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Local strip club offers Casey Anthony a job as a stripper

Is this recently leaked topless photo Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony offered $1 million blood money interview.

Breaking: Casey Anthony could be going back to jail.

There ain’t nothing but the rent going on here….

With the recent hoopla surrounding Casey Anthony very public presence, one local strip club looking to take advantage of the revived media attention in Casey Anthony has offered to let Casey Anthony come in for an audition.

wdbo: PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Casey Anthony remains unemployed, but she now has one job offer from a Port St. Lucie strip bar on the table.

Could the adult entertainment industry be next?

“Hey Casey We Are Hiring” says the marquee at Body Talk strip bar.

General Manager Doug Devlin says the marquee started out as a joke but has quickly caught the attention from those visiting the strip bar off US-1.

But will Casey take the offer?

With mounting legal costs and vilified by the greater part of society, Ms Anthony who was declared innocent last summer of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony seems to be finding it difficult adjusting back to society, especially in lieu of the fact that she hasn’t held a job in 5 years and great animosity against her still persists.

With heightened leaking of images to the public by the twitter handle user ameliasobel (which in itself is suspect as to who this as of yet unidentified twitter user really is) one could suppose there is a complicit by those close to Casey Anthony to garner a favorable media deal which would see her get paid a substantial sum of money to give a live interview. An offer which has yet to pass given the fact that most large media agencies fear alienating their viewer base who have been adamant that they will abandon any media carrier who goes forward with such a deal.

Casey who it has been claimed to be seen in the town of Port St Lucie, Florida over the weekend (was it really her, was she visiting or living there?) may be loathe to consider any offers from any strip club but may think twice if Playboy were to step up to the plate. Yet even this hints at a type of denigration and implied degradation of Ms Anthony as a sex worker where in fact it happens to be a vocation amongst many women. A subtle reminder that sometimes women’s value is often contingent to facilitating stereo role models.

Time will tell if the media recants and offers Ms Anthony the blood money deal which is implicit in the strategic leaking of late or whether in fact Ms Anthony will seek other options. Strip dancing for the time being hardly seems like a realistic proposal but then again stranger things have happened…

Mystery leaks continue anew with fresh photos 4 days after Casey Anthony lawyer resigned. Suspicious?

Breaking: New photos of Casey Anthony leaked on twitter. Mystery leaker intensifies.

Casey Anthony claims Caylee was conceived after she passed out drunk.

Baez & Sims to Casey: “We QUIT!”

Casey Anthony is now set to dump her lawyer big cheese Jose Baez.

Breaking: Paul Francisco, mystery Florida record producer comes forward to insinuate that he knows who leaked Casey Anthony tapes.

Casey Anthony reportedly offered $350 000 for blood money interview.

Are these topless photos of Casey Anthony real?

Breaking: Leaks of Casey Anthony’s supposed new boyfriend rampant on twitter.

Casey Anthony video. Did the bixch leak it or was she hacked? Dating new lover.

Would you pay $25,100 for a Casey Anthony latex rubber mask? The things they’re bidding for EBAY right now.

Media outlets said to be bidding up to $1.5 million for Casey Anthony’s story. Kiss goodbye to ethical journalism.


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How the Casey Anthony case came to expose the trauma of living in modern day America.

Casey Anthony pulls off the impossible: NOT GUILTY.




  1. Cute & classy Casey Anthony is much too decent, decorous, and dignified ever to work as a “stripper” or exotic dancer.

  2. http://twitter.com/SexyDankOholic is Casey Anthonys twitter account and has a very clear picture of her disguised look, its her though check the profile picture same smile glasses and eyes, Tell me what you guys think? Heres a link to her profile picture if you zoom in its definately her.http://a2.twimg.com/profile_images/1757929223/lilNmeShelB.jpg
    Her tweets make for interesting reading esp about Casey, I believe some tweets were to throw off the scent as well as the said location of Cali, Do you think its her? I do. i think she has multiple accounts and is slowly leaking pictures to create publicity in the hopes of a payday down the line.

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