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Pastor Alois Bell apologizes for getting Applebee’s waitress fired.

Pastor Alois Bell tip
Pastor Alois Bell tip

Pastor Alois Bell tip

Pastor Alois Bell tip now leads to Applebee’s blaming waitress fired.

Really? New York restaurants are now suggesting 30% tip for waiters.

Woman leaves ‘Single mom sorry’ tip on a $138 bill. Reddit post 

Christianity has just claimed another victim…

Here comes the story of one woman, actually a pastor whose snide musings on an Applebee’s food receipt (‘I give god 10% why do you get 18) has escalated with the firing of the server who decided to post the snide remark on social media outlet reddit.

The server’s dismissal came after Pastor Alois Bell was mortified that her musings had suddenly gone viral on the web and in fact she had originally called the establishment to demand everyone involved be fired. I know God doesn’t take any shit kids.

But now Pastor Bell has had a sudden change of heart (yes God can forgive you if you try) and has now gone on to express contrition. Not necessarily because the scorned server got fired (they just wanted their tip, which Pastor Bell challenged after it was automatically added after Bell and her party of greater than 5 dined) but because her actions has ‘brought embarrassment to my church and ministry.’

Pastor Alois Bell
Pastor Alois Bell is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Meanwhile Pastor Bell has gone on to offer her notation on the receipt was a “lapse in judgment that has been blown out of proportion.”

And what about the fired waitress, what’s her take on being at the center of God’s fury?

“I originally posted the note as a lighthearted joke,” Chelsea Welch told Consumerist. “I thought the note was insulting, but it was also comical. I posted it to Reddit because I thought other users would find it entertaining.”

And in fact they did, you can go here to read some of the comments but unfortunately Pastor Bell and God weren’t too pleased.

And finally what does Applebee’s think about God raining down on their storefront?

Applebee’s has made it clear that they would rather lose a dedicated employee than lose an angry customer. Indeed!

Hell have no fury like Pastor Bell God scorned…

The below YouTube video shows Bell preaching last year before a small crowd at her church, St. Louis-based Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries 



  1. Revenge fantasy? Wtf are you talking about? I’m just pointing out how illogical that racist statement was. Now you ‘re attacking me for not buying into the racist bullshit? People say women don’t tip well either, but I am one of the most generous tippers I know. This article was about one asshole who thinks the world owes them service just because they show up; that’s not a black thing, that’s a narcissist thing. I’ve been a server and a bartender, and I had to pay taxes on 15% of whatever I served. That means if someone didn’t tip me, I was paying to serve them. Try to find some logic in that.
    Re: black people being treated miserably: slavery wasn’t the only form of oppression for blacks. If you were black, you would have experienced racism growing up. Just because you aren’t aware of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  2. Or, if you thought about it for just half a second, rather than going full-bore SJW (i.e., zero rationality), you’d see that the point was that those who come from being treated miserably (not that *any* black person in America today was ever a slave or even knew anyone who was a slave) might just possibly be expected not to treat others miserably. Or, you know, just go with that whole revenge fantasy, cuz that doesn’t perpetuate the world being a shithole.

  3. yep, Pastor Bell is a bully. And it is so easy to be a bully when you are anonymous isn’t it, but man, when you get caught.. then things get bumpy.. can we all say narcissist?

  4. So, this “royal we” you speak of… What platform do you support, such that you are somehow immune to human error (except rampant bitterness, it seems). The concept that there are “no good Christians” is inherently inane, and basically supports the self-righteousness you claim to dispute. Are you threatening that they will be “sentenced to hell forever” as evil people? By your own argument, they’re merely unoriginal, rather than rampant evil. Simply rebelling against Christianity as a blanket concept is neither more intelligent nor more creative. It’s just lazy. Sorry, Da Vinci Code fans, but there’s no secret Christian illuminati. There’s no demonic cohort of charlatans trying to bribe you to Lucifer. They’re just a bunch of people, good, bad, and a lot of grey in-the-middles. You know… Like Athiests, Hindus, Muslims, Gays, Straights (why isn’t this a phrase?), Americans, Australians, and Lithuanians.

  5. Self righteous. God, please throw a lightening bolt at her.
    I am happy as a server. I guess I’m just a people person, and most of my customers are decent people. I like that I can push myself and make more money, have flexibilty in my hours, and I don’t need a gym because it keeps me fit. But serving properly is really quite a “skill”, trust me.

    If there are any restaurants in this economy where unskilled servers “easily” pull in $25-40/hr, I guarantee there are no openings. The norm here in NJ is $15-20/hr., and we hustle for it. We are running while trying to appear cool and collected, balancing customers food and the plates ARE heavy, knowing the menu inside and out, timing our tables, shifting gears to adapt with the differences of customers, making sure the plates are clean (shocking to know 30% come out of dishwasher dirty), possibly dealing with hostile cooks and co-workers, doing our sidework- cleaning and stocking EVERYTHING in the place, working holidays and snow days, trying to appease management, and make the customer feel welcomed AND satisfied. Let’s not forget mind-reading, eg: are you in a hurry or don’t wanna be rushed? didn’t want cheese on your cheeseburger? you wanted your soup WITH your meal? See where I’m going… 😀
    All for $2.12/hr, no paid overtime, and no benefits for 8-12 hours straight. Yes, I get fed, but most days i don’t get a break so I end up shoving it in my mouth like a ravenous animal in the back of the kitchen in between tables. I don’t technically “pay” for it, $5/day for food is posted into my paycheck for me to pay taxes on and the owners to write off (often I don’t even have time to eat). Bus boys get 15% of our tips, if there’s a bar, another 5% to them. (Some servers tip out up to 40%.)
    Luckily 95% of patrons have been or known a server, or just do the right thing.
    Those who DON’T TIP accordingly are either IGNORANT or LACK INTEGRITY.

    PS – Please tip at least 10% on To-Go orders. Often it takes more work to wrap everything up than serve you at a table, and we are paying taxes on what you should have tipped 🙂 Thanx!

  6. Sorry, Buddhist don’t worship anything. No position on God at all. Practice of discipline and ethics. Real simple but I can see how you can get confused. The statues are tributes to our teachers.

  7. Churches who get ten percent of all of their follwers money get it tax exempt. Waitresses who earn, what (?) less than five dollars an hour and bust their asses, then have to pay taxes. This Pastor is a scumbag. I don’t make shit and I always tip at the VERY LEAST 15%.

  8. (from a white guy): Such trash you are. You should be ashamed of your ignorance (why does income disparity matter?!), your lack of compassion and your bigotry. I’ll bet you’re white, republican and attend church at least once a week…you certainly ‘sound’ it.

  9. Why does an income disparity matter? I can’t afford to eat at, say, The Melting Pot on a nightly basis, therefore I don’t go. The tip is part of the meal. You don’t show up at the Olive Garden and expect to eat for $2.37, so why do people think it’s ok to go somewhere and not tip the waitstaff because “I can’t afford it”? The waitstaff can’t avoid THEIR bills by claiming an income disparty.

    If you can’t afford to tip properly, you can’t afford to eat out. It’s that simple.

    Unless you’re black, apparently.

  10. The headline is very inaccurate. As your own article pointed out, she didn’t apologize for getting the waitress fired; she apologized for bringing negative press upon her ministry.

  11. @weismonger: Your logic would have us believe that people of African descent should have used their ancestral heritage of being used as slaves (by your ancestors, no doubt) to forge some lesson on how to tip people who work for pay. Wait, did I say logic? I meant lack thereof. Grow up.

  12. God didn’t serve her dinner, the server did–that’s work for pay. If she doesn’t want to tip her server, she should have gone through a drive-through or made her own damn dinner. Besides, she doesn’t give “God” 10%–she gives it to her (own) church–which pays the pastor’s salary–which means she pays herself, and then she doesn’t want to tip the woman who waited on her at a restaurant. What a stupid, selfish person. How dare the pastor criticize the server for expecting to be paid for doing her job! I’ll bet that pastor “earns” more than $3.50 an hour, and what does she do all day? She talks to people and tries to get them to buy into her religious beliefs. She needs to understand what real work is and try waiting on people like her all day. Anyone who has worked as a server knows it is a very difficult job (if you’ve never done it, you don’t know). Glad I went to college–I would never want to be a server again.

  13. “The embarrassment to her church and ministry” is WHAT SHE SAID TO APPLEBEE’S WHEN SHE DEMANDED THAT EVERYONE BE FIRED. She NEVER apologized for this demand. Don’t let misleading headlines fool you. Read The Smoking Gun article carefully and watch the extended TV interview with a Fox2 St. Louis reporter on their website.

  14. Wow! Pastor Bell, you should really feel like crap. You were out of order in every way and while it was not necessary for the waitress to put you on blast.
    God knows you deserved it. You wouldn’t even be sorry if you had not been exposed. You just brought shame to God’s name calling yourself a pastor and using
    God to promote and defend your opinion. If they request 18% that’s exactly what you should have paid no questions asked.
    Now you got to walk around with that back pack full of shame. Don’t worry God forgives pastors too.
    Just hurry up pastor bell to church and repent quickly!! Judgment starts in the house of God first. Wow what shame you must feel. I really feel bad for you right now.

  15. What’s tragic pastor is you are so far from WWJD? Its sad that God had to expose you, which means your trife like this all time. You would not be ashamed if you had not been blasted. That’s the tragedy. Remember pastor God see everything!!!!! So if your going to play church at least act like a real christian. Truth is…..Your not sorry you just got BLASTED!!!!! Inspite of you, God is still good. Maybe this is a wake up call to all christians to stop playin church, this is what can happen. The whole world can find out that your a church player in 24 hours flat!!!!

  16. What a looser – reminds me of a Democrat that Obama created……no class, sel serving, fake, and living off others.

  17. For someone with a big “mouth” and a bad attitude, weismonger is pretty quiet when proved wrong. I guess stupidity can slink back into the shadows. 🙂

  18. I don’t hate any particular religious group, but the practioners who did not have any compassion for other. There are many good people in any religions, do not outcast them just because of their beliefts are not the same as yours.

  19. Man I come in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit no matter how you come at me.

    I keep it al lawful and legal. Anyone resistant can gd my
    asskissit. Train in these words and the the poor,the fatherless and
    the widows out of the penitentiaries.


    Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seems to be wise in
    this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise. For the wisdom
    of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He takes the
    wise in their own craftiness. (1 Corinthians 3:18-19)

  20. He also replied to the wrong person. Either that or he meant to call “t” an idiot but doesn’t know who’s writing what. Either way, that’s two strikes!

  21. Where did you study journalism? “Couldn’t care less” is correct, and not a double negative as you suggest. “Less” is quantitative (can also be qualitative here given the nature of the word “care”). Nothing about that statement is redundant. Holier-than-thou much?

  22. She embarrassed her 15 member church that she started…so she tithes to herself.

    …what comes around goes around lady. LOL

  23. John – before you start calling someone out as an idiot, you might want to learn how to do it in a way that doesn’t demonstrate your own lack of intelligence. “Your” is possessive, while “you’re” is the contraction of “you are”.

  24. Serving is one of the hardest jobs in the world and on a $3/ per hour server wage, you count on tips. This pastor is a horrible, evil and selfish woman! I pity the ignorant fools that support anything she does. She has no idea what being a good Christian supposedly means. Selfish, cruel, horrible hag who should never be allowed in a restaurant again!

  25. I like how her apology makes it clear that she’s not really to blame and minimizes her contributions to the situation. I like how she’s “sorry” that the waitress lost her job yet that is the very thing she demanded. Applebee’s protected one angry customer. We should all write saying how we don’t want to eat at establishments that treat their employees so poorly.

  26. This Pastor believes in the Bible verse…SCREW unto others as they would SCREW you!! This black bitch needs a good flogging!!

  27. I hate, hate to say this but I dislike black people…a lot! I am sure that there are some good black people out in the world but I have yet to meet one decent one.

    and when it come to tipping, they DO NOT TIP. Alois “the black whale” Bell is nothing out of the ordinary, she just brought God into the conversation.

  28. I appreciate your response. I am sure that you and the other 3 black people that tip very well are very upset about my racism.

    I also tended bar for 3 years. if you heard “Hennessy”, there would also never be a tip.

    If you think that black people tip well, then you’re absolutely wrong.

    If you think that I am a racist because of my comments, then you’re absolutely correct.

  29. The pastor should not have apologize, she was well within her rights, leaving a cash tip (and Applebees should refund the 18% gratuity they went ahead and charged her credit card, as well as paying HER for all this free publicity, considering their crappy food.) As for Chelsea Welch, she is the one who deserved a public flogging. She knew exactly what she was doing and she will undoubtedly continue to use bad judgement wherever she goes. My sympathies to her next employer!

  30. I know that there are some black people that tip, and thank you for being one of them. Having worked in 4 different restaurants, I can tell you that most do not tip enough or at all. I realize that this is anectdotal, so here are some hard numbers – 2006 study by Cornell University found the following:

    – blacks tip on average 20 percent less than whites
    – 63 percent of blacks vs 30 percent of whites didn’t understand that the standard restaurant tip in the United States is 15 to 20 percent
    – The average tip from a black customer is about 13 percent of the bill. The average tip from a white customer is about 16.5 percent of the bill
    – 7 percent of Blacks and 1 percent of Whites reported that they never tipped restaurant servers (6 and 2 percent respectively in another survey).
    – the interaction of customer and server race was not significant. Black-White differences in tipping were evident for both Black and White servers.

    Source: http://tippingresearch.com/uploads/JFSBR_race_revision_article.pdf

  31. Why is he racist? Because he said her true color is ebony? Geez, don’t be so sensitive, people. Take it easy. RELAX! I love all people, but we gotta stop with all this oversensitivity stuff. It really gets in the way of getting along.

  32. Hold on, I think I get it. “C”, “T.O”., “we”, and “weismonger” are all the same person pretending to be idiots at different ends of the spectrum in order to generate responses. No way there are that many dumb people in one place, well, except maybe a Juggalo Convention. Well played scallywag, well played. You got us.

  33. Wait, T.O., aren’t you also “C”? Did you really need another account to say the same dumb shit twice? Or maybe you just copy pasted this dumb ass comment from above and tacked on an “amen”?

    Hold on, I think I get it. “C”, “T.O”., “we”, and “weismonger” are all the same person pretending to be idiots at different ends of the spectrum in order to generate responses. No way there are that many dumb people in one place, well, except maybe a Juggalo Convention. Well played scallywag, well played. You got us.

  34. the policy on gratuity on parties more than 6 folks is clearly stated in the Applebee’s menu. I’m expremel;y offended by this…. welll…we’ll call this consumer a “pastor” writing thiis ugly note to a hard working service person. Oh….FYI….exactly where does the 10% to “God” get delivered? Where is God’s address……perhaps the “pastor’s address?” Unbelievable.

  35. Whatever church this “lady” heads up, I’d like to know. I definitely wanna steer clear of it and her teachings.

  36. Offensive, but true. Ask ANYONE who’s made a living by waiting tables, and they’ll tell you the same thing. Even my black coworkers hated waiting on black patrons because this stereotype unfortunately holds water. When you’re making less than $3 an hour and surviving on tips to get through college/etc., nothing’s worse than having a table of 8 people with a tab of $250 and get left pocket-change for the gratuity. The only reason this woman’s even apologizing is because the news story put her church on blast. If you don’t have money to tip your waiters, keep your fat ass at home and cook for yourself.

  37. The preacher should be fired for being an assh**le. How can she preach to some about doing right and wrong when she doesn’t know that answer herself. I hope her congreation moves to another church, also makes you wonder what she is doing with her tidths.

  38. What a total piece of shit loser. I hate this puke of a preacher. What a low life piece of crap! Servers make next to nothing and 18% is a LOW tip where 25% is more standard good tip these days. As most servers know tables with 8 people are very demanding, they stay forever, and they rip you off on the tip which is WHY these places make a mandatory tip for large parties. Here you have one of the lowest level jobs and hardest working people and this so called preacher has the nerve to boast about how much the preacher gives as a tithe? I wish I could tell this loser off. I cant believe a preacher would treat someone from the lowest class in such a manner. It’s like the preacher has zero clue of how Christ told Christians how to live. What a cheap piece of crap human being. Can you tell I hate this idiot? Someone please give me a means to contact this a-hole.

  39. UnFuc**** Believable !!! She Brought the Humiliation to her damn self, Cheap Ass Bastard had the balls to freaking use the name of God for her selfishness !!! How Pathetic this so called Pastor, Poor Excuse of Human Being !!! Waitress “SHOULD” SUE NOT just the Restaurant Chain but also the so called Pastor ….. Everyone know that you guys make Sh** for wages and rely on Tips, hoe freaking absurd is this ??? Reputation ??? What Reputation can this Pastor have…..with an Attitude and Behavior like this ??? People Where are we Heading ??? with Pastor like this communicating God’s words we have NO CHANCE !!!!!

  40. Brad: I got as far as the abstract, which ends with the author stating his thesis: “In general, those implications center on the need to educate Blacks about the 15 to 20 percent tipping norm.” A laughable waste of time, money and effort at Cornell.

  41. Three pastors were discussing how they divide their collective Sunday collections. The first pastor says he draws a circle on the floor, throws the money in the air. Whatever lands in the circle is for God and whatever lands outside the circle is for the pastor. The second pastor was surprised because he also draws a circle on the floor and whatever lands outside the circle is for God and whatever lands within the circle is for his own use. The third pastor excitedly explained that he too drew a circle on the floor and threw the money in the air and whatever stayed up in the air was God’s and ……

  42. Weismonger is too busy watching “Zeitgeist” and “Jesus Camp” and screaming at the television, when he/she isn’t spewing hate and racism all over the Internet to need your MLA handbook. This person gives atheists a terrible name by making people assume that atheism is synonymous with Christophobia.

  43. Oh, by the way, when you type “grade…..you twit” there are only 3 dots in an ellipsis and generally there is a space before and/or after. I’ll loan you my MLA manual if you want.

  44. Look at it this way: the girl will undoubtedly get another job; this “pastor’s” career is over. I’d say things are working out as they should.

  45. YOU LEAVE SIGMUND FREUD OUT OF THIS YOU BASTARD! HE WAS A GOOD MAN! It’s “fraud” you idiot. I almost didn’t even notice your shit spelling over your ignorance. You called Russell Lewis a “grammar idiot” when he was grammatically correct and here you can’t even spell.

  46. Thanks.
    I checked out some of his/her other comments and it seems as if you are absolutely correct. This person has one massive chip on the shoulder and a bad attitude to match. I’m expecting him/her to come back with some smart comment to my explanation… one that sounds perfectly reasonable… to him/her.

  47. I took your case about 30 min ago, unfortunately your words are lost… Looking through the comments I can see that weismonger might be the most ignorant person ever.

  48. Wow, first take her tip…and then take her job!!! Great Leadership qualities. And she preaches to OTHERS about how to live??? Scarey.

  49. Actually, I was an English major. Don’t come with attitude when you talk to someone who knows what he is talking about.
    Using the phrase “could care less” actually means that one does, in fact, possess a measurable level of caring, concern or interest of a given situation and is contradictory to the context in which that phrase is commonly used. The use of “could care less”, in fact, expresses that one does care, have an interest, or a level of concern about a topic or situation.

    Attempting to convey a position that one has no interest or concern would require the use of the phrase “couldn’t care less”, which indicates a state of mind completely devoid of caring, interest or concern. If one cannot care less, the indication is a level at which one could not possibly care less because he/she already does not care at all.

    Incorrect usage: “I could care less what he thinks…” – meaning one does care and possesses a measurable level of caring from which feeling could be subtracted.

    Correct usage: “I couldn’t care less what he thinks…” – meaning one does not care at all and thus it would be impossible to care any less or subtract feeling where none exists.

  50. Do you have a source for that 20,000 figure or do you just enjoy trolling and spewing mindless vitriol all over the Internet?

  51. Mike, you should read the actual study. It presents myriad causes for the tipping disparity. And, as you suggest, socio-economics do play a role, although not in the direct sense that one might think.

  52. Most Christians think they are “true” Christians. I used to think that until I took a really good look at myself.

  53. What an un-Christian thing for this man to do. He should be ashamed of himself. I’m certain hat God is! Boycott Applees!!!!!

  54. Alright now I think you’re just trolling. If you are claiming that the word “could” is a negative; that the past tense of the word “can” is a negative, then you are a twit and a “grammar idiot” and need to study sixth grade journalism English or whatever the hell you’re talking about.

  55. Many institutionalized religions are bad, not just Christianity. Organized religion is mostly used as a form of government, a way to control people. If people could try to act in the spirit of God, instead of following stupid dogmas created by their church/mosque/temple, we would all be better off.

  56. He doesn’t hate you, he’s just confused and angry. Probably a recent atheist and is still upset for what he perceives as being lied to his whole life. We know you’re not all alike, and that you’re wonderful people for the most part. It’s people like him that give atheists a bad name. Simply stated, we don’t believe in the existence of a god due to a lack of empirical evidence. We have nothing against Christians or any other religion aside from not subscribing to their doctrine. This guy obviously has some other issues going on. I think you’ll find that most of us are kindhearted and generous, just like you.

  57. You have a point Heather, you are probably a good person. However, you are judged by the company you keep. Being a good Christian is one notch above being a good gangster.

  58. I don’t care if she is black, white, or yellow. You shouldn’t use Gods name for your fun and games, now its going to kick your ugly ass out. Plus what she did is illegal, all franchise restaurants show 15 or 18% gratuity on their menus. Always 8 or more guest in one group. So don’t sit in the same table if you don’t want to pay it.

  59. Sorry about him, not sure what his deal is. Not all atheists are like that. But a lot of them come from religious backgrounds, and when they realize that they’ve been bamboozled for all those years, anger is a common emotion. He probably feels like he was lied to and is pretty upset. That being said, it doesn’t justify his hateful words, but hopefully one day he realizes that lashing out at people is counterproductive.

  60. Dude, chill. I get that you’re upset, and although Christianity may be as fabricated as the next religion, your comments are inflammatory and counterproductive. Alois Bell is making a bad name for Christians, but you’re certainly not making a good name for atheists by slinging hate all over the place. If you’re trying to take a rational position and make educated arguments, you are doing it wrong. Making ad hominem attacks against Christians just forces them to the defensive and makes them think that all atheists are rabid and frothing at the mouth to destroy their religion and way of life. You’re making it damn near impossible for rational people to have an intelligent discourse about religion.

  61. Applebees would rather fire a good employee the lose a customer? Well how many customers do you think you lost because of MS. Bell, she does not deserve to be called pastor. I hope her church is proud of her and the publicity she bought to them.

  62. Jamal – I agree with you and the same name can be used for any race we all have the good ones and the ones who make us look bad.

  63. This is SHAMEFUL…no excuse for THIS “pastor” or anyone else….this church needs to reach out to this waitress and help her find a new job, and in the meantime, maybe “Pastor Bell” needs to give this waitress HER salary….ANYONE who would sit in THIS church if this “Pastor” is not disciplined is helping Bell get rewarded for her SHAMEFUL behavior. If you are in this church? Either find a new church home, or insist that the church help right this wrong. I don’t think the receipt should of been put on the internet, with the NAME of the customer, BUT evil has come out of the shadows…and this IS evil.

  64. This so-called pastor is a “fraud”. I’m forwarding this story all over – facebook, twitter – I think this woman should be exposed for who she is – and that Applebees should also be exposed for the idiots they are. The customer isn’t ALWAYS right, since it is THEIR POLICY TO AUTOMATICALLY ADD THE TIP ONTO PARTIES OF 6 OR MORE – and the CUSTOMER SCRATCHED IT OFF IN THE NAME OF GOD!

  65. Boycott her church! Do not donate to her church. Do not leave anything in the passing plate.

    Waitstaff tend to make very low wages. In Michigan, it is $2.65/hr plus tips. If there are not enough tips, then the employer has to pay the difference to come to Minimum Wage.

  66. Pastor Alois Bell/Founder
    Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries
    2600 N. Florissant @ Warren

    Go Go Gadget Google!!!

  67. You are an abomination of what a true Christian and Pastor is and you are nothing but typical cheap ghetto trash that working people in the service industry have to deal with daily. That is why no one like to wait on you trash………besides does not look like you need to be eating at apple Bees but at a salad bar instead…

  68. Pardon, but your ignorance is showing. If going to hell means not having to spend eternity with the likes of you…I’m there. I’ll gladly burn in order to keep from having to listen to your bullshit any longer (my luck, your comments will send you directly to where you think you’re NOT going.)

  69. I am a Christian and I am not lazy. I’ve worked for everything I’ve had my whole life. I am not a con artist and I couldn’t care less about your money. It’s not nice to generalize people.

  70. Applebee’s fired her because they’d rather lose a dedicated employee than lose a ‘loyal’ customer like this one? Well done, they’ve just lost us as ‘loyal customers’ and we’ve never spent that little there.

  71. I am a Christian. Why do you hate me? You know nothing about me or my life or my actions. I think it’s a little presumptuous to think that all Christians are alike. We are NOT all alike. Unfortunately, the bad ones are the loudest. There are millions of WONDERFUL Christians around the world, true Christians who work on OURSELVES before we try to change other people. True Christians who wake up in the morning and think “What can I do for someone else today?” THAT is a real Christian and if you hate people like that, there is no hope for you.

  72. I hope she likes heat because she is going to burn in hell if she’s this selfish and insulting on a regular basis. I guarantee that woman doesn’t know a thing a bout the Bible OR God’s work.

  73. I know what would be funny!
    The Pastor gets to the gate and Gabriel saying come on in! Then slamming the gate in your face! Shame on you!

  74. (from a white guy) And what, pray tell, did the study say about the disparity of income between whites vs. african americans?

  75. After seeing the MS-NBC show titled: “The Ed Show,” and reading the accurate & adherent articles, I am damned sure proud of being an atheist.

    Mike Klick, St. Louis, MO

  76. Wonder what her salary is ? Maybe her church needs an IRS Audit. She was at a table with 20 people and can’t tip decently. Maybe her penance would be working as an Applebee’s waitress to atone for her greed.

  77. nice try, but not accepted. The original post is a racist rant. My post is HIGHLY likely to be a correct assumption, based on the words of the poster.

  78. She makes me sick to my stomach… She needs to be let go and see and then maybe she will know what it feels like to be fired… what goes around comes around in 1000% folds… Do not use God if you don’t want to leave a tip…. She is not a real christian

  79. That pastor is a disgrace…if you can not tip a waitress at her job then don’t expect your followers to give money to YOU and your church when you do your job…selfish hag..maybe the ones that go to her church should write little comments on a piece of paper instead of giving their money…high five to that waitress!!

  80. Are you from Alaska and do you work as a realtor? If so I am informing your employer that you are a bigot and should lose your job.

  81. Using Gods name. than the church’s do not pay taxes so I guess you are entitled not to pay taxes too. Your truly EVIL using Gods name you original intention was not to pay and you got caught. GEEZ I. Guess anybody could become Pastor#%%%#{][

  82. Did you Xians think you could tell lies and threaten people with hell to suffer for ever if we did not believe your fraud and forgeries? Really? Thanks to Internet we see you and your Pastures of Manure for what you are. SCUM and Con Artists.

  83. There are NO GOOD Christians, and pastors are nothing but Patures of Manure? Why? Because xianity is built upon lies, massive frauds and forgeries, and previous religions that the lying Xians stole from Mithraism, Egyptian mystery schools: Horus and Isis, Sol Invictus, and Apollo, including stealing other religions’ doctrines word for word, including Apollo and Mithra’s birthday, Dec 25th, being saved, “washed in the blood” and so on. Nothing is original in Christianity and now the truth is coming out including how EVIL Christians are using forgery, frauds, extortion, blackmail, and threats of being sentences to hell forever if we don’t believe their religious magic and BS. Time to pay up you lying POS Christians.

  84. WRY? WHAT THE FRACK? This Pasture of Manure absolutely proves that Christians are Liars for Christ, she is EXACTLY what a Christian is and we all know it. But, thanks to Pasture of Manure Bell, she will lead 1000s to conclude they are ATHEISTS, and we thank her. Keep up your arrogance, you child molesting, you insults of nonChristians and Atheists….show us all that make believe xian love. What a fracking joke.

  85. Really, you Pasture of Manure? 50 million people have been tortured and murdered in the name of Jesus. You are an arrogant, lying, fraud Jim, and people are leaving the “church” in droves because through the Internet we can see you for what you are…LYING forgers, money grubbing, nasty arrogant, hateful, intolerant racists.

  86. Applebee’s, let me make it clear , I would rather eat at a restaurant that has dedicated employees than an a$$^()!e customer.

  87. Then you are stupid arrogant Christian Catholic Jerk who allowed your disgusting pointy pope head to hide more than 20,000 priests who raped and molested children. The New Testament is a FRAUD. There is not one single verse or concept in the NT or OT that was not copied from previous religions. You are just stupid. Many Atheists read the NT and then did their research and found that Xianity is nothing but a FRAUD and Forgery, and what Christians DO is criminal. Christians use blackmail, extortion, forgeries, frauds, and THREATS to force and manipulate people into belief. But, keep up all your lies, you are causing millions to see you for what you are, ARROGANT Lying Scum.

  88. Absolutely correct Carolyn, and thank you for standing up and stating exactly why we HATE and pick on Christians. Because they and their arrogance deserve it, make people suffer, they rape children and refuse to prosecute, cover up all the crimes they have committed in history and now and are bunch of EVIL POS.

  89. Russell, you are a grammar idiot. “Could care less” is correct. “Could NOT care less” is redundant, and a double negative. Study journalism English instead of what you learned in the sixth grade….you twit.

  90. Lonnie, you nailed it right on the head. WE should ALL hate Christians for covering up and refusing to prosecute 30,000 preachers and priests who RAPED and MOLESTED children. And that fat hog Pasture of Manure Alois Bell who caused a waitress to lose her job, the waitress need to file a lawsuit against her and her disgusting arrogant church and get damages.

  91. I am picking on all these arrogant, disgusting, narcisstic Liars for Christ bunch of LAZY Con Artists who are interested ONLY in your money.

  92. I hate Christians and all religions that have caused all the millions of murders and wars since recorded history. Christians alone murdered 50 million people in the name of god and Jesus. They force themselves you; seek to make you appear evil, and inferior if you don’t join the Liars for Christ Club; demand you obey Christianity, believe they are superior; and on and on. Christianity and all religion is a belief in magic…and does not work. There is no such thing as magic. The worst part of Christianity is what they do to children. 200,000 molested and raped children by Christians also proves there is no god. The bible is a fraud and a forgery and none of it can be proven to have been written in the first, second, or third century. Yes, I hate Christians for good reason.Now tell me again why I should believe in the imaginary Jesus?

  93. Because FREUD Christians are the dominant religion in the US. Are you stupid or what? And Christians are notorious for forcing themselves on you, and just like YOU FREUD, you state that Jesus is the one true savior. YOU HAVE ZERO PROOF that Jesus ever lived. None. Jesus and the bible is a massive fraud and a forgery. There is not one single original (key word) Christian document before the 4th century. Why? Because its a forgery and a hoax. This POS Pasture of Manure absolutely proves there is no god or Jesus.

  94. Correct. I worked as a waitress for 8 years and HATED waiting on a table of Blacks, because even if they have money they do not tip. They learned nothing from slavery.

  95. Any Christian of any color is a POS Liar for Christ. She and all the other Christian racists, liars, thieves, scam and con artists, and child rapists…and why do they do this in the name of god? Because they are forgiven in advance, which is the most ridiculous statement in all of history. And all this Pasture of Manure believes is necessary to stop her being such a PIG is apologize. I want to vomit. But, Know This, Atheism is growing all over the world because the Internet no longer allows such POS as this to hide and control the message.

  96. Did this stupid, arrogant pasture of manure APOLOGIZE to the Waitress and help her get her job back. NO! I am an atheist because the Liars for Christ believe that they are forgiven in advance so they can do anything they want because they are god’s special people and the rest of us are just SHLT. I am sick of Christians and their LIES. AFter the Roman Catholic church covered up raping more than 200,000 children, it was absolutely proof that god does not exist. The 200,000 is all that we know about, but raping children has been something Christians have been doing for the past 1500 years. Its time to dump this disgusting bunch of filth.

  97. This is exactly why I am an ATHEIST. Christians are racist, arrogant, nasty, dictatorial people whose delusions cause them to believe they have a right to insult and discriminate the rest of us. I will also NOT ever eat at Appleby’s again for the rest of my life and spend a lot of money eating out…if they promote the cause of Christianity and FIRE people who have a right to FIGHT BACK against such Christian Racism.

  98. as someone who waitressed through high school, college, and grad school, I can attest to this. Even our servers of color grumbled when they were seated an AA table. Sunday afternoon: after church rush-many large parties that run you ragged, take up all the tables, and dont tip. The busiest day was the least profitable. I am not prejudiced in any way-not getting into details here, but NOT-but this is a fact from 12 years of waitressing

  99. She has the nerve to call herself Christian….maybe God should strip her of her church cause HE surely left the house.

  100. You think we’d be fine if the Pope, or anyone else, had done the same? And what the hell is a Buddhist Muslim? Buddhists don’t believe in a creator, but that is a core belief of Islam.

  101. You called Applebee’s and demand everyone be FIRED for this event, and now that you realize the public in general finds your behavior abhorrent, you’re “sorry”?! What an outrageous CROCK.

  102. The fact that Applebee’s fired the waitress “rather than lose an angry customer” kind of irks me. So how about this Applebee’s, you just lost a regular customer by sticking up for a bully using religion as a scapegoat in order to treat people like trash.

  103. “Pastor Alois Bell offers self-serving appology for trotting out “god” as an excuse to stiff a waitress, then defending her christian dignity by getting waitress fired.” is a better, though wordier headline.

  104. Besides insulting and shortchanging a hard working waitress during tough times in the world, you then have the audacity to get her fired. No one knew who you were, you should have just let it go and suffered some well deserved embarrassment. Now we know you, hate you, and to add to a stereotype on tipping that has been a running joke for decades, you’re black. Pathetic! Yes I pointed it out, so bring it. I have no respect for you. And you work in god’s name. I have trouble believing it.

  105. by the way,about 10,000 ppl on twitter and 20,000 onfacebook are boycotting applebees,and you can leave a message for pastor alois bell. just type “truth in the world deliverance ministries church/st.louis” in your search engine, click on the link for the one with a congragation of 1-49,click to leave a message,and have fun!!! tell the cheap bitch what you think of her!make her feel as ashamed as she should be!!

  106. The topic is NOT about religon,it is about a cheap bitch.No offence when I say this,because it is a stereotype,but, there is an old joke in the restaurant community,(i’ve worked in it for 25 yrs),”i’m going to go buy a canoe,and I’m going to paint it black.that way I know it won’t tip”…sad but true.Only about 15% of black people that do not work in the restaurant industry tip well,and those that do get it!

  107. She teaches and coaches as a pastor to be Christ-like. Really, this uneducated and foolish woman has any position of influence over anyone? Well, what an example she has made with her terrible behavior. We may actually learn from her example how NOT to be!

  108. I hope she is removed from her pulpit over this. I’m so mad I could spit. How dare she get that server fired and THEN say how “sorry” she is. She can stick that apology where the sun don’t shine.

  109. What “false idols” do Catholics worship? You sound like a total moron for someone who’s trying to spew theological expertise.

  110. There’s this funny stereotype that black folks don’t like to tip. More often than not I’ve seen it hold true.

  111. G-d has nothing to do with this. SHE did it. G-d expects us to take responsibility for our actions. She used G-d to further her cheap agenda. I guarantee you, He ain’t happy right now. Why does she feel G-d would want a waitress, who basically works for tips, to serve her? Does she think she is better than others? She should call and demand that the girl be reinstated or they would lose her as a customer. Since they think a customer is more important than ethics (especially an unethical customer), they would reconsider.

  112. so shes black and a female…………interesting. i was wondering why the media wasnt posting her ugly mug.

  113. Its because she thinks she is related to Obama in some way… how embarrassing Cheap Cheap person, she does not know what it is to serve people… she needs to get on her knees and wash that staffs feet if she wants to forgive … I will never set foot in her church again.. she wants special treatment because she thinks she suppose to get it? she is spending all her money probably living on credit.. And I am glad that waitress did that … to let everyone see she is a hypocrite…. The Church Needs A man to Pastor.. women are ministers she is in sin anyways… women are not to pastor anyone just minister.. No pun in tended… I believe according to scriptures Man is head of the home and is accountable for actions of his family that woman needs to find a hole and crawl in it..

  114. This so called Pastor has no character. The church should be ashamed and they could do the right thing and replace their Pastor. She will be judged one day and it won’t be pretty.

  115. Every Sunday they pass around a basket which I always contribute to. Doesn’t Jesus work for tips? Seems so to me. Pastor Bell should be 86ed ASAP ( to use restaurant terms). Sucks for the Pastor that Applebee’s probably wouldn’t hire her to wash dishes.

  116. AND notice that she scratched out the 18%, failing to realize 8 people in the total party, yet she wanted to make sure the waitress that served her got nothing. A waitress that works on tips and served a party of 8. Who else in the party failed to leave a tip or scratch it out? What would God say if he were there?

  117. Im shocked, “lapse in judgment” this from minister. You are suppose to serve others. This person served you, and your 7 guest, and made nothing and got fired because of your “lapse in judgement” I think you are just a cheap woman that needs to re-read the word of God. all in the name of religion to be CHEAP! show up at your church and put a note in the offering plate. I pay your salary, you dont need anymore.

  118. The pastor’s congregation should fire her and support the waitress until she finds new employment. I will never go to Applebees again either for their part in this

  119. The same God who heals, delivers, and saves, also can curb you appetite and heal your bitter heart. Don’t eat out again if you are not capable of reflecting a good attitude with the expectation of paying your bill, because your not the cute, smart, special, nor does your title put you above anyone else, see people eye to eye, your not above them. save a soul not break a soul.

  120. I believe her when she says she gives 10% to Jesus. That’s from the collections. She keeps the other 90%, which I think is generous of her. If I was a pastor I would take all the money from the collections and throw it in the air and whatever God wanted he could take. Whatever falls to the ground is mine.

  121. Pastor Alois Bell, you should be ashamed, it’s appalling, horrific and just foolish. Your worried about your reputation, you should, what you did and what your now getting is self inflicted. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. I have pity for you, because you failed big time, but again it was self inflicted. I hope your corrected harshly on it as the waitress was treated harshly by you, then her employer.

  122. I agree. That”s as dumb as saying all priests rape children when in fact it is slightly less than half who do.

  123. This “pastor” is a disgusting person and ought to be ashamed, but I think all she is really worried about are her reputation and its affect on her future. I don’t think “Christian” has anything to do with it one way or the other.

  124. Spoken like a true Christian. And sorry I don’t shit Bibles. Though I am certain that is how they are produced. Just not by me.

  125. She is a terrible person, and a true testament to the condition of the Christian Church. The Bible says “If you are lukewarm I will spit you out and deny you in front of my father.”

  126. Catholics are Christians, dumbass – we worship Jesus as the son of God and revere and worship the holy Trinity. (Also, are you serious? Jews, Muslims, and the Catholic Church are ridiculed on a regular basis on TV etc. (Pedo-priest jokes, greedy Jew jokes, that redneck idiot with his “sidekick” Achmed…)

    Also, are you suggesting that this “pastor” is being attacked for her “Christian” disposition?

    Read the New Testament – Jesus would have humbled her with this: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cumin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.”

    And he would have humbled you with this: 1Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

  127. No because of how much I use it.

    Rats don”t need to masturbate, they use their shit. And for what it’s worth, it ain’t the wand, it’s the magician. If you got laid more often the girls would have told you.

    You do date girls don”t you? Just asking because you seem to have an outsized interest in other guys junk. An interest that frankly I don’t share.

  128. this poor waitress,she is more spiritualthan the so called pastor, I know by expierience,theese holier than thoughs expect you to run ragged for them,give out free stuff,and give lousy tips. I had a lifetime of slingin hash all my life, sundays were brutal.one time I was takeing there order, and they all wear theese big comical hats, I glanced at the hat ,and the pastor screamed at me , what am I lookin at!!??I wanted to say I am looking at how stupid you look, lady of Christ. then I told my boss Last time I wait on them,needles to say they worked thier way back to me, and acted much nicer!

  129. This woman isn’t a Christian. Writing the note, then her vengeful outrage over being exposed as a sanctimonious cheapskate, exemplify the exact opposite of Christian principles. She’s a disgrace, a charlatan, a hypocrite, and a con artist.

  130. If she really was sorry she would have helped her find a new Job and gave her a big tip…but we know that wouldnt happen. I see why people pull from religion and away from God over stupid people like that! she dont need to have a church! Trash!

  131. I actually have no problem with the woman contesting the 18%, it always makes me a bit mad too.(I usually tip 25%, as a former waitress, but i just want the choice of how much I tip). I just cant stand the fact she left nothing. I love people who love to preach the lord and make it clear to everyone their affiliation with the church, but don’t live their real life as Jesus would. Hope she sleeps well tonight as a waitress now has no job.

    A congregation of 15? she either is a terrible pastor/preacher that she cant gather more , or got her ‘degree’ from one of those mail order places for the tax right off.

  132. I waited tables for over 3 years, and my first thought when I read this article was – “I bet this customer was black”. And now my suspicions are confirmed. I remember the GOOD tips I received from black customers because they were so infrequent. So maybe this has less to do with her being “Christian” and more to do with her being “black”. Just saying…

  133. Shame on this “pastor”! Not only did she have a “lapse in judgement” in using God as an excuse for her being stingy, but she also caused the waitress to get fired. Shouldn’t there be some sort of minimum qualification to becoming a pastor, or is everyone allowed to just call themselves as such? Applebee’s was so concerned about Alois Bell being angry that they just sacrificed a ‘dedicated’ employee. Well guess what, Applebee’s, your action by siding with Alois Bell has made me just as angry, and will never ever eat at your establishment again.

  134. I’m sure this isn’t the first time this pastor has done this… it’s just the first time someone has called her out.

  135. Sadly, there is a difference between being black and being the N word. I’m black and I can say that people like her are the ones set a bad example for people of color.

  136. What a horrible example for a pastor and a supposed Christian. She’s the kind of person that gives a bad name to good pastors and believers. She should be the one be polite and forgiving. I don’t believe she is sorry at all. She’s only sorry that she caught doing wrong.

  137. I am going to say it. Women are the worst tippers. Black women are the worst of the women. Add religion to it, you are screwed. I say this person is wrong and should be punished by her peers. The woman who got fired was treated wrongly. Stop putting your sex, race and religion in the mix when you go out to eat. Don’t like it, go to McDonalds!

  138. Maybe because the hindu and catholics realize waiters DONT WORK FOR FREE Jesus isnt paying her bills, the good people of this world helping out a woman who works for way below min wage are going to HEAVEN!!!! Take your holier than thou talk and SHOVE IT!!!!!

  139. You don’t hear complaints (except about the catholics) because those others don’t act like self righteous asp hats!

  140. Cheap arrogant “pastor” how dare you stiff a hardworking girl?! I guess some people will always be ignorant thinking the world owes them something. I have read so many comments that people will not be returning to CRAPplebees myself included!!!!

  141. Oh….that ads an even GREATER dimention to the story. She tithes to her church. HER church. Tax deduction for contributing to her own salary. NICE.

  142. Well, I would say I won’t eat at an establishment like Appleby’s that does not value its employees…..but I did not eat there any way.

  143. Character is what your actions are when you think that noone is watching. Yes, Bell’s character has been ruined, but not by the waitress’ actions, but by her own. Boycott Applebees for firing this employee.

  144. The pastor is a worthless human being who will be joining me in Hell… At least I know I am a sinner, unlike this woman who hides behind God and hurting others through her actions.

  145. Sorry. she’s just sorry she got caught. First she stiffs the poor young girl, then insults her using God as her ammo, and then the B**** goes and gets her fired. What kind of creature of God is this, she should be fired from her job as well, she started the whole mess.

  146. Sad. She really put herself above that waitress, judged her as if she made up the tip, bragged on her own methods as to how she receives her blessings…all unchristian like behavior, and should be grounds for dismissal for a “woman of God” with followers! Stop treating people if you can’t afford it. And she says her heart is broken…YOU TALKED THE TALK, THEN WEN YOU WERE CALLED OUT AND EMBARRASSED, YOU WENT BACK FOR VENGEANCE. I feel bad for those who follow this chick. She’s leading you to hell.

  147. I don’t get why the Pastor is upset at the waitress??? It isn’t the waitresses policy to add 18%…that would be the policy of the restaurant that fired her. Good job Pastor I hope you are proud!

  148. You are a sick woman Alois Bell!!!!! You got caught being a snooty, pretentious bitch to this waitress, and showed how truly IGNORANT you are. So sad that you think you can write something like this, and expect not to be exposed. You definitely don’t deserve any type of apologies.

  149. Damn Preacher…when the lord said you gotta rise on upppa…he wasn’t talking about your weight! You should be ashamed of your self.

  150. You should never ever have to give money to God. God can change water into wine and pull countless number of fish out of a bag. He will never go hungry. Charity begins at home. Don’t give your money to charlatans, who spend your money to eat at Restaurants and insult the waitress.

  151. This pastor is not a follower of God, she is a real bitch. I hope her church realizes the type of REAL person she is, its not a person of GOD. She is petty, cheap and probably demanding. People like her make me sick, they give real preachers a bad name. She is not a good person, she must follow the satanic path to be so vindictive. I hope Applebees lose customers just so they can save this one who is a real loser.

  152. This is a classic case of a cheap and mean individual. She had no intention of tipping anyone when she walked into that restaurant. However, I bet she had that poor waitress, who is only trying to make an honest living, run back and fourth to get her a drink refills. If you don’t want to tip, then stay home and serve yourself! Cook your own food! Get your own drinks! and clean up after yourself! Don’t waist the time of those hard working individuals that work hard to serve you then go home only to serve themselves which this “Pastor” could have done for herself. Then she has the nerve to add insult to injury by putting that rude comment on the receipt? I’m a God fearing man so I won’t call her what I really think she is. However, it’s leaders and “Pastors” like this that has made me stop going to Church. Hypocrites.

  153. Don’t blame Christianity. This pastor needed to be humbled. Large groups typically are tagged with an involuntary gratuity by the restaurant. She shouldn’t have shot her mouth off in her note to the waitress. She should have directed her comment to the manager. She is a troubled soul and not an adequate representative of what it means to be a Christian.

  154. I won’t attempt to discredit the study. I know plenty of AA friends who I’d like to slither under the table in embarrassment because of how they tip. I’ve worked as a waitress once so I tend to tip at least 15% (even with poor service) or more and I even tip on take out orders. I will say that I’ve noticed some waiters approach black guests different than others. I’ve had situations where I would watch the waiter do several passes to other tables while I could barely get their attention to ask for silverware or order my first drink. It’s as if some of them are so used to getting or assuming they’re going to get a bad tip that they don’t try to do as much as they would for a table of another race. I’m sure for some AA’s who tip well that might be a cause to tip little or none. I think it’s become kind of a full circle issue at this point.

  155. First of all sweet bigot, Catholics are Christians! And secondily you’re picked on for your arrogance, your UnChristian righteousness and your judgmental behavior. It’s people like you that make REAL Christians embarrassed to admit it.

  156. ‘Pastor’ Alois Bell..YOU ALONE..damaged your reputation! You added the word Pastor on that bill like an apostrophe! You live your life wearing religion like a sheild ..while acting like n Entiled Bitch! True Colors Run Deep.. I hope your followers see your farce!

  157. Although I think Bells note on the tip was in extremely bad taste I do believe the waitress was wrong in posting the receipt especially since she did not block Alois’s name from the receipt. I’m not exactly mad at Applebees as much as I’m mad at Alois and I already posted a message to her church to let them know she put their church in a bad light even if the waitress and Applebees staff were the only persons to see that message.

  158. Women are just the worse tippers period. Its just makes it worse when its a women using religion to avoid doing the right (chrisitian) thing in helping those less fortunate.

  159. They don’t work for tips in Europe and I’ve heard the service is god awful. It’s motivation to work hard. But yeah, my below minimum wage salary working in a restaurant was miserable.

  160. I don’t condone racism and don’t really want to generalize, but having had lots of restaurant experience this is, unfortunately, a fair generalization. In my experience (mine and my co-workers) it is generally known that the majority of black people do not tip well. You said you tip well, which is awesome, but in general it’s not that way. I don’t assume anything when I’m working and provide the same level of service to everyone though, because if I didn’t I’d deserve a low tip.

  161. My daughter is a server and she has told me stories about the “church crowd” and how cheap they are. They come in with a huge crowd. Sometimes with several unruly children. They make many repeated and unusual requests. Drive the server crazy and leave miserly tips. The color of skin is not a factor here. Cheap comes in all colors.

  162. 1) shes not sorry!! 2) I would’ve posted the receipt too! 3) she has no choice but to give her “10%” b/c shes a small church.. hey how many people have you pushed away in this “lapse” of judgement! 4) all she did was add more hate and frustration among OTHER people who have absolutly nothing to do with the this… 5) question to the pastor… now that this has went insane, and yes we know you wouldn’t have done it knowing you could’ve got caught, but seeing the hatred you spread not on you BUT ON GOD, b/c lets face it that’s who you’re representing, have you realized that you failed this simple test of patience and position and simply “woman of God”…… or did you just see thru the small frame. Your “church and ministry” isn’t all that’s tainted now… you lead your flock, you tainted them as well. She what happens when you don’t folow Gods will!!! (this isnt worth the added grammer and spell check) hate fakers!!!

  163. Not that I don’t agree with the… intent, I guess… of what you’re saying, but the word “ironic” doesn’t really apply here. Words like suspicious, unverifiable, meritless, opportunistic, and egocentric come to mind, but there is nothing really ironic about it.

  164. Jeez dude. Way to take a subtle argument, then stamp “I’m a complete dumb fuck!” All over it and make the rest of us white folk look stupid. I will admit from being a waiter for a decade, they rarely tip. And my wife is Asian and will admit to being a horrible driver. And I’m white and admit to not being able to keep my sexy-ness under wraps. Sorry everyone. Timberlake brought it back, I just can’t stop improving on it.

  165. Nope, actually here were many forms of Christianity in existence before Catholicism was formalized. If Jesus had started Catholicism, Catholics would be using Aramaic not Latin. The fact that they use Latin is proof that Christianity has mo to do with Roman Paganism than it does to the religion of the bible.

  166. How is it proof that jesus is a savior because atheists reject him? Thatnjustbis not logical. Face is. Jesus is just a dead first century Jew who waned the Romans out of his country. He is not a god nor a messiah. Cyrus the Great was called God’s Messiahnin Isaiah 45 not Jesus.

  167. Actually, no one “picks on” them because they don’t carry the massively inflated ego and self righteousness that people such as yourself do. This is not to say that all Christians are like you, of course. In fact, I’d say that no Christians behave as you do, as any true Christian who actually follows the teachings of the bible would possibly be such a prideful, self righteous, ignorant dick.

  168. Shut up. That’s not proof that Jesus is the “true savior” at all. It just makes you gullible, dick wad.

  169. Maybe you missed the part where this woman is being a cheapskate? Or is that okay in the eyes of the Lord? Where in the Bible does it say, “Thou shalt stiff thy waitstaff of their wages, even though it may cause them fiscal hardship?” If this woman were TRULY Christlike, she’d have tipped 50% or more. Jesus wouldn’t have stiffed the girl.

  170. Where’s Anonymous? It needs to look
    into Pastor Alois Bell, and of the St. Louis-based Truth in the World
    Deliverance Ministries, along with Applebee’s

  171. Actually, without taking sides in the matter.. that study wasn’t actually measuring whether blacks tip less or not; it measured how servers FEEL about the amount that black people tip. There are many factors that could potentially influence that perception, and in fact, plenty of prior studies that prove disposition alone affects perception, especially in a self-report study.

  172. This pastor should be ashamed of herself. This waitress would still have a job if she did not behave in such a classless manner. wwjd

  173. “Pastor” Bell – please note the quotations to show my lack of belief in that title – you dear lady – are a bitch. Sure glad I dont work at Applebee’s – they might fire me too.

  174. Wouldn’t expect any less. African Americans are notorious for bad (if any) tipping, apparently they think it doesn’t apply to them, yet they are the most demanding and obnoxious customers around. Nobody wants to wait on them because they know they’ll work their a$$ off and get nothing for it.

  175. Tithing equals 10% of your total INCOME…a tip is 18% of a maybe $10 hamburger…I think Pastor lady can afford it.

  176. If I was the pastor dining out would not be on my list of things to do. Ironcally foodhandlers can do ungodly things to the food of the godly woman

  177. It was bad enough that Pastor Alois Bell, of the Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries Church in St. Louis, exemplified the polar opposite of what anyone associated with organized religion aspires by being a sanctimonious bitch in her diatribe concerning her lofty position with God, but then getting the waitress fired by complaining to Applebee’s management over the posted receipt is an outright EVIL action. After reading the initial article concerning the posted receipt, I had no idea of the city, the restaurant or the “good” pastor’s name, but now I know all three – a big “Thank You” goes out to Pastor Bell for her follow-up action of getting the waitress fired – nice apology, NOT…

    While I’ve never met the “good” pastor, I now envision her as a true holier-than-thou hate monger who preaches hell, fire and brimstone to her flock and scorns other religions and their followers, not to mention other impoverished or mal-treated members of society who don’t fit into her model of an utopian existence. It has always been my policy to judge people by how they treat people in the service industry (wait staff, clerks, custodians, etc.). Judging by Pastor Bell’s multiple disgraceful actions, she has a pleasant afterlife in hell (her beliefs, not mine) awaiting her because there is no way she can convince me she’s going to heaven.

    As for Applebee’s, I can promise you that I’ll never eat there again.

  178. Actually, it’s “oouldn’t care less”, which means you are already at the lowest ability to care. In this context, “could care less” wouldn’t make sense. Of course you probably couldn’t care less about this explanation.

  179. Like Christians should change their stereotypes of being mean spirited, cheap and sanctimoniousness instead of bash those of us who call you bad Christian out on your bullshit. I have Christian friends who are more upset about this than I am, because they know it makes them all look bad. Police your own okay?

  180. Here I spent all this time trying to reason with this kid (see below), and you said it more succinctly than I ever could – in three words.

  181. Please don’t every use religion as a justification for your actions. I’ll pray that maybe one day you’ll understand exactly what you are preaching. A young lady has lost her job because she served you and your party. Was her serves so bad that you had to make that comment. I would have went to management.

  182. First, No one picks on Jew or Muslims? Really? Secondly, are you claiming this wasn’t done by a woman who was filled with pride ( a Christian sin) who is a Christian Pastor. Finally, don’t be so defensive when one of your own does hypocritical harm to others. I like to imagine that Jesus would have been loving, compassionate and forgiving of the pastor and her prideful sin, but he wouldn’t been compassionate to the waitress who was so grievously harmed also. Some of us who have been and continue to be the victims of prideful, holier-than-thou, mean spirited Christians just know Christians by the fruits that they bear. You have not changed our minds with your Christlike love.

  183. No one is “picking” on Christians here. This lady, who happens to be a Christian pastor ( we know because she went through the trouble to write “Pastor” on her reciept) used her religion as an excuse to be cheap. I would take issue with any person who did such a thing, regardless of their religious affiliation. Also, I’m not sure why your vendetta against Catholics, but they are in fact Christians. They also don’t worship any idols; I know because I used to be one. You make claims about false religions pretty confidently; how do you know yours is the one true religion? Atheists don’t hate Jesus, in fact, I think most would agree that he’s a pretty swell guy. However, we don’t believe that he was the son of God, or that God exists for that matter, because there is no empirical evidence to prove it. That being said, it is not possible to hate something that you don’t believe exists, it defies logic. So I don’t hate Jesus any more than I don’t hate Buddha, Mohammed, Zeus, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Not only is your claim of Atheists hating Jesus completely false, even if it were true it proves nothing. Lots of people hate the Westboro Baptist Church, the KKK, and Hitler, does that make them our “true saviors?” You’re either a very successful troll or a wildly misinformed Christian.

  184. I am totally ashamed of how you used Gods name to condone your actions I am sorry but that young lady had every right to expose you for the fake you are.

  185. I am a bartender for Applebees and I can honestly say that I feel like I am a valued employee. The talk of boycotting Applebee’s over their business decision to fire her will only take money out of all of our pockets. The restaurant had full authority to do what they did; it would be no different than me running after a customer in the parking lot to shame them on a bad tip. Unfortunately bad tips are part of the business we are in and to post it for the world to see (which I am sure we all would love to do at one time or another) is unprofessional on her part. As for the Pastor, well shame on you. You have given organized religion another black eye. To use God as an excuse for your cheapness is totally unexceptable and she, as well as the server, should be fired. Thanks to all that do tip and please remember most of us make 2.13 an hour and rely on you to make up the difference, if the service is bad thats one thing…if the food was bad remember your server did not cook it.

  186. Alois Bell is an ignorant representation of Christianity. If she does actually give 10%, it is of her wages, not what she spends. She is the reason why people have trouble with women pastors, we feel they will misrepresent and misunderstand their position. Proof positive.

    She was embarrassed by the viral pic? how about now that she got her fired? DUH!!! That wasn’t going to be too hard to figure out.

    If she didn’t want to tip, she should have stayed at home in the kitchen where she belongs. I mean that in no way to offend every hard working woman in the world, but if this stupid woman wants to make it in a man’s world (i.e. a pastor) then she should learn how to act accordingly. She is nothing more than a fine example of why Christianity has so many struggles, and if anything has driven more people away from God than to him and for that she will be judged.

  187. SO TRUE! I have been a server in 3 different states off and on for about 8 years and this has been true. A bummer too because you never want to approach a table with the idea that you’re not going to get a tip but after you’ve been stiffed by the “same table” over and over again you can’t help but think it. And most are super needy and rude. They act like they are your only table and demand your attention at all times. It wouldn’t be a big deal if they tipped but that is unfortunately not always the case.

  188. This is so typical. Let’s be honest. The majority of black people do not tip well and Pastor Bell is just another one of them. I will give you a top. Go back to Africa.

  189. As a Christian, I am outraged at the behavior of this so-called pastor because it strengthens the common stereotypes of Christians being hypocritical and sanctimonious.

    I was a bartender for 15 years in 3 different cities and two states. I can tell you without a doubt that MOST black people do NOT tip. There have been studies on it. http://www.hotelschool.cornell.edu/research/chr/pubs/reports/abstract-13851.html
    It may not be politically correct but it is the TRUTH.

    BlackGuyInAmerica, you may well be the exception to the rule however instead of being outraged at the stereotype, maybe you should direct your anger at those who create the stereotype.

  190. What a horrible person. Not only does she not tip, she gets people fired for petty reasons. A lot more people know her name and face now because of her complaint.

  191. I think you may be closer to the truth. Black people don’t tip and black eople don’t get world class service. As my great aunt would say black people “are more sinned against than sinned”

  192. Well, we now have testimony from one black person who claims he does indeed tip. So, let’s amend the stereotype. One black person tips, the rest don’t?

  193. this is how it works u forgive those who trespass againt u and u forgive but God would not be please with u getting that person fired from her job she works hard like everyone else does in ur church does she not deserve to keep her job just cause she posted something about u and show to the world how u acted if u didnt want it online u shouldnt have put it on paper u should contact applebee’s and let them know to hire her back that’s what God would want if u don’t ur not a good christian

  194. Obviously you didn’t think before you typed or you would have realized that those “so called religions” would receive the same well deserved criticism if they were to behave as arrogant and ignorant as this “christian” did?

  195. atheist dont hate christian,, they hate people who claimed to be christian but spreading false christianity. Christianity has some of the nicest followers, but some are outright loud and vindictive, who instead of spreading love, is spreading hate, who instead accept others for what they are, denounced and humiliate them on their faith. someone like you. i’m not even christian, but im so glad my religion don’t have someone like you who are giving your own religion a bad name in the mean of your action

  196. I couldn’t agree more, its sad the world we live in, so many not practicing what they preach, they will pay for it one day!!

  197. Maybe because those other religions are slightly less sactimonious and hypocritical.

    Also’ you need to put your crystal meth pipe down. Catholics are the ONLY Christian religion, as their religion was started by Jesus H Christ himself and spread directly by his personal disciples. The other “Christian” religions were started by crackheads with delusions of grandeur. Christ started the Catholic Church, addled man started all of the other Christian cults.

  198. This pastor is rude and obnoxious because she thinks she is better than this waitress. She is too arrogant and smug to be a pastor. Shame on you Alois Bell you are not doing God’s work. Do you think if you give 10% to the church you don’t have to pay for everything else? Break your party up if you don’t want to pay the mandatory tip or go eat some place else. I bet you don’t even want to pay a tip at all cheapskate.

  199. Another reason why people tend to pick on Christians if you will… you call every single one “false” or “so-called” as if you’re the only ones that even matter. And atheists…. hooo, lordie GOD don’t get me started on how secretly you despise and hate them. Wish to know why people hate on fundies? That’s number 80 out of the list of 1000. I wouldn’t take the reason people hate your tactics as proof of “true savior” bull crap. It’s more like Proof that most Christian fundies are full of SHIAT.

  200. When I was a server quite a few years ago my “salary” was 1/2 minimum wage plus tips. There was 10% of my total “sales” withheld for taxes as required by the IRS at that time. Both the restaurant and IRS consider tips as part of a server’s wages. To not tip at least 10% is actually costing the server money to wait on you. The pastor should be castrated and publicly humiliated for such an asinine act of total disdain toward another human being. Applebee’s is just another corporate piece of slime that also has total disdain for it’s employees. Besides, it’s CORPORATE policy to add 18% to the tab for large groups, not the servers!! The pastor and Applebee’s deserve each other. The server deserves better!

  201. I hope she’s happy! By being rude, disrespectful and above all UNKIND (what happened to treat one like you would like to be treated, or how about Inviting guests in, you may entertain angels?) She got a hardworking waitress who waited on a table of more than 8 people FIRED, why? Because it embarassed her. WELL TOUGH. Grow up. If you want to be a witch – expect consequences. She’s right, she is an embarrassment to pastors everywhere. She is an embarrassment to those who work to be kind to all and who work to serve those less fortunate. I hope someone steps forward and offers this hardworking young woman a job – and the pastor gets fired. A bad day is one thing — being deliberately unkind and cruel – and using the name of the Lord to do so, shows she is unworthy of being a church leader.

  202. Applebee’s couldn’t do that. Alois Bell is black, and they are more terrified of upsetting the “black racist” cart than firing some poor working schlub. I’ve worked restaurants for years, and that’s the truth of it. BTW, black people usually don’t tip. Not all, but most, and that’s not racism, that’s experience. They are usually also demanding, and most people don’t want to wait on them, INCLUDING the black waitstaff. So, fire away with your hysteria people, but the truth is the truth.

  203. I cannot believe a pastor would do this, She should be ashamed of herself the servers live on tips and basically she said that they don’t deserver the pay. I think this pastor should not be allowed to preach anymore. Shame on Applebees fro caving on this, it is truly pathetic what it really comes down to it!

  204. No one is hating Christians, T.O. This woman is NO CHRISTIAN, and if you were a Christian, you would understand that as well.

  205. She is a horrible person. I hope her entire congregation sees her as the charlatan she is. She is NOT a Christian, and certainly should not have the title of “Pastor.” What a shameful witness she is–another wolf in sheep’s clothing. The only church she should be pastoring is the Church of Satan.

  206. because most of the representatives of those other religions aren’t running around like sanctimonious a-holes … that’s why!


    Pastor Alois Bell/Founder
    Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries
    2600 N. Florissant @ Warren
    Sanctified Through thy Truth

  208. Catholics are Christians. They have had their share of bashing due to the pedo scandals and if you haven’t noticed the dislike of Muslims in America you have not been paying attention. Buddhists and Hindu’s don’t run around my neighborhood trying to proselytize me, yell at me on the street or gleefully gloat about how I will burn in hell for eternity for not being just like them. If you can’t figure out why Christians get held up for judgment then I guess there is no real hope you will understand this post.

  209. Everyone seems to hate the Christians. I wonder why nobody ever picks on the Hindu, or Buddhist Muslim, Catholics (who worship false idols), other so called religions? Oh yea, I forgot, those are false religions and I guess you atheist could care less about someone following a path to hell. Ever notice how Atheist hate Jesus but could care less about other false religions? Proof that Jesus is the “TRUE SAVIOR”.

  210. rofl… the Christian who says Catholics faith isn’t real… You do know where Protestantism stole its dogmatic principles from, don’t you? How about the council of Nicea (325 AD)? I’d insult you but your obvious ignorance about your own religion has already done so for me. No one hates Jesus, they just hate ignorant “Christians” that do such idiotic things in his name. You and your comments are fine examples of that.

  211. Everyone seems to hate the Christians. I wonder why nobody ever picks on the Hindu, or Buddhist Muslim, Catholics (who worship false idols), other so called religions? Oh yea, I forgot, those are false religions and I guess you atheist could care less about someone following a path to hell. Ever notice how Atheist hate Jesus but could care less about other false religions? Proof that Jesus is the “TRUE SAVIOR”. Amen.

  212. Everyone seems to hate the Christians. I wonder why nobody ever picks on the Hindu, or Buddhist Muslim, Catholics (who worship false idols), other so called religions? Oh yea, I forgot, those are false religions and I guess you atheist could care less about someone following a path to hell. Ever notice how Atheist hate Jesus but could care less about other false religions? Proof that Jesus is the “TRUE SAVIOR”.

  213. Everyone seems to hate the Christians. I wonder why nobody ever picks on the Hindu, or Buddhist Muslim, Catholics (who worship false idols), other so called religions? Oh yea, I forgot, those are false religions and I guess you atheist could care less about someone following a path to hell. Ever notice how Atheist hate Jesus but could care less about other false religions? Proof that Jesus is the “TRUE SAVIOR”. Amen.

  214. Typical self righteous, hypocritical Christian. The waitress was paid less than minimum wage to serve you, but you couldn’t just write a zero and leave. Sticking the waitress with no tip wasn’t enough, A person is unemployed because of you. Oh yeah, but you’re Christian. F that waitress then just ask for forgiveness. It’s all good!

  215. pastor Alois Bell should resign and please, don’t preach anyone else due to lack of socialite and self fish. look over and over the comments on any social network to see who was right and wrong. I felt so bad for miss Welch, try to work for living and still can make it. Alois Bell is really bad !!!

  216. That pastor is a scumbag and absolutely should be embarrassed for what she did. I don’t drink the christ kool-aid but I had always assumed a pastor or priest was supposed to set the example for their flock. If so, then she and her flock must be real pieces of shit.

  217. P.S. did you pay for that fancy necklas and nice cloths with that blood money, or did you get it with your income tax check…..Oh that’s right you don’t pay any taxes do you

  218. Everyone seems to hate the Christians. Go pick on the Buddhist, Catholics(who worship men and false idols), Hindu, Muslims, or some other religion. Oh yeah, I forgot, you don’t take the time to hate them because they are not real. Jesus is the the most hated of all time. Ever notice that aethiest could care less about other “so-called religions”. Proof that Jesus Christ is the true savior. God Bless You.

  219. Everyone knows that when you go out to eat, you should leave a tip. Applebee’s computer added the tip on the bill not the server. Servers do not make minimum wage, an at Applebee’s, all tips are shared among the whole staff working that shift. So if you are not willing to pay the tip then stay home to cook and clean for your self. I feel sorry for the server who got fired. This clearly shows that this pastor is NOT a child of God.

  220. Alois Bell showed her true colors. She thinks it ruined her reputation but apparently all her friends knew it was her right off. They could tell by her rude and nasty behavior. It is people like her that give Christians a bad name. She better take a real look at herself and get grip on reality. She ruined her self. It was not the fault of the waitress. The waitress just shined a light on Alois’ bad behavior.

  221. The waitress’s actions ‘brought embarrassment to my church and ministry’ !?!? How about your own actions, take some ownership. If you never wrote that snide remark, she never would have been able to post it.

  222. Pastor bell you horrible old troll, You broke one of the ten commandments (thou shalt not steal) which is what ou do when you give god 10% of all the money you beg from hard working people. One of the 7 deadly sins, no 2 I almost forgot glutany. And when your parishoners find out how much money your pocketing your done. You should be ashamed of yourself your disgusting and make all pastors look bad. say goodby to our free ride through life you nasty hog

  223. She’s a disgrace and has some never to even complain to Applebees in the first place. This waitress gets screwed out of a measly $6 tip and then loses her job to boot! There are some people that just don’t tip and this “Pastor” was using God as her excuse.

  224. Oh look another asshole for God what ever happened to “The labourer is worthy of his reward” 1 timothy/5-18…

  225. World Deliverance Ministries? Delivery of what?? Selfishness, greed, ignorance, and unchristian behavior!! I would never go to her church. If you can pay the tip don’t eat there!!!!!

  226. This lady wont even see this but I have to put it up anyways, pastor or not she is a horrible person!! Yes a horrible person you might think I am harsh but a “person of the cloth” if that is what she is should act above and beyond. She got a person fired from a job that person truely needs to pay the bills. I dont care if she apologized her apology is bullshit and it only happened because this became public if it didnt go viral “pastor bell” wouldnt have done anything. She is a horrible excuse for a person not just not for leaving a tip but what she did after. I dont care if people disagree and talk shit to me for my post, karma will get her!

  227. He wasn’t good enough to get her job back. What a terrible person he is. Everyone in his church should shun him. He has a seat in a very hot place waiting for him when he goes to his just reward.

  228. I pray to God that the waitress gets another job with no problems, hopefully she doesn’t have a family to care for that will suffer because of this. This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. Its just pure evilness at its best.

  229. I say the next time they have service, someone should take what she owes from the collection plate down to the restaurant for the employees who’ve earned it. She is a despicable excuse for a human being – and I would not urinate on her if she were on fire. I am glad her life will be forever changed by her greed. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  230. I have worked in the restaurant business and seen waiters and waitress cringe when blacks come in because they know they are not getting tipped..FACT!

  231. you can take the Niggor out of church to Applebees. But you cant take the Niggor out of herslef while shes at Applebees.

  232. No Pastor Bell, YOU brought embarrassment to your ministry by acting in a total ungodly way. The policy of automatic tip is on the menu. You don’t like it don’t eat there. I am not eating there ever again until the waitress is rehired.

  233. typical cheap african american aka blacks. I’m not being racist here. It’s a well known fact that blacks are the worst in terms of tippers.

  234. And, while you are copying and pasting from the story, I will add the statistic that you have omitted. “The study, by a researcher at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, found that blacks tip on average 20 percent less than whites.”

  235. PCM…not really sure why you responded. I never suggested that ALL African Americans tip NOTHING. You’ve built a straw man here.

  236. yeeeahhhh….there’s a reason they’re stereotypes. from post above:

    “The study, by a researcher at Cornell University’s School of Hotel
    Administration, found that blacks tip on average 20 percent less than
    whites. In addition, restaurant workers of all races dislike waiting on
    black people because they assume the tips will be less no matter how
    good the service.”

  237. Did you actually *read* the study you posted, or just stop at the headline?:
    “The average tip from a black customer is about 13 percent of the bill. The average tip from a white customer is about 16.5 percent of the bill,” says Dr. Michael Lynn, the study’s author.In some cases the difference in tipping may be the result of poor service, but blacks interviewed in one of Lynn’s studies rated the service slightly higher yet still tipped less than whites, he says.Jerry Fernandez, president of the Multicultural Food Alliance, which represents food servers and restaurateurs, says the expectations of a lower tip from blacks can often lead to poor service.”If a [waiter] says, ‘I don’t want to wait on that table because they’re black or they’re Hispanic, then they tend to give less service and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Fernandez explains.”
    It also states that 63% of blacks and 30% of whites don’t understand the tipping standard is 15-20%. So 37% do. That’s not ALL or 90% won’t don’t. And based on the quote above, the difference between the average tip of blacks and whites is only 2.5%. I’m not saying 2.5% is nothing, but it is certainly small enough that if you characterize all blacks as tipping “nothing,” then whites should be similarly characterized.

  238. If you can spend $540 at a restaurant, you can afford the $97.00 tip. If you cant, or don’t like it, try Mcdonalds, where you can get everything you need at the counter. Please remember that in a nicer place the server is more than likely tipping nearly half of that $97 to other people. Busboy, bartender, expo ext. This is not the choice of the server but usually house policy.

  239. Rot Alois Bell, Your vision of God-like is definitely not mine. My God is loving and generous. You are neither.

  240. And now applebee’s can defend to its share holders why people aren’t eating there. I won’t be. I wonder what applebees will miss more the privacy of the receipt or mine and myriad of others money. What do you think shawman?

  241. She isn’t sorry for what she did. She’s sorry she got caught. This woman’s actions didn’t bring you embarrassment, Ms. Bell. You managed to do that all on your own. Apparently you don’t act as though your god is always watching. Maybe from now on you will act as though other people are.

  242. actually you’re wrong… there is a scripture in BOTH 1 Corinthians (14:34) AND 1 Timothy (2:12)… Before making fun of others be sure you’re not making yourself out to be an ignorant ass. Sad when people who don’t even believe in your hokey religion know the book it claims to follow better than you… IDIOT.

  243. I married a jewish man, and his very wealthy father refuses to lend us money to help pay for my husband’s chemo. I live in Seattle, and most asians are actually really shitty drivers. I’ll agree about the irish stereotype to a certain extent. My mother’s family was from Cork. They drank, but not heavily.

  244. Alois Bell ( I won’t grace you with Pastor, as to me you are nothing of the sort.) you should be removed as the head of your congregation. You are no kind of example.

  245. Well Michael, first off…you are “hating,” in your comments regarding my “ignorant” beliefs. And perhaps you should do a little research, my friend. You will see that these pop-up store front churches often have no “overseers,” despite what associated Baptist churches might do. As independent organizations, the founders (in this case Pastor Bell) determine where the money goes. And in MY research I discovered that this is the case with her Truth in the World Ministries (ie there are no other similar churches to which she would send money). So, you are welcome for the lil bit of enlightenment from your gilled friend.

  246. God hates a hypocrite and simply allowed her to be seen for what she is. God simply removed her from a place of authority which she wasn’t entitled to. Watch her ministry go poof.

  247. it makes sense to me now… She must of felt the racism in the air as
    soon as the white girl walked up to her… More likely when she saw “18%” on the bill… But no!!! Racism is always so
    convenient!!! There is a difference between stereotypes and truth/facts. Black people don’t tip or tip black waiters more than the white
    waiters… But it’s funny how racists are only white people in this

  248. As someone who has a master’s degree in anthropology, I can assure you that it is taught early on that “race” is non-existent. Ethnicity refers to the culture in which a person is raised. “Race” is considered non-existent by anthropologists.

  249. It does, there is no excuse for this woman’s actions. They were rude and hurtful, this young lady lost her job because of it. The pastor is deserving of this public shaming, maybe if brought back public shaming more, people would change their tune, lol.

  250. This is my second reply, dunno what happened to the first, lol. I was 19 when I went to my first nice restaurant and had no idea what to tip or how it was done. I was in the Navy, and just out on my own. And I was very embarrassed, but luckily, I had a great server! She was around my age, and I meekly asked her what was the going rate for tips. She said it was 15, I tipped her that and more for being so kind. I think that there is an ignorance problem, not a spiteful or mean one. Most people are afraid to ask questions and assume they are doing the right thing when they tip. And when you make assumptions more often than not you make an ass out of yourself. Maybe restaurants should put up some courtesy signs with tipping etiquette info, I think it would help tremendously

  251. You are reading Old Testament Eric, you must be Catholic huh! Ya’ll believe in the Pope for goodness sake

  252. Are you serious Tiffany?? You must be black and no offense but no other color would say that. You don’t find what the Pastor did was wrong, if she wanted to be cheap, then just don’t tip—But no she wanted to be arrogant and write the note—common sense should tell her that is wrong and with ease of cell phones and instagram it would out. Plain poor Christian character and poor civil human being judgement on the pastors fault is the other thing wrong here.

  253. I am shock…This hard working waitress has fired because someone refuse to tip! That pastor should be ashamed of herself. To stiff someone on a gratuity and then get her fired, disgraceful

  254. And thank you! There has been so much vitriol emerging from this issue…it’s nice to have an actual conversation about it. As your example highlights, there are many potential reasons for this trend, and many of them stem from honest mistakes or misunderstandings. This case, unfortunately, provides a very bad example of motives.

  255. Brad, don’t get me wrong what she did is wrong, but do your research. If she belongs to a religious affiliate, she pays her tithes directly to them, so if you are part of a Baptist church then you have a district church overseer and you the pastor pays tithes to them. Learn before you speak/type bud, not hating just explaining to you since you believe we all came from fish or some ignorant idea like that.

  256. Hey I do not agree with what happened, at all. I think she was wrong and Applebees sucks. But that does not change the truth

  257. 1. So the cheap a$$ pastor only gives God 10%? That explains a lot about the Pastor.
    2. Applebee’s rather loose a dedicated employee than an angry customer? I never complain about the food but my last trip to Applebees was horrible, the manager comes over and asks how my meal was and I replied, “The steak is terrible”. Her reply, “Oh that happens sometimes”, and walks away. WTF Applebees suck it!

  258. First of all it wasn’t even added on it was just telling u what the tip would be. She really can’t read lol.

  259. So eloquent. /s/
    You missed the point. I was not talking about the waitress who posted the receipt. Scroll up. I never defended the pastor. I called her behavior abhorrent. The racist waitress is the one who posted here who said all black people don’t tip. I’m a black professional. All of my black professional friends and family members (of which there are many) are very good tippers. The people to whom I have been exposed of ALL races who don’t tip tend to be uneducated and/or poor. But if you judge ALL black people on the basis of some, then, yes, you are a bigot.

  260. Just got off the phone with applebees and told them that until Chelsea is rehired, I won’t be eating at applebees. And Shame on this pastor for not knowing God’s word. It says in the bible that “you are not to muzzle the ox while it is trampling out the grain”. That means that you are not to starve the creature producing food for you. That include 2.75 an hour waitresses that live off their tips. You ask any server in the industry and they can tell you exactly what kind of person doesn’t tip. Everyone knows.

  261. This is why Jesus Christ traveled with 12 MEN. Jesus Christ’s chosen where those like GOD first created, ADAM. This 15 member private tax shelter is why America should tax all Voodoo lounges & witchcraft clubs.

  262. Sabrina, come on now its common knowledge that parties of 8 or more are hit with that tip. If you don’t want service then don’t ask for any, goto McDonalds or get up and get your own drink.

  263. Why do you post the same thing twice? Why don’t you ask a room full of black wait staff what they think about this? I think they might point out to you that you’re one in a thousand.

  264. Hypocrisy, this pator is more than hypocritical, She probably demands offering and askes, and pleads for offerings. The waitress just does her job and works hard. So this Pastor is pissed that SHE has embarresed her church and goes off wanting everyone fired that served at Applebees. My guess is that She (the Pastor should have just appoligized), She will be done after this. Also Shame on Applebees, I will boycott them, even though I kinda like the place.

  265. pussy alien bell, retire from preaching, you are not worth god’s word, a parasite hypocrite who the IRS should investigate on what you do with donations from churchgoers.

  266. Shame on this pastor. It is behaviors like this that give Christians a bad name. By the way, Pastor Bell, the 10% tithing in the bible is a guide only but God looks at your HEART when you give. Interesting that your church is named for truth, but it needs to be remembered that God wants us to always give truth zin LOVE!

  267. no Roy Religion is not the problem. Stop banning all Christians in the same bucket. She is WRONG, completely wrong and as a Christian I would tell her face to face. I you can bucket Christians, the lets say all blacks are criminals 🙂 have a nice day

  268. Thank you Brad, rational and an awesome response. I think a ton of it is education! The first time I ever went to a nice restaurant alone and had to pay for my meal, I was confused as to what to leave. I was embarrassed, I was 19 and in the Navy, just out on my own. But my server was awesome, and as young as I was, so I asked her what was customary. At that time it was 15 percent, so I tipped her that, plus a little extra for taking the time out to help a confused stranger. The problem is, too many are too afraid to ask, at least that is what I think. They make assumptions (cheap assumptions) and everyone knows what happens when you make ass-umptions. I think this is a learning curve, and there should be more education.

  269. I agree! It’s also pretty ironic that she claims she tithes to her church…but it is HER church! So she is tithing to herself? And she has a congregation of 15? That number probably reflects cats, dogs and roaches in the vicinity of her so-called church!

  270. The church that has this pastor should rethink her position. This pastor chose to take a large group out to Applebee’s then she chose to write her note on the ticket because she wanted to stiff a $2 an hour waitress even though the waitress did her job and waited on the entire group. Shame on the pastor and shame on the church that has her leading them. I can’t imagine what God thinks of a pastor like her.

  271. OK, I’ll appease you. My 15 years of service industry experience says 90% of blacks don’t tip. So, you are technically correct. ALL blacks don’t tip poorly, just MOST of them. Unfortunately, stereotypes exist for a reason.

  272. As often as black people do not tip as well as others, they are not served as conscientiously as others. That is something I have sadly learned as an African American 20+% tipper. I would say that IF MLK generalized and said that black people, as a group, are materialistic, then yes, it would make him ignorant on that subject. Generalizations about any race is an encouragement to keep people ignorant and uninterested in change. Education < Knowledge. Knowledge < Understanding. Understanding < Wisdom. Wisdom < LOVE. Love CHANGES people because it SEES people and doesn't generalize.

  273. No where in this story did anyone say that the waitress was racist.What the hell? You are a racist. Dig this:YOU ARE THE RACIST.

  274. Tipping is NOT required. You can whine, bitch, moan, but it is NOT required. I tip according to the service I receive. You give me bad service, you don’t get a 20 percent tip. I think a lot of people have gotten it twisted. Tipping it the choice of the consumer, it is not required – sucks when someone does not pay you when you do a great job, but in the end, they don’t have to.

  275. Why is it she gets paid $3/hr in a country like this. It should be illegal, tips should be “bonus” income, not “here’s your legal minimum wage” income. I’m never going to an Applebees after this. Not only do they underpay, but then FIRE them?

  276. I have no opinion about whether black people tip or not, because I’ve never waited tables. However, I can understand why ABlackGuyInAmerica would hate to be pre-judged about his tipping habits just because he is black. I am white and I live in Texas. I hate that because of those two things(white Texas) people automatically assume I am a gun toting, bible thumping, racial-slur spewing, tobacco spitting red neck.

    Everyone should just relax. This pastor was cheap. The waitress was vengeful. That’s the story.

  277. Pathetic. She doesn’t feel bad about what she did. Just feels bad about being caught. That poor fired waitress has more dignity and soul than you ever will.

  278. Don’t defend a stupid person like this,it just shows your ignorance.And I can,and continue to,annihilate young black basketball players every week in my city league because,although they probably have more God-given talent they don’t play team ball.So bring it on.And I have a degree,so bring it.And I believe it is a black-white thing,you just perpetuated it with your ignorant response to this.

  279. as someone who has PLENTY of black friends and coworkers I can tell you what she says is true. Generalizations wouldn’t be there if they weren’t based on truth. Google it and you’ll see even black servers agree…

  280. Hi Sabrina,

    I did read it, and while it doesn’t “prove” anything, it certainly does complicate the issue a bit. Now, the reasons for under-tipping could be myriad, as pointed out by the article, but the suggestion that African Americans tip less (by their own admissions) is born out here. But, as you said, one study cannot provide a complete look an an issue.

  281. Of course she doesn’t tip !
    Now she is sorry after she got someone fired !
    Too late “pastor” LOL
    How is your congregation taking this news?
    Why are you making it worse by lying and saying you left a cash tip?
    WTF? Typical , just TYPICAL !

  282. I completely understand what you are saying. I wholeheartedly agree that generalizations can serve a purpose to “generalize” things about a group. What I am saying is that any generalization is not indacitive of the capacities and abilities of ALL individuals in the group.

    I cannot tell you whether or not I would consider MLK’s materialistic comment about black people as “ignorant” as this would rely on exactly how his statement was articulated. But being the great orator that he was, most people will simply look to his connotation and inflection in order to infer that “he must be saying something good”. Not me however, ignorance is ignorance

    But the thing is.. we’re all humans here and some people seem to think that ignorance (or calling someone ignorant) is wrong. It shouldn’t be. It’s simply an individuals’ thoughts or actions based off of their experiences thus far. I am ignorant of many things, but I am certainly not ashamed by this. There is nothing but an endless sea of knowledge that could be learned from our brothers and sisters out there. I just wish more people would see that it is these generalizations that hinder this process.

    –BlackGuyInAmerica who is big into programming, rock music, and helping anyone I can with whatever I can. It’s just a pity that certain generalizations made about me will prohibit most from ever knowing this.

  283. Nope. I waited table in Los Angeles and NYC and it’s a fact that black people don’t tip. I was nice and gave great service to EVERYBODY, regardless of color. Never failed, black customers were always the worst tippers.

    As someone mentioned upthread, even the black waiters didn’t want to wait on black customers!

  284. Freedom of speech has to do with government. Government cannot prohibit free speech. It says nothing about restaurant owners. If what you said was true, HIPAA laws wouldn’t exist. When it comes to business dealings, customers should feel secure. To plaster the receipt on the internet was wrong and gave out personal information. The pastor was wrong, but so was the waitress for retaliating in such a way.

  285. One fact overlooked here is that Ms. Bell claims to tithe 10% of her earnings to God. Now, considering that SHE runs the church, it’s clear that what she means is that she tithes 10% of her income to HERSELF. And, her congregants are expected to likewise kick down cash to God/Pastor Bell weekly. This sort of moral bankruptcy has come to characterize so much of evangelical Christianity these days that it is no wonder that the percentage of Americans claiming to have no religious faith is ever-growing. And, as a devout atheist/ secularist, I thank god for all the hard work being done by Pastor Bell and all her self-interested peers.

  286. right… the waitress is the terrible person because she had shown the web what a terrible Christian this woman pastor was… You’d do well on FOX news.

  287. This a a joke of a pastor.I hope she can realize that she is NOT speaking for all Christians,she is just being cheap and petty.SORRY? Sorry someone found out about it.Do you even talk to God? What a phony.

  288. Most Christians need no help “looking bad” as they do perfectly well by themselves. People like you just wish to shoulder blame on someone else rather than admit most “Christians” are anything but Christ like, and try to change this image by actually doing some of the things Jesus implored his followers to do (like feeding the poor, loving thy neighbor, not judging others, etc).

    As an agnostic I can personally attest the the sad nature of “Christians” as a huge church is located right outside the food pantry & soup kitchen I volunteer at. I’ve never seen so many people trying not to catch the gazes of the truly needy as they drives away in their SUV’s decked out in nice dresses/suits and jewelry. If you don’t like how Christians are portrayed, then what are YOU doing to change that image?!

  289. I think Pastor Bell should hire this poor lady that lost her job. She should have tipped her in a way that would have been a blessing to the women to show her how good God is. Not how cheap and selfish His people are.

  290. as with a good portion of “pastors”, she has chosen to abuse the authority that GOD has given her. Where she should be showing humility, she is showing arrogance. And I’m very sure that GOD is sorry for the waitress being fired, even if His SERVANT isn’t.

  291. wow she’s that grimy that she tried to get everyone fired too. 🙁 She is not a Christian. Sorry Pastor you are a douche.

  292. What is really saddening to me are the people that think like you. But everyday, I see more and more individuals that are awakening to the lies and propaganda being told by sad and sick people. More people are marrying outside their race, and pretty soon, you will be calling your grandchildren that dirty name and never be able to be a part of their life. You can sit and stew in the past all you want, but the future belongs to the enlightened. BTW, you have overused that word to the point where it doesn’t sting like it used to. It shows who you are, and does not define us.

  293. The auto tip is set up to keep cheap people just like this “pastor” from skipping out on the tip and leaving the waitress high and dry for all her efforts… Especially with a large party! Black women are known for this type of behavior.

  294. The waitress has one person to blame: HERSELF. If she hadn’t posted the receipt on reddit in the first place, she wouldn’t have gotten fired. Don’t push the blame on the Pastor.

  295. Try to keep up…Mike is not defending the minister; he’s defending Applebee’s decision to fire her for what she did in retaliation. Can you not argue without name-calling or is that asking too much?

  296. A new study finds many waiters and waitresses feel that black Americans generally tip less than restaurant diners who are white. The study, by a researcher at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, found that blacks tip on average 20 percent less than whites. In addition, restaurant workers of all races dislike waiting on black people because they assume the tips will be less no matter how good the service. NPR’s Juan Williams reports.

  297. First of all, her calling herself a pastor is wrong. The scriptures state that a women is not to be a pastor and he true signs after this incident is that she is not grounded in God’s word. This is an action that hurts the church and she should step down as so called pastor.

  298. How did this woman become pastor? She is disgrace to being a “pastor”. What a hypocrite! Shame on you, woman…

  299. Let’s be honest here…yes it is true that servers routinely earn $2.13/ hr. But it is also a universal practice among servers to not report their tip income at the end of a shift. So, it is very common for a server to take home, in cash, an average of $20-30/ hour. Not that that amount is unearned or unfair, but we certainly should beware of servers crying “foul” over their hourly pay rates.

  300. If she were the one getting the tip it would be different, how dare show think she is above a tip because she givce a church thithe. This is a persons income who just worked their tail off to feed you and get you anything you asked for. She is an employee not a servant. I guess the Pastor wasn’t feeling the spirit that day. Maybe she needs to remove her Pastor Title, go back to school to learn religion, the christian way, manners and general behavior. Sad, very sad. And she is not sorry she got the girl fired, she is just sorry she got caught.

  301. If I am looking at the picture of the receipt right- she gave NO tip at all??? She can afford to eat almost $40 worth of food at Applebee’s but can’t afford any tip. Disgraceful!

  302. Watching this video after reading this article made me feel sick to my stomach. Are there any real requirements to become a “pastor” anymore? No humility, no peace, no grace, no wisdom, no compassion, not even a hint of Jesus’ attributes in her life or her disgusting rampage of misinformation that she calls a sermon. Just hot air blowing out of cold water. The only word I can use to describe this woman is “repulsive”. Absolutely repulsive and shameful.

  303. sadly, generalizations like this are usually based on a kernel of truth. Even my black coworkers would shudder every time a huge black family (8+) would be seated in their sections. Now, there were occasions where, like yourself, they were tipped well and had an all around good experience. However, more often than not they’d be stiffed and the families would run them ragged beforehand with trivial demands and complaints hoping to get their meals comped.

  304. Yes, boycott eating out if you don’t want to kick down for a tip. That is the agreement we make when going out…we pay extra to not have to cook, serve and clean for ourselves.

  305. If you were a REAL pastor, you’d give GOD 100%. Shame, shame, shame on you, lady, for taking advantage of the REAL hard worker.

  306. What sheep. If you cannot see that this story is played up to start a firestorm to make all Christians look bad, you are a sad group indeed. Everything you see in the news is carefully chosen to make you believe whatever the media wants.

  307. Thank you, be careful of the energy that YOU bring into the situation. If a waiter waits a table and assumes the diner is not going to tip, you can bet that said waiter is not treating the diners as they do the counterparts they assume are going to tip. And the diner sees this, and tips accordingly. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I tip 15 as generally, and 25 for outstanding service. None if you treat me poorly when I dine there.

  308. Stupid Idiot, the girl should get some tip because she works for her money, unlike 50% of the folks around you that wait for a handout. Good thing the working man can hand you down some money or you’d rot in your own filth! You can spend 35$ to feed your fat ass out, but you can’t afford to pay the person working huh? Maybe we should stop all the handouts and see how your neighborhood fairs?

  309. The truth is the waitress violated the privacy of this customer by taking a picture of the receipt by which people could read her name and personally attack her. We all have shortcomings…as a pastor it wasn’t good judgment, but she didn’t ask for the employee to be fired, she simply complained that Applebee’s employees should not be sharing her personal information regardless if they agreed with it or not. How would it look if I took a customer contract and put it on the web because I didn’t like the offer they gave me? I know servers work hard for their money, but this isn’t about that. It’s what the waitress did to the customer, her vengeance if you will, that got her fired.

  310. Well this just gives me another reason not to eat at any applebees And We will be starting a Boycott to get Alois Removed from ministry …..I mean honestly who wants a Garbage preacher that cant even Tip and uses god as a reason Not too ….Alois Ur trash i would say somthing about u but I give my 10% of trash talk to God

  311. Does the Bible not say to turn the other cheek? What a c*nt! And Applebees won’t be getting my money anymore. They may have kept that idiot pastor as a customer, but I think they’ve lost a few hundred nationwide with this bull-doody.I can’t support such stupidity.

  312. she is just a stupid, greedy bitch that acts like she is all high and mighty just because she works in a church, she needs to learn that waiters and waitresses WORK for their money and they deserve tips if they do a good job they don’t just stand up and talk about something they obviously don’t care about, like she does, and hand people a tray and say fill it up with money, she needs to get her head out of her ass and leave the church, she is obviously not a christian she is just one more lazy stingy black woman that fucks people over…..get a life you godless bitch..

  313. It’s bullshit how the word “pastor” has some automatic venerable connotation. People like Alois Bell use that to hide behind and act like holier than thou doooshes with immunity.

  314. Yes, Pastor Bell was wrong to attempt to get out of the 18% auto-tip. And she was subsequently wrong for contacting the restaurant, resulting in Chelsea’s firing. And she was wrong again, when she untruthfully claimed to have left a cash tip.

    However, the server should have expected some sort of negative response from the now-embarrassed franchise. By posting the receipt, she violated the expectation of basic workplace professionalism. Yes, we are free to say what we want to a large degree, but private groups like Applebee’s are also free to fire folks who bring unwanted attention to them.

    Lessons learned all around, hopefully.

  315. Go work as a server or bartender for a few years, and then see if you can maintain your ridiculous stance. I’ll agree some servers aren’t very good, but more often than not I’ve seen servers go above and beyond for their patrons. You sound like you could pinch a penny between each cheek, and I’m not speaking about the ones on your face…

  316. Of course there is some truth to stereotypes….we see trends all around us. Cops are far more likely to stop and frisk young men of color in NYC than suspects of other races. And whites are far more likely to actually be found with weapons and drugs on them. These are TRUE stereotypes, supported by data.

  317. doesn’t she even read her Bible? She’s not allowed to be a paster, so says God’s word! I Corinthians 14:34 – “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.”

  318. miss Alois should lose her Job as well – Applebees needs to rethink their actions and know the firing of an innocent server for the simple notion of pleasing a guest will in turn hurt them as any past/current person in the service industry is going to see this as wrong and rethink visiting Applebees for lunch/dinner – this pastor obviously has no class!

  319. Reading the remarks, it reminds me of OJ Simpson’s trail. You got off the mark. It’s NOT about who tips and who don’t. This is about a, I don’t like calling her this, pastor.
    Rethink you thinking people.
    Purple, pink black, white, does it really matter??????????????????

  320. If pastor bell has such a problem with payment of waiters, she should stick to drive through, and buffets.
    She should be asking herself, what would Jesus do ?

  321. Catch 22 – Applebee’s would rather lose a dedicated employee than an angry customer. Well, what about the numerous customers that they will lose now over being angry at firing the employee.

  322. what a disgusting individual Alois Bell is. Her selfish snobbery got an innocent hard working server fired and now jobless and she couldn’t care less except for her reputation. like bitch you made your rep what it is not the other way around. Like really for someone who claims to be christian your like the farthest thing from your own belief. Does nobody else think something should be done about this? its quite clear that justice was not served. Personally I’m never eating at Applebees again after reading this story. if only someone could post Bell’s contact info. Id let her know how “christian” i can be

  323. Oh, let me guess, you’re a reaaaaal big tipper, aren’t you? Fuck you defending the piece of shit and fuck her.

  324. Most? And how do you know of this? Have you served most african-americans at restaurants? where do you get such information?

  325. She, the Word BIBLE to her, no female pastor are allowed. She is not a real christian. Trust me. She had 8 in her party. She was just to to to to cheap. She is in the wrong spirit and shame on her and her church. No were have I read that she is sorry that the waitress got fired. It’s alllllllllllllllllllllllllll about her. Let me repeat. Alllllllllllllllll about her.
    I know the Bible and you are no pastor. Get in line with the Word before it is to late.

  326. However, the server was wrong for putting that informaton on the net. That reciept belongs to the restaurant and that information is only for the restaurant and the customer only!

  327. She isn’t broken-hearted – she is humiliated and rightly so. If she was that upset, she would be asking for forgiveness, not trying to have the entire staff fired. This woman is a bully and she has been smacked down by the Hand of the Almighty Internet.

  328. In my experience, most black people choose not to tip, for whatever reason. That’s not me being a racist, that’s just my experience. You need to get real.

  329. No, the server had no business putting that information on the internet. this happened recently at another restaurant ( i forget) and the server was fired. That reciept is information between the company and the customer only.

  330. Mentions how much he hates the stereotype that black people are bad tippers, but infers that as a black person, he’ll whip your white ass at basketball. So is it just what you perceive to be positive stereotypes that are ok to perpetuate?

  331. Well, it’s not their fault that you are a single mom and not getting a penny from the gov’t. It’s not their fault that you are working in a restuarant. I agree, more than 3 bucks would of been appropiate. However, you not forgiving them? You aren’t hurting them at all. You are only hurting yourself. Not forgiving is like having cancer and not wanting to get rid of it. Just let it go, it’s not worth it.

  332. I have been saved for many years now. I am very grateful to God for intervening in my life and for the miracles he has performed. I have lots of Christian friends and the one thing we struggle over is why I will not go to church since I have such conviction in my beliefs. The answer is simple I tell them it is because I am not religious. God and I are okay with it I hope you are too. In regards to this ( pastor ?) . It just goes to show that even after standing on that pulpit and screaming like a lunatic that after all the sermons she gave and all the scripture she must have read that she never heard a word or understood the message. I think she needs to sell all that Gold around her neck and else where and give the money to the waitress until she gets another job. And I think anyone with her that day needs to put together an offering and help the waitress out..
    As far as the Pastor goes well at least I know of one job opening to replace her failed previous one.

  333. wha a hyprocrite If she is remorseful and believes; what is she doing to get the waitress’s job back. Or is she just an other hood rat being loud.

  334. this dumb bitch should be ashamed, and so should god for letting her act like this in his name. I hope some one burns her church down in the name of Satan.

  335. as i said, she should remember the passage (talking about the 10% in the bible) Where Jesus says,” Give to Casear what is his,and give God what is his”. Now, she did not get the waitress fired. The waitress got herself fired. A food reciept is information that belongs to the customer and to Applebees in this case. Though she was insulted, she had no right to post that information on the internet.

  336. I remember reading a story not too long ago where someone refused to pay an automatic gratuity and was arrested for not paying their bill.

  337. Sucks to be you Pastor Alois Bell!!! you should not be in such a role. and why do you only give 10%. ITs your JOB. You of all people should be giving 100% or get out of the Position and make room for someone whom can give it a valiant effort!

  338. I think she is hiding behind her not having a facebook page or a page for her “church” to contact her at. Typical of a cheap, hypocritical person who realized that she should have kept her mouth shut!

  339. Actually, Most, not some waiters and waitresses make about $2.13-$2.50/hour. That is way less than the $7.50 of Federal minimum wage, plus they have to pay tax on top of that. Many restaurants will take the tip and put it on the paycheck to be taxed, so the waitress doesn’t even get it that night, unless it is in cash into the hand of the waitress. Anyone who is not willing to pay the minimum of 15% tip should not go out to eat. They are cheap and rude. That said, unless you have worked as a waiter or waitress, you have no idea of the work involved, and should keep your mouth closed on a subject you know nothing about. Yes, there are bad waitresses, however most of the ones I have run across are good honest hard working people trying to make ends meet and raise their families. That said, the only place you are going to find a bill of $540.00 for a party of six, is in a 5 star restaurant, and if you can’t afford a tip, maybe you should go to Mcdonalds. When you have 5 tables, and you have 4-8 people at each table, you are required to remember what each ordered, and what their drinks are and keep the table filled. So you are now pandering to 20-40 people who want everything “now”. Before you are so quick to attack someone’s profession with ridicule, maybe you should “walk in their shoes” first. Then tell me after trying to do their jobs if you should be making that tip. If you feel so strongly about it, maybe you should get a job as a waiter/waitress and give your tips up to charity because obviously you know you can make a living off of servers pay! The waitress then must pay out of her tips to the busboys, etc, and any other servers who help with the party. You are as ignorant as this so called pastor .

  340. What kills me is she thought that 18% of the restaurant check was more than the 10% she tithes of her total income.

  341. I don’t think all white waiters will provide bad service to black people—only the assholes who carry bigoted assumptions that all blacks are bad tippers.

    I’m assuming you’re going to provide bad service, because you’re using the cloak of anonymity to gleeful spread your racist assumptions that black people won’t tip. “Black people don’t tip for shit.” Not “some” blacks. Not “there is a stereotype that blacks.” But “black people”—as in all black people. That was the comment with which you agreed. Somehow THAT is defensible and non-racist; but assuming that someone who fully posts those racial stereotypes and expects that she won’t receive a tip ONLY on the basis on her customers’ skin color will then render shitty service based on her expectations is the problem?? Get real. You get out of the world what you put into it.

  342. And furthermore, it’s fucked up of you to assume a white server is automatically going to provide bad service to a table of black people, just because they’re black.

  343. boycott applebees for their lack of loyalty to their employee whose pay is based on customers tips and especially if applebees policy is to add gratuity on larger parties.

  344. There is no truth to stereotypes. Most Asians are fine drivers. Most Irish people don’t drink. Many Jews are quite free with their money…

  345. As a pastor, she is supposed to act as if God is watching her every deed. She should be ashamed, not because it went public, but for doing it in the first place.

  346. It’s true. I try my best to provide great service to everyone, but more often than not, black customers don’t tip. I don’t think it’s because they think I’m a racist.

  347. The only embarrassment brought was on yourself Pastor Bell, You need to do the right thing and MAKE SURE Chelsea Welch gets her job back! I will not say anything offensive about your Church! God and Church can be a wonderful thing! SO is doing the right thing! So PLEASE I beg you to get up and go see the Manager at the Applebee’s and right this wrong! PLEASE!

  348. Everyone in the restaurant business knows the following to be true: Most African-Americans (not all, but most) engage in one or more of the following behaviors when it comes to gratuities. 1) tip very poorly 2) leave no tip at all and/or 3) (as is the case in this sad story) will go “out of their way” to avoid any obligation to pay “included large party gratuity” (splitting checks, petty complaints after the bill arrives- you name it) But because of the whole “racial” component of this reality, no one ever dares to talk about it openly

  349. Maybe the black people you waited on just don’t like racists? I always tip a minimum of 20%, though if some racist B approached me with an attitude because she assumed I wouldn’t tip, and the service reflect that, I would amend my standard.

  350. I believe that if this “pastor” had ever worked in the food service industry this probably wouldn’t have happened. If the party was enough people to have the computer put the extra tip on her receipt then maybe she should have just asked everyone to put in on the tip even though they may have had separate receipts. If every person that attends church and puts money in the collection plate thought this same way then there would be no such thing as “a tip”. If you received poor service then by all means let the establishment know so they can take action immediately. I also feel that Applebees acted incorrectly. If they believe that everyone leaves their establishments in a wonderful and glowing mood then they need to wake up. This is not the first employee of Applebees that was terminated for wrong reasons that i know about. I do not believe I will be eating there again if this is the way they treat their employees in this economically hard time. If there were additional complaints about this person’s work ethic then maybe it would be understandable but still this so called person of the Lord did not show that giving nature and compassion that she as well as all of us should have!

  351. Why even give a moment of time to answer to the stupid remarks? So many more people who will read the stupid comments will think…stupid comments.

  352. On behalf of all black people who tip very well, I reject your racism. This woman was abhorrent, and some people live up to that bad stereotype; but if you approach every table of black people with snark and attitude because you assume you won’t get tipped, I’m imagining it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  353. I understand what you say – and generalizations aren’t right…..but as someone who USED to wait tables – I can tel you – THAT Seems to be Par for the course…….I know it aint right, but its true in many cases..heck..I worked at a Benegans – and we had 2 servers who were black – and Both of them didnt want to wait on black people either. I know it aint right…….but thats the way it was/happened…cause NO MATTER what color your skin is….we ALL worked for TIPS!!!

  354. Glad to see a decent response to a witless moron (WarriorClass). 20% is my standard tip as well. Sometimes more if the service is good.

  355. Really did we have to make this a black or white thing? She’s a total jerk, and was full aware of what sneaky thing thing she was doing. Wanted someone to wait on her, for free. What a horrible person.

    Let me share a story close to this…

    My sister dated a guy who’s family had big money. They came to where I was a waitress at, which was a pricey place for Iowa. As a college student, I needed a flexible job, that could pay my bills. They ran me around like crazy, kept forgetting stuff, even when I asked questions like, would you need more to drink, and extra sauces…ect.. The bill for 4 people about 85.00. They tipped me…3 bucks, and thought they did me a favor, BTW..they were white.

    I saw them several times afterwards and they couldn’t figure out why I snubbed them. Cheap jerks, I was a single mom, paying my own way, not getting one penny from our gov’t. Very prideful. I will never forgive them, and will always tell the story to those who know them. They deserved to be embarrassed. I’d do the same thing she did.

  356. No Pastor Bell YOUR actions caused great embarrassment to your church, but worse, it added to the lack of trust and faith people have in the so called “men of God” that think they are leaders of any ministries. All I know is JESUS would never have behaved this way. You have gotten too big for your britches and your apology is disingenuous. A person is now out of a JOB because of your haughty behavior. Shame on you. Shame shame shame.

  357. This pastor needs to be put out to pasture. Personally I am surprised she ordered anything at Applebees as she seems very full of herself. Applebees guess we know where you stand on the issue. I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. Pastor Bell can go to Hell!

  358. You’re certainly doing right by your servers if you tip the 20%+. I am white myself and at one time was a restaurant manager and learned, sadly, that black people do not tip as well as others. Generalizations often made can be accurate but not all inclusive of individuals as yourself.

    It’s a self absorbed and American viewpoint that generalizations are bad. As a world traveler I’ve learned that generalizations are often necessary and well advised in certain locals. “Ignorance” is often the cry of people who cannot or will not look to their own “races” shortcomings. It was MLK who said that black people are “materialistic.” That certainly was a generalization so I wonder if you’d call him ignorant.

    You should also consider that neither sociologists nor anthropologists have settled on what exactly a “race” of people constitutes. This is something learned in an introductory 101 level class at most colleges. I could generalize and say that you’re uneducated but I won’t.

  359. She is not a woman of God. She is a disgusting, cheap, vile human being who instead of turning the other cheek went so far as to demand the firing of an entire restaurant staff because she felt slighted. If I was a member of this woman’s congregation, I would seriously reconsider following her. She obviously does not practice what she preaches.

  360. You should be ashamed Pastor!!!! You disgrace your church and God’s image….Class act hopefully your congragation decides to remove you from employment

  361. I would say this “apology” is a little too late. She intended everyone to get fired, not just the waitress. Yet, she hides behind her mantle of “Christianity” and shows her true colors. At least the waitress “works” for her money, not get it from the collection plate of other hard working people. There also doesn’t seem to be any way to contact Pastor Bell to chide her on her unchristian like behavior. God says any honest labour should be rewarded, not attacked. Yet, this “christian” will now wail she is misunderstood and it is all taken out of context. The context is this woman is a charlatain, and is far from being christian. Sounds like someone trying to get something for nothing. I am surprised that she didn’t automatically contact a lawyer and sue for emotional distress.

  362. Newsreplies…..please don’t reply if you’re truly this freaking stupid. Ever heard of tip outs, taxes, etc.? How do you think the setups on the tables got there, or the rolls of silverward got made? Who do you think stays late and cleans the entire area your stupid ass messed up? Keep your cheap ass to Taco Bell so you don’t have to tip.

  363. Personally, I’m going to encourage everyone I know not to eat at Applebee’s. They’ve taken away the server’s livelihood on the behalf of a poor example of humanity that stole her hard-earned money from her.

  364. My favorite tweet about it so far from @irrational_fan

    “Breaking: Alois Bell announces her plans to open a St Louis Chapter of Westboro Baptist Chuch. No tithing required! #BoycottApplebees”

  365. As a black person living here in the DC Metro area, never working in the food service industry… but always tipping 20%+.. the real trouble with this is so much the ignorance of one persons generalization of an entire race.. but by the bandwagon ignorance of everyone who pounced on the opportunity to anonymously support such a silly statement.

    Allow me to be the first to let you know.. that despite the black people who you do (or don’t) associate with… there are (“black”) people like me out here, who head to head not only will beat you on a basketball court.. but in the classroom… or anywhere else where you’d like to “feel superior”.

    Go ahead and talk to a “brotha” like me, you’ll do nothing but cry yourself to sleep when you realize that the overwhelming amount of garbage that you are perpetuating is not a black or white thing.. but just a testament to ignorant people like yourself.

  366. As a black person living here in the DC Metro area, never working in the food service industry… but always tipping 20%+.. the real trouble with this is so much by the ignorance of one persons generalization of an entire race.. but by the bandwagon ignorance of everyone who pounced on the opportunity to anonymously support such a silly statement.

    Allow me to be the first to let you know.. that despite the black people who you do (or don’t) associate with… there are (“black”) people like me out here, who head to head not only will beat you on a basketball court.. but in the classroom… or anywhere else where you’d like to “feel superior”.

    Go ahead and talk to a “brotha” like me, you’ll do nothing but cry yourself to sleep when you realize that the overwhelming amount of garbage that you are perpetuating is not a black or white thing.. but just a testament to ignorant people like yourself.

  367. I can’t believe this. I am a 100% disabled vet, and when I get to a restaurant, which is seldom, I tip more than required. Basically 15 to 20%. However, at the House of Pancakes last week I tipped 40% because of a very special waitress who made my stay enjoyable.

    The Bible teaches that women are not to be pastors. It says they are not to speak in church and ‘if they are to learn, they are to go home and ask their husbands’. So, bottom line is, this thing is NOT a pastor.

  368. What a b_____! Excuse me Pastor..but seriously!? People give their 10% TO YOU.. This poor girl didn’t make $34.00, that went to Applebees! Waiters and waitresses wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t for the tips they made! You should be ashamed of yourself leaving a $0 tip. HOPE you got your point across. You now look stupid!!

  369. Well, her receipt shows not only did she not give the 18%, but she didn’t even give 10%. Last time I checked, that Jesus fella was a pretty generous soul – what with healing people, dispensing forgiveness and grace where it wasn’t merited and all. Seems to me she did tremendous damage to His reputation by acting “her” way, but using Him as the reason to justify it. I doubt many are interested in whatever she has to offer.

  370. I signed the petition to get this girl her job back, not that it would do much good. Do we know of an address for the “church” she is “pastor” at? I’d love LOVE to spread it around and get some letters written?????

  371. Let’s see you work in a restaurant for less than minimum wage and serve a party of 6 an elaborate dinner (@$540) and not get a decent tip. It’s a ton of work, very demanding, very stressful. Restaurants routinely charge 18% for parties over 6 because such parties are much, much more demanding on the server AND the kitchen and customers (probably like you) try to get away with tipping LESS than 15% even. And do you not know that the 18% is shared?? Busboys, etc. Gosh, I hate cheap people.

  372. Only a southern, caucasian, male, Republican, Christian would write such garbage in 2013…and under the moniker Arch Angel. Sad for us all.

  373. What a Cheap Bitch! I hate these so called christians that hide behind religeous reterich to justify there poor behavior. Check the poor boxes if she only gives god 10%, I guess she takes 90% for herself.

  374. The so called paster was not a charitable person. Mean spirited and contrary to any Christian teaching. I can see her being upset with 18% but to leave nothing is CHEAP, INSULTING, and she is acting like a thug. Now on top of all the hulabalu this so called Christian pastor has gotten this poor girl fired from her job. How do you say you are a religious person and do unto others like she has done. She is a poster child for how many so called religions treat people. If I was in that church I would find another. I do practice what I preach as I left the so called Catholic Church after the pedophiles and cover up that still goes on today. Shame on so called pastor Bell

  375. You should be ashamed of yourself for your affront to God’s child. Do
    you really think that your Lord wants you to be rude, and condescending
    to his charges? That’s not how a MINISTER acts. That’s how a MONSTER
    acts! You are an egregious misuse of church resources if that is what
    you have learned from all that study. You deserved to have your rotten
    message posted for the world to see. This is the information age, and as
    a Minister myself, I can tell you: YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY WHERE SOMEONES
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS CONCERNED! Don’t ever put something in writing that
    you don’t want the world to see. And you really should step down if you
    believe that you don’t owe anything back to the people in your
    community. This is why Jesus said he wasnt found inside four walls, but
    within the heart that rejoiceth, You’re only sorry because the world
    knows how you really feel. Harumph.

  376. What an awful thing to say. All you have shown, is that you are no better than she is for getting that person fired.

  377. My understanding is she had 20 people and they all got separate checks in order to avoid the auto-gratuity. Since it doesn’t work like that she signed that on her individual check. The total bill was around $200.

  378. I can’t judge. However, if this Pastor actually studied the bible, she would of known the passage “Give Ceasar what is his and give God what is his”. This specifically talks about tithing (the 10%). I am shocked that she wrote that on the receipt. Does she write to the government how they are wrong for taking 30%?!!

  379. It is not fair that restaurants demand additional % for service. We should boycott those restaurants. I was forced to pay 18% and could never find the waitress. Out of water, people waiting to be served while others were letting their plates get cold waiting. The waitress is getting 6 tips all in one. Why pay additional. And yes I agree SOME waiters get minimum wage but if you have a party of six and the bill is $540. at a nice restaurant an 18% tip is $97.00 for about one hour work plus minimum wage is outrageous.

  380. I wonder if she writes the same thing on her federal income tax form (thus ensuring she’ll be in the 10% tax bracket?) Maybe it also works on her Visa card if she doesn’t pay it all off each month (capping the interest rate at 10%?) At any rate, the bill (including tax) was $ 34.93 for (over) 5 people? That means at least 6, which is less than $ 6 per person. What could they have possibly had – a cup of coffee and a pastry?

  381. Waiters do NOT make minimum wage in most states!!!!! All 3 of my girls are servers in TN & they only get paid 2.13/HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it wasn’t for tips they wouldn’t make a dime!!! They do NOT receive a paycheck & if they do it’s 5.00 or less!!

  382. This “Pastor” is a joke. She showed her butt, and got called out on it – and Applebees then fires the employee? BS, IMO. I wouldn’t be eating at Applebees anyways, but I sure as hell am going to share this far and wide so no one else does.

  383. Sorry people you DON’T want race played then STOP doing stupid things like this!!! If you have ever waited tables you KNOW that BLACK people DO NOT TIP & if they bother too it’s an INSULT!!! So this is NOT shocking!!! I am surprised they are even willing to give 10% to God! LOL

  384. John 3:6-7
    6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7 Do not marvel that I said to you, You must be born again. LoveThatMatters.org

  385. Meh . . . God does not need any money. When I tithe, I throw all my money up in the air and God can keep as much as He needs. Whatever God wants He keeps – whatever falls to the ground is mine. It seems fair.

  386. There are a few things that you learn from waiting tables. One of them, black people do not tip. Obviously this special specimen decided that her way out of tipping was by bringing up her cult.

    Good luck to her, by her looks…she’ll be dying soon enough.

  387. I wonder if the IRS should look into whether or not she was using church funds to take out her congregation. That would be some real karma right there.

  388. Someone should inform her that wait staff works off tips. It’s sad that many people don’t understand that most wait staff makes minimum wage or less. It is the tips that make the job worth while, and when people cheap out especially at a table with 10 people, it is very discouraging. To use God’s name as justification makes it even worse. If I went to this church, I would be looking for a new one.

  389. The only thing this pastor is sorry for is BEING CAUGHT FLYING HER TRUE COLORS. Everything has a consequence and I’m sure Alois will have her actions rewarded accordingly. I’d hate to see what she does to folks who skip the collection plate

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