Home Scandal and Gossip Casey Anthony offered $1 million blood money interview.

Casey Anthony offered $1 million blood money interview.


‘Source: Casey Anthony making multiple visits to family home, tensions sky high.’

Leads point to Casey Anthony back door deal.

Blood money is here to stay…

It may be the break team Casey Anthony had been looking for with this morning’s revelation via radaronline who have in their possession a copy of a letter sent to Ms Anthony’s new legal representative J Cheney Mason. In the letter a Florida law firm, Cohen & Kuvin representing a consortium of Hollywood producers have approached Ms Casey’s legal council to re consider an offer that was subsequently withdrawn last summer but now re offered that would have Ms Anthony give a world exclusive interview in exchange for a million dollar payout.

The offer although initially on the table post Ms Anthony being found innocent of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse in the 2008 death of her daughter Caylee was eventually rescinded after failure by Ms Anthony’s previous legal representative Jose Baez to ensure the honoring of certain terms. With Mr Baez out of the way and the incestuous media attention given to Ms Anthony it seems the timing is right to forge a deal and offer Ms Anthony the blood money team Casey Anthony has been angling for all along.

The moral of the day, where there is a will there is always a way and for the time being it seems the convenient leaking of images and videos and the resultant back and fro attention through twitter and the media has allowed Ms Anthony to once again bask tall in the sunlight. For how long will be anyone’s case but then again that is part of the irresistible drama of team Casey Anthony as they scale new heights. So much for puny offers of $350 000 to talk to the media….

On a final note that deal may be sacrificed in light of new information we have been able to bring to the surface regarding Ms Anthony’s breaking the terms of her probation which in effect may see her returning to jail.

Shocking: Holly Briley aka Ameliasobel the Casey Anthony leak now begins a campaign of threats.

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Breaking: Casey Anthony could be going back to jail.

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Breaking: Casey Anthony could be going back to jail.

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Mystery leaks continue anew with fresh photos 4 days after Casey Anthony lawyer resigned. Suspicious?

Breaking: New photos of Casey Anthony leaked on twitter. Mystery leaker intensifies.

Casey Anthony claims Caylee was conceived after she passed out drunk.

Baez & Sims to Casey: “We QUIT!”

Casey Anthony is now set to dump her lawyer big cheese Jose Baez.

Breaking: Paul Francisco, mystery Florida record producer comes forward to insinuate that he knows who leaked Casey Anthony tapes.

Casey Anthony reportedly offered $350 000 for blood money interview.

Are these topless photos of Casey Anthony real?

Breaking: Leaks of Casey Anthony’s supposed new boyfriend rampant on twitter.

Casey Anthony video. Did the bixch leak it or was she hacked? Dating new lover.

Would you pay $25,100 for a Casey Anthony latex rubber mask? The things they’re bidding for EBAY right now.

Media outlets said to be bidding up to $1.5 million for Casey Anthony’s story. Kiss goodbye to ethical journalism.


Looking like Casey Anthony this weekend just might get you killed. One woman’s near death experience.

How the Casey Anthony case came to expose the trauma of living in modern day America.

Casey Anthony pulls off the impossible: NOT GUILTY.





  1. Would people pay to hear her tell more lies?
    I can’t see any value in that, we’ve already heard them thru the psychiatrists, the trial, and during the investigation. Anything short of telling exactly how she killed her daughter and all the details of dumping the body ect. would be worth zero.

  2. casey will NOT go to jail….judge munyon & her probation officer priscilla will see to that….no matter WHAT casey does, those two will protect her.

  3. Sponsors sponsors sponsors……….I work and am affiliated with some large corporates here in the US.  Trust me sponsors run our media. If enough people voice their opinions and boycott products, sponsors will have a very large say to such an interview being canceled.  They tried this interview last summer only to meet resistance of very negative reactions geared towards sponsors and this deal was canceled!!!!! This whole internet scheme is to show the sponsors that people are not as hateful towards Casey as last summer.  They are atleast wanting to look at her pictures and chat with her via twitter as such….but I see the vengeful hatefulness returning as word spreads about such a deal……My opinion, sponsors will never come forth on this!!!

  4. The opposite of truth. Lying generally involves saying something false to a person who is entitled to know the truth and doing so with the intent to deceive or to injure him or another person. A lie need not always be verbal. It can also be expressed in action, that is, a person may be living a lie. The Hebrew verb that conveys the idea of speaking that which is untrue is ka‧zav′. (Pr 14:5) Another Hebrew verb sha‧qar′ means “deal or act falsely,” and the noun form is rendered “lie; deception; falsehood.” (Le 19:11; Ps 44:17; Le 19:12; Ps 33:17; Isa 57:4) Hebrew shaw’, at times rendered “untruth; falsehood,” basically refers to something worthless, vain, valueless. (Ps 12:2; De 5:20; Ps 60:11; 89:47; Zec 10:2) The Hebrew verb ka‧chash′ (deceive) evidently has the basic meaning “prove disappointing.” (Le 19:11; Ho 9:2) The Greek term pseu′dos and related words have to do with lying and falsehood.

    The father, or originator, of lying is Satan the Devil. (Joh 8:44) His lie conveyed by means of a serpent to the first woman Eve ultimately brought death to her and to her husband Adam. (Ge 3:1-5, 16-19) That first lie was rooted in selfishness and wrong desire. It was designed to divert the love and obedience of the first human pair to the liar, who had presented himself as an angel of light, a benefactor. (Compare 2Co 11:14.) All other malicious lies uttered since that time have likewise been a reflection of selfishness and wrong desire. People have told lies to escape deserved punishment, to profit at the expense of others, and to gain or maintain certain advantages, material rewards, or the praise of men.

  5. Oooh. Oh dear is right!

    Seriously, I do hope this is just a rumor. I’m afraid, however that Casey will never quietly fade from the spotlight.

  6. A million dollars to cry for the camera and talk about “me, me, me”?  What idiot would pay for that and what bigger idiot would watch it?  She killed her daughter – every person in America with any sense knows that.  Will she say, “This is how I killed Caylee….”?  I think not

  7. Dear Guest

    Thank you for pointing out all these nuances. I completely agree. On another note the constant media attention in relation to Ms Anthony although incessant is also incestuous to the degree that it has left me in a position of constant ‘hard on.’ So yes there is a little room for sexual liberties. Oh dear…- Scallywag.

  8. It will be so exciting to see charming Casey tell her story in her own words. Sure would love to see her do some fashion photo-shoots, and give us some idea when her autobiography will be published.

  9. Scallywag, I feel the need to make a couple of corrections to your post.  First, you say that Casey Anthony was found “innocent”.  In a court of law, a defendant is found guilty or not guilty.  The term “innocent” is not used.

    Secondly, in reference to this statement, ”
     With Mr Baez out of the way and the incestuous media attention given to Ms Anthony it seems the timing is right to forge a deal and offer Ms Anthony the blood money team Casey Anthony has been angling for all along. “, I think the word you were looking for is “incessant”, not “incestuous”.  Incessant means continuing or following without interruption.  Incestuous refers to a 
    sexual intercourse between persons so closely related that they are forbidden by law to marry.  I don’t think that’s what you had in mind.

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