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Ann Curry Fired: Savannah Guthrie’s ‘Today’ Debut tanks!

Bye bye Savannah. Bye bye Matt...


Bye bye Savannah. Bye bye Matt...

Ann Curry: Now reckons she was fired cause of her flat shoes, gray hair and too multi colored style.

Ann Curry Today show: At last NBC Today show gets a rating boost with Olympics.

Ann Curry fired. Reckons that The Today show are not living up to promises made to her.

Ann Curry fired: Feels vindicated as NBC ratings falter at the London Olympics

Ann Curry returns to The Today show after Batman Dark Knight shooting

Ann Curry replacement Savannah Guthrie said to be having debilitating migraines.

Ann Curry fired. Pundits anxiously await new Nielsen ratings.

Ann Curry video interview with Ladies Home Journal released.

Ann Curry fired: Today show loses with Savannah Guthrie week one.

Ann Curry is not missed as NBC insists that they are thrilled with the new anchor team.

Ann Curry Fired, NBC Dismal ratings and viewer contempt.

Ann Curry can now have the last laugh…

It looks like Matt Lauer and his NBC boss Steve Capus have egg all over their faces pursuant to the latest preliminary Nielsen ratings just released…not that anyone paying any attention couldn’t see this coming a mile away.

Savannah Guthrie may have made her official debut as Today’s co host this past Monday but it doesn’t seem anyone was really there to take notice, this according to numbers that show NBC clinching only 1.674 million viewers in the prized 25-54 year old age bracket as compared to ABC’s Good Morning America which garnered 1.68 million viewers. To make matters worse, GMA also posted a 356 000 advantage among total viewers(4.425 to NBC’s 4.069 million).

If the numbers are confirmed this would be the first time since February 2006 that GMA would have won in both measurements since February 2006.

Kids I have an interesting feeling there’s going to be the chill of blood Wednesday morning when Matt raises his perfect teacup of chamomile and looks out into the universe and wonders where did he go wrong. Oh dear…

Ann Curry’s replacement Savannah Guthrie waxes girlish charm with giggly Matt Lauer

Ann Curry fired: Surfaces with new tweets, inspires more controversy.

What’s wrong with media today?

Ann Curry Fired: Matt Lauer was 100 % behind her ouster from Today show.

Ann Curry fired: NBC executive comes out bashing former Today anchor.

Ann Curry fired and the capitulation of the Today show.

Matt Lauer’s wife to follow him to London cause she’s afraid he might cheat with Today’s Natalie Morales.

Ann Curry Fired: Matt Lauer and his crocodile tears.

Ann Curry Fired. ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t carry the ball over the finish line…

Matt Lauer’s wife threatened to divorce him if Natalie Morales became Today co anchor.

Ann Curry fired: Officially leaving Today, to make farewell speech imminently.

Ann Curry fired. Lap dances, grumpy fits and behind the scenes back stabbing…

Ann Curry Fired: More upheaval as passed over Natalie Morales set to leave Today show.

Ann Curry Fired: Ann haggling for $20 million exit money and NBC confirms Savannah Guthrie.

Ann Curry Fired. Backstabbed by NBC.

Ann Curry Fired. Refuses to take the hint now fed up NBC will go public.

Ann Curry doesn’t care that she’s fired. “I’m here to stay!’

Ann Curry Fired: ‘Am I not good enough?’

Ann Curry turns up to Today show, acting as if she hasn’t been fired.

Ann Curry fired cause NBC hates her.

Matt Lauer re-signs with the Today show whilst Ann Curry is a goner.

Ann Curry rumored to be fired because her co host Matt Lauer hates her guts.



  1. GMA will continuously win week after week with great increases as long as that bland, stiff non-articulating, stiff Savannah Guthrie is in Ann’s chair! Matt the Ratt is the problem, that Vermin! He should not have back stabbed poor Ann!

  2. Savannah Guthrie lacks sex appeal. Savannah’s the grandma type chick. What’s the matter with the she chops up her words? Tongue-tied? She is stale and lackluster. Ann Curry was so much prettier and sexier!

  3. I tried, but Savannah is soooo hard to watch! Just plain irritating and bland. Savannah Guthrie is like trying to eat an oatmeal and glue sandwich on white bread! Hard to swallow. Robin on GMA beats her hands down! Doesn’t Matt Lauer remind you of Ratatouille?

  4. Yes, quite skanky! Savannah stands with her legs crossed to appear shorter but it doesn’t work. She looks like she’s trying to keep from doing it on herself! Capus needs to try fitting Matt the Ratt with lifts! Why even try to equalize those Two’s height? It’ll never work. Just bring Ann back already and ditch those 2 duds!!

  5. Savannah Guthrie dresses like a skank. Dresses way too tight, pulling, wrinkled across the front private!

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