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Will the Daisy Coleman rape case be re opened?

Daisy Coleman rape
Daisy Coleman rape

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In the face of public outcry and increasing media scrutiny, and now hacker group, Anonymous to intervene, calls have been made to reopen the Daisy Coleman rape case.

The calls come off the back of heightened alarm that authorities failed to press forward with the case despite the attending sheriff, Sheriff Darren White asserting off the evidence and statements there was a strong case to bring the case forward.

Despite evidence and admissions from one 17 year old boy, Jordan Zech, who went on to tape the affairs of the evening (before later deleting them), and the eventual pleading of guilt by another then 15 year old boy in juvenile court with respect to Daisy Coleman’s then 13 year old friend, justice failed to be served in the case of Daisy Coleman.

That said as of this afternoon, two high-ranking Missouri officials have called for new investigations.

Tells the kansascity: Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder called for Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster and Nodaway County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice to reopen the case of 14-year-old Daisy Coleman and a 13-year-old friend, who were allegedly sexually abused by two prominent Maryville High School football players.

Similarly, Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones called for Koster to reconsider his earlier position that he had no authority to intervene, unless requested to do so by the county prosecutor.

In reiterating his then reasoning as to why the state declined to press charges, prosecutor Robert Rice went on to tell today:

 “There was insufficient evidence to prove a criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt. The State’s witnesses refused to cooperate. and invoked their Fifth Amendment privilege to not testify.”

Nevertheless on CNN, Melinda Rice and her daughter Daisy Coleman went on to tell that they were never asked to give a deposition or any other kind of testimony before Rice dropped the felony charges.

Melinda Coleman went on to add that she had never been uncooperative in the case.

In reacting to recent calls to bring his former client, Matthew Barnett to justice, Robert Sundell, suggested that “since a legal conviction was not possible, it appears some would like to try the case in the court of public opinion.”

In contemplating to bring the case to trial, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder went on to tell: “facts revealed in exhaustive media reports, including the 4,000 word piece in the Kansas City Star, raise all kinds of questions that it is now clear won’t be put to rest. These questions will fester and taint the reputation of our state for delivering impartial justice to all….The appalling facts in the public record shock the conscience and cry out that responsible authorities must take another look.”


On Tuesday evening, Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder called for a grand jury to convene in the Daisy Coleman case.

Told Kinder in a statement:

I am disappointed that the Attorney General would wash his hands of the matter through a brief statement by a spokesman,”

“The appalling facts in the public record shock the conscience and cry out that responsible authorities must take another look. I call on Attorney General Koster and Prosecutor Rice to join me in asking that the Circuit Court convene a grand jury to review all the evidence, hear all witnesses, and issue a decision as to whether charges should ensue.

Slate go on to note that Kinder’s statement on its own doesn’t mean there will be a grand jury, necessarily. But the politics suggest it’s likely. Kinder is a Republican. Koster is a Democrat (he switched parties in 2007). Now there will be pressure on him to respond. (Update, Oct. 15:Missouri House Speaker Timothy Jones, another Republican, has also called on Koster to investigate.)