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Ann Curry Fired. Backstabbed by NBC.

Ann Curry finding herself on the wacking stick.
Ann Curry finding herself on the wacking stick.

Ann Curry fired. Pundits anxiously await new Nielsen ratings.

Ann Curry video interview with Ladies Home Journal released.

Ann Curry fired: Today show loses with Savannah Guthrie week one

Ann Curry is not missed as NBC insists that they are thrilled with the new anchor team.

Ann Curry Fired, NBC Dismal ratings and viewer contempt.

Ann Curry Fired: Savannah Guthrie’s ‘Today’ Debut tanks.

Ann Curry’s replacement Savannah Guthrie waxes girlish charm with giggly Matt Lauer.

Ann Curry fired: Savannah Guthrie makes her official Today debut, viewers flock in droves.

Ann Curry fired: Today show fighting for its life against Good Morning America.

Ann Curry fired: Surfaces with new tweets, inspires more controversy.

Ann Curry Fired: Matt Lauer was 100 % behind her ouster from Today show.

Ann Curry fired: NBC executive comes out to say she wasn’t right for the job.

Matt Lauer’s wife to follow him to London cause she’s afraid he might cheat with Today’s Natalie Morales.

Ann Curry fired and the imminent collapse of the Today show.

Ann Curry Fired: Matt Lauer and his crocodile tears.

Ann Curry Fired. (Video)Gut wrenching ‘…sorry I couldn’t be the groundbreaker…’

Matt Lauer’s wife threatened to divorce him if Natalie Morales became Today co anchor.

Ann Curry fired: Officially leaving Today, to make farewell speech imminently.

Ann Curry fired. Lap dances, grumpy fits and behind the scenes back stabbing…

Ann Curry Fired: More upheaval as passed over Natalie Morales set to leave Today show.

Ann Curry Fired: Ann haggling for $20 million exit money and NBC confirms Savannah Guthrie.

Ann Curry Fired. Refuses to take the hint now fed up NBC will go public.

Ann Curry Fired: ‘Am I not good enough?’

Ann Curry doesn’t care that she’s fired. “I’m here to stay!’

Ann Curry turns up to Today show, acting as if she hasn’t been fired.

Ann Curry fired cause NBC hates her.

Nothing it seems can be more uncouth than being mercilessly cut to size without recourse or worse actual acknowledged complicity at the hands of your tormentor. Then again this is corporate media where street brawls and dissent are never conducted too publicly but rather deftly wiped under the matt by your preferred pr outlet.

The preferred pr outlet in this occasion included the nytimes when it first came out with a damning piece on one of NBC’s stars and co anchor to the Today show, Ann Curry. The piece essentially pondered the notion that Ms Curry would soon find herself out of a job at NBC and that it ‘may’ have something to do with her co anchor, Matt Lauer not necessarily being impressed with her tea cup manners or that it was felt by insiders that Ms Curry may somehow be responsible for NBC’s key money maker, the Today show slipping in it’s numbers. All of course not affirmed by any one soul at NBC nor for that matter denied by anyone at NBC the few days after the report came out. It was in essence like watching the market double up against a beleaguered financial entity who’s secret that they had found themselves on the wrong side of a financial bet go dizzily wrong magnify as the watch dogs came along the next morning to bet against the financial entity who’s bet was now an outright disaster. And hence the media came and in essence also became NBC’s publicist for hire, wondering out aloud when Ms Curry would be a good girl and just roll over.

Yet it seems that trick for now hasn’t worked too well for NBC who hadn’t bet on Ms Curry standing up for herself and instead of relinquishing she would continue to come to work as nothing had been printed, said or done (for the truth was it was all still a rumor and as far as she was concerned she had not been fired or told to stay home even if that was the hope of all the behind the scenes leaks aimed to pressure Ms Curry into submission).

As the week goes forward, media pundits will be closely watching to see how the headache called, ‘why won’t Ann Curry take the hint and accept that she is the bogeyman so we can save face,’will play out, although it seems almost certain that NBC will have to publicly get its hands dirty and bring out the guillotine and do what it must even if it would prefer to use less tactless ways of removing the proposed weed from the cinder box.

NBC, fun lighthearted family material all right, but a bunch of skeezy backstabbing bastards behind closed doors. Corporate media that you can get used to….

Matt Lauer re-signs with the Today show whilst Ann Curry is a goner.

Ann Curry rumored to be fired because her co host Matt Lauer hates her guts.



  1. I am 56 years old and I’ve had the Today Show in my life since the Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs days. Katie Couric went to my high school and the show, to say the very least, has been a regular part of my morning routine for 40+ years.
    Not anymore. The loss of Ann Curry was a travesty. Matt Lauer has always been “ok” as long as he had stronger anchors reporting with him. Savannah Guthrie… Not worth a comment… But should be reprimanded for the coy smirk on her face when interviewing the survivor of the WTC tower fall. She’s obviously got the position because of political connections…not on her own journalistic merit. I guess all good thing must come to an end. So sad. But now I’m tuning in to different programming to start my day for the first time in my life. Give Ann her own show. Watch ratings soar.

  2. Ann Curry was just the patsy for NBC ratings drop. If you would like a viewer’s view of the ratings slip, it is because the show is too long and news stories are repeated. The show needs to be from 7-9 period. the show from 9-10 is a waste of time, talking about foods, fashions, and nonsense. Hoda and Kathy Lee are just as bad at 10-11, Ann was a good stable person on the show who showed a lot of compassion and caring for the ones she interview.

  3. Kerry

    I was shocked to hear Ann Curry was fired. She is an intelligent and classy lady. Matt Lauer should be the one fired! Will switch to GMA. Savannah does not measure up tp Ann.

  4. I do like ann and Matt should have been fired along time ago wake up NBC. But Hoda you have got to be kidding. Look out Savannah and Nathalie, if NBC lets Mat stay you to will be next. Matt should tell his wife to stay home and shut up if he is any kind of man at all ,Mat is a mouse not a man. NBC YOU MESSED UP WITH FIREING ANN.

  5. Firing Ann Curry is not smart, and very much an arrogant, short-sighted decision. Not watching Today show anymore.

  6. I mostly watch Good Morning America but flipped over to Today to watch Ann Curry..Now I won’t event bother because Matt Lauer is so smug I can’t stand to watch him. Good Morning America has more heart.

  7. No more “Today” for this viewer. This following the canceling of “Harry’s Law” is too much.

  8. Ann has always been a gracious and class act. While I don’t watch much early morning TV these days, I do recall when Ann was the news update person who read the imminent news every half hour or so. She was believable and trustworthy. Why anyone would want a career in early AM TV is beyond me – it is SOOO cutthroat. Look at all Barbara Walters went through. Katie Couric has had to pick her battles as well. NBC lost me for good when they added that 4th hour. Five minutes of Hoda and Cathy Lee are all I can handle! Ann was refreshingly professional! If ABC has any sense, they will snap up Ann to add to their prominent collection of outstanding female broadcasters!

  9. NBC suits just handed over Today fan base to GMA. Brilliant move and you and Matt Lauer deserve each other. Ann will leave at your request and so will all her fans…. You guys should be very happy at the BOTTOM of the ratings. Pure genius!!!!!!


  11. I switched to CBS morning show about a year ago. It coincided with Ann Curry taking over the hosting duties on The Today Show, but Ann had nothing to do with why I switched. I was looking for hard news, not the soft stuff they were peddling on The Today Show. I read somewhere that this was one of the reason Ann has not faired well on The Today Show. It said she appeared bored with Hollywood gossip and cooking segments.

  12. I only watch the Today show because I will not watch ABC except for General hospital but Ann Curry boring and Matt Lauer is bad at interveiws.He doesn’t let people finsh sentence.He is so arrangent..There is no fun on the show at all.Both are terrible.They need to replace both of them.Thinking about trying out CBS.I just want the breaking news and done with the talk for th day.Its just someone going from one show to another promoting there book.movie or diet all day longDaytime is getting more boring all the time.There isn’t that much going on for all these talk showsThank god for DVR so I have something to watch in the daytime.

  13. Matt Lauer sucks !!! NBC has it backwards. If Ann Curry goes instead of Matt Lauer, I’ll NEVER watch the Today Show again !!!

  14. Ann Curry is classy and does a good job . She is certainly more attractive and interesting than Matt. He is flat dull and gives irritating interviews. Why is he so popular in the network ? makes you wonder. I don’t get it.

  15. She was the only reason I watched “Today” As well as Katie Couric, Debra Norville. Lauer “Bombs” except for his where in the world segments. Slipping in numbers?? Watch them
    Fall furthur! I hope NBC Tanks!!!

  16. If Ann goes, so do we! She is what make the show, period! Will go where Ann goes, NBC has been making bad moves.

  17. Whoever penned this disaster-of-an-article needs to take a refresher course in English grammar and another course in writing. What a wholly mess!

  18. I think the powers that be should look at the producers and others. It is not Ann Curry, It is the quality of the program they are offering. If Ann is treated badly, I don’t intend to watch NBC any longer.

  19. What else does NBC have to do to prove that they just don’t want any smart grown up women in their shows?

  20. I’m in shock I love Ann she is a class act I will no longer watch the today show if she leaves

  21. I love Ann and her foreign correspondence is incredible.
    Got get them Ann and NBC you are now at the bottom of the ratings. Fox News for me.

  22. Matt Lauer is a has been! I won’t watch the Today show because Matt is too full of himself. This reminds me when they canned Jane Pauley, they target the woman co host and not the dork in the other seat. I agree with the others that she would fit well in the GMA family.

  23. Really sad to see this happening to Ann Curry. I think it’s a huge mistake to let this talented woman go. Personally I think the rating will drop. I’ll be one less viewer!

  24. I’m done with NBC, if they let Ann Curry go, they’re letting they goofed up badly. To keep Matt, and pay him way too much money, now who is stupid? I’m moving onto ABC where there is less arrogance!

  25. Holy god… you have the worst effing grammar I have ever read. I just wanted to take a red pen and edit this for you. Seriously. If you take any pride in your work whatsoever, get an editor. Or just proofread and realize that sometimes, commas are a good thing, “it’s” = IT IS, things are “swept under the rug” now “wiped under a matt” (I think you mean mat), PR is capitalized, “Ms.” has a period after it… this is just a fraction.

  26. The world is coming apart as we speak, and you all really give a shit about these overpaid asshats ?

  27. Ann Curry is a classy lady . To have to come into work with all the world talking and looking at her ? Matt didn’t have the nerve. to sit ther. No guts because I think he has been forcing this. Ne has no class, just loves himself ! He needs to get another job. He isn’t good at what he does . I think it’s his fault

  28. Matt Lauer is the one who us out of step. He’s a snob ! Get rid of him instead of Ann. She and the others are all great but him. I think he wants to be the Big anchor, but he will never make it. He thinks he’s great, you can see it in his sneers. KEEP ANN GET RID OF MATT

  29. It’s Matt who needs to be fired. He acts like he is the cats meow. He isn’t that good and I think when he didn’t come back after that last fight, he was wanting them to make him the whole cheese and wanted her out. She is way better than he is. GET RID OF MATT

  30. No she isn’t. She does a great interview. She’s the smartest and nicest person on that train wreck of a show.

  31. Ann curry? seriously NBC how lameAnn will get 10 mil it should be 15 mil for putting up with Lauer the loser By e bye NBC,

  32. I’m not suprised by the news. A few years ago, I was an exclusive Today show watcher. I recently found myself switching between GMA and The Today Show. ‘Why? Matt Lauer is boring!!!!!! Too serious. There’s a reason that Catey and Meredith left. Wake up and smell the ratings. Get rid of the old baggage.

  33. Matt Lauer isn’t just an arrogant, he’s a terrible interviewer, he never lets anyone finish a sentence. I’ve hated him since he began – he is so totally full of himself. Stopped watching a long time ago when I couldn’t stand him anymore!

  34. While I like Ann when she is doing hard news coverage like Darfur or Sudan, she is not that great in one on one interviews. She has just never really fit in with the others, perhaps in part due to her Asian heritage and up bringing. I would prefer Hoda over Nathalie or Savannah. Nathalie and Savannah are good but Hoda has done hard news and also has shown her funnier side that will mesh well with Matt and Al.

  35. Ann Currie is the worst interviewer on TV. She’s phoney when trying to be sincere, talks over people and her other co hosts. She never shuts up! Good move NBC.

  36. Meridith Viera and Katie Curic carried Matt Lauer in my opinion. He has NO personality. Thirty million— you have got to be kidding. He doesn’t deserve thirty thousand!!! I won’t be watching this in the AM anymore. Hang in there Ann and don’t let the creeps win.

  37. I don’t watch the Today Show because of Matt Lauer
    …so arrogant. Ann would fit in great with GMA!!!

  38. Curry’s smart and attractive, but, this is how liberal media treat smart women. Meredith Viera may have wanted back in, Matt Lauer may have wanted Curry out, who knows. Matt Lauer is blatantly politically biased in his interviews. Ratings went down because they were caught red-handed deceiving people with the Zimmerman 911 tape and the format is obsolete — people may want more news and less entertainment and infomercial material in the guise of ‘news’.

  39. Ann Curry in my eyes is why I watched the show, I really don’t care for Matt so I will no longer be watching the show…….SO LONG GOOD MORNING AMERICA!!

  40. It is a real shame to see Ann Curry leave the Today show as she was in my humble opinion one who was real and not fake. If they want to get rid of anyone who is destroying the Today Show it’s Matt Lauer who truly is taking his “Million Dollar Today Host” to heart and not nearly working hard enough or well enough. Another axe should fall on Jenna Wolf, this is an arrogant and self absorbed individual if there ever was one.

  41. What happened? Did Ann become vocal about the disgusting way in which the producers have turned the “Today” show into a scandalous tabloid? Has Murdoch (or Trump) taken over NBC as well? If Ann goes, I go. Need to stop watching so much AM TV anyway and do something more constructive than watch the TODAY show become even more dispicable!!

  42. If NBC fires Ann Curry, My wife and I will no longer watch the Today show.
    Good Morning America or CBS Good Morning will be gaining many new viewers.
    Ann Curry is the best most honorable and likeable morning personality on the

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