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Adam Lanza. What set the Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman off?

Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza.
Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza. Picuture of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooter when he was 13.

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Adam Lanza was nerd and honors student but very weird. Shunned by the community.

In the wake of the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary school, CT shoot out that left 28 individuals dead, including 20 children and the gunman, Adam Lanza himself questions are being asked what could have possibly set off the 20 year old Lanza who decided yesterday to unleash unforgivable venom that has brought fear and dismay to the entire country.

Clues starting to make their way known include descriptions of Adam Lanza being as the nydailynews reports as a ‘dark and disturbed, deeply troubled boy from a wealthy family who unearthed neighbors and classmates.’

What’s immediately understood is that the young man was out of odds with his well to do environment and somehow harbored deep negative thoughts towards the world he lived in and one dare say himself.

Described as a ‘walking time bomb,’ Adam Lanza in the end decided with his cache of legally obtained guns (which in and of itself raises more questions as to how one can so easily acquire such arsenal) not only to take the lives of 20 children and 7 school teachers one of them being his mother Nancy who by now had dedicated her time to solely taking care of him and that in and of itself might offer us many clues as to what premeditated the murders but that also of his own as well.

Having once taught at the school, Nancy Lanza by now who had amiably divorced Adam’s father, Peter, who had once served as an adjunct finance professor and now worked a director at GE Energy Financial Services in 2008 had by now become a full time caretaker of her mentality disturbed son. In fact authorities when they went to check in on the family home found Nancy Lanza had been fatally shot to death, presumably at the hands of her son.

Interestingly one family friend, Barbara Frey interviewed by abc (see video below) goes on to say that Nancy Lanza harbored rigorous high standards of her son and that too may have caused resentment. Perhaps in the end the highly regarded teacher and community advocate was only attempting to compensate for her son’s condition and one wonders the ’embarrassment and distress’ his condition augmented on her.

Guns used by Adam Lanza, 20, alleged shooter in Sandy Hook elementary school rampage
Guns used by Adam Lanza, 20, alleged shooter in Sandy Hook elementary school rampage

When authorities later confronted Peter Lanza, Adam Lanza’s father outside of his new home whom he was now sharing with his newly married new wife Shelley Cudiner, a librarian, it said that he was totally unaware of the shoot out and in deep distress and yet one wonders if one some level the tragic news hadn’t surprised him?

Then there is the odd situation of Adam Lanza’s relationship with his 24 year old brother Ryan who has been cooperating with authorities. It is understood that Ryan Lanza, who lives in Hoboken,NJ and works at Ernst and Young hadn’t communicated with his brother since 2010.

Yet the question remains why did the young man feel the need to unleash his venom on those outside of his immediate family and why principally had he decided to focus his retribution on innocent young children? Nevertheless it is known that Adam Lanza had himself also as a youngster attended the local elementary school.

“This was a deeply disturbed kid,” a family insider told the Daily News. “He certainly had major issues. He was subject to outbursts from what I recall.”

Lanza, who friends and officials said suffered from Asperger’s syndrome or a personality disorder, had a tortured mind.

He was socially awkward and at times unstable, but also extraordinarily bright.

“He was smart,” the insider told the nydailynews. “He was like one of these real brainiac computer kind of kids.”

A “longtime” family friend said Lanza had a condition “where he couldn’t feel pain.”

“A few years ago when he was on the baseball team, everyone had to be careful that he didn’t fall because he could get hurt and not feel it,” said the friend. “Adam had a lot of mental problems.”

Couldn’t feel pain? It seems if anything quite the opposite. All he ever felt was chronic pain, that is emotional and mental pain. Something that wasn’t lost on friends and neighbors in the community.

Lanza’s strange behavior was well-known among his well-heeled neighbors in leafy Newtown, Conn. His antics irked several residents.

“Adam Lanza has been a weird kid since we were 5 years old,” a neighbor and former classmate named Tim Dalton wrote on Twitter. “As horrible as this was, I can’t say I am surprised . . . Burn in hell, Adam.”

And then there’s almost contradictory report via the mirror.co.uk:  One former friend described Lanza as generally happy, very clever and “probably a genius”.

Joshua Milas, who graduated from Newtown High School in 2009, said he had not seen Lanza in a few years.

“We would hang out, and he was a good kid,” he told Sky News. “He was smart. Probably one of the smartest kids I know. He was probably a genius.”

What though is worth considering is how and why Adam Lanza’s parents weren’t able to placate the young man or had it come down in the end they had tried all they could (Peter Lanza left his Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy in 2008 which he took quite badly) and in essence he was a walking time bomb who one day would switch to overload.

What may describe the anomaly of Adam Lanza’s situation is the fact that he lived a type of idyllic well to do luxury existence (that so many of us aspire to) albeit one that must have been forfeited by a sense of deceit and self disgust. But the bigger question might be was his sense of disgust and dismay in the end directed not necessarily at himself but the privileged society and well to do surroundings that ran so ominously false in the tortured young man’s mind? Or was his sense of disillusionment and disgust morbidly directed at something that had no real correlation in the real world which he was so maladjusted for? Or even more perversely was his conflict directed at his mother who he couldn’t please given her reputation for high standards he was constantly reminded he never measured up to….?

As one former FBI profile agent Mary Ellen O’Toole commented the young man’s unleashing of violence didn’t just manifest itself yesterday morning but had been a well orchestrated act and strategy correlated to his deepening sense of despair, feeling of victimization and apathy for the community. But the question still remains why had he come to shoot all those innocent children and school teachers. What role did they play in his pain and suffering?

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting


  1. This article is pure rubbish. So much blame is being placed on the mother based on one interview with one woman who claims she was strict? Do we even know how close this woman was to the family? How well she even knew Nancy Lanza? Especially when so many other reports from people close to her talk about what a good and caring mother she was. Even the “facts” in this article are wrong. Nancy Lanza was not a school teacher. The school board and her family have stated she wasn’t a teacher and that none of the teachers know her. “…he couldn’t please given her reputation for high standards he was constantly reminded he never measured up to…” Nothing but cruel conjecture there. This is a disgusting article with no basis in fact.

  2. would say, this only thought on the matter was that he was in his mind. Taking out his past, sort of speak. I guess he felt anger, towards his mother, for the cause of this. That would make sense. And the kids, he couldn’t do anything before, now he could. He felt some kind of power. But, also think there is more to the story, really time will tell.

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