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Ann Curry rumored to be fired because her co host Matt Lauer hates her guts.

Via Perez Hilton
Via Perez Hilton
Via Perez Hilton

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Ann Curry fired cause NBC hates her.

Matt Lauer re-signs with the Today show whilst Ann Curry is a goner.

It’s time to find out about all the backstabbing that goes on at NBC.

According to Gawkerand insider sources it chooses not to disclose the days of waking up to the sight of Ann Curry politely staring into space are numbered. Numbered because her co host, hawt honcho Matt Lauer is orchestrating back door deals as the king of the shit that will ostensibly see his co host ousted. Ousted mind you cause he just can’t stand the primadona.

Pointing to a piece recently run by nymag, the shadow of the dagger fast approaching Ms Curry are as follows:

Lauer’s worth only increased when Meredith Vieira left and handed the co-anchor chair to Ann Curry, who in the eyes of many television-news executives has experienced a rocky transition to her new role.

And why did Lauer’s role at NBC increase? Because the bixch pulls in hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue.

Offers mediate: The piece also emphasized Lauer’s central role in NBC’s “ad revenues in excess of $450 million in 2010.” After “playing the beta to Katie Couric’s alpha,” the article notes, “he’s now the linchpin of the franchise, his versatility and likability buoying the program ever since her departure in 2006.”

Which should make any aspiring media player quite happy that as long as they play the game sweet, sharp, crisp, ruthlessly and with piled on daggers the world is theirs to be had. Of course needless to say one will forever be obliged to have a beguiling personality that the public can relate to and be adept at and cheering on, of course this will probably require keeping those daggers behind closed doors.

Observes gawker: The subtext of that “rocky” transition, according to sources, is that Matt Lauer just “absolutely hates her” as a co-host and is fed up with watching Curry turn what was once NBC’s most charismatic and engaging program into a joyless slog.

Joyless slog? Oh dear, with a rumored $8 million package fast approaching the prince of teacup manners and back door deals surely one could make an attempt to keep the brawling to a quiet whisper?

Never mind Ann, me thinks them bixches are just jealous and if you keep staring openly into space and making the occasional ironic senseless remark someone at ABC or CBC will jump at you. Ps- it might help if you stop the partying and get some sleep, looking dishevelled is never too fondly appreciated from them corporate types, something that I can personally attest to.



  1. I remember when Katie Couric was unrelenting in her
    daily attack on her co-host Bryant Gumbel on the
    Today Show, many years ago. It was very painful to watch. Eventually she
    succeeded in getting rid of Bryant and he was replaced by Matt Lauer. The same
    tactics were recently successfully used by Lauer against the wonderful, sincere
    Ann Curry. Matt was a good student of his mentor/teacher Katie. He used the same
    hostile body language and tone to very good effect. But now the public is making
    him aware of what we think of him.

    remember Romans 12:19 where the Lord God, says “Vengeance is
    asked Couric (CBS evening news) and then ask Gumbel (HBO-Real Sports) how everything eventually worked
    out. Lauer will have his day to answer for his actions. The public is watching.
    We understand and also we remember how Gumbel was
    badly treated after 15 years as host of the Today show and now how Ann Curry has
    been embarrassed and side-lined.

  2. I am switching morning shows as well. I can’t stand the smugness of Matt and Savannah, they are as sickening as Hoda and Kathy Lee !!! They are all disgusting !!!

  3. After 30 plus years watching the Today Show, since I was a kid, I have turned instead now to the HLN cable morning show, and also the CBS morning show and Good Morning America. I really like ABC’s new show Good Afternoon America!! I, llke many others am disgusted at the way they treated Ann, and then to turn around and make a big deal out of Samantha or whatever her name is. Matt Lauer has run his course on that show. I much prefer and enjoy the Saturday Today Show host. He is more likable, and not such a male Diva as Lauer. The cooking segments are so forgettable, and why? I can watch Marth Stewart or the Food network if I want to see cooking. Ann was overqualified for that slowly dying show. Looking forward to seeing her again.

  4. We all have our problems what ever they may have been with Ann Curry. I have watched NBC today show for years and it has turn into fluff, puff, celebs, etc. etc. most of which is not news worthy or worth watching. At least, when having the chance, Ann Curry brought in some of the best news in the world. She wont have a problem getting placed somewhere if she desires.

  5. This is befuddling… she befell top of the food chain executive and talent egos looking for rating game/scapegoat to declining content and hard news. For a program to have so much talent, it was Ann who who brought a legitimate “news reporter” flavor. The Today Show format seems to be playing right into the thematic quest of the HBO Series “The Newsroom.” Yes, morning tabloid is the faire of the day, repeating negative drivel to the point viewers hit the channel changer…. and The Today Show has slip-slided into this bog. I still don’t know where Ann will land, but plan on following her star. Matt is an ego maniac– but I guess I would be too if I could demand contract renegotiation to up from $17mil to $30mil a year. I hope Ann gets her $20mil and joins Scott Pelley on CBS.

  6. I was away for a week and came home to hear that Ann was leaving the Today show. I was shocked! She is a terrific reporter, and interviewer. Don’t understand what is happening. I miss Katie very much. Meredith was okay but never has personality Katie and Ann have. Where did Ann go? are the rumors true about Matt not liking her? I like Matt, Al, and even Savannah, but I may just switch to another morning show for a while if Matt can’t keep an co-anchor – if he is jealous, etc. I don’t listen to rumors. I want facts!

  7. Your writing is terrible. I normally don’t comment on blogs, but you have taken an interesting topic and mangled it with your bad writing.

  8. When will NBC realize the REASON the ratings are in the tank is because of Matt Lauer – I stopped watching YEARS ago as his head grew too large for the door, which should be hitting HIM on his backside on the way out. Was once on their morning show – the arrogant snit talked all the way through our fashions and many other designers lines who took the time to get samples etc rushed out as if anyone CARED what kids in his (recent) wedding were wearing without a MENTION of our company and the trouble we went through on a very tight deadline. That was before they had a website but again, do we really care Matt? No.

    Too bad we can’t say goodbye to Lauer and let the door hit him much the same way. Class act Ms. Curry, you were always a class act, and a real journalist. Drop Lauer – you will get better ratings overnight.

  9. Hoda is awesome. I think firing Ann is horrible. She is a professional and excellent at what she does. She also has such compassion with her stories.. Matt should go. But, when Hoda does reporting, she is very thorough and professional. The role she has right now on the show is more fun and laid back. She can’t portray a very serious and total professional in that setting or she would get bad ratings for being too serious. Plus, look who they paired her up with. Kathy Lee is a nut job.

  10. I never thought i would stop watching the Today show. NBC has made some poor choices
    in the past, but this one pushes me over to another network. Good morning America here
    we come. I like Robin and now Amy is there too. Maybe they will pick up Ann Curry.
    You made a mistake NBC. After a while poeple are going to leave you.
    Good Luck to Ann Curry. She can stand proud that she has done a great job for the
    last 15 plus years. She will be back and happy somewhere.

  11. If you believe other articles out there, Natalie won’t get the job because Matt’s wife will divorce him. Seems there may have been a little affair going on between Matt and Natalie and his wife is putting her foot down.

  12. Ann, you will be soooooooooo missed on the Today show. You’re the only reason I watched it. I think NBC is making a BIG MISTAKE in letting you go. I appreciate all your hard work all these years.
    Get some sleep you deserve it!
    May God Bless you always

  13. … and Kathy Lee is so good??? Off I go to find another morning show. Even my favorites on the weekend have left. Exactly who thinks Jenna is good???

  14. I vividly recall how NBC (Nutjob, Butthead, Corporation) treated the talented Conan O’Brien shortly after hiring him and then giving into pressure from Jay Leno and friends. NBC (National Bitching Central) getting rid of Ann Curry, and not Matt Lauer, confirms my viewership of CBS every morning from now on. Maybe NBC ought to fire itself and let the janitors run it. It’s probably because she is half_Asian. I love her for that. She’s the real news person. NBC wants a talk show.


  16. I will most likely no longer watch ch 4. I will miss Ann. She was the reason I watched. Maybe the reason the ratings are down are due to Matt. He is blading and boring and pompus!!!! If a woman had his flaws she would be fired. He should be fired NOT Ann!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck Ann I will miss you but I know you will do well on another station!!!

  17. I love Ann Curry and if she is leaving I will watch a different morning show as I get ready for work. Matt drives me crazy, he comes off as a snob, like he is too good for the rest of the crew! Maybe Matt should go and not Ann! I did enjoy the way Meredith gave Matt grief. She didn’t take his crap like everyone else seems too.

  18. I watch every day but tune out when Ann is front and center. – been waiting for her to be cut. she is an obnoxious nerd and anyone will be a welcome replacement. Also agree with some previous comments that Matt should watch out – his ever increasing arrogance could destroy him too. Hopefully the new team will settle down and get back to business. The Discord has been very apparent.

  19. Goodbye Today Show! Ann is much better than the worthless, conceited, far left wing Lauer

  20. Ann Sucks. She is boring. If Matt isnot there I will not watch the show. It was a dumb move to put Ann in the role.

  21. I can’t stand Matt Lauer.. he’s so pompous, obnoxious and arrogant. I’ve already switched to Good Morning America directly because of him. NBC needs to get their act together because they keep moving people through like cattle going across a bridge. NBC has a reputation of mov’em in, then mov’em out. Matt Lauer can’t hold a candle to Katie Couric or Ann Curry.

  22. Is it possible that the fall from the top spot of morning shows be due to the programming choices? Three days on a single sob story that Matt interviewed. Ann Curry is one of the best on the show. She goes, I go.

  23. Ann,KLG AND HODA are the reason I switched to GMA. ROBIN ROBERTS had more class than the three of them have combined.

  24. Ann, KLG and Hora is the reason for my switch to GMA. Robin Roberts had more class than the three of them together.

  25. Ann Curry has more guts than the prissy Matt Lauer. I only watch Today because of Ann’s genuine compassion and courage. If Ann goes, so do I as a viewer. I agree that Matt is so conceited and so unlike anyone I know.

  26. Matt Lauer is a joke. Chris Matthews, Rush Limbaugh, and others like them would make great co-hosts with Matt. They are all so much alike. Matt’s body language, stage presence and demeanor are all sub-standard. You mean to tell me he is worth 25 million dollars per year. How utterly immoral!

  27. If you watch national news and even wonderful WEEK you will find that most of them have the grammar skills of a 3rd grader and that is an insult to 3rd graders. Chuck Collins is a joke.

  28. seems like ann curry has been deliberately surpressed from being what she has always been, a very good journalist. don’t want to make mr lauer look bad. Remember bryant Gumbel and katie couric? no match there. katie still going strong. cmk

  29. Same old thing….Politics …. Her father and grandfather just happen to be past presidents. It’s the good old “who you know” thing.

  30. Matt needs to STOP being a SISSY and grow up and learn to get ALONG WITH ALL PEOPLE. MBC should FIRE MATT for being such a racist bully.


  32. I have watched the Today show for years because of Al and Ann. Both seem like honest wonderful people. If Ann is booted off I will no longer watch. Hopefully soon she will be picked up elsewhere!

  33. The only reason I watch the Today Show is because of Ann Curry, and I’ll continue until they run her off the set. I’m sorry if Matt Lauer doesn’t like her; he’s a big boy and needs to get over himself. I used to enjoy him, but his arrogance is so annoying. Nothing against Hoda – I think she’s very good at her job (ie. laid-back & a great part of the Hoda/Kathy Lee duo), but Ann comes across as being a more professional reporter. I hope she has time left on her contract so that she can hit the Today Show where it hurts – in Matt Lauer’s paycheck!

    All I can say now is “Good-bye, Today Show”, and “Hello, Good Morning America”!!! Now if only GMA would pick-up Ann Currey – that would be awesome! Adios, NBC…

  34. I dislike Matt’s personality .I love Natalie and Al.and Ann but Ann, chose better stories. Too many sobby stories. too much mothering . The Today show is droppping in ratings but when I try ABC I cannot stand them. I dont like their stories either. I miss Couric but she seemed Catlike and Matt is a little girl who fights with women.. Ann you’ve tried . Matt many people cannot stand you.so dont assume that you are better than Ann. I love Hoda but she’s needs to be serious which Ann can be . both serious and soft.. that’s what we love about her. Hoda only talks about MMM Music Men and Menopause.

  35. I have watched the Today Show for years, because of Ann Curry. If she leaves the show then I will no longer tune in.


  37. Ann needs to get a new job doing something else. You can tell Matt is disgusted with her. She messes up every other sentence. I vote for Natalie!

  38. I agree with putting Natalie Morales in the job. She’s perfect and has been there a very long time.

  39. I stopped watching the show when Ann became co-host. Watching her is like nails on a chalk board. I would like to see Natalie Morales as the co-host

  40. Is all this nonsense??? Truly Matt does not like Ann??? Ann feels what emotions re: Matt? I never saw Ann tired or not able to perform her duties. Her interviews as well as Matt’s are always profession. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! Matt & Ann come across as having a very good reprore together. Neither one is “Hogging” attention.

  41. She is a Goner! I think either They Are going to bring back Meredith as a Co-Host in a Short Term Contract to restore Ratings or Replace Ann with Savannah Guthrie by September.

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