Home Scandal and Gossip Daisy Coleman rape case leads to Marryville town resenting media portrayal.

Daisy Coleman rape case leads to Marryville town resenting media portrayal.

Daisy Coleman rape
Marryville, Missouri

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In the wake of the ever present scrutiny of the Daisy Coleman rape case, residents of Marryvile, Missouri where the purported rape took place, have now found themselves the recipients of an ever cascading avalanche of criticism and now threats.

Besieged by wide condemnation, many in the town have gone on to tell of their resentment as being cast as villains, whilst others have even gone on to tell of being the recipient of personal threats against them.

Tells the Kansas City StarIn Maryville, residents say that not only do they once again feel whipsawed by claims and counterclaims — whether to believe Daisy’s mom, Melinda Coleman, or the prosecutor and what to think about what transpired between Barnett and Daisy Coleman — but also by another emotion; fear.

Told one resident, 83-year-old Mahlon Fairchild: ‘It’s done a disservice to Maryville, a disservice to our legal system. We’re hurting. We’re hurting. It’s explosive.’

Tell the owners of the A&G Greek restaurant which has since gone on to receive a flotilla of threatening phone calls ever since their son was identified as attending the party where Daisy Coleman claims to have been assaulted, although not implicated in the crime.

‘We got a phone call last night: “Your son is going to get a bullet through his head.”

Talking of the widespread condemnation against the town, Matthew Barnett’s mother, Shirley Barnett recently went on to offer the following:

‘There are universities in the state with children from Maryville and they are having to be walked to class because of threats made over the internet, threats that are being made to them. It’s getting worse and worse,’

Reflected former school superintendent Roland Tullberg who has gone on to note opinions of his town are worsening, too.

‘It makes Maryville, to people at a distance across the land, look like a community that doesn’t care about the individual. I want you to know that this community is a very fine community,’ 

‘It makes people think we don’t care. We do care.’

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And then there were these contemplations on the web that caught my attention as well:

If the shoe fits…. Where in the free world is it ok to pick up a 14 year old girl at one O’clock in the morning and take her to a house and give alcohol to her?…where is it ok for a 17 year old to have relations with a 14 year old? Where is it OK to then video tape that? Why are the authorities even discussing whether it was “consensual”? That wouldn’t even be germane anywhere with which I’m familiar. Those are just the things he ADMITTED to. Small right wing town bows to the big wigs and let’s a young girl get freely abused. It’s typical…but don’t ask us to smile upon you about it.


If you are truly good people, why didn’t any of you protest when the charges were dropped? Just as I thought…You are BAD people..You deserve whatever you get…


Is this person serious? Two kids were raped and the town let the rapists go free and then bragged about it. The town has done a disservice to itself.


I find it curious that none of you self-proclaimed good people of Maryville thought to start a blog or create a facebook page back in 2012, when all this went down. Or maybe boycott the veterinary practice that fired, ACTUALLY FIRED, Daisy’s mother for having the audacity to push local and state law enforcement agencies to do their freaking jobs and put these sociopaths behind bars. Seriously? It didn’t occur to ANY of you to file a complaint with the state’s AG office over the miscarriage of justice that allowed two rapists to walk free? To the owners of the A & G Restaurant, gosh, I’m so sorry that you’re getting all those hateful phone calls. But have you ever bothered to ask yourselves: why did our son not make an effort to help those two girls that night? As he and his friends sat in the adjacent room watching TV or playing video games or whatever the hell they were doing, did it not occur to your clueless son how strange it was that at least one of the girls had been carried semi-conscious into an adjoining bedroom? 


The famous quote by Elie Wiesel pretty much says it all : “Indifference . . . is the epitome of evil”. By failing to do anything, many people believe that the residents of Maryville are guilty of complicity in the rape coverup that is your sad, sorry little town’s ultimate legacy.

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