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Will Casey Anthony break her cover to visit her dying grandmother?

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

It’s been revealed that Casey Antony might now be considering breaking her cover in order to spend time with her dying grandmother, Shirley Plesea, whom it is understood the formerly indictment mother of murdering her own daughter is particularly close to.

Since her acquittal of July 2011 Ms Anthony who probably qualifies as one of the most hated women in America has been forced to live in a kind of quarantine where her identity or location is never revealed for fear of public retribution against her.

According to family members the 85 year old grandmother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has only weeks to live, inciting belief that Ms Anthony might come out of hiding to spend time with her terminally ill grandmother.

Dan Plesea, Casey’s uncle, told Mail Online: ‘Cindy does know Casey’s whereabouts. They are in contact. I am not saying anymore.’

Asked if Casey would be returning to the family home he said: ‘No comment.’

Speaking outside the Anthony home in Orlando, Plesea said his mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was in the final stages of her life.

‘To be honest I did not think she would last as long as she has,’ he said.

‘Cindy and I are taking turns to look after her.’

Cindy and George Anthony

Yet not everyone is too thrilled with the probable return of Ms Anthony to her parents home, of Orlando where she has not set a foot in since 2008. Although on speaking terms with her mother (despite court tensions which drove them apart for a while) there is the question of whether the ice has thawed between Ms Anthony and her father whom she accused of sexually abusing her and possibly involved with her deceased daughter’s absence and death.

But far the greatest peril lies with local residents who are not likely to be too thrilled to have a pariah figure (never mind the pariah figure of paparazzi who chase images of so said undesirables) in their backyard.

The mystery of who and where Casey Anthony might be revealed in the weeks to come as she may be forced to combat heightened interest in her case as she once again resumes probable public proximity. Yet who Casey chooses to portray is really up for grabs as she mulls how she too now must navigate this newest obstacle in her life…



  1. So, your blood lust is somehow superior to a mother who murders her child? If murder is wrong (and I think we can agree that it is) how is your desire for it so righteous and hers is not? People like you, people who cheer outside of executions and call for blood from those they believe have done wrong scare me more than the original murderers. If it’s wrong for her to want it, it’s also wrong for you.

  2. Ugly! Her face is so disgusting. She has to miserable knowing hell awaits her and if she isn’t than she is more stupid than we think. Hopefully her and all the lying scum (Cindy, etc.) all have the most miserable time they have left here on earth, as their true destiny awaits all of the evil trash when they finally leave this earth.

  3. Ahh Casey’s after grandma’s money now. Hope’s to get to her before she dies. Stay in hiding Casey no one wants to see you actually

  4. I physically HATE Casey Anthony, she’s a psychopath that murdered her daughter and deserves a full hysterectomy without anesthesia…you are smart to stay in hiding you piece of worthless crap. You ARE the most hated woman in the world and everyone believes this earth would be a better place without you in it. God will pass his judgment on you here on earth and when you are standing before him for taking the life of an innocent. I can only hope and pray its videoed when someone gets revenge on you one day so we may all watch and cheer as we celebrate whoever it is as a hero.

  5. Whoever thinks Casey will break cover for her Grandma is INSANE! This MURDERER didn’t give a rats azz about her own daughter! This chick is an empty shell of a human being, hollow, NO SOUL!

  6. Casey will not go see or attend grandma’s funeral…she never has cared for anyone except herself. Maligning her father falsely, lying to her mom for over 3 years now…So cindy knows her whereabouts? just like she thought she did during those 31 days that Caylee was dead?

  7. Is this the grandmother she stole money from? The grandmother married to the grandfather in a nursing home that she stole money from?
    Casey cares about one thing, herself!

  8. cindy, dan, & casey and maybe all the rest are like leeches, waiting to reap in the inheritance, IF there is anything. But wait….cindy’s father is still alive so he would inherit it all. I hope there is NOTHING left after the Sr Plesea passes. This family is BEYOND greedy and evil! NO ONE cared about Caylee. MONEY is ALL they want. Poor Caylee NEVER had a chance!

  9. Grandma should watch her jewelry, although with all that money from the ‘fraudation’, perhaps she doesn’t need to steal from grandma anymore.

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