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Casey Anthony: fat, unloved and broke. But why do we care?

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony out of sight for the last 10-11 months.
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony out of sight for the last 10-11 months.

The dilemma of our love hate affair with Casey Anthony.

It’s seem to become daily news feeder to get reports on our collective demon (as she has been portrayed to date) Casey Anthony. The latest news making the rounds on Casey Anthony auger on her apparent massive weight gain. Her massive weight gain, her desire to stay out of the public lime light (rumor has it she plans to move to Costa Rica once she is legally eligible to), her forlorn finances and the fact that she pretty much sticks to herself and has limited family (if any?) contact.

radaronline: “Casey is counting the days until her probation ends. She has been researching countries that she could move to and Costa Rica is at the top of the list,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com. “Casey wants to live in a warm tropical setting and the cost of living is extremely low in Costa Rica. She wants to put as much distance as possible from Florida. Costa Rica appeals to her because Americans are warmly embraced by the locals, and she feels this is the best place to start a new life.”

How embraced Ms Anthony will be by the locals of Costa Rica is debatable but what isn’t debatable is the constant attention her case and situation is warranting.

On some perverse level it is as if Ms Anthony has become her own idol star (for a while it seemed like she was, especially once leaked video tapes started making their way earlier this year) with expectations that she adhere to some sort of television standard.

Of course how does one who is openly vilified by the public and it seems the press manage to find the courage to get the necessary exercise, nutrition, beauty treatments to look the way she is suppose to look? Then again why are Ms Anthony’s looks always up for discussion? Does a woman not exist if she fails to look a certain way? Can we say that equally so for a woman who once transfixed the public imagination who for a moment had a down and out swag veneer to her who now it seems has lost that. Who’s to say that Ms Anthony’s new disguise (if that is what it is) is to put on the pounds to deflect unwanted attention? Or could the self denigration be a type of self punishment and self wallowing for all that Ms Anthony has endured?

Ultimately our concern with Ms Anthony’s appearances, location, wealth and even her love life says more about our unrelenting desire to connote some sort of diety status on a woman who it is painfully obvious can no longer stand the attention that she may for a moment had relished in. Of course try telling that to a public that hardly forgets and is always too keen to bury first and ask questions later.

Look out for Ms Anthony in January of 2013 as she reluctantly goes to trial courtesy of Ms Zanaida Gonzalez who has a few scores to settle. Assuming you recognize Ms Anthony….

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  1. casey loves herself too much to ever think of herself as anything but BEAUTIFUL! After all, she’s already said she’s a bigger star that Angelina Jolie and others and wants to *brand* herself because of her celebrity status.

    That doesn’t sound like someone who’s changed one IOTA. Its still ALL about case-me and cind-me.

  2. All that she has endured? I wonder what poor Caylee “endured” at the hands of that sociopathy

  3. I think b/c these Casey is fat articles are really just a meme. The latest articles from even major news outlets are consciously enjoying the absurdity w/ titles such as “How fat is she?” — each trying to one-up the other. It is a phenomenon to her notoriety…

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