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Casey Anthony trial: Defense lawyer reveals that she adamantly rejected plea deal.

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

In a prelude to his soon to be released book, Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside story, former defense attorney Jose Baez has now revealed that at one point he broached the idea to Anthony that she accept a plea deal to avoid the consequences should she be found guilty of the first degree capital murder charges against her.

In an interview Baez acknowledges the lies spewed forth by Anthony which ultimately led to overwhelming dissent against her by the general public ‘existed way before the trial ever came to be heard.’

He goes on to argue that the court’s course of action should have been to ask whether a murder had even taken place in the first place as opposed to ‘arbitrarily’ accusing someone of murder, a fault that he puts at the hand of the judicial system. Baez goes on to reiterate that ultimately Anthony was vindicated because the jurors had no hard evidence that conclusively proved that she was guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Ultimately Baez pontificates that the general public bought into the hype and that it takes a lot than just hype to convict someone of murder. One has to wonder if Baez has come out conveniently a year anniversary after his client Ms Anthony was found not guilty but nevertheless forced into a captive hiding and denied her own ‘blood money’ interviews whilst he nonchalantly waxes philosophy and makes due with his own ‘blood money….’

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  1. What difference does it make why he is talking to the press or publishing a book? He’s right regardless. People like Nancy Grace, making millions a year to destroy other people’s live without mercy and with no ethics, should be forced to make it up to their victims. Even this site’s “headlines” are part of the problem. All of you hyenas have helped corrupt and distort our criminal justice system just to make a buck. Casey Anthony’s ongoing miseries is an example of how much damage all of you do.

  2. She probably would have been better off taking the deal.. for sure would have had more freedom in prison than she has now. She’ll never be “free” not in the way we define free.

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