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Casey Anthony to Piers Morgan. ‘Obviously I didn’t kill my daughter!’

Casey Anthony


Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony finally breaks her one year silence. Insists she is still innocent.

The never ending saga of whether much maligned pre supposed baby killer Casey Anthony actually killed her daughter Caylee Anthony once again reared its head yesterday as Ms Anthony took to a ‘phone’ interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan.

It seems America’s fascination with Ms Anthony has hardly abated as constant reports flood the media as to her supposed whereabouts, her weight gain or whether she’s planning to leave the country (rumor was that she was supposed to head out to Costa Rica after her probation but that too has been postponed).

In a much anticipated interview with Piers Morgan, Casey Anthony was given an opportunity on some level to redeem herself with a public that still deeply mistrusts her (for her part she deeply mistrusts the media) and to perhaps begin a healing process with the public which to date has shunned her and continued to insist for justice for Caylee Anthony.

Conscious of reports that she has put on lots of weight (she may deeply mistrust the media but one senses she keeps close tabs what it says about her) Ms Anthony was adamant to point out that she does not weigh 500 pounds and that she was not moving to Costa Rica. Her lawyer, Cheney Mason who sat in the studios with Mr Morgan added that ‘it’s doubtful she weighs 120 pounds.’

Ms Anthony then proceeds to tell Morgan that ‘she was not a party girl and that she had never done drugs apart from marijuana in my early 20’s.’

Then she offered this:

‘Obviously, I didn’t kill my daughter. If anything in this world I was more proud of was my daughter. She was my greatest accomplishment. I didn’t kill my girl.’

Quick to assuage concerns that CNN might have paid her for the interview, Morgan sought clarification from her.

‘I’m not making gazillions dollars,’ retorted Casey Anthony.

‘I don’t give an expletive about money… I may have in past… I was a stupid kid. I am 26 now. I have gone through hell.’ 

Nevertheless her attorney Mason did add: ‘We are sitting back watching. … When the time comes she will have her story to tell.’

Which in some way could explain Ms Anthony’s willingness to once again take center stage, this after leaked photos and videos of her earlier this year failed to garner any lucrative media deals as it was speculated may be the case from what many thought to be an inside job to garner Ms Anthony a hefty pay day.

Passingly (perhaps in an effort to soften her image) Ms Anthony did talk of her love of popular culture, especially tv classics ‘the three stooges,’ and ‘I love Lucy,’ and that she is currently in the midst of reading the trilogy ‘The Hunger games.’

With respect to how she’s publicly perceived Ms Anthony also offered:

‘It’s horrible. It looks absolutely horrible, and I’m ashamed in many ways of the person that I was,” Anthony said over the phone. ‘Even then, that wasn’t who I am.’

Interjecting her lawyer also offered:

‘Casey had a bad background. Lot of problems with her history that don’t need to be talked about now,’ said Mason.

‘Indeed, she didn’t trust anybody.

‘In Casey-world she made things up, she denied things but she just closed in. She just had a very difficult time dealing with it.

‘She is now trying to emerge from that.

‘She learned at the same time a lot of the world did how she grieves differently after her child disappeared and an expert explained that.’

Ultimately it will be interesting to see whether the public is ready to soften its stance towards Ms Anthony and whether on some level this will allow the networks the courage to make a lucrative bid to attain the rights to her version of the story, something which may explain CNN’s and camp Anthony’s willingness to once again test the waters.

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