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Casey Anthony will be a free woman at midnight once her probation ends.


It’s been a long winding road for presumed child killer Casey Anthony who this evening at midnight will find herself technically free once her one year probation related to check fraud charges ends, this as offered by her civil defense attorney Charles Greene.

That of course might not mean much as Ms Anthony is widely presumed guilty by many for the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony despite her acquittal of first degree murder July of 2011 which brought immediate condemnation by lawmakers, the media and many onlookers who felt Ms Anthony was complicit in the death of her daughter.

Since then the former single mother (Ms Anthony has argued to this date she never knew who the child’s father was and had even inferred that the child may be that of her father’s) has been constantly beleaguered by a hungry public seeking justice for the child and has been forced to live in seclusion lest she raise the ire of detractors.

At some point earlier this year, Ms Anthony had videos of herself sporting a new look and opining about her new found freedom. At the time Ms Anthony strenuously denied leaking the videos and many thought it was simply an effort to prod the media to offer her lucrative interview deals which given the resistant public acrimony have yet to materialize.

Although free, Ms Anthony will be forced to remain in the United States as she is expected to face civil charges of defamation of character courtesy  Zenaida Gonzalez whom Ms Anthony implicated as a possible murderer.

In the interim it’s anyone’s guess where Ms Anthony will go, where she will reveal herself and how she will choose to handle her new found freedom. That said her attorney, Charles Greene has a word of advice for those who are not happy with Ms Anthony’s freedom: ‘Get over it.’ Not that is a likely situation anytime soon for a nation who wears its moral wreckers to a crucifix, something that a weary Ms Anthony is only too cognizant of. Don’t expect any interviews or popping of champagne by the Casey camp, even that would be taken as a complicit sign of her supposed treachery….

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