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A portrait of Casey Anthony: Hello God, it’s me Casey? Who will save me?

Image via DailyBeast. The Cross Church, Florida.
Image via DailyBeast. The Cross Church, Palm City, Florida.

Casey Anthony will be forced from out of hiding and back to court

Casey Anthony- Unloved and disavowed. How one woman became a nation’s punching bag…

It should be no surprise to those of you following the Casey Anthony saga that she has been looking for answers. Purported boyfriend/convicted felon tweeting as @RHENSLEY913, shared the news severalweeks ago that Casey was enjoying her freedom, dying her hair, adopting a puppy (#whereisPetawhenyouneedthem) and even finding time to attend church.

Confirmation of Ms. Anthony’s latest “conviction,” was reported by The Daily Beast, sourcing residents and church-goers in an upscale bedroom community near Palm City Florida. All indications are that Ms. Anthony enjoyed a safe-haven on the sprawling campus of The Cross Church. These …um … Revelations, came just one week after (and 12 miles South of) the previous Casey sightings inPort Saint Lucie.

According to the TCC website, it is “a Gospel based Biblical Church, autonomous in liturgy and order.”  Les Lanphere (twitter handle here), leader of TCC’s Young Adults Ministry was quick to correct a Twitterer who referred to TCC as “Evangelical.” He made the distinction that TCC is a “Reformed” church but went no further to explain the difference.

Service to Others or Service to Self?

The question on most the minds of most Casey/Caylee-ophiles is “Why would anyone want to help Casey Anthony?” The obvious reason is simply that it would be hypocritical to not. Charity is a tenant of all religions and forgiveness is an exercise in divinity. Of course, Christianity, or any organized religion for that matter, and hypocrisy are not mutually exclusive.  Consider the ignorant hate mongers from Westboro Baptist Church, who have chosen the funerals of fallen service men and women as their venue of choice, to spew their ignorant and vile messages, chiefly that “God Hates Fags.”

T.S. Eliot wrote, “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm, but the harm does not interest them … or they do not see it, or they justify it … because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.”  

Aside from, or in addition to, Christian charity there may be another, less righteous possibility, centered around Pastor Steven J. Camp, the Cross Church’s spiritual leader who has taken Casey Anthony under his wings.

From the early 1980’s through the mid 1990’s, Steven J. Camp was considered among the best recording artists in the emerging genre of Contemporary Christian music or Christian Pop as it was sometimes referred. During his career he won many industry awards and was even nominated for a Grammy.

In 1996, at the age of 41, just as his star was beginning to fade, Camp was struck with a moral epiphany that led him to make a very grand gesture. Imagine Martin Luther meets Jerry Maguire. Camp mailed out 1500 copies of a lengthy 8 chapter manifesto which he called The 107 Thesis.

Calling for restoration and reformation, he addressed a list of criticisms and shortcomings and perceived character flaws of Christian music, the artists, the industry and the ministry –or as he pointed out, “the lack of.”  Whether intended or not, it proved to be very polarizing.  People loved it or hated it. Some thought it was genius, others thought it was junk. One thing was for certain, they were all talking about it and about him, just as they would once again now….

Over the next decade Camp continued the metamorphosis from recording artist to evangelist and finally accepting the job of head pastor at The Cross Church.

Many years have passed since Pastor Steve took to task the entire Christian Recording industry. The 107 Theses is a relic in the sense that it has historic value but has become less relevant over time, just as his music had become before that. It only takes brief stroll around www.thecrosschurch.net, the official website, to see that great effort has been made to incorporate the most current technology, social media, blogs, twitter, multi-media presentations, sermons and even links to stores selling Camp’s books and music. The amount of self-promotion present on these sites is gaudy desperate and not buzz worthy in the least. However, when you throw Casey Anthony into the mix, suddenly everyone



  1. You know, if you should ever get involved in a homicide case and the police tracks this posting to you personally (and you know your IP address is stored with this site and your provider) your case will be in big trouble in court because you have just shown an impulsive and violent personality, the kind of personality that is not above committing crimes. Remember two things: A) The internet never forgets a thing and B) Occasionally using your brain instead of your faith may be beneficial to your health.

  2. This whole Casey Anthony affair is so funny. America, the christian nation! And yet one of your savior’s main statements “don’t judge others so that you may not be judged” is what American’s just cant follow. There are whole TV channels loaded with shows devoted to violate that maxime of your chosen deity. Judge Clownnose, Reality shows and, yes, Bitch Grace reporting on Casey Anthony. It’s really funny for me to sit back and watch Americans spit bile about “Casey Anthony got away” – Nothing funnier that to watch sourpots getting angry about not having it their way.

  3. Instead of fighting with each other, and all the disagreements. Lets remember that we can have opinions but only god can judge. Casey Anthony will have to fight these demons the rest of her life. It’s not are job to have to fight them, but it is are job to remember this learn from it and try to do something good. Make something good out of such a senseless act. We should not be arguing with each other. We all no how we feel about Casey we don’t need to preach it everyday. Rest in peace caylee, you beautiful girl.

  4. Lars Svensen aka Skanky Trampthony, we know when you post on here under your fake names so give it up. No one likes you, not even “Christ” would have given you a second chance because he believed in helping children, not drugging them, letting them rot in a trunk and then dumping their body in the woods only to be torn apart by animals. And to add fuel to your fire of of filth and decomposition, you blame your father for molesting you. We all know that you were never molested, but rather you are a very loose girl who only feels important when a man is paying attention to you. How is that Bella Vita going? Did the million dollars buy you anything good? Oh that’s right, no book deals or interviews for the over-glorified, trailer trash, baby murderer. Yes, it is true, some men find you attractive (the young, trashy boys who couldn’t care less about anything but how easy it is to get some from you; the felons who can’t get a good woman and the perverted weirdos who have strange fetishes), but the majority of people think you’re vile, with that stupid, blonde bob haircut and those over-sized eye glasses. You’re a dumpy girl and you’re starting to look more and more like your mother every day (not a good thing). Skanky, after you wear out your welcome at the church, you’re going to have to move in with your parents because you can’t even afford a ticket to another state or country. And even if you did manage to scam some idiot into buying you a way out, everyone knows you and you were voted the most hated woman in the world. Not in the U.S. but IN THE WORLD! You will never make any money because you owe so many fines and you have so many lawsuits that you’ll be paying those things off forever. I hope you’re learning how to earn your keep because your future job of mopping toilets will require much experience. Are Mommy and Daddy getting your bedroom redecorated for you? I wonder what it will be like for you? No more night clubs, no more friends, no more boyfriends (except for the weirdos and pervs), no more fun. You’ll be stuck in your house with nothing to do but watch television and chat online…it’s ironic that you’re going to end up in the same place that you tried to escape from by murdering your baby. Instead of gaining the freedom to party with the boys, you will be stuck at home and instead of stealing, you’ll have to work. But who hires a felon? A fast food restaurant might let you mop their toilets… Maybe if you can persuade one of those dirty, trashy boys into hiring you, but that’s what you’re good at. Have fun in church because this is as good as it will ever get.

  5. She is not adorable nor precious and she is a grown woman, not a girl. Any decent person with a kind heart would not murder their two year old daughter, duct tape her nose and mouth, throw her in a trash bag and into the woods to rot and be eaten by maggots and animals. Then, go out and celebrate for 31 days. 

    Casey Anthony planned it, she searched for a way to do it on a computer “neck breaking” “chloraform”. This is a psychopath, a pathological liar and a very manipulative individual. She is incapable of feeling guilt, remorse or empathy for her actions. Rules do not apply to this individual nor do emotions when it involves anyone other than herself. She is incapable of normal emotions such as love, generally reacts without considering the consequences of her actions and show extreme egocentric and narcissistic behavior.

    Anyone who understands the message and the meaning of Christ’s teachings would help this individual by checking her into a psych ward.

  6. Christianity also believes in the devil and evil works by the devil = Casey Anthony is pure evil in my opinion = IMO

  7. Lars. Adorable and precious? That’s the most laughable response I have ever seen to describe her. Only someone with carnal desire would post such tripe and that’s exactly what it is.. You want to tap that and use the excuse of religion to justify it. Let me take a stab at it for you to put it in realistic perspective. 
    The true Christian message is that Casey Anthony is only deserving of being able to make a living through hard work like everyone else. She should not be able to make money off her infamy which comes at the expense of a child. Don’t be misled by her glittery banter, because it’s absolutely phony. She continues to distort other people’s perception of her now because she still believe it works and so long as there are people like you who are gullible enough, she will continue to do so. She cannot be forgiven by anyone’s god until she comes to terms and truly changes that ideology. But so long as there are hangers on like yourself, those who enable her, she wont. 

  8. I’m calling y’all out on the creature ‘supposedly’ being sexually abused. There is not one iota of evidence that proves she was molested. In fact, going through evidence such as jail house tapes and pictures, for example, would reveal the exact opposite. Y’all are basing the sexual abuse on the horse’s mouth, a chronic liar.


    “There’s absolutely no evidence that Casey Anthony was molested by her father or her brother.”That quote is also available on record, as stated by the Judge himself. Google it. It’s all over the net. The defense had no legal right to offer unsubstantiated, fabricated information in their opening statement. Mr. Baez, as a result, is facing disbarrment b/c quite frankly, he proved to be unethical and untrustworthy. YOU NEED PROOF before you can base this all on how sexual abuse affects criminals and felons. Most importantly, those who have truly suffered at the hands of an abuser find this absolutely insulting. Using the creature as a prototype for sexual abuse on this blog is misleading, distrustful and not credible. ….and Mr. Svensen, the creature is not adorable and precious. She is a sick baby killer. Her daughter, Caylee, is the precious one. I do hope she gets help but she must want and need it and thus far, her only priority is picking up right where she left off before becoming a felon……partying.God bless the real victims.

  9.  I have never seen the words Adorable and Precious in the same context with Casey Anthony! Quit drinking the Koolaid, it’s poison ya know

  10. Any decent person with a kind heart who understands the message & meaning of Christ’s teaching would be more than happy to assist Casey Anthony in rebuilding her battered young life. She is an adorable & precious girl.

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