Home Pop Culture Did Daisy Coleman suicide attempt prompt prosecutor office to offer new report?

Did Daisy Coleman suicide attempt prompt prosecutor office to offer new report?

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In light of recent developments and perhaps because of them, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker is now set to make an appearance before a Maryville, Missouri judge on Thursday to offer a status report with respect to a sexual assault case involving Daisy Coleman.

The declaration came after Melinda Coleman, Daisy’s mother went on to accuse activist group anonymous for abandoning her daughter’s plight as well as the apparent stand off from the prosecutor’s office in deciding whether to indict the boys for her daughter’s seeking to take her life.

Although the online taunting of her daughter was the final straw that drove Daisy Coleman to seek to take her life, Melinda Coleman was assertive in noting that once again the prosecutor’s lack of attention has caused heartache.

That said, it’s perhaps without coincidence that  Jean Peters Baker has now announced the delivery of a status report.

Baker’s appointment came after Nodaway County Associate Circuit Judge Glen Dietrich appointed her as special prosecutor last October amid international furor over the decision by the prosecuting team, headed by  Robert L. Rice to drop the charges.

Since accepting the case last October, Baker has declined to discuss the case and begged the community for patience as she conducted her inquiry. Until now.

That said one wonders if Daisy Coleman’s suicide attempt over the weekend may have precipitated a move to now offer a statement to the public and media.

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