Home Pop Culture Daisy Coleman suicide attempt lands her in psychiatric hospital.

Daisy Coleman suicide attempt lands her in psychiatric hospital.

Daisy Coleman suicide
Daisy Coleman


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Since news of Daisy Coleman‘s suicide attempt this Sunday night, well wishers on twitter have gone on to bid the beleaguered teen well as she comes to turn with new taunts courtesy of ‘supposed’ friends who went on to attack the teen after she briefly attended a get together this past Friday.

Distraught by the verbiage and accusations that she really is a ‘ho’ (what are friends for after all?) Daisy Coleman went on to succumb to the unrelenting pressure of being vilified and overdosed on a drug.

What drug she would go on to overdose on has yet to be said, except to say the teen would require having her stomach pumped and her mother, Melinda Coleman‘s initial concern that Daisy might die.

Since the overdose, the teen has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Kansas City where she remains in a stable condition, having even gone on to tweet yesterday morning: “Don’t give up they say. You’re so strong they say. But none of you even know me.’

At the time there was even concern that Daisy Coleman might have succumbed to brain damage, although that too is not entirely clear at the moment either.

Nevertheless what followed was a disturbing back and forth online where one of Daisy Coleman’s detractors went on to tell:

‘That’s why I blew up yesterday No one has ever got this much attention for being raped. Not just that I’m smart enough not to put myself in those situations.’

From there the girl goes on to tell ‘Daisy called me more names then I ever called her!!’ and even insinuates that she’d been sexually assaulted before as well:

I didn’t put the blame on her! I said I, MYSELF don’t put MYSELF in those situations! The thing is I’ve been through just as much as that girl that y’all don’t know about!! You know what I did?? Got help! Something she needs to try! You know what else helps is not letting people get to you let it go in one ear and out the other. When All my problems were going on I tried to kill myself multiple and None of you were in the argument yesterday so you don’t have any idea what happened that girl manipulated me more than I did her.

Daisy Coleman suicide

Yet what might be tempering the Coleman family is whether at the end of the day the boys accused of being at the center of the alleged Maryville, Missouri rape will be brought to criminal account.

via jezebel: While special prosecutor Jean Peters Baker is still apparently exploring the case, Justice for Daisy Coleman claims that it is being “sat on…until the statue of limitations is up,” though as of last week, Daisy said she had faith in Baker. “Jean is doing her very best,” she wrote. “I’m not going to say exactly what is to happen but I’m very grateful to have a prosecutor that actually thinks of my welfare and is willing to get the best outcome possible.”

Which begs the question, what will it finally take before justice for Daisy Coleman is finally delivered so she and others like her can attempt to live their lives without the ever constant intimidation and  undercurrent of thought that they existing simply as females are the cause of their own sexual demise.

Since Daisy Coleman’s suicide attempt, her mother told on Facebook yesterday that Daisy “may never be ok.” The mother went on to reiterate her family’s desire to move out of the district in the foreseable future once her son’s scholarships are accrued.

Daisy Coleman suicide

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