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Ann Curry: Now reckons she was fired cause of her flat shoes, gray hair and too multi colored style.

Ann Curry is too colorful? Image via dailymail.co.uk
Ann Curry is too colorful? Image via dailymail.co.uk

Ann Curry gets her revenge as Matt Lauer now said to be forced to take huge pay cut…

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Is Ann Curry too frumpy?

Ann Curry has come out and said that she now was fired cause NBC producers were not sold on her personal style. From her ‘too colorful’ clothes, her frumpy attire, the fact that she hated wearing high heels and not to mention she had grey hair.

dailymail.co.uk: The former Today anchor – who was sacked after just a year in the job – claimed that she was mocked by a colleague for looking like Froot Loops mascot Toucan Sam one day when she wore a multicoloured dress.

Whenever she tried to wear clogs and flats it didn’t ‘go over very well with my bosses’, she said in an interview.

Instead she was asked to wear ‘ridiculously high heels’ because female viewers would coo over her footwear, even though she didn’t like them.

Curry also suggested that her refusal to dye her hair may have played a part as it is ‘not tolerated’ on a female TV presenter.

Too frumpy, too colorful, too grey? What are we to make of these assertions? Are we to believe Ms Curry? Or is she simply trying to save face in the knowledge that her popularity and acumen as a tv journalist may be well behind her? Then again hadn’t Ms Curry always worn frumpy colorful clothes (as she likes to put it) before she was awarded the coveted co anchor slot? Why is she bringing up these points now? Hasn’t the public moved on beyond the acrimony, and then again she did receive a $10 million payout for her misery, far more than most when they are relieved of their office (except for various CEO’s of course).

But it now gets worse, so disjointed has Ms Curry been by her ouster that it is said that she is seriously considering leaving television entirely to pursue teaching.

With her recently released interview with the Ladies Home Journal the former co anchor had the following to say:

One day I wore a multicoloured dress and someone asked if I was trying to be Toucan Sam.

‘But I chose it because I thought, this will perk up America. I’m encouraged by my bosses to wear these ridiculously high heel shoes because women say: ‘I love your shoes!’ So if it makes women happy, I’ll wear them. But I’m still going to be me’.

‘Elsewhere she also admits: ‘I’ve tried to wear clogs and flats and it hasn’t gone over very well with my bosses.’

That said the real reason behind her ouster might have more to do with insiders arguing that Curry may have angered executives and infuriated Today anchor Matt Lauer, with whom she struggled to develop an on-air chemistry.

Then there this was interesting comment that I came across that might explain why in the end why Ms Curry had to go. See what you think….

I would say the reason was that she was a clueless commentator, she was ignorant of anything she talked about and often wrong when she argued with conservative guests. Not to mention she was so partisan that she should have worn a White House Advisors badge whenever she talked about politics.

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Matt Lauer re-signs with the Today show whilst Ann Curry is a goner.

Ann Curry rumored to be fired because her co host Matt Lauer hates her guts.



  1. Take this with a grain of salt because I read it in a supermarket tabloid magazine while in line at the store-It is rumored that NBC Today Show Producer Jim Bell and NBC News President Steve Capus gave Ann this BS contract after she was contacted by Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Sam Champion on ABC’s behalf to join Good Morning America and to make a few appearances on the temporary ABC Daytime One Life To Live/The Revolution replacement Good Afternoon America. Jim Bell and Steve Capus were afraid that their butts could be fired by Comcast/NBC if Good Morning America gained even more viewers because of Ann Curry joining the show,

  2. I’m personally sick of seeing those fake, perky types in the morning. I don’t need Barbie telling me the news. Ann was a real person and therefore I respected her and took her more seriously. I loved her hair.

  3. This isn’t journalism. If so you would know the Ladies Home Journal interview was granted prior to Ann’s firing. She was clearly speaking of her present day issues, not about reasons for her termination. Do your homework!

  4. I applaud Ann . . I always thought her colorful style and gray hair was gorgeous! Hope she stays true to her style.

  5. Jjm89- just close your eyes and imagine a more dour version of Matt Lauer and you can see where it’s all taking us….

  6. did you write this article in Crayon ? How about a picture of you to show us all how incredibly good looking you are, because your jounalism skills are not goning to make it

  7. “Then there this was interesting comment that I came across that might explain why in the end why Ms Curry had to go.”

    Are you sure that wasn’t something you made up?

  8. This is the dumbest article out there. Let this story die already would you? Come on! Clothes and shoes are the reason? Like she doesn’t have stylists etc. great journalism here…should be real proud.

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