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Ann Curry’s replacement Savannah Guthrie waxes girlish charm with giggly Matt Lauer

Savannah Guthrie and a very relieved Matt Lauer.
Savannah Guthrie and a very relieved Matt Lauer.

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The farce called perfect tea manners has arrived this morning for your perfect viewing pleasure. 

In a deliberate attempt to sign off on NBC’s recent public acrimonious faux pas, yesterday’s introduction of Savannah Guthrie as the Today show’s new co host alongside Matt Lauer read off as an incredulous re uniting of two supposed kindred souls who were always destined for each other but had only accidentally met that morning.

Beamed a too gushing Matt Lauer: “It truly is a new day around here,”  and almost wrapping his arms around his new best friend: “We’re thrilled to have you here.”

And then to prove to us Matt was Savannah’s new best friend the two paused so as to let the cameras soak in the new aroma in the air, to fully notice the stench called, battered ‘Ann Curry,’ had been now finally cleaned off the family coach. Happy that the world had caught on with the subtle references of the new world beginning he then with giggle elan continued with the following:

“We have this goofy tradition, we get to do a little déjà vu,”

And after Matt paused sipped his too perfect chamomile tea he was at it again:

“We’re happy because you bring a great attitude and what we like to call a weird sense of humor,” Matt continued.

“7:02, and he’s already calling me weird,” Savannah eye-rolled.

Gosh Matt. I like having you as my new best friend!

The repartee would go on for the rest of the first half of the show, each segment, glance, pause practiced and manicured to perfection. We the public had after all had dropped by to watch and this time nothing could be left to chance. No bitter tears of Ann Curry, no exasperated silences of painful remorse, not even one stale moment that gave away all the dirty secrets that were percolating as everyone nonchalantly attempted to cheerily smile back at the universe. The world might be fraught with misery and despair but at least at NBC studios all one could smell was the warm aroma of ginger cookies getting ready to be served.

Beamed Matt Lauer to his playful new best friend:

“We found out one other thing. Your favorite book – ”

“No! No! No!” Savannah wailed.

Matt persisted: “The name of your favorite book— ”

“War and Peace!” Savannah interrupted.

“ — favorite book growing up was a book, your mom told me, ‘Dreams Can Come True’!”

“It featured the picture of a cheerleader,” Matt said, showing the universe a copy of the book.

He read from the book cover:

“She dreams of being beautiful, popular, becoming a cheerleader and dreams of having a handsome boyfriend.”

“Then she sees Kip.”

The aroma of perfectly baked cookies is in the air...

Of course it will be interesting to see how long this idyllic version of morning news entertainment reporting will last at NBC’s new revamped line up. Audiences for the time being are quite reluctant and many have already switched off to new channels but then of course there will be the committed who will watch on excited and curious to see what magic Matt Lauer and his new team will pull off. Of course in the event Matt Lauer and his new team can not find the magic, the missing connection until yesterday it will be an agonizing withering of what at one stage was compelling viewership. Time will tell if Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie can resurrect the fortunes of NBC or whether a new bitter ugly game will be brought forth to viewers….

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