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Casey Anthony video. Did the bixch leak it or was she hacked? Dating new lover.


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Out of commission since her summer acquittal over the purported murder of her daughter Caylee and forced into seclusion for fear of he life courtesy of widespread public acrimony, it seems one of most vilified women in American history has re-entered the public forum with the sudden release of a new video today.

In it we see Casey donning a short blonde bob reflecting on her new life, her love of her new video camera, her anticipation of keeping a video diary and her terror of cameras. Her fear of cameras may be legitimate but one suspects her love of the limelight and our unfettered interest in the enigma that is Casey Anthony may be more formidable. Implicit in all of this is whether her new video will whet the public’s appetite for ‘Casey’s story.’

Keeping in mind that most publishers and media networks balked and then went out of their way to deny they were ever considering deals with Ms Anthony one has to wonder whether Ms Anthony along with her legal team have come out and tried to test the waters again to see if they can finally get their hands on the prize money they were promised would materialize at trial’s end.

For her part Ms Anthony vehemently denies she leaked the video. Which of course raises the question for someone who purportedly hates the video camera; why go out of your way to record a video diary of ones affairs, especially if one is supposed to be in hiding (in the video Ms Anthony tells us she goes out often)? Of course ever ready, Ms Anthony asserts that it was done for the sake of ‘personal therapy.’

Then again perhaps she didn’t technically leak the video. Her lawyer leaked it. Yet according to her lawyers they adamantly deny such an assertion.

Said her lawyer: “She does not know who did it. When they did it. Why they did it. It was not authorized, therefore it had to be obtained criminally by an illegal act.”

Criminal, illegal act? Hmm, where have we all heard that before?

And then there’s this:

Anthony’s attorneys told ABC News that the videos were for personal use in future counseling sessions, to help Anthony “remember her thought process.” (It’s worth watching ABC’s video, above, for its recap of just how many times Anthony uses the words “I,” “me” or “mine”; she never mentions Caylee.)

Her parents, according to their attorney, Mark Lippman, were among those caught by surprise by the video diary, which surfaced this week. They’re once again fearing for their daughter’s safety, according to a media statement released by Lippman: “Cindy and George were made aware of the video diary of their daughter this morning, January 5th 2012. They are concerned that the release of this video or any future videos could endanger their daughter.”

But then again one has to ask the ultimate question- ‘if one has come this far, why not go another mile to where the pot of honey is waiting?’

The video shot in October also shows Ms Anthony reflecting on her joy of blogging, of having a computer, a camera and raises the question if whether she’s testing the waters for a possible sale of her videos or a career as a media whore blogger?  According to radaronline this morning, a close friend of Ms Anthony has come out to say that ‘She isn’t in hiding…she is out in public all the time…she attends church throughout the week too and is dating a new man.’

Since the video was first filmed it is being reported that Ms Anthony is now sporting red hair, a nose ring and remains in an undisclosed area somewhere in Florida.

Either way the public is once again put back where it was in the first place- did she or did she not do it? Whether she leaked the video or even killed her daughter is starting to matter less as Ms Anthony continues the manufacturing of her persona and perhaps the final payday she is hoping for. She must be able to smell it so close by now that it must be driving her crazy. Not bad for a woman who has a wild fear of the cameras….look forward to forthcoming videos.




  1. MmmmmYummy! Cutie Casey is looking sweet, smooth, shapely, & seductive in her charming new video blog. Her boyfriend is one lucky fellow.

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