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Daisy Coleman special prosecutor appointed. Who bears responsibility for rape?

Daisy Coleman special prosecutor
Daisy Coleman

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The Daisy Coleman rape case has now entered a new developments with the telling that Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has now been put on the case to explore whether a rape actually took place and whether to proceed to trial.

Told Baker: “I know that this case has raised a variety of concerns in northwest Missouri, so please know this: This case will be thoroughly reviewed.”

And perhaps fully aware of the contentious factors, Baker went on to add the following:

“I can also assure you that politics, connections or any other reason you can think of will not play a role in our review of this case. It will be the evidence, as it is in every case that we review.”

The move comes after a judge appointed Baker as special prosecutor days after Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice said he’d request the move after having initially dropped charges against Daisy Coleman’s purported rapist, Matthew Barnett.

In telling why he had ultimately decided in dropping charges Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice had told the following:

“There was insufficient evidence to prove a criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt,”

Nevertheless the case went on to receive new life after the Kansas City Star did a probing investigation of the alleged rape which ultimately led to other media outlets raising questions and hacker group anonymous’ involvement.

It wasn’t until a protracted public outcry that Ross’ hand was forced and he decided under political pressure to revisit the case.

Many had gone on to wonder how the prosecution could appreciate that the then 14 year old Coleman could have possibly consented to sex with Barnett given her incapacitated state of being.

The release of a special prosecutor today comes a day ahead of  a planned protest in support of Daisy at the Nodaway County Courthouse tomorrow where tensions in the town of Marryville have led to divisions for those supporting Coleman and those supporting Barnett.

Told the teenager who said she and her mother are unlikely to attend:

“We were pondering it, but it sounds almost as if it wouldn’t be safe for us to go just because of all the people in Maryville being very angry with the case right now. But we are thinking about it, and we are very thankful for all the people attending,”

Asked what she was now hoping for Daisy Coleman replied for the case to now be looked at ‘fairly, and with some enthusiasm,’ 

“We were disappointed that they didn’t really do the job. They didn’t really collect the evidence, and they didn’t seem to care from the beginning. Anything above that would just be extra.”

Of course the question many are asking is why did it take so much heart ache to arrive at a point that is a granted right of an individual who goes on to be violated in America? Then again that may tell a lot about our collective understanding of who is the violated and the violator in cases of rape and why such points of views are so often maintained even in the face of the obvious….and who ultimately bears responsibility for such actions.

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