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Adam Lanza vented for three days whilst his mother Nancy left him all alone. He killed her when she returned.

Nancy Lanza
Nancy Lanza


Nancy Lanza
Nancy Lanza

Adam Lanza’s mother took him to psychiatrist which then led to his sudden breakdown.

Adam Lanza’s father Peter claims son’s body. At last!

Adam Lanza’s body finally collected. Doubts remain if his father Peter claimed body…

Geneticists hope to uncover secret motive to Adam Lanza shoot out.

Adam Lanza’s father Peter Lanza still can’t understand why his son snapped.

Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan denies giving Facebook interview with the NYPost.

Adam Lanza and the culture of violence. Why it will continue to live on.

Adam Lanza’s body remains unclaimed. But why Peter Lanza?

Adam Lanza wanted to join the military. Nancy Lanza forbid him.

Adam Lanza fought violently with his mother Nancy three days before her death. What caused their fall out?

Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy fought with school.

Adam Lanza said to have worshipped the devil insists former classmate.

Source disputes claim that Adam Lanza was about to be committed. ‘Story should never have run…

Did Adam Lanza’s fear of being imminently ‘committed’ lead him to taking revenge on children who Nancy loved more than him?

Adam Lanza spent hours in windowless basement playing violent video games and fantasizing about guns.

Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy held secret that caused her to worry time was running out.

Adam Lanza victims are now beginning to be buried. Six year old Noah Pozner has funeral.

Adam Lanza shooting leads to idiotic belief that it could have been stopped if only teachers were allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Still no sign of Adam Lanza’s father, Peter Lanza. Media comes looking for him but he is no where to be found.

Adam Lanza’s mother begged his baby sitter to ‘never turn your back.’

Adam Lanza’s mother ‘is not alone’ blogger sparks outrage and reconciliation.

Adam Lanza. Has the media failed in its coverage?

Did Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy cause him to revolt?

Adam Lanza was getting worse. Burning himself with lighter. Nancy Lanza feared losing him.

Adam Lanza. Why did he target Sandy Hook Elementary school?

Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy would encourage him to join her for shooting target practice.

Adam Lanza names of victims released in revenge attack after fight with teachers the day before.

Adam Lanza tried to buy rifle days before but declined background check.

Breaking: Adam Lanza had ‘wild argument’ with four teachers at school a day before.

Adam Lanza was nerd and honors student but very weird. Shunned by the community.

As authorities begin to put the pieces as to what led to gunman Adam Lanza to take the life of his mother Nancy and that of 26 other individuals as well as himself investigators have come to learn that 3 days prior to his murdering spree the young man had had an altercation with his mother that had left him venting.

At the time Nancy Lanza had become increasingly concerned about her son’s inability or lack of desire to get out of the house and essentially live a withdrawn existence where he spent most of his days playing violent video games in a windowless basement room.

She had wanted him to apply to college, to finally begin to think about life outside of the house but the young man had become increasingly hostile to the idea, choosing instead to withdraw in the sanctity of his violent make believe world.

Nevertheless Nancy Lanza opted to go on a 3 day vacation on her own (Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, where she habitually liked to go)  leaving her son to vent and plot his murdering spree whilst she left him all alone in the house. It may have appeared to the young man that his mother’s desire to have him leave the house was the final nail in the coffin of being ostracized (in his mind) after being alienated by his father, Peter and brother Ryan who he had by now had very limited if at all engagement with in the last few years.

During the three day absence the young man had cut off all communications with his mother and set about getting revenge for the hurt that he was now feeling. It is also believed that in the end the young man targeted the elementary school down the road because in his mind Adam Lanza had come to believe his mother left the children there more than him. Other notions also include wishing to inflict as much pain to the outside world as he believed had been inflicted on him.



  1. I dont believe anything I read on this site. They also said Call of Duty was banned in the UK, when it is not.

  2. If in fact, Nancy had left Adam festering for 3 days while she was on vacation, and that caused him to snap, I have to ask. In all accounts he was not to be left alone unsupervised, and yet she did anyway? On her return, he kills her. So how is it in even a crazy mind, that Adam seeks to hurt these kids to “Whom his mother loved more than him”, she’s already dead, so it was not to extract revenge. At least not on his mother. If he did in fact have an altercation with some of the teachers, then why shoot a child? I could understand him upset and shooting someone he had been fighting against. As for dragging in Peter, and pointing a finger at him, that is just ridiculous. Everyone knows that a broken home that stays together to benefit the children only creates more stress on the children. It was not his brother’s fault either. You can’t expect anyone to put the remainder of their life on hold, just because a younger sibling has mental problems. He was right to move on and start building his career. Nancy, she couldn’t move on, yet. But, apparently as soon as the alimony came in she had some plans in the making to where even she could live a semi-normal life. I love how people are always trying to read more into crazy stuff like this. The only true way to understand what happened, can not be done. Why? Because Adam killed himself long before the psychiatrists had a chance to figure out the workings inside his head at the time. He did it, it sucks, but he is now dead too. Let’s move on with the rest of our lives and leave this tragedy behind us as just another one of life’s lessons learned.

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