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Adam Lanza wanted to join the military. Nancy Lanza forbid him.

Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza

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Making the rounds this morning is the contention that Sandy Hook Elementary school gunman Adam Lanza once wanted to join either the Marines or the military, an idea that his mother Nancy adamantly opposed.

Although encouraged that her son was open to the idea of structure and a life outside of home, in the end Nancy Lanza opposed the idea because she was not confident her son would be able to handle the demanding needs of being with the military, let alone his social awkwardness.

Said close friend Ellen Adriani via the Connecticut Post:

“It became overwhelmingly clear to her that (military service) wasn’t right for him.”

Adriani who never met Adam Lanza goes on to say that Nancy Lanza “squashed” the possibility of serving twhen she reminded her son that he “didn’t like to be touched” — something that he couldn’t avoid if he were injured.

It is thought Adam Lanza first conjured the idea of joining the military when he was 17.

What is interesting to note in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy is on the day of the school massacre, Adam Lanza had gone out to the school dressed as if in combat. And perhaps in his mind that is exactly how he perceived his relationship with the outside world, especially in light of the fact that he spent many hours confined to a windowless room in the basement playing violent war videos.

On the day of the shoot out Lanza was in fact clad in body armor, black clothing and wielding a Bushmaster and Sig Sauer rifles, both equivalents of a military M-16. He was also armed with a 9mm Glock originally used by the Austrian military and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

On some level the young man had failed to distinguish between the war in his mind, on his video box and that of the real world and had somehow perceived civilians seeking to live a peaceful existence as his mortal military enemy.