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Alexian Lien attackers to have charges reduced. No permanent facial scars.

Alexian Lien
Alexian Lien

Alexian Lien‘s attackers are to have their charges reduced because Lien’s wounds have healed so well.

In going on to reduce charges, prosecutors told because the victim of the SUV road rage last October had recovered so well and so quickly they were compelled to reduce charges from first degree gang assault to attempted gang assault.

To date Alexian Lien’s facial wounds have healed so well, that it is unlikely he will be forced to endure facial disfigurement. Never mind as one commentator on the web goes on to reflect, the permanent psychological disfigurement that Lien and his family have been subjected to.

Told Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Joshua Stein­glass: ‘The victim’s facial wounds look to be healing in a way which does not constitute facial disfigurement under the law.’

Nevertheless, the ten bikers since indicted, including undercover cop Wojciech Braszczok can expect to face up to 15 years in jail each if convicted. Prior to the reduced charges, estimates are that the men could have received 25 year jail sentences.

The change does not affect the remaining 11th biker charged, Christopher Cruz, who was only hit with a rap for unlawful imprisonment in the second degree.

The incident went on to cause wide condemnation of the bikers who many believed incited the violence, whilst others on the web also went on to ask what role Alexien Lien played which led to the escalation of violence.

At the time Lien went on to run over one of the bikers, Edwin Mieses in a bid to escape what he believed to be an imminent beating at the hands of the bikers. Upon escaping the bikers and running over Mieses that the bikers gave pursuit of Lien.

Mieses remains paralyzed from the neck down. Prosecutors have declined to pursue any charges against Lien.

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