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Casey Anthony found now seeking to become a reality star.

Casey Anthony. Budding reality star?
Casey Anthony. Budding reality star?

 Casey Anthony is betting that you all still want to hate on her and love her too….

Casey Anthony INC. Boom or bust…

As the one year anniversary of Casey Anthony’s acquittal approaches people magazine have come out and released the new whereabouts of much maligned presumed killer of Caylee Anthony. But it’s when they sit down and talk to an insider and discover that Ms Anthony aspires to be reality star is where things get interesting….

According to a friend, Ms Anthony has set up as room mate on a secluded street in the suburbs of West Palm Beach, Florida and has interestingly put on a 20 pounds weight. Also of note is the fact that Ms Anthony has also made up with her mother, Cindy Anthony who sent her a necklace bearing the ashes of Caylee Anthony whose body was found over 4 years ago. It’s also been said that Cindy Anthony wears an identical necklace.

Yet despite the weight gain it is being purported that Casey Anthony is quite eager to take the weight off as she now aspires to re brand herself as a reality star.

dailymail.co.uk: According to People magazine, the ‘tot mom’ has ended her spiritual and grief counseling so she can focus on becoming a reality star.

An insider told the magazine: ‘She loves being notorious. One day she said, “I need to work on my brand”, which is so strange for me and so foreign from what she should be doing. 

‘I said, “Casey, what brand? You’re not selling anything. You’re a lost girl who got in a lot of trouble”. She smiled and said, “I am one of the most famous people in America. I’m on Saturday Night Live”.’

Though she already considers herself to be a celebrity rather than America’s most hated mom, Casey has deluded herself into thinking she can convince the world she is innocent and will be able to cash in on her story.

‘Casey is manipulative,’ revealed her pal. ‘She relishes the fact that she is a villainess.’

Relishes being a villainess? Is that a script that’s bound to go down well in America? Maligned, pitied, misunderstood, guilty or innocent one thing is for sure, like it or not Ms Anthony has become a defacto legend and it probably no longer matters whether she actually is responsible for her child’s death as she has transcended into a kind of presence that defies wonder, logic, hyperbole and probably great nerve wrecking sense of loss of self. Can we really blame Ms Anthony for once again seeking to reinvent herself? What would you do?

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  1. what is the name of the show,Raped by Daddy,Mama said WHAT DID YOU DO, Zanny the Nanny,Killing 101,Accident Prone, or the most hated person ever……

  2. What a load of rubbish, this is made up tosh. An anonymous ‘friend’ has divulged this information and if CA had said any of these things, the ‘friend’ could easily be identified by her, so hardly likely. I’m betting People Magazine have invented the whole thing. Not beyond the realms of possibility. I can’t believe people fall for it every time.

  3. Casey you killed your daughter ok you know you did. I wouldnt have you watch my kids or even my dog for that matter. We the people of america hate you and ido mean hate. Your a bbbaby killwr

  4. baby killer, she needs to be in jail……not on an entertainment show …she got away w/murder.. now she wants to earn money …..UGH

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