Home Pop Culture Police now admit they missed Casey Anthony search for ‘foolproof suffocation.’

Police now admit they missed Casey Anthony search for ‘foolproof suffocation.’

Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony
Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony


Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony
Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony search for ‘foolproof suffocation’ would have been explained away says Jose Baez.

Conjecture is once again being placed on Casey Anthony‘s innocence pursuant to a report late last week from local Florida media outlet WKMG who unearthed the startling revelation that a search for ‘foolproof suffocation’ on the last day Casey Anthony’s daughter, Caylee was seen alive was done on the Anthony family computer.

Heightening ramifications is the fact that authorities yesterday acknowledged that they did indeed overlook the search which had it been presented in court may have cast a widely different view than the defense argument that Caylee Anthony had simply accidentally drowned.

In a statement, Captain Angelo Nieves offered that his office’s computer investigator missed the June 16, 2008 search. It is understood that at the time the sheriff’s office declined to consult the FBI or Florida Department of Law Enforcement for help searching the computer pursuant to the Anthony case.

At present authorities have yet to conclude who did the search, but it is believed all clues point to Casey Anthony herself, who had come to visit her parents, George and Cindy along with her daughter, Caylee, the final day she was seen alive.

In fact during trial proceedings it was shown other searches took place on the family computer, including the word chloroform (often used as a solvent against plants which if inhaled in great quantity can be lethal), which was searched a remarkable 84 times up to two months prior to Caylee Anthony’s disappearance. Other words searched during this time period included: neck-breaking, head injuries, ruptured spleen, chest trauma, inhalation and internal bleeding.

It was later revealed that searches were mostly done during a time frame whilst Cindy Anthony was at work, leaving George Anthony or Casey Anthony as the instigator of the above searches.

During Ms Anthony’s trial, her defense lawyer, Jose Baez argued that it was indeed George Anthony who had done the searches and that pursuant to Caylee Anthony’s purported ‘accidental’ drowning he was rendered in deep grief and wanted to take his life, hence the search for key words. He had also argued at the time of Caylee Anthony’s death, Casey Anthony had resolved to help her father cover up her daughter’s drowning at the family pool, the presumption being that it had been on George Anthony’s watch when Caylee Anthony died.

Casey Antony acquitted.
Casey Antony acquitted.

Notes the UK’s dailymail: WKMG reports that sheriff’s investigators pulled 17 vague entries only from the computer’s Internet Explorer browser, not the Mozilla Firefox browser commonly used by Casey Anthony. More than 1,200 Firefox entries, including the suffocation search, were overlooked.

Whoever conducted the Google search looked for the term ‘fool-proof suffication’, misspelling ‘suffocation’, and then clicked on an article about suicide that discussed taking poison and putting a bag over one’s head.

The browser then recorded activity on the social networking site MySpace, which was used by Casey Anthony but not her father.

That said what makes the revelation of the search for ‘foolproof suffocation’ even more beguiling is the revelation that Casey Anthony’s defense team had uncovered the search whilst the prosecutorial team did not, as a result of authorities overlooking the matter.

Argued Jose Baez in a book he later penned referencing the trial, had the prosecutorial team brought that evidence forth he was prepared to counter that it had been as a result of a search that George Anthony himself had conducted because he was at some point intent on killing himself. A reasoning that hardly sits well with authorities and commentators who now believe the outcome of the case would have been considerably different had the overlooked search been introduced as evidence against Casey Anthony.

Notes the UK’s dailymail: Baez didn’t respond to phone or email messages on Sunday but told WKMG that he expected prosecutors to bring up the search at trial.

‘When they didn’t, we were kind of shocked,’ Baez, who no longer represents Anthony, told the station.

Her attorney, Cheney Mason, who was also on the trial team, didn’t return an email on Sunday, and his office answering service refused to take a phone message.

Either way the presumption of Casey Anthony’s actual guilt or innocence will continue to be debated as she continues to live her life in hiding since her acquittal in the summer of 2011, nevertheless one thing is evident public appetite for all things Casey Anthony continues to remain robust as the nation grapples with its sense of moral outrage in a moribund society where it is increasingly perceived that the privileged and the immoral continue to get away with murder, literally….as society continues to contend with its weary lot.


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