Home Pop Culture Adam Lanza Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracy theory escalates.

Adam Lanza Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracy theory escalates.

Adam Lanza conspiracy
Adam Lanza conspiracy. Was Lanza's mouth photoshopped to make him look more sinister?
Adam Lanza conspiracy
Adam Lanza conspiracy. Was Lanza’s mouth photoshopped to make him look more sinister?

Adam Lanza carried a chilling cache of arsenal search warrant reveals.

Adam Lanza chose Sandy Hook because it offered more targets and more sensation says report.

Did Adam Lanza copy a scene from a video game in the Sandy Hook massacre?

Adam Lanza said to have died a day before Sandy Hook shooting. Conspiracy?

Since events have unfolded one fateful day in mid (14th)December last year pertaining to the ‘senseless deaths of 20 children’ and six adults and the purported shooter, Adam Lanza, a troubled 20 year old man at his own hands questions have begun to be raised as to whether the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre was actually at the hands of Lanza alone or even to what degree he was involved if at all.

Strange I know but the evidence and the documentaries starting to make their way are compelling to say the least and present the idea that there may in fact be much more going on that meets the eye and that the general media has on some level has been used to corroborate a preferred view that it was all the work of a lone madman which has thus inspired the active decision to have gun right possession laws challenged in the US.

ringsidereport: Like the 9/11 attacks and conspiracy theories that surround it, this tragedy began to sprout similar things, but what motive would the machine the runs the country have with the deaths of children? Well, gun control is being pointed to, and the behavior of those that are pushing for it is disgusting. The continued photo opportunities for President Obama mixed with his wiping away of no tears as he demanded gun control is sickening. I’m not a gun owner, but the people that are demanding the public handing them over don’t seem to realize that when you take away one right, you are moving onto others. It will be the first brick in the road.

First of let me say that I am not arguing that the murders did not happen. They obviously did, but the question we folk in the media ought to ask is were there other individuals involved and why has this particular tragedy struck such a lurid verve with the community and a rallying cry to rid citizens of guns? Then again maybe curtailing gun ownership might be the right thing after all if we are to look at the rate of violent incidence in other comparable industrialized nations. Then again perhaps living in the US is a violent experience to begin with whether we like it or not.

Reading ringside’s report the article goes on to note peculiar reactions from parents and officials that perhaps ought to give us pause and wonder? Or maybe it’s just all wishful thinking?

Argues the report: To those that will contend that the government would not use deception or a tragedy like this to get what they wanted, and the idea of using actors and actresses is absurd.

Which poses the question how absurd and are we really to believe the state actively planned this in order to push its agenda and the leeway to other prohibitive agenda? Or is that just wishful thinking because we all know we live in a transparent society where no secrets exist and that we all have equal access to information? Which of course raises the question what information or news ends up getting disseminated and filtered in our society and what are we suppose to actually believe?

The history of propaganda that is planted into the news is documented and it is more prevalent now than ever before. The questions that surround Sandy Hook should be addressed and should it be discovered that actors have been paid or recruited to play the roles of grieving family members, those hiring them should be called on it. I don’t think that there is any dispute that children were killed that day, but with what weapon and the number of shooters are questionable. At this point, all theories should be scrutinized and either dismissed or validated without backlash from those that believe everything that they hear and refuse to entertain any other notion outside of what the man on the newscast told him. Sift through the nonsense.

Reflects the examinerWhen one actually dares to dive into all of the evidence that exists surrounding these events, it’s obvious none of them were the work of a single individual and all of them have the telltale signs of a sophisticated operation that likely requires a trained team of individuals working in concert. Unfortunately, that team also includes members of the media, at the highest levels, that are ultimately responsible for what the rest of us are fed as perceived “reality.” Local and lesser news agencies merely parrot and support the information that emerges.

And this from reddit:

Serious question, how do we know he even went to Sandy Hook? There are no eyewitnesses, no camera footage, no independent evidence of a body (unless someone has a picture?), no autopsy, no confirmed cause of death, no car belonging to him or anyone who knew him that could have taken him there.

And who identified the body as Adam Lanza, and how were they able to do it so quickly? If Adam Lanza’s body is at Sandy Hook, did someone (eg Chris Rodia) deposit his dead body at the school?

All we have is “official sources” saying they found Ryan Lanza’s ID on a dead body.


My guess is some group grabbed him, killed his mother, dressed him up like the actual shooter, then massacred the kids, shot Lanza – the patsy – and ran before the cops got there. If Adam shot the kids then shot himself, how did the assault rifle get in the car truck? Does it make sense he’d do the massacre inside, go outside and put the gun in the car, then go back in and kill himself? Do we get all neat and tidy about stowing our gun before we suicide?

Adam Lanza’s mother took him to psychiatrist which then led to his sudden breakdown.

Adam Lanza’s father Peter claims son’s body. At last!

Adam Lanza’s body finally collected. Doubts remain if his father Peter claimed body…

Geneticists hope to uncover secret motive to Adam Lanza shoot out.

Adam Lanza’s father Peter Lanza still can’t understand why his son snapped.

Adam Lanza and the culture of violence. Why it will continue to live on.

Adam Lanza’s body remains unclaimed. But why Peter Lanza?

Adam Lanza vented for three days whilst his mother Nancy left him all alone. He killed her when she returned.

Adam Lanza wanted to join the military. Nancy Lanza forbid him.

Adam Lanza fought violently with his mother Nancy three days before her death. What caused their fall out?

Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy fought with school.

Adam Lanza said to have worshipped the devil insists former classmate.

Source disputes claim that Adam Lanza was about to be committed. ‘Story should never have run…

Did Adam Lanza’s fear of being imminently ‘committed’ lead him to taking revenge on children who Nancy loved more than him?

Adam Lanza spent hours in windowless basement playing violent video games and fantasizing about guns.

Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy held secret that caused her to worry time was running out.

New report argues Adam Lanza had cut off all communications with his father Peter.

Adam Lanza’s smashed computer hard drive may still yield answers say experts.

Adam Lanza victims are now beginning to be buried. Six year old Noah Pozner has funeral.

Adam Lanza shooting leads to idiotic belief that it could have been stopped if only teachers were allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Still no sign of Adam Lanza’s father, Peter Lanza. Media comes looking for him but he is no where to be found.

Adam Lanza’s mother begged his baby sitter to ‘never turn your back.’

Adam Lanza’s mother ‘is not alone’ blogger sparks outrage and reconciliation.

Adam Lanza. Has the media failed in its coverage?

Did Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy cause him to revolt?

Adam Lanza was getting worse. Burning himself with lighter. Nancy Lanza feared losing him.

Adam Lanza. Why did he target Sandy Hook Elementary school?

Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy would encourage him to join her for shooting target practice.

Adam Lanza names of victims released in revenge attack after fight with teachers the day before.

Adam Lanza tried to buy rifle days before but declined background check.

Breaking: Adam Lanza had ‘wild argument’ with four teachers at school a day before.

Adam Lanza was nerd and honors student but very weird. Shunned by the community.




  1. David Wheeler is an actor who played the part of a swat team member on the scene, but then also played the part of a grieving father. Look it up. Also every home in tbe area surrounding the school was paid off in full on christmas day of 2009. Anyone ca look that up.

  2. SS messed up on my husband’s birthday also, but how can you prove it to SS before we had smart phones and date stamped photos? How can you prove someone was born after the date that SS is reporting? In this case with Adam Lanza SS should have been taking extra care with the date since it could affect life insurance or other things. I don’t understand how they could make a mistake on something like this with so much attention on this event.

  3. The fact that people are inventing conspiracy theories to make others paranoid as a result of gun safety laws is actually interesting and report worthy I think.

  4. Also you should know that the social security death index does not list where you died it lists a last known address. Because Adam never collected social security he would have had an address he was living at when he applied for his card.

  5. The social security database is not a death certificate database. If there is something to the fact that his date of death is listed one day before he died let me know because my grandma is listed as being born one day before she was born.

  6. When I first heard about this charade, I denied it, then, I saw more videos, and I researched myself….. Adam Lanza’s death certificate shows he died DEC. 13, 2012!!!! A day BEFORE the shootings and it was issued from New Hampshire……a state not even adjacent to CT! Anyone can access the social security death records…..look them up yourselves!

  7. Poor Ken. He is so upset by the possibility that certain corrupt elements in the system might conspire to lead or mislead the masses. Although history is replete with examples of these elements perpetrating hoaxes and conspiracies, some are frightened by the possibility that they have been deceived. Despite all the emotional turmoil and hostilities in these comment section, nobody…..and I do mean nobody can provide the surveillance video of AL. (Its does not exist) Nor can they provide anything substantial on the 3 men detained and released. The only “facts” that Ken has is what he heard from his television. The only thing the truthers have are the “lack of facts” that are always prevalent in such instances. So what do any of us have?

  8. How can view the video for yourselves. You can see an investigator taking a 2 handed weapon out of Adam Lanzas mothers’ honda civic, (not Rodias’). And you can see that it is very clearly a Saiga 12 gauge shotgun (not used in the massacre). But yet everyone just jumps to the conclusion it was the rifle. Fools.

  9. You can see the video for yourself of the investigator lifting the 2 handed weapon from the trunk. Since most people only know of the two pistols and the rifle, everyone concludes it must be the rifle in the trunk, but he didn’t use the shotgun so nobody knows of it since it wasn’t blasted in reports. The Saiga is in the investigation report if you actually do a tad bit of research before you make a post like this. (google searches do not count you clown).

  10. Once again blind fools, the .223 Bushmaster rifle was not in the trunk. the Saiga 12 gauge shotgun was in the trunk. You are foolish scallywag.

  11. I guess that is the difference between a “media outlet/writer/blogger” and a journalist. The conspiracy theorist are out there for many reasons. Most are malcontents lacking education. They are emboldened and encouraged by websites such as yours that report stories with out verifying the facts. Try triple fact checking before you report things like Adam Lanza had a altercation the day before with the teachers, that his mother worked at the school. These 2 items have been discredited. In this article, https://scallywagandvagabond.com/2012/12/adam-lanza-was-nerd-and-honors-student-but-very-weird-shunned-by-the-community/ you allege that he was shunned by the community and “he had dressed in all black and with body armor which would most certainly infer he had long planned the attack. He may have worn black, according to the Connecticut State police he did not wear body armor. He did wear a utility vest which as it was described in the local media was akin to a fishing vest. Wait for the official report to be completed and stop reporting rumor & conjecture.

  12. Ken, the job of a media outlet/writer/blogger is to explore ideas irrespective if whether you or others perceive these ideas as garbage. I’m not necessarily agreeing with the conspiracy theorists out there, that said one ought to at least ask why they are out there and if there is any sustenance to their claims….?

  13. You
    perpetuate this garbage by posting it. Additionally if you would review
    your past postings you will see how factually incorrect many of the
    articles you’re posting. Stick to fluff that speculates who the are the “hawt bitches”

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