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Adam Lanza’s mother begged his baby sitter to ‘never turn your back.’

Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza

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As reports begin to come in as to the constitution of mentally challenged Sandy Hook Elementary school shooter, one individual, Ryan Kraft, a former babysitter for Adam Lanza has stepped up to recount his own experience with Adam and that of his mother.

Expressing shock and dismay, Ryan Kraft now living in California told media outlet KCBS. the following: Mr Kraft recalls Nancy Lanza’s chilling words to him before she left him in charge of her young son. 

‘(She said) to keep an eye on him at all times…to never turn my back, or even to go to the bathroom or anything like that.’

He described Adam as a quiet, very intelligent and introverted.

‘Whenever we were doing something, whether it was building Legos, or playing video games, he was really focused on it. It was like he was in his own world,’

On the surface the warning comes off quite ominous as what is suggested is the plethora of danger that the young boy could subject himself and others too. Nevertheless one should also recall Adam Lanza had a condition that did not allow him to physical feel pain which of course necessitated constant attention, especially during activities that were elements of physical activity were warranted. Then of course one can quite possibly imagine Nancy Lanza uttering the above from the viewpoint of a concerned disenfranchised mother who only sought to protect her son.

One has to be careful to read too much into the above statement given the current outpouring of grief and general animosity and disgust towards Adam Lanza who needlessly and selfishly took away innocent lives.

Ryan Kraft.
Ryan Kraft.


  1. Adam had mental illness.

    :Research suggests people with autism do have a higher rate of aggressive behavior – outbursts, shoving or pushing or angry shouting – than the general population, he said.

    Rehabilitation for Brain Disorders

    Neurotoxin mercury in childhood vaccines started in 1992 and Adam was in the first cohort to receive childhood vaccination. His brother was 24 and did not receive this neurotoxin. Bad behavior and problems trusting Adam “don’t turn your back on him” would be part of is his dyscontrolled behavior patterns. Each person has different misbehaviors and I found doing multi-system rehabilitation is necessary.

    My original clinical work is:

    Multimodal neuropsychologically-informed biofeedback treatment for women and men patients: Head and body injuries from intimate partner (IPV), family violence (FV), and child abuse (CA).

    Various neuropsychological interventions were used as well as visual imagery, hypnosis, and deep relaxation; and muscle relaxation and specific muscle activation was learned with biofeedback devices for more normalized muscle functioning. Evaluations including neuropsychological assessment, monitoring of blood pressure and respiration rates, blood volume in right and left arms and or fingers, galvanic skin response on nondominant hand, EMG measurements of bilateral muscle groups that provide symmetry to body functioning and temperature changes in fingers and or toes.

    It is described in:

    Ackerman RJ: Applied psychophysiology, clinical biofeedback, and rehabilitation neuropsychology: a case study–mild traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am; 2004 Nov;15(4):919-31, viii

    PMID: 15458759

    Rosalie J. Ackerman, Ph.D.
    Clinical and Research Neuropsychologist

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