Home Scandal and Gossip Matt Lauer calls Meredith Vieira an ‘Indian giver.’

Matt Lauer calls Meredith Vieira an ‘Indian giver.’

Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer
Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer isn’t always Mr perfect teacup manners….

Seems like Matt Lauer can’t resist being the center of attention (which might be the unfortunate reason why NBC’s Today show keeps tanking in the ratings department).

In a segment which saw Meredith Vieira passing out commemorative Olympic underwear from designer Stella McCartney, including Lauer, Lauer inexplicably used the phrase ‘don’t be an Indian giver,’ when it came time for Viera to recollect the underwear.

At this juncture it’s anybody’s guess what’s going on with Matt, the king of perfect tea cup manners. Perhaps he was just trying to be funny, assert his head honcho status or he was simply being thoughtless and arrogant when he used the derisive term on television. Then again, should anyone be surprised with Matt Lauer’s less than stellar behavior lately?

Hmm, wonder what Matt plans on doing with that underwear anyway….?


  • piratesmvp04

    It’s funny how the liberals always talk about Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. being a bunch of idiots. I agree with them to some degree, but I also think Matt Lauer is just as looney as them.

  • Naleo

    Stupidity period!