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Geneticists hope to uncover secret motive to Adam Lanza shoot out.

Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza


Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza chose Sandy Hook because it offered more targets and more sensation says report.

Did Adam Lanza copy a scene from a video game in the Sandy Hook massacre?

Adam Lanza said to have died a day before Sandy Hook shooting. Conspiracy?

Adam Lanza Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracy theory escalates.

Adam Lanza’s mother took him to psychiatrist which then led to his sudden breakdown.

Adam Lanza’s father Peter claims son’s body. At last!

Adam Lanza’s body finally collected. Doubts remain if his father Peter claimed body…

Adam Lanza’s father Peter Lanza still can’t understand why his son snapped.

Adam Lanza and the culture of violence. Why it will continue to live on.

Adam Lanza’s body remains unclaimed. But why Peter Lanza?

Can a person’s genes tell you whether they will turn out to be a massacre shooter?

Here’s an interesting theory making the rounds. Attempt to map an individual’s genes and see whether any patterns become discernible that may have made them prone to violent anti social behavior. An interesting theory if one is willing to believe one’s biological make up makes them predisposed to certain behavior. Which is just another way of saying why are some people more inclined to behave antisocially or for example become addicts more than others? Is it really a matter of one’s biology or really a situation of one’s experiences and environment that leads one to behave the way they do? Either way scientists now hope to study Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook Elementary school shooter’s genetics in an attempt to see if they come up with some clues as to what inspired his murdering spree.

nytimes: In a move likely to renew a longstanding ethical controversy, geneticists are quietly making plans to study the DNA of Adam Lanza, 20, who killed 20 children and seven adults in Newtown, Conn. Their work will be an effort to discover biological clues to extreme violence.

So biology is a precursor to whether one chooses to behave violently or not? Supposing one is inclined to go with that belief and find that people like Adam and him exhibit a tendency to show gene duplications, deletions or unexpected mutations, are we to now infer that people with such apparitions are now a danger to society? Isn’t that like saying people with curly hair or blue eyes are now more prone to violence? Or how about people who live in one part of the world who over time have exhibited a certain genetical strain, are we to now suppose those individuals are more prone to anti social behavior or even the opposite, better able to adapt to stress in the environment?

Some researchers, like Dr. Arthur Beaudet, a professor at the Baylor College of Medicine and the chairman of its department of molecular and human genetics, applaud the effort. He believes that the acts committed by men like Mr. Lanza and the gunmen in other rampages in recent years — at Columbine High School and in Aurora, Colo., in Norway, in Tucson and at Virginia Tech — are so far off the charts of normal behavior that there must be genetic changes driving them.

“We can’t afford not to do this research,” Dr. Beaudet said.

While Dr Beaudet is gunho other researchers believe such research would in the end only stigmatize people who have never committed a crime in the event they turn out to have a genetic aberration. Which raises another question, what about all them other violent offenders who don’t have genetic aberrations, wouldn’t that within itself raise the idea that genetic aberrations have very little to do with one’s inclination to be violent?

But perhaps the below view sums it up best:

“It is almost inconceivable that there is a common genetic factor” to be found in mass murders, said Dr. Robert C. Green, a geneticist and neurologist at Harvard Medical School. “I think it says more about us that we wish there was something like this. We wish there was an explanation.”

Reflects scienceblogs: It’s the same issue; we don’t understand the majority of the functional consequences of individual variations in connectivity in the brain, and we have a population with large amounts of random variation. So how are you going to recognize what’s special and unique and causal about Lanza’s brain (or Einstein’s brain, or my brain, or yours)?

Adam Lanza vented for three days whilst his mother Nancy left him all alone. He killed her when she returned.

Adam Lanza wanted to join the military. Nancy Lanza forbid him.

Adam Lanza fought violently with his mother Nancy three days before her death. What caused their fall out?

Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy fought with school.

Adam Lanza said to have worshipped the devil insists former classmate.

Source disputes claim that Adam Lanza was about to be committed. ‘Story should never have run…

Did Adam Lanza’s fear of being imminently ‘committed’ lead him to taking revenge on children who Nancy loved more than him?

Adam Lanza spent hours in windowless basement playing violent video games and fantasizing about guns.

Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy held secret that caused her to worry time was running out.

New report argues Adam Lanza had cut off all communications with his father Peter.

Adam Lanza’s smashed computer hard drive may still yield answers say experts.

Adam Lanza victims are now beginning to be buried. Six year old Noah Pozner has funeral.

Adam Lanza shooting leads to idiotic belief that it could have been stopped if only teachers were allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Still no sign of Adam Lanza’s father, Peter Lanza. Media comes looking for him but he is no where to be found.

Adam Lanza’s mother begged his baby sitter to ‘never turn your back.’

Adam Lanza’s mother ‘is not alone’ blogger sparks outrage and reconciliation.

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Adam Lanza was getting worse. Burning himself with lighter. Nancy Lanza feared losing him.

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Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy would encourage him to join her for shooting target practice.

Adam Lanza names of victims released in revenge attack after fight with teachers the day before.

Adam Lanza tried to buy rifle days before but declined background check.

Breaking: Adam Lanza had ‘wild argument’ with four teachers at school a day before.

Adam Lanza was nerd and honors student but very weird. Shunned by the community.



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