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The priviliged life of Elliot Rodger: Private first class flights and $40K BMW coupe gift

priviliged life of Elliot Rodger
How bad did Elliot Rodger really have it anyway?

Since the aftermath of the Elliot Rodger retribution strikes, what has been often said is how unfair life was for Elliot Rodger. At least in his own words. That deeply held sentiment nevertheless contrasts markedly with the reality of the way he got to live life, never mind the fact that he didn’t get to go out with the prized ‘sorority girl’ he insisted he could only go out with…

Whilst Elliot Rodger bemoaned his harsh existence, the isolation, the lack of sex, the lack of love he sought, which he had come to believe he was owed and entitled to, what is clear is that Elliot Rodger got to live a type of existence that many of us could only ever dream of and only through the sweat of our labor. Not so for Elliot Rodger.

Some of the niceties extended to the young man for nothing more than being the offspring of the famed director Peter Rodger included the receipt of his black BMW 328i coupe which go at the starting price of $40 000.

Other niceties included first class flights on premium airline Virgin Atlantic as he went on to post on whilst flying from Los Angeles to London.

Upon arriving in London, the young man was treated to a private Katy Perry concert.

priviliged life of Elliot Rodger

Growing up Elliot Rodger was never without material want as he grew up in the tony suburb of Woodland Hills of Los Angeles, in a four bedroom, five bath home that is valued at just under $1million.

And while Elliot Rodger was quick to bemoan his loneliness and how that justified him taking the lives of others who should have appreciated that he possessed the real trappings of a ‘superior gentleman’, Rodger was also quick to boast about his luxurious life on social media.

dailymail.co.uk: In addition to posting several pictures of him with his black BMW – the same car he used on his rampage – he also showed off a Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV, which has a starting price tag of $48,000.

‘I have a nice car, a BMW. Well, nicer than 90percent of the people in my college,’ he boasted in one video.

Rodger also dressed well. In his online manifesto, he wrote about having his Gucci sunglasses broken when he was beaten up. He later replaced them with another designer pair of shades.

‘These sunglasses here are $300, Giorgio Armani,’ he cooed in the same video.

‘See? Look at how fabulous I look.’

In the end what may just have demoralized Elliot Rodger wasn’t his sense that women and life was unfair but his distorted appreciation of how good he actually really had it and his own personal failure to offer a slice of himself called compassion, humanity, integrity as opposed to hiding behind the veneer of high brass toys and sulking away at the world because the pony trick didn’t pet you on the head for simply existing in high gloss accoutrements….

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priviliged life of Elliot Rodger

priviliged life of Elliot Rodger



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