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Philip Bloeser: ‘Elliot Rodger wanted to rape women,’ avoids being murdered too

Philip Bloeser
Philip Bloeser and Cathleen Bloeser. Did he come close to being murdered at Elliot Rodger’s hands?

Philip Bloeser, a childhood friend of Elliot Rodger has told that Rodger had confessed to him that he wanted to hold down women and rape them.

Philip Bloeser in turn would be one of 30 individuals who would receive Elliot Rodger’s manifesto in an email chain prior moments prior to Elliot Rodger setting out on his rampage.

The manifesto itself delineated how Rodger intended to kill his housemates, then slaughter women at a sorority house before then proceeding to open fire on the streets of Isla Vista.

Told the Philip Bloeser’s mother, Cathleen Bloeser: We could see that he was turning,’

‘He’d changed emotionally, and he’d become very despondent and he wanted to get back at people.’

The mother would tell how within the last year Elliot Rodger’s mental health had markedly deteriorated, despite being under psychiatric care, whilst all the while refusing to take his medication.

Philip Bloeser

She said Rodger, who had spoken to her son Philip and another one of his friends about wanting to sexually assault women, had invited her son over to stay at his home over the weekend.

But he and another childhood friend did not stay at the apartment. On Saturday, Rodger’s two roommates and another male friend were found there stabbed to death.

At present it is not sure whether Elliot Rodger had intended to murder Philip Bloeser along with the roommates.

Nevertheless the mother told: ‘I have a feeling that they would have been right there as a part of it and shot as well,’ 

To date it is not understood why Elliot Rodger had sent out his manifesto to a collection of up to 30 individuals, including his mother and therapists. Some have wondered if he may have sought someone to stop him at the last moment whilst others are more inclined to believe that Rodger was only parlaying into his narcissistic need for attention and validation.

Philip Bloeser
Did Elliot Rodger also intend to kill his childhood friend Philip Bloeser?

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