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Daisy Coleman rally, #Justice4Daisy, counter protesters no show.


Daisy Coleman rally

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Daisy Coleman: the awful culture of rape…

Last night’s Daisy Coleman rally, meant to bring awareness to the plight of rape culture was met with a subdued turn out as only a few hundred people ended turning up to the rally.

At the time Maryville, Missouri authorities feared the worst and had rounded up extra security from other counties but it needn’t have been as protesters went on to peacefully claim their cause outside of the town’s courthouse square.

It is thought that Prosecutor Robert Rice’s decision to name Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker to take another look at the case may have eroded the sense of urgency of last night’s rally. No doubt a swift political move to diffuse any potential showdown.

Nevertheless the protest went on to draw worldwide attention as focus remains on the plight of Daisy Coleman, the then 14 year old teenager who went on to purportedly be raped and then later harassed and along with her family driven out of town whilst her attacker, Matthew Barnett went on to have charges dropped to the disgust and disbelief of Coleman.

Leading up to the Daisy Coleman rally more than 2,300 people indicated on the Facebook page set up that they were attending. Yet 10 minutes before the scheduled 6 p.m. start, there appeared to be as many media members and law enforcement officers as there were rally participants.

Courtney Cole, a women’s rights activist who organized the event over social networks and got a boost from the Internet hacker group Anonymous, went on to tell she wasn’t bothered by the modest turnout.

‘Even a small turnout is OK,’

‘Just moving the case along makes it a success.’

Last night’s rally did not include Daisy Coleman and her mother Melinda who decided that it would be best not to attend for fear of intensifying tensions.

A second podium set up on the southeast corner of the courthouse for a possible counter-rally to show support for the accused boys stood interestingly went on to be unused.

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