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Adam Lanza psychiatrist surrendered license months before Sandy Hook massacre.

Adam Lanza psychiatrist
Adam Lanza

As authorities continue to gain shed more light into last years horrific Sandy Hook massacre, new revelations are being released telling how Adam Lanza‘s psychiatrist who had treated him as a teen had surrendered his license just months prior to Lanza going ballistic.

Connecticut investigators have now told that Dr Paul L Fox who had treated the young man since he was a teen may have given up his licence after assertions that he may have crossed a line in his relationship with a patient.

The psychiatrist is now said to have left the United States and is living on the other side of the world in New Zealand where ironically he works in ‘child social services.’

According to the Danbury News Times, Fox was cited for ‘negligence on more than one occasion’ and ‘possible boundary violations’ with an unidentified patient.

Instead of facing the shaming and scrutiny of a full-fledged investigation into the matter, Fox voluntarily surrendered his license in both New York State and Connecticut.

Although Lanza was Dr Paul Fox’s primary psychiatrist during much of his adolescence, Fox told he only vaguely remembers Lanza, who was 15 when he last saw him.

In a police report the doctor told that: ‘[He] recalls Adam having aggression problems and possibly having been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome,’ 

 ‘He recalled Adam as very rigid and resistant to engagement. He was unable to provide any further details concerning Adam.’

Authorities have given no indication that Lanza is one of the patients whose relationships with Dr. Fox were suspect.

The psychiatrist and his wife of nearly 25 years filed for divorce just a month before Fox surrendered his license.

Fox has so far declined to speak out on his time as Lanza’s mental health caregiver.

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