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Monette Moio is the model that teased Elliot Rodger that made him hate women.

Monette Moio
How did Elliot Rodger’s interaction with Monette Moio shape his hate towards women?

It is believed a then 13 year old girl, now model Monette Moio triggered the deep hate Elliot Rodger would have towards women after the young girl teased Elliot Rodger, permanently dashing his self confidence and his belief that he could get such A grade girls.

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The incident which is described in detail within Elliot Rodger’s  manifesto decries the incident which he would forever feel shame and insignificance at the hands of the opposite sex.

‘My experience during Middle School really darkened my view of the world, and it would only get darker from then on, as I suffered more and more. The way I was treated by girls at this time, especially by that evil bitch Monette Moio, sparked an intense fear of girls,’

‘I hated her so much, and I will never forget her,’ he writes. ‘I started to hate all girls because of this. I saw them as mean, cruel, and heartless creatures that took pleasure from my suffering…

‘The way I was treated by girls at this time, especially by that evil b**** sparked an intense fear of girls. The funny part of this is that I had a secret crush on [her]. She was the first girl I ever had a crush on, and I never admitted it to anyone.

‘To be teased and ridiculed by the girl I had a crush on wounded me deeply. The world that I grew up thinking was bright and blissful was all over. I was living in a depraved world, and I didn’t want to accept it.

‘I didn’t want to give any thought to it. That is why I immersed myself entirely into my online games like World of Warcraft. I felt safe there.’

Monette Moio

Monette Moio

Monete Moio has since gone to work as a model for Hollister, according to her Facebook page. Her father is a stuntman and her brother is an actor who had a small role in the Hunger Games. 

In a new feature, the UK’s dailymail writes that it has approached the girl for a comment but she to date yet to respond. The dailymail would note that Monette Moio and Rodger met when she was 13 and it is believed they have not been in contact for years.

John Moio the girl’s father has since defended his daughter, saying it is ridiculous to even suggest she played a part in Rodger’s spiral into a mass murderer, telling that the two have not seen each other in years.

Told the father: ‘Maybe the girls she hung around with did poke fun at him, but they were kids. ‘My daughter was not a bully, she’s one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She probably rejected his aggressive advances. If you want to call that bullying then fine.

‘He was weird then, and he’s weird now,’

Adding: ‘He had a secret crush on her, but she was completely unaware of him. She had no idea… If you think about it, he could have killed her, he could have come after her.

‘I was hands on at that school and I don’t remember him. … I also feel sorry for him because he obviously wasn’t getting the proper help. From what I understand he was receiving psychological help two years before he met my daughter. I am not here to judge anyone.’

Reiterates John Mois via the nypost: ‘….said she only “vaguely remembers him” and was far too young to have been one of the ‘mean, cruel, and heartless creatures’  that Rodger railed against.’

‘He called her a bully. She was just a little petite girl of just 10 years old,’

In the manifesto, Rodger also attacked the brother, lambasting him as one of the ‘popular’ kids.

Wrote Rodger: ‘He was one of the most popular kids [at school] … and now he was becoming an actor, one of the most attractive careers a man can have. I assumed he had probably slept with countless beautiful girls. Damn him. I had a brief conversation with him before trying to leave his presence as fast as I could. I didn’t want him to find out how pathetic my life was.’

Monette Moio

In another show of bitterness, he named another beautiful classmate who he believe he was meant to be going out with throughout college. He said how, like an ‘obsessed stalker’, he found her on Facebook.

‘What I found shattered my already wounded heart to pieces,’ he wrote. ‘She had a boyfriend. Not only that, but her boyfriend was the type of boy I have always hated and despised: a tall, muscular surfer-jock with a buzz cut.

‘As I looked at all the pictures of the two of them together, I shivered with pure hatred… I wanted to kill both of them, and I was capable of doing it. [The girl] should have been mine, and if I can’t have her, no one should!’

He wrote how he fantasized about killing him and forcing her to watch.

‘I dropped my math class immediately after learning that [she] had a boyfriend,‘ he wrote. ‘I couldn’t look at her beauty anymore, knowing that some punk was able to enjoy having sex with her every day.’

Soon after, he dropped all of his classes.

‘I didn’t want to torture myself with going to college and looking at all of those beautiful girls I could never have,‘ he explained. ‘The only thing I could do was even the score. I wanted to make everyone else suffer just as they made me suffer. I wanted revenge.’

Monette Moio

In his manifesto, Rodger would also talk about another girl he met at age 5.

‘She was the first female friend I’ve ever had, and she would be the last,’ he wrote.

He indicated that he felt incredible alienation when the girl dared to blossom into a pretty, outgoing young lady without him.

‘Now, she was a fully grown teenage girl,” Rodger wrote. “She was a typical pretty girl who had lots of pretty friends. She was one of them, one of the popular kids. My first friend in America had grown up to represent the type of people who have caused me so much pain in my life. She would eventually come to represent everything I hate.’

In the end Monette Moio was just  a childhood crush, fantasy (and the pictures prove it) who has now become embroiled in the lethal saga that is Elliot Rodger? Doesn’t she in some way represent the one that got away, the one that broke every boy’s heart and yet how did Elliot Rodger make her more than she ever really was?

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Monette Moio

Monette Moio



  1. Again. Women are absolutely FREE to choose to be with violent man, to get pregant a million times from different people, to not talk to al ugly guy or a beatiful one, or a horrible one. We are free to make mistakes even at aour own happiness expense.Until you truly understand that, and that your happiness is not their responsabily but only yours, you are never going to be in a place of self love of peace in your life. And you will not be able to built any healthy relationship of any kind with anybody if you dont love yourself.
    I see that you are a very sensible and hurt young man. Maybe you should consider talk it over with someone. But keep hating women just because you are lonely is not going to fix the problem, it will only make it worse, my friend.

  2. 7. You’re Immature
    See number three. (The guy she chooses probably is more immature anyway)

    8. You’re Chasing Her
    Because they don’t just come to you

    9. You’re Ugly
    The item on this list that makes the most sense.

    10. You’re Sexist/Racist/Misogynist/Douche-Bag
    See number three. I am not racist. They rejected me before I was Misogynist and was the opposite. There are plenty of sexist, racist, misogynist, douchebags who have women.

  3. I know women just think I’m ugly, let’s take a look at this list of why a girl would not date me and price it’s bullshit.

    Intro: “but you’re different, right? Wrong.”
    They are wrong, they end up with the same guys. A girl on my FB ended up with multiple abusive BFs (like mother, like daughter) once said something like “How can someone you think the world of not care about your feelings at all” which is ironic since they think the exact same of me. I wouldn’t have abused her like them, so aren’t I different? Good on her for having such a fine tuned system of filtering men to have got pregnant three times (by two or three different guys?) who abused her and want to have nothing to do with me 🙂

    1. You’re a wuss
    If you aren’t women complain you hide your feelings and they say they want an emotional man. They might have something with this one, the whole nice guy thing is such a huge turn off. They think it’s fake even though I’m genuine, but better go for someone you know is a douchebag and shows it than take a chance on someone who might be a douchebag or might be a nice guy. Or who comes across as a douchebag after so many rejections but is really a sweet guy because he never had a GF and knows if he did he would be on a tight leash and better not do anything to screw this up, even if she is wrong and I’m right. If she says 1+1=3, I better not tell her it’s two in case there’s an argument which could lead to me losing her.

    2. You’re Wearing Ugly Clothes
    I’ve been rejected wearing my finest clothes, so has Elliot. Even if this was true wouldn’t it be better to take a nice guy with ugly clothes and replace the clothes instead of the guy for a douchebag in nice clothes. First date, clothes shopping 🙂 But I guess it’s easier to change a guy in nice clothes than change clothes on a nice guy.

    3. You’re Boring And Unoriginal
    I get rejected before they can find out whether that’s true or not. At the point of rejection they only have looks.

    4. You’re Self-Centered
    See number three. They want a guy with confidence anyway.

    5. You’re The Nice Guy
    Guilty as charged. At least the old me was.

    6. You’re Unapproachable
    They are not supposed to approach me. But this is basically saying I’m ugly.

  4. Women of my age are all the same. You say they have the right to not like me (to which I never argued against) and they all use it. What I have a problem with is why they would. They treat me like shit even though I would treat them like the world while they treat guys that disrespect them like gold. They have the right to not like them just as much as me, but they choose to keep me lonely and hurt my self esteem even though I need the opposite more. They treat me like an enemy or a predator on the “hunt” even though all I want is to love them while they love guys that will end up abusing and/or cheating on them. Having a screening system is pointless if blocks out guys who would treat them good for no reason while allowing through the exact guys it was built to block. Either women think I’m ugly or they are really stupid. The only logical reason I can understand why they would rather sleep around with guys who treat them like shit than talk to me, is they are really repulsed by how I looks physically. It’s the only thing about me that I cannot change (unless I get expensive plastic surgery). Women are my enemy, not because of a choice of my own, but through their free will, they hate me so I have no choice but to hate them for what they’ve done to me. My self esteem is damaged beyond repair, I will never be able to have confidence or self esteem again. If I have even the smallest positive though about my self (such as I’m not a piece of shit, let alone “I’m awesome”) I immediately think to myself “then how come you don’t have a GF, or even any female friends”. I was singing along to a song where he’s singing how awesome he is and feeling confidence but when he got to the part about how he has all these girls it was like “He has all these girls and I don’t even have one, I’m not awesome, I can no longer relate to this song.” I did treat women with respect until after a while of continually being treated like shit, that is not a step to get a GF. You even said it’s not like you follow certain instructions and you get a GF. Treating women with respect does not help you get a GF and disrespecting women does not hinder getting a GF (if anything it seems to help). The women that have rejected me have never even got to know me enough to see any “red flags” they only have what I look like to base their choice on. I’ve blamed myself and put myself under heavy scrutiny and found nothing I could change, other than looks, that would change my luck (lack thereof) with women. You mean little physically? Because I feel so small compared to everyone else, especially women. If women are taught men are on the “hunt” why would they reject a guy who would treat her like the world and love someone who treats her like shit?

  5. You said I do not deserve to be loved which implies I am not worthy. And women are “Not interested” in any sort of relationship (which includes friendship) or even getting to know me. I know how to talk to women, I had female friends in college. I talked to them like I would talk to a guy friend and we got along, but when I tried to talk to women my age like that they just ignored me. I messaged a girl on a dating site who had the same favorite musician as me. I thought I could make a friend over us having something in common but when I opened chat she didn’t accept. I messaged her playing dumb asking if she was mad and she replied NI. I wrote “Just friends?” and she said she has enough friends. So obviously women have no use for me at all and it wouldn’t make a difference if I was dead or alive. I’m sure all her friends had relationships and “enough friends” as well, but as you say she has the right to think they need her friendship more. I didn’t cry that night, but only because I tried really hard not to. On a different occasion in real life I started a conversation with a girl which was a big step for me at the time, to not be “shy” around them and build my confidence/experience with women. She walked away shortly after, I was confused for a second but quickly realized she did not want to talk to me at all so it had the opposite intended effect. How do you talk to someone that thinks you are the scum of the earth and doesn’t “want to conversate with you at all” (to quote another NI from another dating site.)

  6. I know exactly what you were saying, you seem to think I expect a woman to do so much to make me happy, but in reality even the smallest gesture of kindness means the world to me. The things I listed there are seemingly simple for women to practice on other guys, but for me are an unreasonable request.

    It’s not that getting a GF would necessarily remove feeling of unhappiness, loneliness and worthlessness but not getting told “Not interested” and not having women not even wanting to be my friend are the cause of those feelings so removing that would remove those feelings. They don’t know me to assume I am such a bad person.

  7. I never said you are not worthy of love. I said you are not entitled to (and nobody is). Maybe girls are “not interested” in being in a romantic relationship with you but can be in being your friends. You need to learn to be around women. That’s the first step. Know that there are douchebags, sweet girls, shy girls that suffer just like you. I know you feel in this “mysoginistic community” that you found in the internet a group of support, but is not going to help you. To believe that women are the enemy, that every woman is the same is just wrong. You need first of all to love yourself, and do so without anyone’s opinion. Once you do you have to learn to trear woman with respect, if they choose to say not interested that’s ok, maybe they sense something in you (that entitlement that brings out a red flag). You need to change that. We as women are thaught to beware of men, they are “on the hunt” for us, since we are very little. I think that is wrong. Just as wrong as you boys are thaught to “hunt” for girls, as if they were preys. Once you learn that not every women is the same, that is not fair to put that kind of pressure on someone, and that you are worthy of love, but not entitled to just because you feel you “deserve it”, maybe then some girl will approach you.
    I wish you the best of luck, pal. Advice: hate will not help you with the pain, It’ll only make it stronger.

  8. “But yes I understand that for a girl who talk to me or treat me like a human being is a big burden to place on them.”

    That’s not what I was saying at all. You’re basing ALL your future happiness on getting a girlfriend. Relationships won’t necessarily cure feelings of loneliness and worthlessness.

  9. I was around 10 when I flung a bag of dog poo at a girl at the park who rejected me, is that OK? Shit, I should have kicked her.

  10. I didn’t start talking to women until after college, but that’s because I was afraid of rejection having suppressed memories of being brutally rejected. With that I had a fear of thinking I was too ugly to get a GF, a fear which was confirmed. For a while I wasn’t shy and was very outgoing when I made attempts at dating, but after those failed attempts my “shyness” came back. I should have rephrased, replace the word lesbian with bisexual. Both of these women have dated men before that, one was married to a guy and the other one later got pregnant.

  11. “what could have been”.If you are a girl, it is a law of nature that you must hate me. But then again you didn’t see what I look like, so maybe not yet. Fuck I get it I’m too ugly to expect a woman to talk to me, sorry that seeing all the genetically blessed people have friends of the opposite gender and a relationship increased my expectations. Of course someone will be heartbroken after being rejected so many times. My “what could have been” is something that for most others is a reality. I assume by women’s reactions to me that I am ugly, with that being so I know that rejection is all that’s in store for me, if it wasn’t I would have been in a relationship since I was years old. I’ve been deeply attracted to women since other guys who since then have GFs have been shoving building blocks into their mouths, so I should be the first to get a girl not the last, that’s bullshit but the reality I’ve come to expect. So I know what’s going to happen to me in the future and I know what kind of “person” I will become, more misogynistic (my favorite word since before I even knew what it meant) than ever.

  12. Getting a GF would help remove my sense of being a worthless ugly loser after being rejected at every attempt and my fears of being alone which prevent happiness

    But yes I understand that for a girl who talk to me or treat me like a human being is a big burden to place on them.

  13. Everyone else referring to my siblings, my parents, your parents, Elliot’s parents (all parents), the bitch in this article and her BFs, former bosses, by the looks of it; you, your friend and the douchebag she likes, and any girls he’s cheating on her with. IE everyone else except me and Elliot. Love doesn’t seem like a rare gift, give most people I know have been or are in a relationship. It seems there are general steps to get a girl; 1. Ask a girl out 2. She says yes 3. Repeat steps one and two. At least those are the steps that I’m sure others take, but it doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried step 1, but step 2 is where I run into problems. To you there is a difference, a small one, at least compared to me. Being rejected at every attempt means no sense of self worth and fears of being alone which prevent happiness. You can have both in either situation, I cannot. I wouldn’t let what others think prevent me from asking someone out, I’ve done it thinking I am not doing anything wrong. If he’s attracted to you, it won’t look bad in his eyes, and that’s all that matters. The only time I felt like I did the wrong thing asking a girl out, was when I was rejected (so after every time). My little brother has a big brother who was shy in his teens around girls, but that’s because he was rejected at every attempt when he was younger (guess who that is). The solution of more talk you suggest will never be implemented if girls keep telling guys (at least me and Elliot) “Not interested” or ignore them. You hope I get female friends and a relationship with a girl although you think I am not worthy of one, you contradict yourself. As a psychologist, I would think they would teach you that a healthy social life is part of good mental health, but what do I know?

  14. Getting a girlfriend will not automatically make you happy or solve all the problems in your life. That’s a big burden to place on anyone.

  15. I don’t hate you, I don’t even know you. And I don’t despise people who are “desperate” I think they are just mistaken and on the road to heartbreak because they expect too much. I don’t know if is this hollywood culture but the myth of romantic love that is hurting us and making us so sad all the time because of “what could have been”. I don’t know how old you are, but you can’t be too old to know what’s gonna happen to you in the future, who are you gonna meet, what kind of person are you going to become, what kind of good you still have to do in this world. You don’t know that. And neither do I.

  16. I’m 28 now and I’ve been single until I was 20 or so. It doesnt mean necesarily anything, just that i was very shy and didn’t talk to boys until I was in college. On the other hand you should not take personally that a Girl likes another Girl. It has nothing to do with you, to be lesbian is not a choice. You are who you are.

  17. who is this “everyone else” that you talk about?
    Love is a gift. A very rare one. Not that “if you follow this instructions, you will get a GF”. It can happen, and sometimes it doesnt. SOmetimes happens to awful people, you know? I have a friend that is sooo in love with this douchebag that keeps hurting her but she keeps choosing him, believing he’s going to chance. And you know what? It’s HER choice to do so, not her obligation.
    Of couse there is a difference between being single and being in a relationship, but what I was trying to say earlier is that relationship doesn’t mean happiness all the time, and being single doesn’t mean depression all the time. You can have both in both situations.
    About the part that “you are expected to be the one to ask” you are absolutely right. That fucking sucks. I’m a girl and you know how many times I wanted to talk to a guy but couldn’t because it would be seen badly in the eyes of others? I have a little brother and he is very shy and I have seen how this patriarchal ways are taking a toll on him, being obligated to ask a girl to his dance even though he doesn’t want to. I think the solution to that problem is with more talk, more friendship between girls and boys, enough with teaching little girls that boys are an enemy that you should guard yourself from and not give in to their charms, and enough with teaching little boys that girls are dumb and have no sense of humor and spending time with them in a friendly manner is “a waste of time”.
    I sincerily hope that you find some girl friends (not A girlfriend, but that also!) that makes you see that nobody deserves anything and nobody is entitled to anything, but love and friendship are gifs that you choose to give, no matter the outcome.

  18. How old are you, I bet me and Elliot have probably been single longer than your entire life. I wonder if Elliot ever seen a girl he liked date a lesbian like I have. Twice. So much for thinking I was a last resort for women, they would rather date a woman.

  19. I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic calling me kind but there was a time when I would never use the B or C word and respected and loved women more than myself but that had to stop since being “desperate” is a huge turn off to women just like “seeking approval from women.” You think you hate me now, you would have despised me then. And by seeking what my former bitch counselor called approval I mean love.

  20. I understand that a relationship means nothing to you given how many guys (and girls?) you must have been with compared to me whose only possible outcome is to be alone for the rest of his life. If Elliot would have shot this piece of shit when he was 10 (so she was 8) you wouldn’t be defending him with he’s only 10 it’s ok. But given you are sexist it seems appropriate that the woman can do no wrong and you feel men don’t deserve love. Of course he was “deeply disturbed” did you not know he was single over 22 years, longer than the ENTIRE LIVES of people younger than him. But being emotionless I shouldn’t expect you mere female to understand what he was going through. You start by saying if you’re a good guy you don’t deserve love and then jump to saying love will just come to you, that’s not how it works. Here is how it works, they don’t come to you and when you approach them (as you are expected to) women will just say “Not Interested” if they say anything and walk away before even getting a chance to know you, I’ve seen how this works.

    Regarding the “rape wishes” I recently seen a show where a woman chose her abusive (married) boyfriend over a nice guy who was single (story of my life) and the guy I description they used for him I just inserted into that paragraph without thinking.

  21. It’s not fair that me and Elliot haven’t earned or deserve love in women’s opinions and everyone else has. There is a difference between being single and never been kissed or in a relationship ever so I cannot relate to the masses of kind single people you speak of. How you can find the right person when no one approaches you, you are expected to be the one to ask, and when you do get told “Not interested” before they give you a chance to get to know each other? That’s not OK and there is someone at fault. How can one be happy when things they used to enjoy seem pointless, they can’t eat because of the stomach pain of the depression, and their sense of self worth is permanently destroyed?

  22. Dude, calm down for a minute and try to understand what it is I’m saying.
    Nobody deserves to be loved because that would mean that If you “do something good” or “are a good person” Is someone’s job to love you because you “earned it”.
    Simply because there is a lot of really good nice kind people in the world that are single, and is nobody’s fault, is just that they didn’t find the right person and that’s ok. Some people tend to feel that they didn’t find the one because something they did and this line of thinking encaurage that believeing.
    Being in a couple is not the only way to be happy you know, that’s why I laughed at you threatening me with “being single” or “no getting a husband”. Is not a threat to me. Is just one possible outcome in my life.
    And yes, maybe monette was a bitch, maybe she was a bully and a horrible person.(We don’t know cause we didn’t meet her, and she was 10).
    And maybe Elliot was a nice guy (I’m a pshycologist and for that “manifesto” I can tell you right now that he was deeply disturbed) but STILL she doesn’t owe him love just because he feel entitled to.
    If you are a good guy, happy with yourself and easy to be around it won’t be hard to find people that want to be around you and love you for who you are. But, that doesnt give you the divine right to demand love. I’m sorry but it doesn’t.

    Thanks for the rape wishes, tho. You seem really kind.

  23. Read the article and quote from his maifesto:

    To be teased and ridiculed by the girl I
    had a crush on wounded me deeply. The world that I grew up thinking was
    bright and blissful was all over. I was living in a depraved world, and I
    didn’t want to accept it

  24. I never said you had to choose me, I know you wouldn’t. But who do you are to think I don’t deserve to be loved. You are exactly what Elliot RIP hated.

    Fine I hope you get a husband, but he beats, rapes, and cheats on you, no island.

  25. really? that’s my punishment? to be single?
    dude, you are not realizing that If I have to choose between a guy that calls me a bitch for one single comment and a lifetime of solitude in the loneliest island on this earth i’ll be taking the plane to the lost island IN A HEARTBEAT

  26. “it is ridiculous to even suggest she played a part in Rodger’s spiral into a mass murderer, telling that the two have not seen each other in years.”

    This wouldn’t have happened if they “met” instead of the bitch ignoring him.

  27. Not even vaguely. What got us here was the spoilt entitlement of a person who felt he was better than other people based on his gender and his race.

    People like you, who excuse the behaviour and find a way for people to not be held responsible for their own actions are a part of the problem.

  28. Ms. Elenath – Just by the analogy you gave, you are showing the attitude, and the insults, that got us here.

  29. Um you misread my comment, but thats normal. I just said he was mentally ill and when people said awful things to him he festered them because he was not normal.. I don’t need anything explained to me. I don’t blame Monette. I blame elliot and elliot only. I said that bullying “contributes” to the mental anguish of someone. Couple that with mental illness and you get Elliot. My point is be nice to people. You’re not really doing that on this board. Sad!

  30. Except he didn’t hurt their poor little feelings, he shot them with a gun. You’re apparently too stupid to recognise the difference.

    How about this: Stare at yourself in a mirror and say ‘you’re ugly and unworthy’.

    See how much it hurts.

    Then take a gun and shoot yourself in the leg.

    See which one hurts more.

    Then imagine you were shot in the chest or head and died out and realise that MAYBE someone once telling you that they didn’t want you is not so fucking bad.

    And realise that most people who are bullied don’t kill people. So maybe your understanding is simplification so you can understand it and have someone convenient to blame and not ACTUALLY about understanding at all.

  31. Ms. Elenath – I guess that this Elliott did “grow up” and decided to hurt someone else’s “poor little feelings”.it is NOT about sympathy is about understanding.

  32. It is SO FAR from NORMAL to think that children’s bullying is justification for becoming a monster that l can’t believe that you need to have it explained to you !!

  33. Considering the fact that the VAST MAJORITY of people who were bullied turned out just fine and had no lasting mental illness and haven’t felt the urge to kill ANYONE, THEN I would think we need to focus our attention on the mental midgets who can’t overcome a little hardship, like Elliott and perhaps YOU ?

  34. Thank you, Elenath. I got bullied far worse than this little puke did, and I didn’t want to kill anyone. And I grew up and got on with my life. It wasn’t Elliot Rodger’s autism, his depression or anxiety, or the fact that he was bullied that made him kill people, it was because he was a psychopath who had no basic decency or respect for human lives. Monette Moio or anyone else didn’t make him hate women, he was already filled with hate.

    So sick of people making excuses for this vile POS. It’s like Columbine all over again – “wah, wah, the poor wittle killers were bullied.” Cry me a fucking river. I feel sorry for the victims, not the killers.

  35. Oh, c’mon! Just go drink your Kool-Aid and eat your disgusting fried chicken and shut the hell up.

  36. Looks like she is indeed a horrible person. I have read all of her Facebook status updates.

  37. Strange logic- HE kills and SHE is to blame! Much like Rush Limbaugh blaming the mass shootings on Barack Obama and the Democrats- which surely says more about Limbaugh(whp previously called then First Daughter Chelsea Clinton “The White House dog”) than it does about Obama!

  38. Yeah, bullying sucks a big one. But yeah, you can move on and move past it as most people do, as evidenced by the fact that bullying is a huge, common thing and mass murders are not.

    It’s also ridiculous to imply that bullies have no value, that this story would be fine if it was his once bullies that he attacked.

    Bullies are people too, they mature and evolve into better people a lot, if not most, of the time.

    Elliot Rodger was a racist, a sexist and a terrible fucking person. He wasn’t RUINED by anyone. He had a lot of options.

    Low self esteem doesn’t ruin your chances f connecting with people. Deciding that you are inherently BETTER than people and deciding who they are and what they are about without ever talking to them ruins your chances of connecting with people.

    Acting like women are a commodity to be had and acquired and possessed ruins your chances of connecting with them.

    Bullying doesn’t make you think that way about women, bullying doesn’t make you think that way about black people.

  39. Monette is devastated? Really? She’s such a perfect, beautiful angel… sure? She teased a weak boy because she’s an entitled snob and thinks her sh&t doesn’t stink. For shame!!! Let’s continue to treat her as a victim and give her tons of attention.. that’s what they want which is why they decided to speak out. She needs some help with her “modeling career” this is just the thing to get that rolling. Poor little rich girl that treats people like crap. Seriously ppl????

  40. We acknowledge people causing physical pain and label those people as evil. But the people who cause psychological trauma and emotional pain through bullying or hate are our normal people.

    And by the way emotional and psychological scars do not heal anymore than physical ones. You don’t seem to grasp that process.
    The bullying to Elliott seemed to be devastating and rendered him impotent when it came to having relationships.
    There are drugs like Zoloft that could’ve helped him socialize with others. However I have seen 1st hand people using behavioral altering drugs that give them positive effects temporarily. But unwanted side effects permanently. And when they stop using them they are worse off than when they started. They seem to be rendered completely unable to maintain control as they did before because the drugs were doing it for them.

    You seem to think people can just stop feeling the effects of psychological trauma. If that is true then why do millions seek help from Doctors and use prescriptions when they could just switch it off?
    Why deal with that if they can overcome it themselves? That makes no sense.

    My main gripe with these killers like Elliott is they go after people they see to be like their tormentors but not the tormentors themselves.

    If they want revenge they need to get it on those who wronged them not someone who had nothing to do with it.

    I personally see bullying and psychological abuse as very much as bad as causing physical injury. In many cases it is worse. So if a person viciously bullies another I have no problem with them fighting back. Especially if years later they realize the damage ruined their ability to have a normal life.

    Just as I would not object to a person who has had their body permanently damaged by a physical attack.

    In other words: I place NO VALUE on the lives of people who get pleasure from hurting and damaging others physically or emotionally.

    Unfortunately Elliott Rodger attacked people who had not wronged him. And in doing so he became just as bad as those who victimized him. He became one of the bullies.

  41. No she just participates in the emotional destruction of fragile people like Elliott. And that’s not the only comment she’s made her Facebook or should I say ‘Hatebook’ was at least littered with them.

  42. Actually, if you look at the comment (which is from 2011), it’s about a boy who’s rejected her for someone else. Notice she didn’t go on a murderous rampage afterwards.

  43. I appreciate your respect in the face of my terse tone. The past few days have not been easy when it comes to this subject. As I’m sure you can imagine the appearance of tribute pages, outpouring of sympathy for the ‘poor boy’ and even the blaming of women, feminists and little girls leaves nerves raw and jagged.

  44. I never said ‘you never know what might happen’. I said you never know how it will affect someone.

  45. ‘Killing people’ is not a mental illness. Just because you don’t understand WHY they do something and you can’t empathise with it does not mean it is a mental illness.

    That’s just the kind of crap people say when a good looking white boy does something fucked up, it’s GOT to be mental illness, right guys?

    And yet men who bash their girlfriends repeatedly are not said to be suffering from mental illnesses. People who starve their animals, people who litter, rape, bully and a wealth of other things the majority of people don’t do are just considered shitty things to do . . .not signs of a mental illness.

    People kill. Every single day people kill other people, sometimes for a reason, sometimes without them, sometimes with mental illness but most times without mental illness.

    Sure, let’s be kind to each other . . .it’s a great ideal. But when you’re on an article talking about how a sick fuck blames some young girl for his crimes and you say ‘watch how you treat people, you never know what might happen’. What you are saying is that people bare responsibility.

    If you honk your horn because a light has turned green and the guy in front of you didn’t notice and he was having a BAD day and he goes home, he’s still pissed about you honking your horn and he beats his wife with a baseball bat . . .did you contribute? Is the moral of the story ‘never beep your horn because the person in front of you might be a psycho?’

    He only hated men because they got in the WAY of the women he felt HE deserved. Women were possessions he thought he had earned and he saw ‘lesser’ men getting to ‘have’ them instead.

  46. I never said that. I was talking about society in a general sense. I don’t believe this girl or any other kid holds this responsibility. My point is, lets be kind to each other. I held the door for two different people while I was out and about today and got no response. No thank you, no hello. You’ve read this all wrong and thats what we do to each other. sad.

  47. No, him being a murderer who expects other people to suffer for crimes no one ever committed and having zero sense of self responsibility makes him a loser.

    You making excuses for a misogynistic piece of shit who blames little girls for his own issues.

    Mentally ill how? Because his parents suggested that they thought he was on the spectrum? So what? Being autistic doesn’t make you a killer, nor does it contribute to it.

    People with mental illness are FAR more likely to be victims of violence than they are to commit it. So any mythical mental illness he may or may not have had doesn’t change the fact that he was a loser.

    He was a loser BECAUSE he chose not to deal with his own problems, because he chose to blame women, because he would LIKE to live in a world where there are no men but him just so women would be forced to chose him.

    He was scum.

    Some little girls making fun of him once when he was young has nothing to do with any of it, trying to insinuate that they share responsibility for his crimes is fucked up. Stop it.

  48. There’s a lot more to this than that. Treat people with respect and dignity. You calling him a loser is exactly the mentality that is causing people mental anguish. This is just one small contributing factor. He was mentally ill and like I said above, what you say to people can affect them in many ways. Peace.

  49. No, the moral of the story if ‘don’t shoot people because you are a loser with entitlement issues’.

  50. Actually running a picture-filled article blaming this girl for the actions of a violent sociopath is beyond disgusting. Anyone who believe that rejection by any woman is the cause for a violent rampage is long overdue for a psychological evaluation. Whoever keeps pretending this is news ought to be ashamed.

  51. Dear men: She has a right to not like you, she has a right to not love you. You are not entitled to her attention of affection just because you are nice and sweet and a good “friend”. Love is not something you earned, and therefore is not somebody has the obligation to provide you with. Grow the fuck up.
    And no, she posting sexy picks doesn’t give you the right to expect anything from her either.

  52. I believe she was 12 or 13 because she was in middle school. 10 years old is 5th grade. Not that this makes a difference, just making sure that everyone knows. There is a huge difference between a 5th grader and a 7th grader. The moral of the story is, watch what you say and treat EVERYONE with respect. You just don’t know how your words will affect others and its very sad.

  53. She’s not a rapist. She’s a girl. She was also 10 at the time and maybe she did say something mean to him, maybe she didn’t. Regardless it doesn’t mean she can’t be a good person.

    Many of the people who outright bullied me in school ARE good people now. Good parents, good friends and apologetic for what they did or said to me.

  54. Yeah, being bullied as a kid sucks . . .so? You grow up, you move on and you don’t hold those same people responsible.

    What kind of world is it where you have more sympathy for a fucked up serial MURDERER than you do for a girl who may or may not have said something that upset hi poor little feelings at some point?

  55. I seriously didn’t believe that there were people who could simultaneously use a spell-checker and actually consider this girl at fault for anything.

    Neanderthals these days, they can even use computers! How far we’ve come.

  56. You’re a straight idiot. This girl was 10. This guy’s view on life is unbelievably skewed, yet you’re going to take his word for it?

  57. my dude, she was 10 and this guy was a sociopath. I don’t see how you’re all stupid enough to think this girl in anyway should be held accountable for anything.

    I mean, you’re seriously going to trust THIS dude’s judgement? The guy who thought he was the perfect man, and that girls were too stupid to notice? The guy that just killed 7 people?

  58. Sure I believe there a plenty of girls that will toy with a guy’s heart just as I’m sure there are plenty of men who do the same. Because he was done wrong shouldn’t give him the right to have such a violent hatred for a specific gender. I can’ say it as that petty as I don’t know to what extent he was bullied, if at all. If he was done wrong then obviously there is was a hateful bitterness he let fester instead of moving on or addressing the problem by seeking help. I’ve learned isolating oneself can cause truly cause harm to an individual. I don’t know either of these people personally and I will not believe every story I read on the net because sometimes you just don’t know. All I know is that I see this as a sad story about a boy who let hate and bitterness control, causing him to lash out and it ruined his life and negatively affected his view of many people. He needs to talk to someone about these emotional wounds he never addressed. 🙁

  59. It’s obviously a case of daddy’s little princess in full effect here. You can find countless cases of fathers that have no clue how really mean their daughters really are, because they are so sweet to everyone when daddy is within range.

  60. No but I would not call the men that raped her SWEETHEARTS.

    Which is exactly what the people do here.

  61. Rodger seemed to have a crush on a pretty girl with the soul of a pig. What she wrote in the comment tells the tale. She is a vicious little snake. And there’s no doubt that those who know her are quite aware of that fact.

    She is probably very afraid right now that stories of her ugly behavior will be told.

    They call people like Rodger crazy and sick. But those who tormented them are “normal”.

    What does it say about humanity when it considers vile and disgusting people like Monette Moio who enjoy causing anguish and pain for others “normal”?

  62. I knew Monette well when she was a kid. She was shy, gangly, and a real sweetheart. She was freaking ten years old! And this weirdo had a secret crush on her. how the hell is this her fault? She hasn’t seen the guy in years! Stop being an idiot, dude!

  63. So.. Her brother was in Hunger Games.. And his dad was a director in.. Hunger Games..
    Odd coincidence methinks..

  64. So when a woman who has actually been raped starts shooting at men, you’ll sit back & applaud?

  65. this girl needs to be forced to watch the videos, read the manifesto, and watch the video of that kid being killed in the quickie mart, it is contributorily her fault.

  66. Elliot Roger wasn’t white. Yet he wanted a white woman. Which proves that diversity is not a ‘strength’ and multiculturalism a failure.

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