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Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy held secret that caused her to worry time was running out.

Nancy Lanza
Nancy Lanza


Nancy Lanza
Nancy Lanza

Adam Lanza vented for three days whilst his mother left him all alone. He killed her when she returned.

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A new report this afternoon is claiming that Nancy Lanza desperately sought to find her troubled son, Adam Lanza a new home as she was aware that time was running out.

So concerted had Nancy Lanza’s efforts become of late, her sister in law, Marsha Lanza has now revealed to the UK’s dailymail that Nancy Lanza had travelled to as many 9 cities in three continents cause she wanted out of the mansion she shared with her son Adam.

In the end the mother wanted to downsize and send her son to college and was beginning to tire of home schooling her son, this especially in light of the fact that Nancy Lanza suffered from multiple sclerosis.

In fact so desperate had Nancy Lanza become of late to re-situate that she had already gone to a variety of colleges in search of the right program for her son Adam and living situation.

Then there’s this shocking revelation:

In a Facebook conversation seen by MailOnline, Nancy also gave the most revealing account of her own family problems and how they may have shaped her life

She revealed how her own father shut out one of his other daughters at a young age and lived a ‘secret life’ until his past came out.

He ‘turned his back’ on baby Cheryl when he remarried and moved away from his home in Ohio to New Hampshire.

There he started afresh and gave birth to Nancy Lanza whose son Adam killed 28 people including himself and Nancy on Friday during his school rampage in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut.

In a Facebook message to a relative just two months earlier Nancy spoke in candid terms about her family and said: ‘Yes, life is funny and strange. Lies people tell and try to live in those lies. Sad’.

If true the above could gravitate why Nancy Lanza in the end insisted on not sending her son to mental habitations and why she took it upon herself to be his sole guardian, which raises other questions, who else in the family knew these affairs and why hadn’t there been a legitimate discussion to anchor the sinking Adam Lanza back to safety?

Nevertheless questions remain as to the missing presence of Peter Lanza, the child’s father, who ostensibly paid his ex wife off to take care of an ‘inconvenient’ situation whilst Ryan Lanza, Adam’s brother strangely was absent for two years.

Perhaps what’s even more beguiling is the thought of the above ‘sudden’ secret is just the family’s way to save their reputation in the face of damning revelations in the press and construct an impression that in reality may have been happenstance thought out but never really acted out. Or was it?



  1. I personally believe that Nancy and Peter Lanza both had too much inside information on the LIBOR Scandal and that she was afraid for her life as well as Adam’s life. I do not buy the media story at all… I honestly think Nancy was killed by black op agents…. that Adam was most likely drugged with solopamine and unknowlingly aided the agents in carrying out the massacre. As for Peter Lanza, being the VP tax analyst for General Electric services I believe had inside “whistleblower” information on the corruption scandal of people involved in the current LIBOR scandal. GE Services owns 49% of all NBC media, GE Healthcare, GE Intelligent Platforms: Control and Communications Systems, Industrial Software, and Military and Aerospace; GE Aviation and the list goes on and on and on) Ironically, or maybe not, USB is in the process of trying buying GE Service’s GE Money Bank worth $1.6 Billion dollars. Since elite bankers & governmental officials could be exposed for their fraud in manipulating UBS markets over the past years, this gave the perfect reason to blackmail/coerce Peter Lanza from disclosing any information by staging this entire massacre and allowing both Nancy and Adam to be the scapegoats and using mental illness as a diversion. The overall agenda is to implement further gun control by making this appear to be a random act of violence. Since GE owns such a huge conglomeration of the media is it no surprise of the “Sandy Hook” reference in the movie. Lastly, as far as James Holmes of the Aurora shootings, same scenario but different town. Jame’s father Robert Holmes is an analyst for FICO which also has a laundry list of associations world-wide banking. Apparently, Robert had inside information as well as Peter Lanza on UBS fraud. Did I forget to mention that a reference to Aurora appears in the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall? Since GE is one of the top major owners in media, I suppose the blind public will continue to fall for their fake believe charades.

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