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Casey Anthony lives it up on the beach but she has a few complaints. New pictures.

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony relaxing by the ocean.


Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony relaxing by the ocean.

Casey Anthony finally resurfaces from her secret Florida hide out spot. Here are the pictures of doom…

Casey Anthony files for bankruptcy. Will she get out of lawsuit payout?

Casey Anthony is ready to finally become a celebrity.

New pictures of the most reviled woman in America have today surfaced after she decided to come out and speak to local reporters about the travails of her life.

The pictures, the first in more than a year since pictures of her earlier last year appeared anonymously on the web show 26 year old Antony lapping up the sunshine by the ocean.

Since being found not guilty of first degree murder of her toddler daughter Caylee, Anthony has had to essentially live life under constant vigilance as threats against her life were made after the verdict was made.

Seeking now to move forward with her life, Anthony recently sought bankruptcy protection and has gone on to complain that a defamation suit being brought forth against her courtesy of Zenaida Gonzalez has ostensibly held her back from moving forward.

Legal experts have gone on to say by filing bankruptcy proceedings Anthony has in effect stalled any trial for months and possibly years.

Casey Anthony
Never before seen pictures of Casey Anthony posing in August of 2012 with the legal team that got her acquitted for her daughter’s murder a year earlier.

Told Anthony to local media outlet  CBS5AZ.com:’These are the things holding me back. This is the key for me to move forward.’

Of course the question now is how will Anthony exactly move forward and what plans does she have?

Reflected her legal council Charles Greene: ‘She needs closure in this matter in order to move on with her life.’

Greene went on to say Anthony remains a ‘prisoner’ because of her notoriety.

‘She’s a virtual prisoner still by her circumstances,’ reiterated Greene.

‘She can’t work at McDonald’s because people would be looking at her instead of the menu.’

CBS5AZ go on to reveal that Anthony has taken up residence on a condo block in Cape Canaveral, Florida and residents have said that they have seen a woman matching Anthony’s description often walking in the grounds with a dog.

Said one resident, Monica Vandevender: ‘She’salways accompanied by a bodyguard.’

One idea has it given Anthony’s direct exposure to the legal system is her picking up work as a paralegal.

Reflects her attorney Charles Greene: ‘She believes strongly in our justice system’ and constitutional rights,’

‘I think she may be the type that ends up trying to work within our system to make our system better rather than being a person who’s trying to break it down.’

That or of course wait for a flood of offers for a book deal and other media deals that to date media entities have been loathe to put out there given the considerable degree of malice that still exists towards Anthony.


Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony looking dramatically different from when she was incarcerated.
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony