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Ann Curry fired: Feels vindicated as NBC ratings falter at the London Olympics

Image via radaronline
Image via radaronline

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It seems Ann Curry is the one with the last laugh as the fortunes at NBC continue to falter pursuant to her humiliating ousterfrom the network’s ‘Today‘ show as it’s co anchor.

radaronline: “Ann feels completely vindicated by the TODAY show’s poor ratings since she left,” a source close to the situation exclusively told Radar. “She feels she was fired completely unfairly and wasn’t given a fair shot at the gig.”

“Ann feels she was made a scapegoat by the network and that it’s the whole show that needed an overhaul, not her replacing,” our insider added.

“She feels they should have booked better guests and had a more exciting line-up and better stories to cover and better writing. Ann believes that point has been proved by the show’s ratings declining even further since she left.”

And then there’s this particularly unpleasant morsel clogging the drainpipes:

As we previously reported, replacement Savannah Guthrie is under increasingly intense pressure after TODAY was beaten out in the ratings race by arch-rival ABC’s Good Morning America for the fourth straight week.

In fact so dire have things become for the folks at NBC they felt compelled to beg Hoda Kotb to get herself over to London (this despite she had a two week hiatus lined up for vacation) in the hope that the networks ratings can be turned around.

“They called Hoda on Thusday begging her to go to London because they said it wasn’t working like they thought,” a source tells the NY Daily News.

Like they thought it would work? Hmm. Kids how come I have the feeling that Matt Lauer is gagging on his camomile tea?

Since Guthrie stepped into Curry’s role back on July 9, the “Today” show hasn’t beaten rival “Good Morning America” in the ratings even once. If Savannah Guthrie was looking for the good stuff to block out overwhelming head achesa few weeks ago, she might be looking for a box of the good shit now, but that’s just a hunch.

Continues radaronline: “She has no hard feelings towards Savannah,” said the source, however her opinion of host Lauer is much more damning.

“There’s definitely no love lost for Matt Lauer though, who she feels threw her under the bus completely.”

No love lost for Matt Lauer? Kids wouldn’t that be the understatement of the year?

Who knows there might be some new revamping at the blighted morning show in the months to come if the numbers don’t somehow pick up. But then again we’ll have to wait and see what Matt has to say on the matter….

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