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Daisy Coleman: the awful culture of rape…



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One thing the Daisy Coleman rape scandal has taught us is that date rape is as endemic as ever in a time where one would have thought that enlightened attitudes towards females would be the norm. But that too may all be wishful thinking.

Goes on to reflect theblot: With the latest revelations that yet another American female teenager, Daisy Coleman, has gone on to be raped and her plight not vindicated, questions are being raised as to what attitudes are facilitating such vile behavior towards women. Even worse might be why the townships that such young men come from and their legal systems so often fail to hold their behavior accountable.

A prevailing theory as to why young men like Matthew Barnett, the purported rapist of Daisy Coleman, was able to get away with his crimes is the idea that the victim always asks for it. Or to put it another way, young females are merely sluts who put on a facade, and in the end are often the instigators of their own sexual escapades.

From there theblot goes on to explore to what degree the depiction of women in popular culture has gone on to facilitate the view that a woman is no more than a commodity, an object, whose value isn’t her thoughts or feelings but the way she looks and the promise of sex that comes with purportedly being a woman.

The rhrealitycheck went on to astutely reflect on the transgressive attitude of young men who think it’s their calling to do as they please:

Too many boys think it is OK to have sex with girls who have not consented. They think it is OK to have sex with girls who are so drunk they could not possibly consent. They think it is OK to have sex with girls who are completely unconscious. They are so convinced that this behavior is OK that they record the behavior and release it for all the world to see. Instead of reacting with horror and punishment, their peers applaud and call the victim a slut. And the adults in their lives tut-tut, say boys will be boys, sweep it under the rug, and somehow, inevitably, turn around and blame the victim, especially if she was too drunk to say yes or too unconscious to say no.

Other factors of consideration include the notion of what do we mean by sluts and why are women so often (even by their own gender) regarded as such and how have such attitudes informed society as to the supposed worth of a woman?

Goes on to reflect The American Spectator: “When irresponsible boys harness glory, they become drunk with a power that they cannot restrain. Perhaps that is why these athletes felt so empowered to ply minors with liquor to have sex with them. Because even if they do get caught, Mom and Dad will call the prosecutor to ensure all charges are dropped. Daisy Coleman, who has since tried to kill herself twice, gets left in the dust.

No discipline, no punishment; just injustice.”

These are the ingredients one needs in creating a diabolical testerone machine bent on asserting his masculinity even if it means usurping and negating the female he wishes to charm conquer.

From there the blot goes on to further explore the current conundrum of the Daisy Coleman rape case and how that serves to inform us about how we as a society champion misbehavior, the Jock, the idea boys will be boys and the notion that females are objects to be had who should just own up to the understanding that they are all desperately in heat and asking for it….