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Elliot Rodger hailed a hero on PUAHate, women hating pick up artist site.

Hating the object of their desire….

Prior to Elliot Rodger instigating carnage over the weekend, the 22 year old had been hailed a hero on women hating pick up artist sites dedicated to men who are unable to date women and bore grudges against them.

Since the slaughter of 6 individuals and the injuring of 13 others, the actions of Elliot Rodger has put the forum of PickUp-Artist’s into the spotlight, in particularly the rage filled PUAHate.com site.

The groups members are all men who have spent time and money on books and seminars designed to help them pick-up women – but who have failed and are furious with the ‘scams, deception and misleading marketing techniques used by dating gurus and the seduction community.’

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Prior to dismantling over the weekend, the sites forum were full of tales of woe from men who struggled to get women to date them, often blaming the women themselves for the problem.

Posted Elliot Rodger in one unearthed rant, ‘If you could release a virus that would kill every single man on Earth, except for yourself because you would have the antidote, would you do it?’

‘You will be the only man left, with all the females. You would be able to have your pick of any beautiful woman you want, as well has having dealt vengeance on the men who took then from you. 

‘Imagine how satisfying that would be.’

At the time, Elliot Rodger’s comments were lauded by members, with some calling him a hero.

Rodger’s posts have disappeared with the website, but on Saturday the Southern Poverty Law Center unearthed some comments, both racist and misogynistic, that he wrote on the forums. One post reads:

‘I was shopping at Trader Joe’s and saw an Indian guy with 2 above average White Girls!!! What rage-inducing sights did you guys see today? Don’t you just hate seeing these things when you go out? It just makes you want to quit life.’

Indeed, Rodger, who stabbed three men to death before shooting two UCSB sorority sisters and one male freshman, before taking his own life, was very prominent online in the PUA community.

Pick-Up Artists, or PUAs’, are men online who talk about their failure to secure girlfriends – and despair about forever being friends and not lovers.

The UK’s dailymail documents how forum members are determined to date women who score at least seven out of ten on their own scale of attractiveness, and they all trade tips online about how to become the dominant men they all aspire to be.

Among their techniques to pick up women is a method called ‘negging’ – which essentially means, insulting women to break down their confidence.

Those on Pick-Up-Artist websites resent women for controlling the sexual market and believe that women only like men who treat them badly.

Ultimately, the PUA thinks that women are not deserving of respect and a target to conquer.

Indeed, Rodger was also a member of PUAHate.com, a forum that is not designed to attack the methods of pick-up-artist, but in fact, to point out unsuccessful techniques.

The site has been taken down in the aftermath of Rodger’s killing spree, but according to Slate, the forum is designed to host those interested in ‘exposing the scams, deception and misleading marketing techniques used by dating gurus and the seduction community to deceive men and profit from them.’

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  1. “The groups members are all men”

    Or so would they would like you to believe…

    “and believe that women only like men who treat them badly.”
    Why don´t women dates nice guys like me?!? Those f***ing b***es!
    I hate sl*ts, why can´t they give any to me?
    I´ll never marry these women who aren´t virgins, they can´t settle down and emotionally bond with a man like me!

  2. Elliot rodger is I hero ppl are stupid cruel and dumb judgements came on the day he did what he did being out casted for so long it I wish I could see them die it would have been better than sex with my girlfriend

  3. I seems that the writer of this article did not even understand that PUAHATE.com was and anti pick up artist website

  4. OKCUPID.com did a poll . the women of the site said 80% of the men on the site where seen as below average. maybe not scientific but it gives you an idea of the way women think.

  5. ” Any girl fat, ugly, downs, or a terrible personality can get a guy any time she wants. Where as a guy simply cannot.”

    congratulations, your objectification of women and your blatant disregard for the stuggles that women face today (becasue its just so easy over here, on this side of the wage gap, which is just the tip of the iceberg) means that you are part of the problem.

    your attitude is a perpetuation of rape culture, and you need to CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE. http://www.checkmyprivilege.com/

    oh, and “bring back brothels” ??
    yeah, because its so difficult to find an escort. just pick up a newspaper. the adult classifieds are in the back. The availability of paid sex isn’t an issue in this case. He wasn’t trying to get laid, he wanted to dominate all the women in the world (oh wait, only the hot ones tho amirite?). Paying for a sex service probably would not have helped him, since “not getting laid” isn’t a medical condition that causes violent misogyny.

  6. shut up you filthy whore. you probably got sex whenever you wanted it through your whole life.

  7. The dude is weird but most of what he says is right.

    It is so much harder to be a man in this day and age than a woman. Any girl fat, ugly, downs, or a terrible personality can get a guy any time she wants. Where as a guy simply cannot.

    I have been on both sides of the spectrum to where literally every girl I saw would like me. And previously girls would be grossed out or never take a second look.

    Girls have it way easier than guys. Bring back brothels and this sexless rage stuff wont happen.

    P.S. PUA creates the illusion of effectiveness. Most puas dont get any.

  8. You sound like a huge chump that resents women because you can’t get them to play with your ding dong.

  9. Former PUAHate mod here….Just for the record:

    1) The site was impossible to mod. Some of those guys were on the site 24/7.
    2) The problems only came from one section, and most of the accounts were owned by a relatively low amount of people.

    I’d love for the site to come back up, but keeping the SAers/BB.com miscers out would be great. There was enough funny trolling on the site without them, and they’re basically the reason it’s gone now.

  10. Most of them, yes, but other people went up there too. Fake players and guys wanting to make fun of fake players. Misogynists and people wanting to troll misogynists. People with a customer service or quality issue relating to a PUA training company. Guys who wanted to troll against different theories of PUA such as whether or not to use pickup lines or be spontaneous. I don’t think anyone who was ever up there was proud of being there, except these mens rights freaks.
    A majority of the posters up there were just as the articles describe, that is bitter, whining, creepy, and having un-reconstructed misconceptions about actual life and other people – that is – mad because the PUAs didn’t deliver on obviously over-stated marketing claims. The majority of them probably made no actual effort to be more attractive men, but just whined.

  11. If you can handle the truth, then you can handle being told that your personality is offensive and weak.

  12. IOW, you can’t get a date, either & you’re angry about it. trust me, you’re going about it the wrong way.

  13. Wow, that’s very few typos for typing with one hand; guess you get a lot of practice!

  14. Hmm, except that the Anti-PUAs are just *frustrated* PUAs. Hypocrites into the bargain, if you will.

  15. PUA Game is infuriating. How dare men reveal the push-button simplicity of women’s sexual attraction queues and turn them back onto the women! Its no wonder that women are so upset a few days later having discovered the dupe. Its tantamount to rape and trivializes women’s sexual power.

  16. “There were a lot of misogynists up on puahate”
    So what if there were ? american womyn are anything but lovely and it’s about time men began telling the truth.

  17. God you are so pathetically disgusting.I hope you get as sraped with a baseball bat, forced to su ck it clean and then are beaten to death with it. I will laugh, as will many millions. I hope it is yo tubed for future entertainment.

  18. I hope you get massacred in the next round. Along with your daughters , sisters, mother and aunts. I will laugh as the world will become a better place.

  19. “Can’t this site do better to help stop seeing women as mastrbation fodder for desperate men?”
    No, because that is all the value females have. Eventually you might be useful as public toilets, but until then….

  20. While I don’t agree with you, have an upvote. It’s possible he was gay but I think his effeminate mannerisms were just a manifestation of his massive ego and aspergers. He hated himself deep down and sometimes the worse you hate yourself the better things you have to tell yourself to be comfortable.

    Couldn’t connect to almost anyone in his life and was smart enough to know he never would. Also smart enough to know his face was above average looks wise and that was a major asset-but his only one. Shit gets fuzzy when the guy starts truly believing that $300 shades you didn’t earn make you a gentleman that makes women want to sleep with you. Or that women should approach him first. Fucked up parenting combined with the aspergers? It was a perfect storm of some kind. Doctors wanted to put him on a anti psychotic he wouldn’t take.

    Mostly cared about “pretty white girls” as the prize. He was racist against himself deep down. If he really thought he was so amazing he might not be able to kill himself.

    Also, the parents called the therapist… who called a fucking mental health line? Who then called the cops? What does that mean…
    Why does a therapist have to call anyone but the cops after the parents tell them that the patient is threatening to kill people. and why is no one else suggesting that person be fired. Did the cops know he made any videos at all? Someone needs to be fired to fix this system whatever it is happened.

  21. I was wondering if maybe he was gay and wasn’t happy about that fact or maybe he didn’t realize it or something. Something struck me as odd as I watched the video.

  22. Guess what, sweetcheeks.

    We don’t CARE what nerd divisions, classifications and demarcations your kind all give each other; that’s the 4-H certificates and weebelo badges of YOUR twisted pussyless world and we out here in the real world where people have sex don’t give a shit. In our collective, functional opinion, you ALL fail and should ALL be drooling in a tight straitjacket down under Bellevue somewhere.

    Joining forums to whine about not being able to get pussy to hide from just going out, saying hi to some bitch and GETTING SOME. Damn. In how many dialects can Darwin say “failure”?

    Your sad gimp kind do not yet see the irony that the fact you can’t get laid is proof natural selection knows something is wrong with you and your genetic line needs to terminate right where it is, here with YOU. Have you considered this? Maybe you should. You’re ill, your DNA reads Fail, and pussy can sense this.

    THAT is why you are not getting laid.

  23. This message brought to you by the black mother of James Holmes and the Mexican mother of every other murderous 100 % Caucasian male fail case out there who’s decided having every privilege in the world is not enough and it’s time to go a gunnin.

  24. Don’t worry. They just migrated over to their friends and supporters at Quora.

    They’ve been herding over there for quite some time, which is why Quora also has become one of the darkest PUA covens around.

  25. Truth detected.

    Also, it should be added, those forums are chock full with more closeted gay than the men’s room of a homophobic Baptist church. Yet media: “No correlation between male homosexuality and the fear and hatred of women.”

    Which is why Elliot Rodgers repeatedly made invitational statements to the other men on bodybuilding and PUA forums, screaming in pixel tantrums for them (NOT women) to please notice how “beautiful” he is, his “exotic eyes and cheekbones”, and tells them his sweater is “fabulous” (yes he used that word and no straight male ever does), and even lectured them why its expensive brand made it better than what they were wearing.

    1. “Fabulous”
    2. Called himself “beautiful” but called not one woman that, EVER

    3. Frequented places men gather but he knew women would not
    4. Was attractive to women yet never mysteriously never got one

    Rocket science, folks? Does it take that?

    Rodgers was a vicious queen who envied and despised women and their power to attract the attention of the men he hung around and secretly wanted. However, coming out is HARD. VERY hard. Rather than face himself and do this, Rodgers wanted a beard so he could pass. Women sensed his gayness and relegated him to instant friend status. Come-out was imminent. Rodgers cracked.

    Nope, gay and PUA never intersect and one’s got nothing ever to do with the other despite all the closeted posing, ab licking and cckscking that goes on in those forums. Yup, nothing to see here, folks.

    By the way, I’m gay.

    That’s how I saw it.

  26. Puahate was a lot of things. A lot of the guys up there were whining about how looks are everything but it was also a forum for it’s intended purpose which was to make fun of the silly things pickup artists say and do.

  27. I wonder how many other of these violent women hating scum have left a trail up on Shitty Advice.

  28. There were a lot of misogynists up on puahate, and a lot of other types of whiners and winners, the police should definitely be reading the archives.
    The SPLC should not have had to go to very much trouble to unearth some misogynist posts up there.
    Don’t blame the site, the main purpose of the site was joking and trolling mostly about the pick up artists, and it was useful, because the police should have a site like that they can use to track misogynists.

  29. Not sure if serious.

    David D and his tranny twin wife are the very first to come to mind…followed by AFC Adam’s ex wife that was caught cheating on him with a club owner in Houston…

  30. How dare you compare PUA’s to the type of people on PUAHate. Does not the title of the site give you a hint? That website was founded and solely dedicated to HATING pick up artists. Why? Because they actually have success with women. Pick up artists are not incels. That’s why incels envy pick up artists. PUA Hate was just that, Hate for Pua’s……not a site where pua’s gathered. Way to bark up the wrong tree asshole.

  31. 80% of men are seen as below average according to women yet SAers of misogynists? Yeah OK…keep telling yourself that buddy boy.

  32. Mother of mercy… Now that there’s no Shitty Advice it’s leaking into other parts of the internet.
    And this article is terribly misinformed and misinforming in some of its assertions

  33. “Pick-Up Artists, or PUAs’, are men online who talk about their failure to secure girlfriends – and despair about forever being friends and not lovers.”

    Someone who would actually refer to themselves as a “PUA” is most likely very successful with women because dudes pay them to learn how to do it! puahate bashes PUA’s because PUA’s preach that looks and money don’t matter whereas guys on puahate are convinced looks and money are the be all and end all.

    Puahate is to the pick-up industry as Scar is to Mufasa-(doesn’t the name of the site give it away).

    Terrible, terrible article. But I’m happy that puahate is shutdown at the moment as that site was one of the darkest places on the web.

  34. *Yawn*…This has nothing to do with misogyny. This has to do with miscegnation. If only his father never sinned by sleeping with a woman not of his own race, this abortion would never have existed on this planet

  35. The media has not fully portrayed what PUAHate has really become. It is true that it was initially a site for men who tried PUA products and techniques but found them to be bogus – and there is still a portion of the site dedicated to bashing the current PUA industry. However, the main part of the site that is relevant to the Rodger slayings is a specific subforum called ‘Shitty Advice’ – it has become the most active portion of PUAHate.

    This is where the heart of the misogyny and bitterness against women lives, and this area is actually now mostly populated by a new wave of younger members who never really went through a PUA phase. Many of them come from bodybuilding sites (the ‘misc’ forum on BodyBuiliding.com) and they are united by a love of discussing men’s looks and what type of looks will help men become a “slayer” (a slayer is a man capable of having numerous sex partners with very attractive women). The main debates are over whether it is better to look like a “twink” sort of male model pretty boy, or a more uber-masculine square jawed muscular jock. Men post their pictures and rated (and in most cases harshly criticized) for their visual flaws. Outside of this, there is lots of misogyny to be found, but I would say the site is almost more misanthropic than misogynist – guys are almost meaner to one another there than they to women on the site.

  36. I enjoy this site and its usual news stories, however I find it extremely poor taste to run this story while having the sexually explicit, women-are-for-ogling photos below it. I suspect these photo links are ordinarily below any given story, but seriously. Five out of the six photo links consist of images more fit for the inside of Playboy magazine! The only non-sluttified photo is that of a man who had a mugshot taken.

    Can’t this site do better to help stop seeing women as mastrbation fodder for desperate men? Until you stop feeding the problem, you’re part of the problem.

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