The oversized glasses are just dumb and make her look even worse. She makes weird faces because she’s not photogenic. And, she is making these videos because she has no life… She is stuck in a church and can’t go out in public without a disguise. How is that Bella Vita working out for you Casey?

  6. Just waiting for her to get stir crazy enough to try and come into the public.  Want to shake the hand of whoever gets her first!  Now I’d buy that book deal-they’ll be famous-

  7. Charming Casey Anthony’s faithful fans & followers are gratified to learn that she is doing well, finding love & romance, and continuing to rebuild her precious young life. She is adorable.

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