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Elliot Rodger manifesto: Planned to kill 100’s before killing himself

Elliot Rodger manifesto
How far was Elliot Rodger gone by the time he came to write his manifesto?

Although Elliot Rodger ultimately killed six individuals and injured 13 on May 13, chilling revelation are being made that the disgruntled youth had intended to murder hundreds of individuals that fateful day.

Elliot Rodger roommates wanted to move out cause they hated him 

Elliot Rodger furious that his family was no longer wealthy

Elliot Rodger planned to kill his 6 year old half brother and step mother

Will Peter Rodger agree to meet Richard Martinez? Demands meeting. 

Philip Bloeser: ‘Elliot Rodger wanted to rape women,’ avoids being murdered too 

Elliot Rodger gay says Fox news psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig 

Mahbod Moghadam fired for saying Elliot Rodger’s sister is ‘smoking hot.’ 

Monette Moio is the model that teased Elliot Rodger that made him hate women. 

Wrote Rodger in his 140 page manifesto: ‘The plan was to destroy the entirety of Isla Vista, and kill every single person in it, or at least kill as many popular young people I could before the police arrive and I’d have to kill myself,’

In his manifesto, Elliot Rodger points to the degree of humiliation and deprivation he came to feel at the hands of women and men who could get those women, citing a then 13 year old model, Monette Moio who he had come to have a crush on as the instigating reason for his hostility toward women.

Wrote Rodger in his manifesto: ‘I hated her so much, and I will never forget her. I started to hate all girls because of this,’ 

In his manifesto the youth reveals how he had planned to first kill everyone he lived with before venturing to a nearby sorority house.

In his manifesto, the youth had also documented how he aspired to kill his 6 year old brother Jazz, who he feared would grow up to get all the girls he could never get.

‘It will be a hard thing to do, because I had really bonded with my little brother in the last year, and he respected and looked up to me,’ Elliot wrote, also adding that he’d kill his step-mom to get to his brother.

Whilst Elliot Rodger in the end went far short in exacting the degree of damage he sought, the manifesto continues to describe the extreme diabolical thoughts of an individual on the precipe of the abyss, unable to any longer connect to reality and having by then morphed into a super fictional character, version of himself, as if he were playing video games, a champion hero who would knock out all the evil villains who had wronged him so deeply.

Elliot Rodger Facebook fan pages adoring hero spring up

Elliot Rodger hailed a hero on PUAHate, women hating pick up artist site. 

Elliot Rodger’s parents read manifesto and rushed to call cops 

Elliot Rodgers murdered roommates identified. George Chen, Weihan Wang, Chen Yuan Hong. 

The priviliged life of Elliot Rodger: Private first class flights and $40K BMW coupe gift 

Did Elliot Rodger really kill cause he was a misogynist? Feminists fallacies… 

Elliot Rodger friends thought he was a serial maker in the making 

Are cops to blame for missing Elliot Rodger plot? Found him polite… 

Who were Katie Cooper and Veronika Weiss victims of Elliot Rodger? 

Elliot Rodger tried storming sorority, mutilated 3 roommates and had 410 rounds of ammo left 

Elliot Rodger three bodies found in his apartment. Lured and stabbed. 

Elliot Rodger manifesto, ‘My twisted world’ found. 140 pages 

Elliot Rodger posted on male virgin site of plans. Users begged him to stop. 

Elliot Rodger was so mentally ill his father called the cops on him 

Elliot Rodger posted ‘Why do girls hate me so much video’ before shoot out. 

Elliot Rodger hated women, belonged to ‘Anti Pickup Artist Movement.’ 

Elliot Rodger Isla Vista shoot out. Kills 6 cause women rebuffed him. 



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